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  1. Brommedk

    Royal Danish Navy

    Or maybe try to call the Danish Navy, maybe they can build one more, and sell it for you :-)
  2. Brommedk

    Danish ironclad Rolf Krake

    atariforce74, on 24 November 2013 - 01:30 AM, said: Denmark has a really interesting navy history. Thanks for sharing Indeed they have.. I will look in to more ships for you guys :-)
  3. Brommedk

    Royal Danish Navy

    Smederevac94, on 23 November 2013 - 07:48 PM, said: Nice ship :playing: Yeah, i think to :-)
  4. Brommedk

    Royal Danish Navy

    RC_8015, on 23 November 2013 - 06:13 PM, said: The ships dont look like really made for combat, i know, they are support ships, but they dont look like they could defend themselfe when they get attacked by anything but some airplanes. I don't think it is build for big seabattles.. At the moment, one of ships i sailing outside the Somalia Coast, fighting pirates.. And i belive, that it is a perfect job, for this ship.
  5. Brommedk

    Danish ironclad Rolf Krake

    RC_8015, on 23 November 2013 - 06:08 PM, said: Why not name a ship by a hero, sounds better than just a number, and some heroism helps the crew to believe. +1 I Agree.. A Hero name, vil helt the moral of the crew :-) Still does today by the way :-)
  6. Brommedk

    Danish ironclad Rolf Krake

    There is actually another Danish ship with the name of Rolf Krake: HMS Calpe was a British Royal Navy Hunt-class destroyer escort type II. Built as a result of the outbreak of World War II, Calpe escorted convoys during the war and participated in the Dieppe Raid. Collaborating with the USS Wainwright in 1943, she assisted in the sinking of a German U-boat. Calpe was loaned and then sold to the Danish Navy then renamed Rolf Krake, remaining active until she was scrapped in Sweden in 1966.
  7. Brommedk

    Danish ironclad Rolf Krake

    Irvine81, on 23 November 2013 - 05:36 PM, said: Nice ship! Rolf Krake was a character in the story Beowolf? Yes he was.. :-)
  8. Brommedk

    Royal Danish Navy

    This is a little about the biggest ship in the Danish navy, there are 2 of them: The Absalon class are support ships of the Royal Danish Navy, commissioned in 2005. The class is based on a frigate-like design, but built with an internal multipurpose deck (flex deck) and a stern vehicle ramp. The ships can serve as command platforms for a staff of 75 persons (naval or joint staff) with a containerized command and control centre, transport and base of operations for a company-sized landing force of some 200 men with vehicles. Alternatively, the flex deck can be used for mine-laying operations with a capacity of some 300 mines, or be fitted out for mine-clearing operations and launch and recover mine detecting and clearing equipment via a retractable gantry crane, adjacent to the stern ramp, which also is used for launching and recovering the fast landing craft. Furthermore the flex deck can support a containerized hospital or simply transport a number of ISO standard containers or some 55 vehicles including, up to 7 MBTs. The ships can carry two LCPs (Storebro SB90E), two rigid hull inflatable boats and two EH101 helicopters. The standard weapons of the Absalon class can be supplemented through the use of StanFlex mission modules. A special weapons deck (nicknamed the 'Bathtub') is designed with five StanFlex module slots. Because of the Bathtub's position, only missile-firing weapons modules can be installed. Class overview: Builders: Odense Staalskibsværft Operators: Royal Danish Navy Preceded by: Falster-class minelayers Cost: DKK2.5bn(total),(~US$225m/ship) excluding weapon modules Built: 2003–2004 In commission: 2005– Completed: 2 Active: 2 General characteristics: Type: support ships Displacement: 4,500 tonnes light, 6,600 tonnes full load Length: 137 m (449 ft 6 in) Beam: 19.5 m (64 ft 0 in) Draft: 6.3 m (20 ft 8 in) Propulsion: 2 x MTU 8000 M70 diesel engines two shafts 22,300 bhp (16.6 MW) Speed: 24 knots (44 km/h) Range: 9,000 nmi (17,000 km) at 15 kn (28 km/h) Boats & landing craft carried: 2 x RHIBs, 2 x SB90E LCP Complement: 100, plus aircrew and transients (accommodation for up to 300 in total) Sensors and processing systems: Thales SMART-S Mk2 3D volume search radar Terma Scanter 2100 surface search radar Atlas ASO 94 sonar 4 × Saab CEROS 200 fire control radars ES-3701 Tactical Radar Electronic Support Measures (ESM) Electronic warfare & decoys: 4 × 12-barrelled Terma DL-12T 130 mm decoy launchers 2 × 6-barrelled Terma DL-6T 130 mm decoy launchers Armament: 5 × StanFlex modules, typically: 3 × 12 RIM-162 ESSM SAM in Mk 48Mod3/ Mk 56 VLS 2 × 8 Harpoon Block II SSM Fixed weapons: 1 × 5"/62 Mk 45 mod 4 gun 2 × Mk32 Mod 14, each with 2 × MU90 torpedoes 2 × Millennium 35 mm CIWS 2 × 2 Stinger Point-defence SAM 7 × 12.7 mm M/01 LvSa HMG Aircraft carried: 2 × EH-101 helicopters[1] Aviation facilities: Aft helicopter deck and hangars Overall, a great and powerfull modern Danish ship..
  9. Brommedk

    The Palinuro (A 5311)

    I thought the time of sailwarships was over in the 1930es.. Anyways, its pretty nice.
  10. Rolf Krake was a Danish ironclad named after Rolf Krake, a hero of Danish saga. The vessel was designed by Cowper Phipps Coles, a pioneering naval architect, and was the first warship of any navy to carry a turret of the type designed by Coles. She was the first all-iron, steam-powered vessel acquired by Denmark. She was laid down in Glasgow in 1862, was launched on May 6, 1863, and was commissioned upon her arrival in Copenhagen, on July 1, 1863. Following her commissioning, the Rolf Krake engaged in sea trials from 18 July to 20 August 1863. Rolf Krake's coal-fired steam engine produced 700 horsepower, which provided a maximum speed of 9½ knots, and she reached 10½ knots on trials. She had three masts for auxiliary propulsion. She was armed with four 8" smoothbore cannon, in two turrets. She saw service in the Second War of Schleswig. Career (Denmark) Name: HDMS Rolf Krake Namesake: Rolf Krake Builder: R. Napier & Sons, Glasgow Laid down: 1862 Launched: 6 May 1863 Commissioned: 1 July 1863 Decommissioned: 29 June 1907 Fate: Scrapped 1907 General Characteristics: Type: Turret ironclad Displacement: 1,360 tonnes (1,340 long tons) Length: 57 m (187 ft 0 in) (p.p.) Beam: 11.6 m (38 ft 1 in) Draft: 3.5 m (11 ft) Installed power: 700 ihp (520 kW) Propulsion: 1 shaft, 1 steam engine Sail plan: Schooner-rigged Speed: 8 knots (15 km/h; 9.2 mph) Range: 1,150 nmi (2,130 km; 1,320 mi) at 8 kn (15 km/h; 9.2 mph) Complement: 141 Armament: 4 x 60-pounder 150 Cnt. Guns Armour: Belt: 114 mm (4.5 in) Gun turret: 114 mm (4.5 in)