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  1. thunderbird30

    King of The Sea Collection

    After completing the missions that were allocated to me and watching all of the KoTS streams, I still have 8 items from the KoTS collection missing. Can anyone tell me how i can complete the collection please?
  2. thunderbird30

    New container glitch

    same issue here too. I agree with you - how are you meant to get a screenshot when you don't know the issue is going to occur?
  3. thunderbird30

    Server down??

    Same here. I was doing really well in game too!
  4. thunderbird30

    0.9.1 - British Cruisers: Part 2

    I'm trying to work my way through the first round of British Cruisers Part 2 directives but so far out of 15 matches,every map has been in standard Mode and therefore only has cap per team. How are you meant to complete the Base Invader section (get 7 Capture or assist in capture ribbons) when there is only one point to cap? It seems slanted to the the fact that i still only seem get a matches where there are only 2 cap points. You try defending a cap point when the CPU team doesn't attempt capture. I try to cap their point and the round ends due to our team winning on points As for the ridiculous 25 set on fire ribbons whilst playing as a carrier? I've a fully spec'd Ryujo and it only gives a 10% chance of starting fires. That works out at about 1 per match if you are lucky.There is no way in hell that i'm going to spend the time playing 25 rounds of CV's to get such a pile of sh*te as London
  5. thunderbird30

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery too please.
  6. for some reason,the fields that show amount of times Plane taken down - Ships spotted etc are blank? Any idea why please?
  7. thunderbird30

    HMS_ Not Yet A Clan! UNTIL WE HAVE YOU :D

    I'd like to join if possible....