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  1. th3freakie

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    We thought it couldn't be done, but here it is. Shima, being made worse, but not as much worse as the others. Raise a glass, shima captains!
  2. th3freakie

    Alaska or not?

    I don't have an Alaska, but if you're considering a Nelson I can tell you she won't ever let you down.
  3. th3freakie

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    More time-limited currencies ("tokens"), more random lootbox system of "early access" for ships, and a hilariously stingy set of lootbox and daily log-in "rewards". Yeah, this isn't your high point, WG.
  4. Oi, you're with us now? First time I have a clan mate I remember from the forum :cap_cool:

    1. dasCKD


      Yeah, I got scouted by Fox recently.

  5. Reddit indicates that CIS and ASIA servers indicate 3 kills over any number of battles, so it is probably that one. Still, WG-EU should correct this before the missions go live.
  6. Quick head's up: There are two links to the Exeter's Last Stand missions on the EU website, and they indicate different requirements for part 4-3: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-deals/java-sea-exeter/ "Destroy 3 enemy ships in a single battle". https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-deals/march-missions-2019/ "Over any number of battles; sink 3 enemy ships".