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  1. Terius

    Show us your best round.

    Then why you got in table 2664 exp and in main postbattle screen 3996 exp?
  2. Terius

    Update - 07/04/2015

    Cool! Gonna try it out
  3. Hello I have question about destroyers. When i try to kill other ships i use this tactic: 1. Turn off AA guns so planes spot me with bigger delay, 2. Try to remain in atleast 2+ km range from enemy planes, 3. Going to place where is a lot of islands and small room to move for bigger ships, 4. I try to attack ships that are alone, 5. If I attack Battleships, Cruisers and Carriers i dont use guns but just try to attack them from their front or back and often changing, a direction by about 10-20 degree(to left and right) when going to them, 6. When im 2-3km far from them i start to turn and shoot with torpedoes from both sides and then use smoke screen and retreat to reload, 7. I go for another ship when im still alive and reloaded. This tactic does work for me about 50% of time, so i guess im doing something wrong if some1 can give few hints i will appreciate this a lot.
  4. Terius

    Account reset after beta?

    It's like in all such MMO games - the account that was in alpha and beta testing stages are wiped and if you had enough battles spend in game you will get rewards.
  5. It's simple - RU community is the largest one so its fine if they got something from their country faster.
  6. Terius

    General Cool Pictures - WWII

    Nice one! Im still amazed what a human being can build.