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    I general I am supporting +1/-1 MM for all ships. It would stop creating cannon fodder in uptier games by weakest ships or less experienced players. WG denying that with silly arguments, so not implementing that have other (I guess more like business wise) background. Whats happening right now is not even funny (again)! Where is step by step tuning plan? I absolutely supporting changes in spotting range; smart players will use that wisely while playing surface units and yet, skilled CV captain won't be much disrupted by this change. But... everything else?? Bit too much at once I think. Midway is RIP - I can say that after some try. Ok, not RIP maybe (you can still have some not-bad-type games) but I would call it "shame to play". Taking off Torpedo Squadron is rather waste of time unless you sure to be able to land at least four torps on approach and not loose most planes in process. Rocket planes are just broken. Reticle is lazy, laggy and hell-off-sensitive. Sometimes are not focusing at all while even flying straight for some reason. Preparation time? Who even get that idea? Some just literally waste his time with implementing that because initial dispersion is so big that even thinking about hitting something (less than JFK Airport) is rather funny idea and focus time long enough to give very narrow window to make decent drop. Sensitivity??? Well, I won't waste any time on this part. Basically, torpedo bombers and attack planes are very same in use: Approach -> preparation time -> fly prefect straight next 5-7 sec -> pray that you prediction was at least okish -> drop -> fly away on 8km if you wanna even think about another attack on same target (and if any planes remaining). I would agree on some limitations in Attack planes play style (I am also playing DD's and fell well enough how they suffers so far) but in current state I rather choose flying cow instead (simply interface, intuitive playstyle, more accurate and interesting drops!). Well done comrades!
  2. _URI_

    0.8.1 PTS - General Feedback

    Let me ask: what we suppose to test? New features are nice (radar, hydro), radar mechanics changes are bad (rounding up range and increase uptime on some ships really sucks) and going to be last nail to DD's coffin. I also have strange feeling that something been changed with rockets and aerial bombs dispersion (got some weird drops). Overall, nothing really to test there. And this same map over and over again...
  3. _URI_

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    1. DD's are powerless still 2. Why WG did the same thing to Haku and Shoku??? Ryujo now preforming a lot better than T8!!! Fckn Nurmberg shoot down 4 torpedo planes with short/mid range aa on one approach... I guess in game vs t10 Shoku can just go back to port. Whatever you doing guys taking bad turn. But on this stage choice is simple: CV's or DD's! Make a call which class you actually wanna see in game.
  4. One week delay and still not ready it seems... Lunar New Year rewards description? SoonTM! Fly, strike win! event explained? SoonTM! Alaska? SoonTM!!! Ehhh, main focus is only on one thing - CV's... Why WG deny so much to acknowledge that only 20% of players looking forward for this change, another 30 is against and finally half of population doesn't give crap about anything but have some fun with the game they like.
  5. _URI_

    Twilight Battle Competition

    We got 3 missions for this event. Two of them are kinda funny in terms of conditions and rewards. Wonder if they just there, to be able to check up for personal progress in this King of the Ring competition?
  6. _URI_

    Error connecting server

    I found solution. If you failed to connect that way, just type your credentials manually!
  7. _URI_

    Error connecting server

    Just attempted to log into the game but it seems like client do not even trying to make connection. Error connecting Server. Failed to connect to the server. Please try again later Looks like I wouldn't have internet at all. Very strange because earlier on today been works perfectly fine. Any more players with same problem?
  8. _URI_

    Bug Reports

    Clan Battles Expert emblems are missing progress status counter.
  9. _URI_

    55% WR player looking for clan

    Thank you all for responses to this topic! I am happy that nab like me caught so much of your attention. I found my new fleet to sail with. Fair seas to you all!
  10. Hi, I am over 40. Playing rater frequently but not hardcore. I looking to join fair party (Eng or PL) to learn, improve and have fun from game. Quick peak on https://wows-numbers.com/player/500342964,_URI_/ should give you idea of my WoWs story. Fair seas!
  11. No flag either. No way to track results... not great. How I can be sure its even active?
  12. My initial thoughts: steering is a bit tricky but I like it - no point to click anymore but not simulation either. Gameplay get a lot more dynamic and this is good think too. Current damage balance (except Rocket planes) is way not from this planet. With some practice, single CV is still able take control over battle and this is bad thing. 1. mobility - 60 sec to spot entire map...? 40sec to first attack...? another 40 to second...? I am against Engine Booster. Period. 2. Auto-boto-fighters. Excellent for cap spotters - blockers but that's it. All squadrons are flying freely across whole map, pilots are waving each other etc etc. Only poor dd's aren't really happy. 3. Ships AA absolutely pointless. Yes - combined with few ships close each other can do nasty damage to planes but no major tactic required to preform at least 2 successful attacks with one squadron on some juicy target(s). Even if you loose half of your squadron - what a problem? Planes are unlimited. And cooldown on new airplanes aren't nasty either. I am big supporter of LIMITED number of planes in hangar with fight preparation time and repair/resupply penalty for pre-used and damaged planes. 4. Combat uptime. I really hope that current state is just for test because number of possible average attacks per minute is terrifying. And combined with 5. Damage and damage over time. It is way too easy to cause 'perma-flood' as well as I think alpha damage from torps and bombs (AP especially) is too high either. Causing over 100k damage on T6 coming way too easy. And take under consideration that you are actually buried far behind other ships, been no threat to enemy CV's and their planes, makes you not really priority target for those. All you need to do is avoid semi-stationery fighters and heavy AA clusters. What is more, if that idea will came successful, and popularity of CV's are grow to least 0.7 per battle, whole game will change dramatically. But, am afraid, undermine all other classes because even average CV captains will be able to dominate over naval units in battle. I hope some more changes and ideas are will came. Beginning is good. Base is interesting. Just do not waste it.
  13. Sorry to say but I see that test been delay by 24h. See for yourself info at WG Center.
  14. Ok. I am blind. I missed this somehow.
  15. Well. Where did you get that info? I can't see any start time anywhere in mail, forum or article.