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  1. Gvozdika

    any refunds planned/ available

    Ah - you must be new here.... For those unaware here is how WG REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEworks go. Step 1 - Come up with a complete and total brainfart of a concept that nobody actually asked for. The more borked and broken - usually the better. Step 2 - Quickly 'test' the concept for a short period and promptly ignore any test result or response that they don't agree with. Step 3 - Launch it onto the live servers and watch the carnage unfold. Step 4 - Wait about two years to 'gather data'. Step 5 - Realise they made such an utter pig's breakfast of the whole thing that they need another whacky idea to distract attention from the unmitigated failure. Step 6 - Come up with a new rework for something else. Rinse and repeat as needed. You'll notice that refunds don't appear anywhere in the above SOP. Hell, soon we'll be onto Rework No.3 with Submarines....
  2. Gvozdika

    PQ's The CV problem - discussion with skilled players only

    Speaking as a member of the sub-60% underclass - I've decided to take a break from Wows for a while - CVs and their consistently borked interaction being one strong 'push factor' in this regard. HOWEVER. If it were just CVs and WGs flip-flopping around trying to thump a square peg into a round hole - I would probably not let it stop me enjoying the game overall. Being honest - I would probably not be overly bothered if that was the only issue and everything else was largely okay. As it is - there are many other problems with this game that continue unabated (beyond the realms of this thread) which all make it progressively less fun as time goes on. Some are getting worse. Some are looming on the horizon. So when I decide to pop into a match of WoWs only to be chased around the map all game by a CV - I'm inclined to basically say 'Sod it' and play something else that has less negative baggage. CVs are not the sole reason for this game losing its sparkle - but they are a major, particularly notable reason. Whether you like it or not - any game that has a 'feature' that sucks fun from the majority for the benefit of a small minority is pretty daft and unsustainable. A game that has a whole array of such bad choices is asking for trouble - WOWS is now firmly in that second category.
  3. Gvozdika

    Half price premium account.

    Or rather a significant amount of chocolate. Die round and happy!
  4. Gvozdika

    Need for advice about coal ships

    Marceau is hilarious but has a very narrow margin of error. The time it takes to go from 'kicking everyone's backside - I am a DD deity!' to 'oh crap *explosion*' can be measured in seconds. If you prefer to have a few more options (smoke, heal, etc.) there are other tech tree options that are much more consistent. Pommern is like a bigger Bismarck. This is a good thing. With more guns. Plus torpedoes. Fairly tanky too. If you like KM BBs I think there is a very good chance you'll like the Pommern. Duke of York is okay - but compared to the other strong British premium BBs like Thunderer, Warspite, Nelson - it doesn't really have any major USP. Better AP than KGV but slower reload. Also has gun turrets that get knocked out rather easily. It is however by no means a bad ship - jus a bit middle of thr road compared to its RN sisters. You might not be overly fond of Yoshino but if you enjoy the Ibuki/Zao then it is essentially a higher-powered and more capable version of them. I own all apart from Yoshino - which I fully intend to get in the next week or so. My pick would be Pommern.
  5. Gvozdika

    MVR overnerfed?

    Anything that makes a CV player's life less fun always gets my vote. Hell, if I had my way I'd have the game delivery high voltage shocks through the keyboard whenever anyone attempted to click 'Battle' with a CV selected. Of course that is silly and unrealistic - won't happen. Any fool knows that keys on keyboards are made of plastic and thus not conductive of electricity.
  6. Gvozdika

    Interesting compensation decision

    If you didn't play a battle - then that is not logged on the glorious spreadsheet. If it is not on the spreadsheet - then obviously it must not exist and must never have happened. If a player does not appear on the spreadsheet then they are obviously unworthy. They also do not exist. All bow before your MS Excel Overlords. For it's macros are mighty, it's pivot tables divine. Thou shall not question the spreadsheet - for it NEVER makes a mistake. EVER. - WG Employee Terms of Employment Chapter 1 Verse 1 (probably - just guessing here).
  7. Gvozdika

    Hosho torp nerf.... what about it

    The real question is.... WHAT TOOK THEM SO BL@@DY LONG? Seriously, it was blooming obvious to anyone with half a functioning brain cell that CVs at a tier where AA is virtually non-existent was a bad idea. It was obvious that allowing MULTIPLE such CVs at a tier was a doubly bad idea. The evidence of the REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWORK (coming up to two years now and they still haven't finished folks) showed that T4 matches were pretty much going the way that everyone with aforementioned 1/2 functioning brain cells had figured it would. How many potential new players have been turned away due to the miserable experience at T4? Impossible to say - however given that most people with any knowledge of the game actively avoid that bracket I think it's an appreciable number. Herein lies the frustration - WG can be pretty quick when it comes to some things (cough - squeezing in progressively more loot boxes) but positively glacial when they actually need to show a bit of speed. Perhaps pulling their heads out of their spreadsheets and using a bit of common sense wouldn't be a bad idea..... you don't need MS Excel to tell you that shooting yourself repeatedly in the foot is a bad idea. Honest.
  8. Gvozdika

    Something weird going on with my guns

    Suspect it is a follow on to the the ever present desync issue. With instant yes/no control inputs like firing it is probably highlighting the issue more so than movement commands which you might not notice. Admittedly its a bug that has been around a while but seems to becoming more common - totally irrespective of your ping or packet loss in many cases.
  9. Gvozdika

    Any new coal ships to be added soon?

    Don't be silly - every sod's already got one by now.....
  10. Oh don't worry OP - It's not just CCs who despise CVs with a pathological hatred. Consider for a second why most players hate them. Consider why most CCs hate them. Hell, consider why WG has spent the past TWO YEARS trying to balance them with a miserable lack of success. *cracks knuckles* Do you REALLY want to stick your head above the parapet? I mean, REALLY?
  11. Gvozdika

    PSA: Santa Containers

    Translation added for those not speaking WG. Only too happy to be of service!
  12. Gvozdika

    Official statment

    Now, now people. I'm sure the result will be well worth the wait. Get your PR non-speak bingo cards at the ready.
  13. Gvozdika

    MAKAROV Meme

  14. I voted no - CV snipe antics are hilarious and should be encouraged - not discouraged.
  15. Are you truly sure, beyond any fathom of a doubt about this little statement? I mean - their last 24 hours aren't exactly screaming out in support of a fast-tracked admission to MENSA.... Oh to be a fly on the wall of WG EU HQ - load up the forums on Monday morning and everything is on fire. Well, more on fire than usual.