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  1. Gvozdika

    The Turd became a decent ship

    It does suffer from Omaha syndrome - everyone shoots it in the (reasonable) hope of scoring citadels. The more down to T6 was a good call however - at T7 it was nerve-wracking experience trying to last an entire match without getting instablapped by T9s....
  2. Gvozdika

    So what's up with Midway's UU?

    What - the Slava or the text discrepancy?
  3. Gvozdika

    WG aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh CVs

    Well he has a valid point does he not? It's a bit more to go than 'CV OP - pls nerf'. Soon BeastofBurden will be along to engage in the usual brainfarts and assorted ramblings - then everything will rapidly go downhill and the thread will lock. 'Tis the circle of life....
  4. Gvozdika

    the slava it comes!

    *Slow Clap* 'We REALLY need another OP Soviet Premium!' - Said no one, ever.
  5. Gvozdika

    Pommern, 228000 Coal, Next Patch

    Depends on what you are up against. - Hydro allows to you see an incoming soup of torpedoes but the Fdg hull isn't exactly an agile or nippy thing to dodge around in. - AP bombs are still very much a thing and can chunk a KM BB in short order. - Until you get close(ish) you are going to take a lot of AP pens from the usual suspects if you want to use your full broadside. - Again, you have lots of guns but 15" batteries struggle at T9 - especially if they aren't particularly accurate. It would be a sight to behold if you are right - I'm happy to be proven wrong just to see a trio of Pommerndorfs causing havoc on a flank. They do however have to get close and put themselves in harms way to be fully effective and the current meta makes that a risky proposition at the moment.
  6. Gvozdika

    Pommern, 228000 Coal, Next Patch

    It could have been fun - but WG seem to have a pathological desire to suck the fun out of anything that isn't the Rodina's finest. With smaller 15" guns you really need to be able to land shots with some degree of accuracy to make them work. That isn't going to happen with the latest dispersion changes - I'm thinking New Mexico levels of sending shots into space, into the sea, into the next map across, anywhere BUT your aim point. It'll be good for blapping unwary cruisers but I think it will be frustrating when going toe to toe with another BB that can hit harder, hit more often, and likely have a better chance of controlling the fight due to better speed/concealment.
  7. Gvozdika

    Georgios Averof = Hellenic Navy in WOWS?

    Hell, why not. However I'd like camouflage with the Eye of Horus on the bow and a man banging away on some drums sitting on the conning tower. Baked in bonus for ramming stuff. I know it makes sense. You know it makes sense. WG - do it.
  8. Gvozdika

    ST 0.9.7, changes to test ships (DB 58)

    Funny how none of the Uber Cruisers recently added for a certain nation have been similarly afflicted with nerfs prior to release isn't it? Laser-accuracy and BB levels of AP pen is totally fine.... along with 50mm plating sprinkled everywhere....radar....underwater citadels thanks to an implausibly low freeboard.....improved pen angles.....railgun ballistics.... Nooooo..... no seeming disparity here..... none at all.
  9. Gvozdika

    Ban enterprise from ranks

    Pro tip - your planes can MOVE around and everything. You can spot stuff in the first 30s and keep it spotted - all without actually putting your ship in harms way. So let's put the shoe on the other foot - how about you deal with a permaspotting opponent that can wipe you out before the 1 minute marker? Or are you still arguing you and your CV need super-special treatment because.... well...reasons. Is playing on an equal footing that horrifying for you? At school did you refuse to play a game of football unless your team had no goal?
  10. Gvozdika

    Ban enterprise from ranks

    Conversely you wouldn't have a fleet limiting itself to operations in a 25 x 25 km box with big circles hovering over the parts of the ocean where their intended objectives are. They certainly wouldn't be mucking around in around island festooned waters (every map Ocean anyone?). Distances, scales and speeds in WOWS are all totally out of whack anyway? The realism argument kind of misses the point of the thread. Total codswallop and you know it. To turn your poorly-thought out argument on it's head and show just how detached you are from reality.... how about we have enemy subs spawn 3km behind your CV about 30s into the game. Obviously if you get blown to kingdom come we'll put it down to you MiSplAYinG consistently. Better still, if you dare complain on the forums we can all tell you to dodge! Funny how logic only works one way on your planet...
  11. Gvozdika

    Ban enterprise from ranks

    I suspect he's just using a very round-about and long winded way of saying JuSt DoDge. After all, it must be the player's fault if they get crapped on by a CV. No, I can't type that with a straight face either. Never mind that positioning does not really impede a CV player with more than two functioning brain cells. 'Hmm... which will win a game of agility - the 30 kt ship or the 150 kt aircraft?' Said nobody ever.
  12. Gvozdika

    Ban enterprise from ranks

    No reason why not. Level playing field for all. If you really wanted to make it a purer test of skill you'd make everyone use a preset of tech-tree only rental ships and rental 19pt commanders. You'd still have the disparity with the MM doing it's best to send things out of whack - but nobody could argue that X player was using a particular ship/build that Y player couldn't access or use. OT It speaks volumes that the certain ones who are fine with Enterprise in ranked are the ones who squealed the loudest when AA was changed to actually be meaningful. They squealed when slingshot was removed. They were the ones who squealed when AP bombs were nerfed (not enough IMO). They will doubtless squeal when DD spotting is changed in future. If AA gets improved we'll doubtless get rants on the forums as to how unfair life, the universe and everything is. After all, we can't have ships actually managing to COUNTER CVs can we? Oh the horror.... When CVs get nerfed further (let's be honest here - every change in the past six months has been WG trying somewhat aimlessly to redress the CV/DD balance without success) they will continue to stamp their feet and throw tantrums that their favourite toys are not quite as good as they think they should be.
  13. Gvozdika

    Russian carriers are coming!

    Sorry old chap but we do need to have a word or two. 1) Stalin DID want a big ocean fleet and this included carriers. Kuznetsov DID want carriers because the Russians were not totally unaware of what the US was getting up to in the Pacific. Gorshkov DID want carriers because of his strong aim to actually turn the VMF into a blue-water Navy. Of the three Gorshkov came close but alas, he was dealing with an army-centric mindset still in love with the idea of big tank battles, lots of artillery, etc. 2) Their ambitions were about 30 years ahead of their capability to do so. Let's not kid ourselves that Soviet Russia never built carriers because they never wanted them, they wouldn't have gone to the enormous expense of Moskva, Kiev and the amazing self-combusting special K. Thats a lot of effort for something they apparently never wanted or needed..... 3) The failure of Soviet Naval aviation led to the creation of other avenues - the monster Kirovs and SSGNs like the Oscars to make up the shortfall in long-range punch. The bastion concept of keeping SSBNs close to friendly shores where they can be kept out of harms way. The utility of a mobile airfield that can travel around most of our 60% water covered planet was still very desirable and if the Soviet defence industry had actually got it's act together - they may well have got one that isn't quite such a figure of fun. All of the above is supported by RUSSIAN archive sources which I can happily provide should you wish to look them up.
  14. Gvozdika

    BB players just stop.

    True.... but is that comparison REALLY fair to Chief Wiggum?
  15. Gvozdika

    BB players just stop.

    Everyone do yourselves a favour and add certain characters to the block list. I honestly feel my IQ plummeting every time I read his barely comprehensible verbal diarrhoea. I've seen more sense from a short circuited furby. People are entitled to opinions certainly - but ill-informed, ignorant and downright misleading opinions deserve to be called out.