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  1. These are so good, dear lord. Thank you for your work, man!
  2. Oi, you're with us now? First time I have a clan mate I remember from the forum :cap_cool:

    1. dasCKD


      Yeah, I got scouted by Fox recently.

  3. th3freakie

    Make Your Stand – Earn Exeter FREE!

    Reddit indicates that CIS and ASIA servers indicate 3 kills over any number of battles, so it is probably that one. Still, WG-EU should correct this before the missions go live.
  4. th3freakie

    Make Your Stand – Earn Exeter FREE!

    Quick head's up: There are two links to the Exeter's Last Stand missions on the EU website, and they indicate different requirements for part 4-3: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-deals/java-sea-exeter/ "Destroy 3 enemy ships in a single battle". https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-deals/march-missions-2019/ "Over any number of battles; sink 3 enemy ships".
  5. th3freakie

    [] Unique Camouflage

    About time WG just flat out hire you and wawan.
  6. I'll have to play it a bit to be sure, but this just seems like a flat buff to radars and a nerf to DDs. I'm especially curious to see how this affects Shima, which had already been nerfed to the ground.
  7. th3freakie

    Old skool CV Captains final say and thoughts

    I once made a lengthy post asking WG to change CV play to make it more about strategy and less about action. They've gone and made it into a really weak WoWp clone. I guess there will be some market for that, but it does feel like the devs have thrown down the towel on elevating the game. And if they quit, I feel less motivated to keep playing too.
  8. th3freakie

    Amount of new content vs. time/cost to acquire

    Since you do not need to unlock every single ship in every single line to appreciate what the game has to offer, I don't quite agree with this notion. Besides, the grind and the premium time to shorten it is a lot of what keeps the money flowing. I would perhaps agree with the premiums, however. Some old premium ships might have sold all they're ever going to sell at the original price range, and they might make some money if the drop the price range after a year or so. But then again I can perfectly live with things as they are now too, and no-one wants to see a new influx of noobs at t8 because the Tripitz fell to 15€ or so.
  9. th3freakie

    A noob's rant on low-tier CVs gameplay.

    I agree, which is why Manual Drop/Strafe should go too ;) CVs in the game have been going downhill (in players and enjoyment by others) since they started introducing it. It's as if they gave BBs the option to fly their shells into citadels.
  10. th3freakie

    A noob's rant on low-tier CVs gameplay.

    It wouldn't protect you from meeting higher tier CVs no, it would in fact make it more likely. Which wasn't such a big problem when WG wasn't literally gimping low tier CVs vs higher tier ones. The main problem with lack of mirror MM was when one team had a CV and the other one didn't, but then again that meant they had an extra BB usually, which compensated somewhat. Nowdays you have this extreme imbalance between super-unicums and potatoes, which means in practice one side still doesn't have a CV, but they don't get the BB to compensate either.
  11. th3freakie

    A noob's rant on low-tier CVs gameplay.

    Wasn't the difference between those two scenarios? 1 good strafe. At least before most CVs were not unicums and they ended up having less direct influence on matches than they do now. Then again that was before manual everything too.
  12. th3freakie

    A noob's rant on low-tier CVs gameplay.

    Unpopular opinion: This was much less of a problem back when CV MM wasn't mirrored. You'd get the crap game where you were in a t6 CV alone vs a t7, but you'd also get the matches were the other side didn't even have a CV. The sheer possibility of this meant people played CV more and so the CV player pool was much more balanced (on average).
  13. th3freakie

    Dilemma of IFHE on the Bismarck 105 mm secondaries

    Awesome stuff. While we're on the topic of secondaries, one ship that has surprisingly good ones is the Arkansas. Or rather, they're not that good to begin with, but they can be upgraded + captain trained to become fearsome. And while they obviously don't compare with the GK, they are playing at tier 4, so the 6,8km range you can get on them covers a nice chunk of the entire map. Plus everyone's torpedoes are super short range and only the BBs have any armor to speak of. Great fun.
  14. th3freakie

    Dilemma of IFHE on the Bismarck 105 mm secondaries

    Aerroon made video on this, by the way.
  15. th3freakie

    Collections - 2nd anniversary, help me finish it!

    Christ the pettiness in display here. And it's not like Grimwill here wasn't playing at the time, he just didn't get enough containers in that narrow bit of time to complete a purely for-fun collection of virtual items which such amazing prizes as camos with perfectly meh stats. Who is afraid that their Kiev camo is gonna be devalued by having someone else who also played at the time be able to get it, 1 year later? I'm all for drama when WG plays a short bait-and-switch with their stuff, like when they put the Free French Forces flag behind a 30.000 base exp in 3 days grind around Bastille Day, and then a few days later made it available again for a much easier mission, but we're talking about a guy who started the collection and about 1 year later. sheesh.