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  1. Gvozdika

    You know...

    That picture is plain silly - anyone knows wearing slippers isn't a good choice of safety footwear.
  2. Gvozdika

    Incomparable out of NDA

  3. Gvozdika

    Incomparable out of NDA

    Don't give WG any ideas - we still await the spinning-bow-tie-extravaganza that is SOVIET SUBS
  4. Gvozdika

    Incomparable out of NDA

    Ahhhh......*nostalgia intensifies*. Great time to grow up. Nothing quite like getting into massive arguments/fights in the playground over which rally car was fastest - Subaru or Mitsubishi. (Subaru by the way...as any fuule kno). Then more arguments/fights over whether N64 or Playstation was the best console ever. Plus further arguments as to whether the Gameboy Colour was actually worthy of carrying the Gameboy name (praised be the name Gameboy - may ye never be rebooted and ruined by marketing people). Actually I think we spent more of the 90s arguing over what was great about the 90s than anything else. It was fun. Arguing back then was an art. *Nostalgia ends*. Ahem. On topic - I like what I see re: Incomparable. You can do a load of damage BUT you have to put yourself in harms way to do it. No sitting at the back lobbing HE spam or sniping with 457 AP like with the Conqueror or Thunderer respectively. Possibly a ship to go under the 'not the most efficient but fun' category?
  5. Also Belfast - because Radar + Smoke + Hydro + Rapid Fire HE + Extra Concealment Module at T7 is not broken. Much. The only solid RN premiums currently available are Cossack and Warspite - both pre-Thunderer. Everything since has been a bit lacklustre with Repulse being a notable exception (quite good from initial impressions actually). Plymouth is so rare I do a double take when I see it - presumably because it isn't all that much more potent than a Minotaur (radar/smoke antics aside). Gibraltar is rarer still - probably because it is a) Expensive in terms of RB when other options are available and b) objectively pants. Druid is an acquired taste and so specialised as to be a difficult sell for anyone not wanting to murder DDs. Vanguard we don't talk about. Possibly the weakest T8 BB premium? Tiger is possibly worse than Vanguard. Belfast '43 is terrible (certainly compared to its T7 broken cousin). The premium CV options are CVs and thus unworthy of any attention - nay - they should be reviled and mocked and pelted with rotten fruit, etc. My hope is that Incomparable is fun. It may not be "good" or effective - but running around with that amount of stealth + speed + comedy guns is surely worth it for a giggle anyway?
  6. Gvozdika

    Would moving Icebergs add an interesting variable?

    Just so long as WG actually managed to fix the 'magically stick your ship to the invisible outcrop of undersea terrain' issues - sure why not. Who am I kidding.....
  7. Gvozdika

    Techtree ships for dubloons now? Really?

    I'm more concerned about the principle. A T8 regular cruiser with perma camo - probably not all that much different to someone going out and buying a Derpitz off the bat. If WG start then selling T10s.....erm......do we REALLY need more potatoes running amok at T10? At least offer some incentive not to charge up to top-tier straight away and learn the game in the process....
  8. Gvozdika

    General Submarines related discussions

    A bit of a flawed comparison in my opinion. Let's start having football matches where one guy on the team is actually sitting in the stands with a sniper rifle. after all - got to have that 'rogue' class haven't we? 100m sprint races where 1-2 competitors are given motorcycles - because remember folks - the losers in that race would probably have lost anyway......great fun for the 1/2 people playing with all the perks - pretty crap for everyone else. The moment you have to invent whole new rules, mechanics and gimmicks just to make a class work in a PvP game - you're probably barking up the wrong tree. There is a REALLY good reason why most sub games are PvE - even the great standout examples like Silent Hunter, etc. It is because they are a royal beggar to balance and if there is one thing that WG seem to struggle consistently with - it is balance......
  9. Gvozdika

    Stalingrad or Bourgogne?

