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  1. gorichan

    First impressions - patch 0.8

    Played mostly Kidd and some T7-T8 cruisers, and from yesterday's experiences, the AA feels inconsistent. I feel that the flak mechanic needs to be adjusted because the skill gap between CV players is still there and it is still huge. Depending on the skill of the CV player, you will either demolish an entire squadron on their first approach, before planes drop any payload, or the aircraft squadron will dance in several AA umbrellas (some with DFAA on), losing maybe 3-4 planes in all approaches. Hard to say how to balance it... maybe lower the flak dmg and adjust the 'flak box' to make it a bit harder to strike and dodge flak bursts depending on the number of ships currently firing at the aircraft squadron? Anyways, it is still too early to judge the update but it definitely shook the meta to the core, especially DD play. Will see how it develops...
  2. gorichan

    Which game do you go for?

    Personally don't play co-op but I can see some reasons why others would: - venting frustrations on bots - trying out new ships/captain builds - warm-up game - snowflake grind
  3. gorichan

    Suggestion for a fun premium ship!

    Atago for that classic IJN ninja playstyle. Indianapolis, purely to bully any Belfast players
  4. gorichan

    T-61 is a god in ranked sprint

    Seen plenty of T-61s, but haven't seen any amazing games/plays from them in my battles. Usually they died in opening minutes. Ranked out in Aoba to see how old cruisers stack up, got rank 1 after 17-18 games.
  5. gorichan

    Next Ranked Sprint at Tier 6, it seems.

    Probably will be a BB/DD dominated so might give ol' Aoba a few spins, she never lets me down. Or De Grasse if I play manage to play more games and become more comfortable piloting her.
  6. gorichan

    Giving IJN DDs another go, how to proceed

    Few more tips from experiences of a returning player, don't have Shima but am enjoying playing Kagero, despite it facing TX 4/5 matches. You want to sling torps as close to your opponent as possible, if your concealment is 5,5km, you want to drop from 5,8 - 6km. Don't drop torps on ships moving away from you and torping ships going bow in to you is usually a waste of perfectly fine ordinance (unless they are 3-4km away from you and are trying to run you over). Use your guns to defend yourself or finish off low HP targets, so many IJN captains forget they even have them. Yes, the turrets are bad, but alpha dmg is good for a few volleys. Turn off your AA unless you are being permaspotted/attacked by airplanes. You will have games where it looks like you can't trop anything, it happens, don't despair.
  7. gorichan

    Looking for a clan

    Returning player looking for a somewhat casual clan. At best when piloting cruisers, but can put a decent performance with destroyers and battleships. No TX ships at the moment, close to Zao. Plenty of T3-T8 Stats if required: https://wows-numbers.com/player/500340068,gorichan/?type=all
  8. gorichan

    Gift Containers a joke!

    Reading all the posts about people getting premium ships, decided to try out my luck. Bought 4 admiral boxes. Got 80 camos, Atago and Prinz Eugen. RNG giveth, RNG taketh away. Best of luck to everyone else with the unboxing.
  9. I won't call myself expert with only ~30 games or say that I'd take Nürnberg over Aoba, but if I had to choose between Cleveland or Nürnberg, I'd pick Nürnberg 4/5 times. As for the ship itself, I've found she works best at ranges below 12km and good RoF combined with torps make her extremely deadly at close range. My way of handling her depends on the enemies you are facing. If they don't have BBs or they are out of position/distracted, I play Nürnberg like a skirmisher. Move in aggressively and close to about 10-10.5km and try to finish any opposing cruisers as fast as possible. Once you feel you've gotten close enough, it is time to do a 180 degree turn. It is dangerous because you are exposing your sides, but with proper timing, throttle management and temporarily putting the ship in full reverse if you see someone firing AP at you, it turns manageable because most shells will overshoot you if you pulled off the maneuver properly. And finally, kite any remaining cruisers closer to friendly battle line. If they fall for it, sooner or later they will either have to plow through your battle line where the BBs usually are, or will be forced to do a 180 and hopefully get sunk while trying to disengage. I usually avoid prolonged fights unless I'm kiting someone or fighting cruisers of lower tier because she really can't handle attrition fights. If the flank is saturated with BBs I usually hang back, support, and wait for openings. Hate those kind of games because at times you really feel useless with her. Also I've found her great vs DDs, but I'm kind of a guy that when some destroyer that is close uses smoke, I usually push into smoke. A surprising amount of DD players panic when they see a cruiser that, even after they've used smoke, is still closing in. Hydro and great RoF make her a great DD killer, despite the shitty HE. AP can be stupidly good vs BBs, especially US ones. Even at 14-15km, and against semi angled targets, she can reliably pull 2.5-3k salvos, and if you are lucky, it can get even up to 5-6k. If a BB driver isn't careful, all that damage can creep up really fast. Despite all that, I would take Aoba over Nürnberg in a heartbeat because of three things: I vastly prefer heavy cruisers to light cruisers, I feel Aoba has more at her disposal and can adapt better in various situations due to great HE, decent AP and longer ranged torps, and finally, Nürnberg kinda suffers form Pensacola syndrome where you have to dodge pretty much every AP shell fired from BBs while something like Aoba can take a punch when bow on.
  10. gorichan

    BB captains basically decide the matches now

    They don't decide them, but for example, losing a BB on a flank can influence a battle much more than losing a cruiser. I would love if some BB drivers would spend more than 2 seconds on the deciding where they are going and where they want to fight. Some BB drivers don't understand what a deterrent to a push a single BB can be, it is a lot of HP to tear down and it stops enemy cruisers from actively seeking out friendly destroyers. I'm sure a lot of you have experienced situations on Two Brothers where one of the flanks is devoid of BBs while on the other, there are 3-4 BBs loitering around. Enemy cruisers realize there isn't anything that can nuke them in a single salvo and start pushing. And now the only thing that can stop the enemy team from hoisting their flag in your cap in the next 6-7 minutes is flooding the area with torps, and that is something you don't always have at your disposal. Or another example, BBs going to cap D on North. It is equivalent to that player being AFK for the next five minutes because that huge island completely isolates them from the rest of the game. Regarding who should push, I feel it boils down to the opposing force you are facing, sometimes a BB should initialized a push, other times it is up to the cruisers to start thing up. But the major thing to a successful push is, in my opinion, timing and coordination. A lot of pushes fail because some BB starts pushing, but the cruisers that should support him are nowhere near, BB loses a lot of HP and by the time cruisers are in position, the BB is already peeling off. Or a different example, a cruiser starts pushing, but the BB is in mid of a turn and by the time he positions himself properly, the cruiser is usually dead or has broken off. It would help a lot if there could be two quick messages, one: I'm starting a push, please follow, and two: I've taken too much damage and I'm pulling back. I feel it might help with coordination in random games.
  11. Looks like they've fixed it, the counter just updated for me so give it a few moments.
  12. I have the same problem, pulled it off with the Myoko, did not finish the mission, maybe it is bugged.
  13. Maybe that is the 12.000.000 diamond secret? Still annoyed that my 3.1k base exp win with a cruiser didn't register, hope someone else gets over 2.500 base to confirm weather the mission works or not.