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  1. Gvozdika

    Reflecting on year 4 of WoWS - What have you liked/disliked?

    Without repeating what is above. I like the visuals of the game. The art department, the 3d modellers, the researchers behind the scenes sourcing the material for them - all first rate. HMS Hood looks like HMS Hood, down to the smallest quirky detail. The Yamato model is fantastic. There aren't many models that let the side down. That was THE thing that sucked me into the game, its probably the thing that keeps me around DESPITE WGs design decisions. I also like the broad selection of ships. With a few notable exceptions (cough - RN Battlecruisers) you can pick surface combatants from most nations from most years in the games timeframe. Dreadnoughts through to Fast Battleships. Early Torpedo Boat Destroyers to the full-sized Fleet DDs. There is something for everyone. Against - mention has to go to the rework that shall not be named. Also against, the pure-data-driven approach of the devs that often leads to them doing some really stupid things. The 'spreadsheet says you are having fun' meme is trotted out for a reason - largely because its true. You don't play games because statistics tell you to, you play them to have fun. The rework probably looked great on paper - but in practice? It sucked the fun out of the game for many players and the whole debacle is still rolling along 8 months later. WG need to get their heads out of their spreadsheet once in a while - use some common sense. Also-also against. RU BBs. Smolensk. Stalingrad. Can we have less 'balans' of this nature please.... Also-also-also against. Subs. Nothing I've seen so far fills me with optimism. WG haven't even got a handle on balance ABOVE the water, much less adding a third dimension to the equation....
  2. Gvozdika

    CV's are likely finished ☆ thank our lord El2aZeR!

    I will bookmark this for when the next AA-CV balance comes in - enjoy it while it lasts. Remember that a pendulum works both ways..... (although with WG's grasp of physics any thing could happen)
  3. Gvozdika

    Submarines: Beta Sign-up and Q&A

    The playerbase has been 'enjoying' and 'experiencing' the new dynamic of rework CVs for the past eight months, thanks. The very same rework that has been such a raging tearaway success that player numbers of CVs are now close to their pre-work numbers. The kind of balance that is such a paragon of game design that WG have to artificially cap their numbers in the MM. Just a thought. I'll leave the following here and not post any further - plenty more opinions around besides my own. WG cannot be trusted to add subs in a balanced form. If they were truly balanced or in-line with what we already have in the game - very few people would go for them. They'd be slow, they'd need to get quite close to their targets to engage them, they'd be frightening vulnerable in anything other than a straight up ambush situation. So instead they need to pull out the stops - relying on the inherent 'cool new stuff!' novelty value to get people to overlook the issues that are created. To illustrate my point…. I'm going to propose we add a DDG to the game. 1) 70-80 knots - quite fast (x2) compared to the real thing but we need to keep things 'DyNaMIC'. 2) I would like surface-to-surface missiles that can lock on and engage moving targets at long range. Multiple launches possible at the same time. 3) It must also only be able to be engaged by secondaries and only if it's detected and the opposing players have driven through a little mini-game first. Targets have to be within 500m for secondaries to work btw... 4) Only ships with secondaries capable of shooting this DDG shall be CLs - JUST CLs you understand - for reasons. 5) It's also got stealth tech y'know - so radar won't detect it in certain modes. It can switch into and out of 'stealth mode' at will as needed and travel at high speed without giving away it's position. Limited time duration. 6) While in Stealth Mode the ONLY thing that can detect it is another of these super-DDGs at 2km proximity spotting. Everything else is blind to it's presence. 7) We also need some consumables - expect stuff that can extend the time you are in 'stealth/invisible to everything mode'. Now if the above concept sounds utterly daft and totally out of keeping in an 'artillery ship' game - take a good long hard look at the qualities of subs. 1) SSN speeds on surface and at depth. 2) Guided 2nd/3rd gen torpedoes (e.g. can be updated remotely and track targets after launch - 'fire-and-forget'). Multiple torpedoes can be fired. 3) ASW 'follow-the-circles' minigame / auto depth-charges. 4) ASW duties limited to 2-3 ships per team. 5) Effective invisibility to hydro at certain depths. Able to transit at SSN speeds at this depth. Limited time duration. 6) Detection at 'deep' depths only by other subs at 2 km. Nothing else. 7) Consumables of a distinctly gimmicky nature (based on statements from devs). Now as a genuine question - what precisely is the actual, gameplay difference between the two scenarios above? Take your time - if you can offer an explanation then I'd like to hear it.
  4. Gvozdika

