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  1. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    Nerf graff zeppelin

    Not necessarily. He took 3k damage from guns. SoI suspect a cruiser or dd shot him. He damage cont both fires (as you should, also he didn't take any more shell damage) and was then targeted By the cv with ap bombs and torps. At least that's my conclusion based on the screen shot. The point about the impending rework still holds true though.
  2. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    What is your most frustrating "Premium" ship?

    This may rustle some jimmies, but for me it is the Warspite. Too slow in every regard apart from rudder shift. You pretty much commit to one side of the map from the get go and either win it or die. And if the other side messes up you will get there as the last man standing or just chase damage you won't deal.
  3. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    Torps are becomming stupid.

    Let me just be the ambassador of destroyer players when I say: .
  4. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    Well, I made a thread a while back about her breaking the balance, but with the latest addition of potent gun boat dds the nerf to her guns us unwarranted (especially after the nerf to the radar upgrade). Ah yes, the only ship I ever bought a premium camo for. .... Over the top nerf, especially since the torps aren't the problem, but utility is. Slight speed decrease etc would have sufficed.
  5. dCK_Ad_Hominem


    Pretty tough call actually. In terms of dds we have super wide variety. The only option remaining would be a fast dd with very low concealment and very short range, but fast torps and sub par guns. Concealment around 4.8, torp range of 7km max, very high speed (45+ for the dd and nearly 80kn for the torps, 9k alpha, 45 second reload, something along those lines) and as little gimmicks as possible. I'm talking about a potential TX ofc. Apart from such weird ships? Just overall game improvement, such as eliminating all the large calibre over pens on broadside Worcester. And optimisation of the game.
  6. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    Stalingrad is a Minotaur NERF!

    You do realise balance is meant to enable team play, not one v one dog fights. Some ships being able to stomp others is normal. What do you think happens to an Asashio that runs into a benson? Also: hug your island and get your single launch torps ready. There is no way a Stalingrad can push you, while it can really get into the face of a Worcester.
  7. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    Battleship Rework

    A bb rework requires just two, easy, adjustments: - nerf their concealment so they can't approach cruiser level - increase their turning circle and rudder shift time to make torp beats more difficult. The result: bbs will still delete cruisers who mess up (as they should), but will be way more vulnerable to torps, making dds a hard counter again. There. Done.
  8. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    Stalingrad is a Minotaur NERF!

    This. Stalingrad is certainly strong and the ap is capable of nasty hits, but she can't torp beat well, suffers from her long reload and is easily set on fire. And while the shell velocity is amazing, her arcs aren't and she has trouble loping shells over islands. Oh and if that bb shows me broadside the 11k damage are deserved. Not like other cruisers are incapable of doing the same. Oh and let's not forget the concealment. You push just a tad too far up and you will be stuck, especially due to her cvesque turning circle.
  9. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    gearing upgrades and consumables

    Thankfully I can provide a short answer:
  10. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    what the problem is today?

    Dude. They are called random battles for a reason. I played 28 Chung mu games total. I won 82% of those while dealing less damage than with the Fletcher on which my wr is 20% lower. You can carry, but not to the extend of 10%wr (at least when playing solo). If your team is really bad you won't win, no matter who you are.
  11. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    Destroyers dmg dealing

    It depends a lot on map, team composition, spawn, captain skills etc. Since you are asking about her specifically I guess I will pick her next for the small dd guide series I'm doing. Might take a couple of days as 12 hour shifts plus commute don't really allow for long nights.
  12. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    What ships are you taking out in Ranked?

    I played YY all the way to rank 5 last season, but after meandering there a lot I just played yamato to r1. I don't play to save a star, my effort is always the same. The problem is that dd play isn't rewarded enough unless you land 5+ torps.
  13. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    Ranked Season 10

    Those bb players. Jesus Christ what I had to witness wasn't pretty by any means. Currently at rank 10 after 17 games. Won the only yamato game, lost the only yy game (I mean hey, of course 120k damage and denying/heavily damaging two of their 4dds ain't enough). Breaking pretty even with the Stalingrad, but can't Carry hard enough apparently. Still, as long as I can vent a bit on discord it's fine, at least I enjoy my ships.
  14. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    What ships are you taking out in Ranked?

    Only played a couple of games so far. Usually would love to go YY, but with the way xp are rewarded dds are getting shafted. So.... Stalingrad it is. Will preform well enough against anything.
  15. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    Stalingrad - Any reason left to play Moskva?

    Got her yesterday and played a couple of games in her. Now, cruisers/bbs aren't my strong suit, but boy is she fun. And no, Moskva, in randoms, is completely obsolete if you can play Stalingrad instead. The AP is such a big one-finger-salute it's not even funny (for the guy getting shot that is). Her lack of hydro might keep her out of cw, that is until you field two and a Daring to screen them.