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  1. Gvozdika

    WG is leaving Russia & Belarus

    HURTLING BACK ONTO THE TOPIC..... Might seem simple but in reality things have gotten VERY tricky for anyone wishing to do business with an RU-based firm. After all, how do you pay them? Using an RU-based bank for transferring money is out. Even if your 'contractor' in RU has a Western Bank Account that is totally unaffected by sanctions - good luck trying to clear a financial exchange of sending dollars/euros converting to roubles. There are probably ways you can squirrel around it (of varying levels of legality) but it would be fiendishly difficult and costly to do for anything other than small amounts of currency. I have relatives in Russia who are employed by non-RU companies. Getting paid for their work has become very convoluted, bordering on impossible. Another factor is the technology support side. Does your EU-based server company deal with RU now? Does some of your US/EU software have it's ongoing support pulled? Hell, even the Art Department use Western modelling/texturing software likely licensed on a lease/subscription from Adobe/Autodesk/Maya/whatever they use now. What if that goes out the window? For WOWS? Goodness knows what will happen. The game might go into a sort of holding-pattern / maintenance-mode until a solution is found - there are certainly no shortage of capable dev studios in Eastern Europe to choose from.
  2. Gvozdika

    Support carriers closed conceptual test

    Took a long break at the beginning of the year - came back to look and see what sort of antics WG were up to..... I mean after subs, superships and everything else there is only so much hilarious self-sabotage that a single company can do..... .....yep..... turns out there is.... Back to Warthunder (brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt).
  3. There's a joke in there somewhere but I'm going to be good and not bite.....
  4. Gvozdika

    WG Quality Assurance

    Much as you like to ride to the rescue of WG on these occasions - the events of the past week would indicate he has a point. Critical crashes for multiple players after an update would indicate a QA issue....... again. Wheeling out a hotfix and causing all kinds of chaos as people get disconnected left, right and centre also indicates that their testing was flawed. Add these to the other fun features such as Survivability Expert actually making your DD LESS survivable, or the tick-rate gun issues.... we could go on. It all smacks of Lesta whacking out content without actually testing to ensure it works/doesn't bugger up existing elements of the game. However of course by all means blame the players for getting uppity. We're the ones doing the coding, programming and QA after all..... NOT. (WG seem very content to have us test crap on the live server so possibly not too far off).
  5. Unfortunately a metric tonne of issues appear to have arisen after the most recent update. Now it could be: 1) Lots of players on different continents, countries, time zones with different hardware, ISPs have problems at their end that magically began to occur after the last patch. They obviously all did something in a fiendishly coordinated fashion to bring about their WOWS related ills. OR 2) WG have made a major compound mess-up that has had far reaching repercussions on the stability of their game client and associated online functions. Since I've been able to access OTHER games and their associated forums/media without any issue.... I'm leaning towards option 2.... Just a hunch.
  6. Gvozdika

    Where are the people on all those ships?

    They've all buggered off home - their ship keeps suffering a critical crash every two battles.
  7. Gvozdika

    Sub_O is moving on

    You know what - I think Autocorrect got it right!
  8. Gvozdika

    Ranked season 6: well done WG

    Yay. Tier X was driving me round the bend.
  9. Gvozdika

    Sub_O is moving on

    Maybe - but WOWS was pretty good until a few years ago. The playerbase-dev relationship was remarkably good and positive. Then you had a change of staff and things went down the pan. Most obviously was the attitude and professional arrogance - 'We're always right - you don't know what you're talking about.' The CC Summit was a case in point where they sat them down in front of a Powerpoint slideshow and informed them that REEEEEEwork CVs were a totally brilliant idea and would be wheeled out onto the liver servers. That's also where the 'Spreadsheet' jokes came from - because according to their Spreadsheets things were fine! WoT was under the auspices of Murazor (or similar name) who basically threw all elements of balance under the bus. Again, another 'ideas' person who was let loose without checks and balances. Again, another personality who was determined that their 'vision' was flawless and anyone disagreeing with it was obviously not smart enough to see the brilliance. That went down like a lead balloon with the community and arguably WoT is poorer for it. This isn't so much a dig against one person - more the overall culture. For every Sub O or Murazor on a team you also need someone equally senior to step in and say 'Sorry Comrade - but that's a daft idea because of X or Y - we're not doing it'. WG seem to have a real issue with their workplace culture - there are no dissenting voices or facts allowed to get in the way of the 'vision'. That's why the CC Exodus kicked off (among other things) - you had WG treating volunteers like *®*# and essentially browbeating them for not agreeing wholeheartedly with the latest hairbrained scheme (loot boxes, more reeeeworks, etc).
  10. Gvozdika

    Sub_O is moving on

    - Nope I don't know what is going on - triple post. Sorry!
  11. Gvozdika

    Sub_O is moving on

    Bugger this forum! double post.
  12. Gvozdika

    Sub_O is moving on

    Good. WOWS has NOT benefited from the bright ideas wheeled out under his tenure - ideas which mysteriously floated to the surface when he took greater control over the game direction. Not really a coincidence is it? Hopefully this means the submareeeeeeeeeeenz will be quietly retired and never spoken of again....we can but hope.
  13. (Dockyard) - Atlantico. BB with lots of guns - almost comical numbers of gun barrels everywhere. Looks good but is a dockyard ship after the era of the Pay-to-Rico so likely *censored*. Event - Dido or Canarywhatsit. Nobody is going to go for the spanish thing - so WG can nerf the them both as much as possible because everyone will flock to the more famous HMS Dido no matter what. Speshul tokens needed to buy and from news it appears to be one or the other (for free anyway). (Coal) - Forest Gump. DD with very few guns and even fewer torpedoes. Consumables consist of speed boost and 'Would you like a Chocolate?' (RP) Sevastopol - German guns on Russian ship but gun performance suspiciously better in virtually every way. Also gets super heal. (Coal) Sovietskii Soyuz Ukrainia - To be added soon after the Russian Holiday Season. Work in progress.... (Steel) Buttkikov - Design for Soviet Super BB with 30 inch guns yet still having turrets able to swing around 180 degrees in 20s flat. Deisgn documents found down back of fridge at Smolensk Combine Harvester Plant surrounded by empty bottles. (FXP) Bugger all. That's it. (Although I would definitely buy a ship called HMS Bugger All). (Coal) More carriers. Because why not. (Steel) More Russian ships you've never heard of with magical stats to match. Disclaimer - some of the above might be tongue in cheek.....
  14. Gvozdika

    NEW CV LINES!! Taken from NA

    Meh - the products of a deranged and alcohol-fuelled lunacy. Do you work for WG's balance department by any chance? *That reminds me - who else thought Babylon 5 space combat was bloody good for the CGI of the time? Even when I was younger I thought it was much more grounded in reality than the sort of inane pew-pew antics of Star Trek.... Gratuitous Star Fury pic for those in the know.
  15. Gvozdika

    Maritime Heritage: Battle of Chemulpo Bay

    Doh! My bad. Tushino airfield is the site of the old regular Soviet era air show (also a superlative aviation museum). Sort of an aircraft mecca if you are a plane buff and something Russia can be very proud of. Soviet history on the brain. Tsushima on the other hand.... yeah....we won't see any articles about the GLORIOUS Russian Navy on that front. To be fair the entire Russo-Japanese War was basically a lesson as to how not to fight a naval war - bravery unfortunately cannot make up for such a disparity in training/equipment.