    Submarines: Beta Sign-up and Q&A

    Consider this. The vocal ones are passionate about this game. We play it because we enjoy WOWS despite some of the questionable design decisions. We make known our gripes because we really don't want WG to shoot themselves in the foot. Similar noises were made about the Rework - WG carried on regardless and caused an entirely avoidable crapshoot. Similar noises were made about the NTC - very loud noises in fact. WG looked like they were going to stick with it but thankfully they heard the issues loud and clear. So sometimes making vocal noises does work and it can direct the development of a game if done right. A forum full of 'yes men' who agree with everything WG says and does is unlikely to have the same effect, oddly enough. Feedback matters, especially when it's supported by some very articulate arguments that have been repeated over and over by various posters. I have yet to read ONE decent reason for including subs in the game - a genuine 'this will make the game better by means of X or Y' reason. I'm not seeing many brilliant arguments for the inclusion of subs aside from their novelty value. Which is fine - nothing wrong with that in itself. However I think WG are trying to wave new toys around rather than perhaps fixing the balance issues we already have. However if that doesn't array with your narrow world-view then for heaven's sake don't leave the house. You might come across people with different opinions to you, hell - even people who don't agree with you. I fear you would be tragically underprepared for such an emotional event.....
  5. Gvozdika

    Submarines: Beta Sign-up and Q&A

    Don't worry - I think he's the customer WG are aiming subs at. Stuff balance. Never mind how much the game suffers. New toys! Just another 19,999 to go and they might actually have a business case...
  6. Gvozdika

    Submarines: Beta Sign-up and Q&A

    For those who don't speak WG - a translation is above. EDIT TO ADD - I offer professional translation services in most WG regional dialects.
  7. Snap - I have no desire to reset all my hard-earned progress, especially if you can *kind of* get the rewards for other means anyway. The Smolensk is arguably as good if not better than the Colbert - very similar in concept. The Georgia is probably 9/10s of the Ohio but a tier lower. Even the balansgrad and Bourgogne can be sourced if you play ranked enough. The flaw with the concept is that if they wheel out a reward that is genuinely good enough to justify the regrind - it'll be an OP monstrosity that takes us back to NTC version 1.0 all over again. Speaking of which, they've been suspiciously quiet re: the Slava... ...oh hell.
  8. Gvozdika

    Ranked Sprint Season 7

    So far as promised I've used very little besides the Torp-Build Mutsu™. After many attempts (at least two which ending in accidental-on-purpose rams) I managed to actually kill an enemy DD with torps. There was much rejoicing/jubilation/hilarity in the division. Somewhat less amusement from the DD player who presumably will never be able to show their face in public ever again. Essentially anyone who uses anything other than this meta-ship is just crippling themselves.... I shall emulate this success by using a torp-build Derpitz in the next ranked. Unless I get blapped by Enterprise bombs first. - Joking aside - the 15/16" gun BBs are doing pretty well thanks to the ability to negate the usual bow-tanking mindset. Cruisers aren't ever so great. DDs are fine until there is a CV in the game - whereupon things get very unpleasant very quickly.
  9. I dunno - Georgia has the comedy speed boost and the ability to run amok in T7 games where 127mm secondaries have more of a use. It is also readily available for coal. Ohio 's behind a truly massive grindwall of biblical proportions if the price of the Colbert is anything to go by. Even skipping the re-grind will take some time and a lot of FXP. The trade off is 2 more guns and a Monty hull with better AA, or as of 0.8.7 - slightly less crap AA.
  10. Gvozdika

    Ranked Sprint Season 7

    I think we've got the usual suspects covered already. 1) Torp-build Mutsu - for bonus points employ IJN DD commander with survival expert. 2) Gnevny - 4km torps - gotta love them.... 3) Pensacola - survival optional. 4) Huang He - credit to anyone who can make it work, most can't. New Mexico might be a shout (guns with long reload, stupidly abysmal accuracy/dispersion on an incredibly slow hull) but I actually liked it enough to keep it after working up the USN line.
  11. Gvozdika

    Ranked Sprint Season 7

    Pensacola says hi. Probably the only ship I've used where simply getting to the halfway point of a match was a roaring success.
  12. Gvozdika

    Manual AA

    In a word - No. In a few words - the boost to the instant damage is pretty poor and it actively cripples your AA DPS output by removing the ability to ramp it up as needed. Utterly useless - those 4 points could go on any number of other useful skills.
  13. Gvozdika

    Ranked Sprint Season 7

    I don't need more than 2x tubes per side - nor do they need to be able to aim left/right. Banks of torpedoes that can be aimed are plainly the domain of amateurs!
  14. Gvozdika

    Ranked Sprint Season 7

    Well it'll be interesting to see what people wheel out - not a great abundance of outright broken ships at T6, premium or otherwise. I might roll around in the Warspite - I particularly like the RN 15" at the lower tiers. Leander goes without saying - always a good choice. Fuso might be fun for just spraying shells in every direction. However my personal goal is to use the fearsome torp-boat that is the Mutsu. Stuff how inefficient and moronic the concept is - I'm going to try and torp people with it. Ever since getting it in a SC I've been at a loss as to what to do with the thing- not any more! It's precisely the sort of 'high-quality' gameplay one is expected to display in Ranked...
  15. Gvozdika

    Citadel a Großer Kurfürst in a Baltimore?

    I too have managed to citadel a GK from some weird angles this patch - both occasions with US 203mm (Buffalo and Salem respectively). Possibly some weird improved-angles-skulduggery that was broken...ahem I mean 'inadvertently' adjusted in the recent patch by our Lords and Masters? See also the Kremlin dispersion out of whack IIRC....