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  1. l'algérie ? , bon ? , c'est une blague ? , outre le fait que les explo ne servent a rien (en 200 coups au but 0 incendie ....) , les AP overpen ou bounce (y compris (mention spéciale ) sur un DD de flanc a 10 km ..... sans compter le blindage qui ne vous servira a rien puisque vous etes focus par l'enssemble de l'équipe adverse des que vous etes spot
  2. foche

    Wargaming stream for 3.1 update

    i though this one was a A1 :
  3. foche

    Aircraft Carrier with Unlimited Planes?

    US CV : T4 is fine (maybe a bit UP , but not that much) T5 is maybe a bit powerfull against the T4 , maybe some change for balancing those Two together T6 is fine T7 is correct T8 is a bit OP , and need a nerf for sure T10 actual need to be moved back to T9 to be fine , or buffed until proper T10 arrive
  4. foche

    Unknown Tier 9 American Carrier

    that probably the Yorktown , but as they said , Midway Will be Tier X , Essex Tier 9 (and Yorktown will be Tier 8 in a second line )
  5. foche

    Wargaming stream for 3.1 update

    Skyraider should have 3 torpedo , but only one IG
  6. foche

    Some Ideas and Suggestions

    actualy even less , 200 yards including the 50 yards needed for the torpedo after hitting the water 200 yards is 182 m , 150 is only 137 m , that approximatly the distance we have in game the main difference is in Real life , no pilot would have been crazy enough to drop a torpedo 300 m away from the ship, that why US navy developped High speed high altitude drop tactics but WOWS isn't real life right ?
  7. foche

    Wargaming stream for 3.1 update

    let's Rock death is coming from above !
  8. foche

    Flight-time discrepancy

    there is multiple possibility to explain this : first , maybe if you are using the right click and moving the camera it giving you false information second , maybe it's related to the fact your turret aren't alligned with the aim point at the moment of the second screenshot
  9. foche

    Torpedo bomber rage

    what the point ? , OP said "let the CV drop at 1 km minimum" , i'm pretty sure he was talking about IG distance , and i gave IG stats and actual IG travel time one day , try to press alt while using Destroyer torpedo , you will see the timer next to the distance , and realise even short range torpedo take quite a ong time to travel to maximum distance
  10. foche

    Torpedo bomber rage

    the best US aerial torpedo in game is traveling 33.5 kts , that mean 58 sec to travel 1 km , twice the ammount of time nedeed for a NAGATO to do a complete 90 ° Turn a CV player is forced to drop those torpedo closer in order to do relevant damage during the game (there is about 100/150 m of activation time on torpedo , depending of the model ) , like any other class , as CV have a very long reload time (plane returning to CV after attacking , plus landing time and actual rearming time ), it's about 2 min without firepower for a 20 km from the frontline CV that why Torpedo are soo powerfull , because you need to compensate the high reload time with an higher alpha
  11. la quasi intégralité des combats eurent lieu en pleine mer .... pour le reste , les cartes ne sont pas réel mais inspiré d'environnement historique , le but etant d'avoir un gameplay different et equilibré puisqu'il n'est juste pas possible de faire des cartes historique c'est pourtant totalement logique que les gain XP/credits soit définit par la performance du joueur (ici le dégat ) , au fur et a mesure que tu augmente le tier , les dommages moyen par partie augmente également en toute logique , si tu fait 40 000 dégat en Myogi , c'est une partie correcte , si tu en fait 40 000 en amagi , c'est franchement mauvais , tu voit le truc ? par conséquent , les gains devrait progresser je pense que tu devrait SERIEUSEMENT revoir ton histoire , l'exemple le plus probant est la bataille de Samar , ou des destroyers de classes Fletcher (2500 tonnes ) firent de bien jolie cartons dans les rang des japonais et renversèrent a eux seul le court de la bataille .... genre le Kumano , de classe Mogami ,qui fut coulé par impact de torpille par un DD , le USS Johnston , qui engagea aussi au canon ( ) le Kongo (qui accesoirement a du se retirer pour eviter une salve de torpille ), et survécu a des tir des batterie secondaire du Yamato le USS Samuel B. Roberts , egalement DD de classe Fletcher , fit mouche a coup de torpille sur le Croiseur Chokai , engagea le Chikuma a 4800 m , tirant quasiment l'integralité de ces munitions canon , et forca egalement le Haguro (classe myogi) a rompre la formation pour eviter des torpilles le USS Heermann a faillit toucher le yamato avec des torpille , le BB japonais fut obliger de faire une longue manoeuvre de 10 minutes pour eviter des torpilles en 3 heures de combats , ce petit groupe de Destroyer sema le doute chez les japonais , qui crurent avoir affaire a une force plus importante que prévu composé de .... croiseur
  12. foche

    Wargaming stream for 3.1 update

    they removed this thing because most of the players didn't noticed the big Yellow warning Buoys surounding shallow water , and then whined for being stuck
  13. foche

    Wargaming stream for 3.1 update

    i want my money back then !
  14. foche

    Wargaming stream for 3.1 update

    it's one of the loadout , not the only one edit : nvm my question is : how can Essex deal with all of these in 3.1 ?
  15. foche

    Planes drop torps to close to ships

    always turning away (if you notice the bomber soon enough) or toward (if they are like 6/7 km away) if your BB have a decent acceleration like Kongo or Amagi , you can do the "slow moving bait" , and as soon as the torpedo bomber are doing the final approach (not the drop /!\ , the move before) , you set speed to maximum and dodge as much as possible research skill about AA range , eventualy take some modules related to AA as well or the rudder shift time if possible , don't go alone , 2 BB not that far away are already way more dangerous for plane , for each plane hit , it's a torpedo that won't reach the water , and 5 to 9 K damage removed in worst case scenario ask for help or stay close to a Cruiser , the cruiser AA skill force the spread of Torpedo bomber , it's impossible to score more than 4 hit per Torpedo squad with AA skill activated