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  1. th3freakie

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    We thought it couldn't be done, but here it is. Shima, being made worse, but not as much worse as the others. Raise a glass, shima captains!
  2. th3freakie

    Alaska or not?

    I don't have an Alaska, but if you're considering a Nelson I can tell you she won't ever let you down.
  3. th3freakie

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    More time-limited currencies ("tokens"), more random lootbox system of "early access" for ships, and a hilariously stingy set of lootbox and daily log-in "rewards". Yeah, this isn't your high point, WG.
  4. th3freakie

    WG please stop messing with my choice of harbours...

    My support to this grievance as well. Another baffling UI choice by WG. Like hiding missions under 2 clicks in the slowest interface since 2000.
  5. th3freakie

    Your cause is very WRONG, WG!

    Time for our weekly fascist whine, right on schedule. The only lamentable thing about WG and flags is that they also block the pre-1935 Kriegsflagge, but for that we can thank our friendly fascists who adopted it post 1945. If you want to pleasure yourself while dreaming of the holocaust and playing the game, there are plenty of flag mods that cater to your needs.
  6. th3freakie


    That is quite disappointing. I still play my YY sometimes, for the stars naval battle, and it ain't complete dog-crap, but it definitely feels underpowered. It can't gunboat against pretty much anyone, it has good torps for some limited situations, but they don't hit DDs and are just as weak to hydro (which everyone has now) as the normal ones. It can't hold its own against a CV. The only thing it can do is smoke up and farm fires from a distance, but even there it has limited by radar everywhere. Hearing that the nerf will be maintained because some players were very good in it, but Daring won't be nerfed for the same reasons, is just incomprehensible. In fact it seems like SubO is implying the YY is only played by people who aren't good enough to care about stats, which... well, it's an obvious sign it was nerfed too hard, not that it needs to remain nerfed.
  7. th3freakie

    [] TheKingOfUm’s Camouflages

    These are so good, dear lord. Thank you for your work, man!
  8. Oi, you're with us now? First time I have a clan mate I remember from the forum :cap_cool:

    1. dasCKD


      Yeah, I got scouted by Fox recently.

  9. Reddit indicates that CIS and ASIA servers indicate 3 kills over any number of battles, so it is probably that one. Still, WG-EU should correct this before the missions go live.
  10. Quick head's up: There are two links to the Exeter's Last Stand missions on the EU website, and they indicate different requirements for part 4-3: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-deals/java-sea-exeter/ "Destroy 3 enemy ships in a single battle". https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-deals/march-missions-2019/ "Over any number of battles; sink 3 enemy ships".
  11. th3freakie

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    About time WG just flat out hire you and wawan.
  12. I'll have to play it a bit to be sure, but this just seems like a flat buff to radars and a nerf to DDs. I'm especially curious to see how this affects Shima, which had already been nerfed to the ground.
  13. th3freakie

    Old skool CV Captains final say and thoughts

    I once made a lengthy post asking WG to change CV play to make it more about strategy and less about action. They've gone and made it into a really weak WoWp clone. I guess there will be some market for that, but it does feel like the devs have thrown down the towel on elevating the game. And if they quit, I feel less motivated to keep playing too.
  14. Since you do not need to unlock every single ship in every single line to appreciate what the game has to offer, I don't quite agree with this notion. Besides, the grind and the premium time to shorten it is a lot of what keeps the money flowing. I would perhaps agree with the premiums, however. Some old premium ships might have sold all they're ever going to sell at the original price range, and they might make some money if the drop the price range after a year or so. But then again I can perfectly live with things as they are now too, and no-one wants to see a new influx of noobs at t8 because the Tripitz fell to 15€ or so.
  15. th3freakie

    A noob's rant on low-tier CVs gameplay.

    I agree, which is why Manual Drop/Strafe should go too ;) CVs in the game have been going downhill (in players and enjoyment by others) since they started introducing it. It's as if they gave BBs the option to fly their shells into citadels.