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  1. 0.6.14

    Bless you, kind Sir.
  2. July 14 2018: Win 150.000 base exp over 3 days to unlock white surrender flag, hon hon hon.
  3. You're not wrong, and yet I really wanted the flag. I'll just moan about burnout now. Also I'm letting Ranked go 'cause this was enough grind.
  4. Finally did it. Screw you WGEU.
  5. -deleted-
  6. Little bit of 1, little bit of 3, little bit of [Free French Flag Missions].
  7. Stop whining, Bastille Day is not even a european holiday.
  8. These sales were a great example of bad marketing - again. WGEU could teach a class on this. 1) Held immediately after the SteamSales, at the point where gamers are lowest on cash and many are playing their new games; 2) Secret content, transparently to create a false sense of urgency, but so transparent it became insulting; 3) Secret content that backfires in its intended manipulation, because players never knew if "tomorrow" there wouldn't be a ship they wanted more, so they just didn't buy "today's" ship, waiting for tomorrow's. The worst part is: the specific sales were good! -50% on t6/7 ships is great. I'd have liked to buy either a Belfast, an Atlanta or a Saipan on those terms. But because I never knew if there wasn't something else I wanted more the next day (Scharn, Spite), I just held back. And WG didn't get money
  9. This is a good idea. Would certainly provide an interesting dynamic.
  10. Couple of hints: 1) Know yourself and when you start tilting. Stop playing before that happens. With me the limit is 3. If I lose 3 matches in a row (top exp or not), I know I'm going to be too pissed to play properly in the following games. So I stop. Log out, do something else, come back later. 2) Chose one or two ships that you are best at and stick to them. Don't play a different ship every match, because it will throw your instinct off track, making you aim worse/slower, misjudge your speed and your agility, etc. 3) Do what I say, not what I do. If you ever see me in ranked I'll be the most toxic salty [edited]you can imagine, so don't follow that example.
  11. Tried taking the Independence into ranked actually, balanced load-out, and got mixed results: Had 1 win vs a Ryujo where I was top exp. Had 1 win vs a Ryujo where I was 2nd in exp & got "clear sky". Had 1 loss vs a Ryujo where I was top exp. Had 1 loss vs another balanced Independence where I sucked so so bad (zero dmg done, only 12 aircraft shot down) that I have not dared try again. Playing against the Ryujos is mighty frustrating though. 5 squadrons vs 3 ends up kinda balancing in the big map or Random, but in the small Ranked maps you can only succeed by baiting the enemy into [edited]up.
  12. (looks up) That's a lot of bumps. Is it because people look at the requirements, get afraid, and don't apply, so the thread doesn't naturally rise up? Maybe you should try easing it up. Not the stats, of course, but the approach. I know! Use Comic Sans in the first page! Nothing says "competent but sophisticated" like good old Comic Sans.
  13. Having used it before doesn't make it less shady. There is no way a company sets up a new website (and a crappy-looking one at that) to run a very minor promotion requesting your e-mail (again) if there isn't some legal reason to do it. Assuming it is set-up by WG and not by some other company "in partnership" with WG.
  14. I did not join this 'cause shady. Interested to know if the folk who joined have noticed any more spam in their e-mails recently or some very well targeted advertising...? I still cannot believe the shadiness isn't somehow connected with WG's need to run this outside the core company to go around some legal block to do/sell something with our data. It's just too weird.
  15. Great news! Eagerly awaiting one for the superb DeGrasse as well. :)