    I'd actually vote Stalingrad personally but I'm weird. - Takes up a cruiser slot while easily being one of the strongest T10 cruisers in the game. I'd argue THE strongest cruiser at top tier in terms of firepower and only pipped by Petro for durability. - Has additional utility in terms of radar (Bias 12km radar with a decent duration no less). - Excellent gunnery quirks (fast and flat shell arcs) that makes tackling even small fast moving targets like DDs quite easy. - Bow-in or steeply angled - VERY hard to root out of a good defensive position. - Excellent ability to snap off opportunistic shots at anything in range (Borg requires having the correct ammo loaded for the shot/target in question - Balansgrad is mostly firing AP at anything/everything short of a bow camping BB. - Accuracy is consistent and the short fuse shells make for consistent damage - if you shoot straight you will hit. If you hit it will hurt them. Bear in mind I don't have the Bourgogne but do have the Stalingrad. -
  10. Gvozdika

    Why are soo many players cowards ?

    I'm sure it can be arranged. Who wants to start it this time?
  11. Gvozdika

    Why are soo many players cowards ?

    Bear in mind in a larger ship - you get a single 'chance' to push. If it goes wrong you don't really have the opportunity to turn around and leg it back out o spotting/firing range. You either push and win - or you push and explode in a brilliant fireball. The higher the tier the more lethal everything becomes - it doesn't take long to get deleted if you get caught out. Sooooooo..... Players who push in too fast and early (getting killed in the process) are raged at for YOLOing. Players who hang back because they don't think they can push are raged at for camping/sniping/cowardice. Some ships are purpose designed to assault from the front and do their damage in-close (GFK or Kremlin) - others really are not intended to get right into the red team's face (Yamato or Conqueror). You push in when you have a chance of success. You hold back or revert to a defensive style when you don't. Knowing which call to make at a given time is what marks out a good player. An especially good player will position themselves in such a way they can take the chance to push if the opportunity arises. An excellent player will create opportunities to push (by focusing down key targets, etc.) for either themselves or the team.
  12. Gvozdika

    General Submarines related discussions

    The ingredients are all there - it seems like a no-brainer-easy-slam-dunk to everyone but the devs. Defending team consists of Destroyers. The attacking team consists of subs and destroyers (I reckoned some of the best convoy battles were the DD gunfights). You allow subs to do what subs are meant to do. You give DDs the chance to do the whole ASW routine without the capping, plane-spotting, rocketing or getting microwaved by 50 radars - the usual random DD experience. That's even before the PvE possibilities (Halloween subs Event etc.). Make the convoy bigger (e.g the merchants outnumber the escorts) and mix up the travel path each match - voila - co-op and operations fans will love it.
  13. Erm....... ............... Ur.......... .............. The art department once again (for the past three years running).
  14. Gvozdika

    Abusing the report system and game changes.

    He had a ruff couple of days and is taking a brief paws to catch his breath.
  15. Gvozdika

    General Submarines related discussions

    In usual Naval parlance a Fleet Action is one that uses multiple elements of ship types, aircraft, etc. in an engagement against an opposing force (usually also made up of multiple elements). The difference between a 'Fleet' and a collection of ships all working in the same area is the coordination/control between them - not an easy thing with submarines. The speeds, means of attack and ranges are all different. Could any WW2 submarine keep up with a fast fleet? Probably not for long. It certainly couldn't stay in communication contact with anything when it went below the water. The Wolf Pack of WW2 fame is a good example of where you might have up to 10 submarines but none of them can actually talk to each other underwater or coordinate all that well with surface ships or aircraft. Those were all kind of operating at their own pace/tempo with overall management from Donitz back in France - sometimes they would all be converged on a single target (convoy). The times they DID aim to coordinate closely it worked against them since the RN just followed the radio traffic to source and clobbered the submarine. US WW2 subs operated more or less as lone units attacking anything hostile. Didn't really matter if that was a warship / merchant / threatening -looking-rowboat - it was fair-game. Even with nuclear subs which are faster, longer ranged, better armed and able to communicate much more effectively - what did the Royal Navy do in the Falklands? They weren't anywhere near the Task Force itself - they were operating further afield and acting independently - doing what submarines do best. You could argue that a submarine being ANYWHERE NEAR it's friendly ships hobbles both sides. The surface ships can't be certain whether any underwater contact is friend or foe so that complicates their job. The submarine basically gives up it's stealth and ability to appear/strike anywhere by being stuck babysitting surface ships. Even two friendly subs in close proximity to each other is probably asking for trouble if one gets a bit shooty. I have no evidence for this but I think when submarines were present at fleet actions with surface ships - it was probably more a case of 'accident' rather than 'design'. It's like trying to form a squadron from tanks and aircraft - they work together but they REALLY don't mix for all sorts of reasons!