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  1. Scarebird

    Filter for new ppl

    Just because someone has 80,000 battles to their name, doesn't necessarily mean they are any good. Likewise, someone with only 200 battles could be awesome. Why try to restrict what tier someone plays at based on how many battles they have played. Also, a lot of players have low tier premium ships that they have paid good money for. Are you going to tell them that they are no longer allowed to play them?
  2. Scarebird

    Please do something about tier 8 matchmaking

    I kept some of my own statistics to see how the matchmaking worked for various tiers to see how biased/favourable it was to each tier when it came to the +/- 2 problem. Obviously there was no point in keeping score for T9, which at most is only ever -1, or T10, which is always top tier. Likewise the same problem doesn't happen from tier 1 to 4 as they have favourable match making to help newbies get started. So the figures I have are for tiers 5 to 8 and are spread over a total of more than 500 games. You would think that games would be spread evenly between being -2, -1 or top tier. Not so, and it varies from tier to tier. Of 119 games played at T5, 68 were -2. That's 57% of those games at tier 5 being at the bottom of the pile. -1 and top tier games out of those 119 games were 23 and 28 respectively. For T6 games the figures are : 132 games played of which 31 were -2, 75 were -1 and 26 were top tier. So 57% of my tier 6 games were only -1, a rather better prospect than playing tier 5. T7 is where the good news appears. 145 games played. 25 at -2, 40 at -1 and a whopping 80 as top tier (that's only 55% though). Now we see why tier 5 is so bad. Finally T8. 163 games with 80 at -2, 28 at -1 and, surprisingly, 55 as top tier. So that's a smidge less than 50% as -2 tier, but a third as top tier. I have to say that when playing T8, it does feel like you have more -2 tier games, and fewer top tier games, than these figures would suggest, but I guess that's how perception works. My conclusion, based on these numbers from my own games, is that if you want a better chance of being top tier without the expense of playing T10 all the time, T7 seems to offer the best odds.
  3. Scarebird

    Progressing to higher tiers

    I've never understood the mad rush to unlock higher tier vehicles. Ok, in a tier 10 you are always going to be top tier in a battle, whereas that is not always the case in other tiers, but there is no massive difference in game play, so why the rush? For anyone not running a premium account, playing higher tier ships can be a distinct disadvantage, due to the cost of repairs and ammo replacement, which can often lead to a loss of credits.
  4. Scarebird

    Login problems

    Still having problems. I'm running a vanilla install, so no mods. Every so often I get dc'd and then struggle to log back in. This is the message I am getting on the Connect screen when it fails.
  5. Scarebird

    How do you get your bonus?

    I was looking at the login screen in game. No wonder I couldn't find it.
  6. Scarebird

    How do you get your bonus?

    I've just had an email from Wargaming thanking me for taking part in a recent test, and that there is a reward to be claimed. To get the reward it says : Click the "CHECK" button once logged in to see your eligible bonuses I can't find a CHECK button anywhere. Does anyone know where it is?
  7. Scarebird

    Login problems

    Just says unable to connect to server. I've just been dc'ed again today after finishing a battle. Just throws me out to the connect screen when the battle ends and before the results are displayed.
  8. Scarebird

    Login problems

    Just wondering if anyone else is having problems logging in to the EU server today? Twice I have been disconnected after finishing a battle today, and then been unable to log straight back in. I left it an hour or so after the first time, and was then successful. At the moment I can't log back in a couple of hours after being dc'd for the second time.
  9. Scarebird

    honor system

    I agree about where you finish in the table. Whilst I admit I didn't have the best of games in that particular match, I wasn't the author of our team's defeat. I wasn't trying to say that I was good, merely that I contributed as much as most of the players on our team in that particular battle.
  10. Scarebird

    honor system

    Any honor system in Wargaming games is liable to abuse because they are filled with morons. Only the other day I had some idiot asking everyone to report me simply because I wasn't playing the game the way he wanted me to play. He was trying to blame me as the reason why we lost that particular game, despite there being more than half of the team who finished lower than me on the results table. People seem to be a lot keener on throwing insults around than they do on complimenting each other, so I imagine any sort of rewards would be few and far between if you are relying on the goodwill of others to achieve them.
  11. Scarebird

    Which are the risks of accidental doubloon loss?

    I was aware that certain camos and flags cost gold to replace if you had the auto resupply box ticked, but I still lost a large number of doubloons as I had missed quite a few. Bloody annoying when you have to go through each and every ship trying to stop the leak, or remember to pay attention to your battle results to see if you have lost any during that particular game. As others have said it's pretty devious from Wargaming that paying with gold is the default and leaves a sour taste.
  12. Scarebird

    Pink player due to dc

    Thank you @Ysterpyp just to prove it wasn't me being a potato.
  13. Scarebird

    Pink player due to dc

    You're making assumptions that I didn't try to restart the client. I tried repeatedly to log back in, but kept getting a 'Connection Error' message and couldn't re-join the battle. Yes I had been pink previously, but had cleared that particular misdemeanour, for which I hold my hands up. To get a second helping of pinkness through no fault of my own seems a little harsh.
  14. Scarebird

    Pink player due to dc

    I tried to get back in but I couldn't. So no, I didn't just leave the game but was punished for a problem not of my making. If you believe that is working as intended I pity you when you come across a similar problem and don't get resolution.
  15. Scarebird

    Pink player due to dc

    A number of people have reported experiencing game crashes and disconnects since the last update. I've experienced a few myself, but what pees me off is that I've been turned pink because of it. I was a standard player and had just logged in to a Co-op battle when I suffered a dc/crash. This was yesterday, and have just logged back in for the first time since then this evening, to be welcomed by a message saying that basically I am now pink due to a) Team damage or b) logging off early or c) inactivity, and that I now have to play 5 battles to restore my 'clean' status. Well it wasn't due to team damage, as I never got to fire a shot, and I very much doubt it was due to inactivity because I wasn't logged in. I can only assume that my crash was interpreted by the game as leaving the battle early. I would think that the devs would include some sort of check that the player had acknowledged the warning you get when trying to leave a battle early before blighting them with pink status. Or maybe the game really did consider me to be inactive despite my complete departure from the game. Who knows? All I know is that Wargaming needs to short this crap out!