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  1. Gvozdika

    Do you think Submarines will come in 2019 ?

    Well given how universally acclaimed, totally balanced and generally brilliant the CV rework currently is.... you probably know the answer to your question OP. On a semi-serious note. Balancing subs would make balancing CVs look positively easy by comparison. I think WG are currently testing the goodwill and patience of the playerbase quite enough as it is.
  2. Gvozdika

    impact bad CV player versus good CV player changed?

    Given that CV vs CV combat is no longer a thing - the game generally descends into a race of which team's CV player can do the most damage possible. A good player will inevitably be able to rack up more damage and the damage that they do will be more meaningful (e.g. landing 5K damage on a BB is not quite as important as the same damage inflicted on a DD esp. in the early game). I'd argue that a team with a bad CV is as hobbled as under the old RTS system. In this respect the skill gap and influence of a CV never went away. It's obvious when you are up against a good CV player who locks your team's DDs down before they can cap/flank. It's also clear when you are up against a CV who thinks that repeatedly yolo-ing planes at a Minotaur or blob of ships is a valid strategy. Thanks to the excellent vision potential, high mobility, adaptability and ability to pick/choose/hit their targets with a decent degree of accuracy - all of this plays into the hands of a good player. Those some abilities fly clean over the head of a....*thinking about a suitable term here*….not-so-good player.
  3. Gvozdika

    When the the Russian BBs come...

    Sorry - just saw this and have to respectfully disagree. Less 'stuff' is easier to balance - simply because it means less variables that have to be worked out. On the other hand, if you introduce too much stuff without getting the basics correct you are just compounding the problem. Is it easier to juggle 3 balls or 6?
  4. Gvozdika

    When the the Russian BBs come...

    Got to love the new RU BBs. If we put to one side the fact that most of the designs have been pulled out of someone's backside (WG internal data) and 99.9% of the population of this planet haven't heard of them.... + 'Special' radar. + HE spam proof. + Turrets that spin around 180 degrees in 30s flat. + Bow-tanking abilities that aren't far off that of the Yamato/Musashi. + Powerful guns. + Strong AA. + Cruiser accuracy at short-medium range. - Citadel that can be hit if you happen to sail broadside on to someone. As if that's a new and never-before-seen trait that isn't already in effect for most ships in the game already? - Poor dispersion at extreme range. This is dubious; let's be honest - EVERY ship in the game is inaccurate at long range - hence the disdain for the BB sniper hanging at the back not being able to hit anything. - Short range. Not really a downside - because it means the RU BBs need to get CLOSER. Whereupon they get more ACCURATE. If they're being balanced by the same people who did the balancing for the CV Rework I shouldn't really be surprised. I just need to be grateful that they haven't made them even more idiot-proof. Rant over. My beef is not X or Y nation being added - I don't want to see WOWS go the way of WoT. There is a reason that game is in the decline and it has everything to do with the devs churning out content at the expense of game balance.
  5. Gvozdika

    Russian CC Q&A with S_O

    Ranked is the one thing that's kept me playing the past month! I can't complain too much. The arms race gimmicks aren't really needed to be honest and could be dropped. It stacks the odds against a team that is less mobile. The USS Black shouldn't be paired up vs. another non-radar DD (other than an opposing USS Black). Had one ranked game where it was 2x Blacks on one side vs. 'normal' DDs on the other - that went predictably badly for the side without radar/smoke firing abilities. I think (but cannot possibly prove) many of the frustrating teams are due to people who don't normally play Ranked (like me) having a go - possibly to escape the delights and joys of CW rework random battles....
  6. As far as I can tell - it's still Farming Simulator 2019. It's just the AA cruisers turn now to farm planes. Much wailing from some CV players as the old 'press F to get out of Jail Free' trick doesn't work quite as well as it used to. WG being WG - they may have whacked the CV/AA balance in favour of AA (previously it was firmly in favour of the CV). Continuous AA damage is a fair bit higher on certain ships (AA cruisers in particular) so flying near them is now a really bad idea. Imagine that, an AA ship being dangerous to planes..... who ever heard of such a thing? Attacking blobs of ships is now also not a good idea due to multiple stronger continuous damage auras being applied. I think DDs are still stuffed by the ever present threat of the rocket mafia - I honestly don't know how WG can address that short of buffing DD concealment to silly levels or nerfing attack planes to the point that they become useless. I'm sure the pendulum of balance will swing the other way in the next fix - so enjoy the ride while it lasts!
  7. Gvozdika

    F spam "fix"

    It's difficult to feel any sympathy for the plight of the CV. They've been able to run amok for a week with a button that effectively confers immunity for their planes if they make a mistake. Now I can trot out the sentence that was aimed at everyone who complained about the CVs.... 'Just adapt! Learn to play!' That said, I think the balance has swung over to the other direction; AA that is undodgeable being too strong isn't ideal. So now the AA ships get to farm CVs for a week (while enjoying the delicious irony in the process) - hopefully WG will dial them back OR adjust the carrier plane refresh rate, etc to bring the state of play back to a happy medium.
  8. Gvozdika

    Everyone focused on the tier 10 carriers.

    I dunno - using the Ranger/Ryujo I've found it be fairly MM proof even when bumped to T8. A T8 DD still gets the short end of the stick when the rocket planes show up. There is still the fact that you can waltz your way past the majority of the flak bubbles - this being the main plane killer - so a T8 ship is still very much vulnerable. I tend to play with torps + AP bombs on the IJN T6, rockets + dive bombers on the U.S.. Your mileage may vary of course - the hot fix shifting more damage to continuous aura AA may well also change matters.
  9. Gvozdika

    Select battle mode -- CV or no CV

    Well if one ship class is so borked that it makes people stop wanting to play until its fixed - I'd say there was an argument for excluding them. (Until they were actually working as intended). I've been playing ranked and very little besides precisely BECAUSE it excludes the class that is at the centre of the crapshoot that is 8.0. If that option were not there I wouldn't bother logging in and playing at the moment. Relatives who play this game are of a similar mindset. My hope is WG get things a bit more sorted by the end of Ranked or I'm going to have to find another game to waste time on!
  10. Gvozdika

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    My rational reaction - 'ah well, fair cop. It was tier 6 material anyway thanks to the combo of stealth + guns.' My reaction as a GC owner - 'bugger'.
  11. This does kind of annoy me and I hope they don't do it - because some skills (BFT vs AFT for example) will potentially be turned on their heads if the AA damage goes from flak to continuous aura. I'd vote for an extension of the reset to a day or two beyond the hotfix. After all, we're all supposed to be testing this now for WG's data - pointless not giving us the means to try different configs in the process to work out what is optimal.
  12. Gvozdika

    Lets face it, CVs will "never" work!

    To be fair I suspect WG wasn't involved in the balancing of that game....
  13. Gvozdika

    The biggest spoiler of the new patch?

    Not sure about the USN or USAAF - but I recall reading about the British using (admittedly very crude and low-tech) air-to-air rockets to shoot down Zeppelins in WW1. I don't know when the air-to-surface ones became a thing (20s/30s?) - probably once planes got a bit bigger and able to lug around more items to drop/shoot/fire at people they didn't much like.
  14. Gvozdika

    The biggest spoiler of the new patch?

    Fairey Swordfish says hi. (Don't disagree with any of your points by the way - just my inner plane nerd couldn't help myself).
  15. Gvozdika

    What do you like about patch 0.8.0?

    Erm…. …. ….. ….. The flak looks pretty (even if it doesn't hit anything)? That's all I can come up with.