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  1. The community is real thick around here. 'CVs are crap because they can handle anything.' 'OMG YOU NOOBTARD LEARN TO TEAMPLAY CVS ARE SUPPOSED TO KILL EVERYONE THAT'S ALONE!' 'Yeah, the new ship gibs BBs fine, but it's worthless against anything else.' 'OMG BBS SHOULDN'T FACE THIS ABOMINATION THEY CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT ALONE.' Anyway, if that thing gets released as is I will be the first to buy and division up with 2 Missouris for the lolz.
  2. Khabarovsk, max range on a Mino that thought it's a good idea to gunfight me. He ate 8 or 9 don't remember but was dead very quick.
  3. Recommended Tier 6 and 8 Premiums?

    None, don't waste money on t6 DDs, they are victims of CV spam. Kamikaze R/Fujin at least rarely encounter manual drop torps and they have way better torps/camo than t6s. All in all until either WG fixes mid-tier CV spam or gives working AA to t6 DDs they are not really good and are a waste of money.

    It's not about matchmaking it's about WG brainlessly rewarding every move no matter how self-defeating it is. If people would get 10 xp and 20 credits per match for suiciding on the enemy team they would get stuck in t5-t6 until they learn basic gameplay.
  5. Recommended Tier 6 and 8 Premiums?

    Both are actually pretty bad. Leningrad or Loyang are the two best DDs. T6 DDs suffer from constant noobtub spam and they don't even have AA so every monkey can drop them.
  6. Recommended Tier 6 and 8 Premiums?

    You really won't. You will get more xp and pay less repair, but you won't earn more.

    Yeah, I understand you would like that being subpar, but no one is interested in getting better just to carry even more scrubs.
  8. Recommended Tier 6 and 8 Premiums?

    Get a Missouri until you can, nothing comes even close to the credit making potential (about double than everything else).
  9. 155 AP is bad against cruisers, doesn't overmatch Atlantas and things like that. You can kill DDs just fine with 203 HE and for cruisers 203 AP is much better. But I guess it is very dependant on the team composition - I played it a few months back when there were less DDs and more CA/CLs, so bringing something to take out cruisers instantly was beneficial. Also, let's not forget that 155s have 36s turret traverse while 203s have 30. That's a significant advantage in CQB. And I abhor slow turret traverse, because it makes me choose between proper angling or proper firing angles. Nothing's more annyoing when your ship is outturning your guns. I play Atago as well, you have to play Mogami if you want a Zao.
  10. Don't sweat it too much, you won't survive, I also have very bad survivability on it. I don't think it's meant to do that. You just take out/cripple 2-3 DDs, it's more than enough to win the match.
  11. I generally played it by doing close support (with 203s). Just ghost your DDs and if they scout an enemy DD or a cruiser instagib it and cloak back. It's a pretty good ship for that.
  12. Yes, I do too. But we both know that a properly trained goat would own the average wows player any day. Just because you can do something it doesn't mean the enemy can do it also. And 95% of the time those 4 missouries in the OP will hang on A10 grouped up (RADAR IS STRONGER IF WE BOTH USE IT AT THE SAME TIME !!!!) sniping some duck or whatever.
  13. That still depends on how and where you get yourself radared out. Luckily BB radars aren't long enough for your target to get your guns to bear if you choose your approach properly. Sure, a good player will make your life miserable, but missouri is a pretty good BB with its speed for that even without a radar. DM, Baltimore and Mino radar on the other hand coupled with their great camo is annyoing. But those ships are fragile, so I guess that's all right as well. But I still didn't experience that I cannot play around enemy radar, randoms are too uncoordinated for that.
  14. Dear Bismarck and Tirpitz players (Ranked)

    I'm pretty sure most people have it off because they accidentaly press ctrl+g when faceplanting their keyboard at the start of the match.
  15. Radar doesn't show torpedoes...
  16. English cruiser - A bit too squishy

    That really depends on the distance. If a BB is shooting me from 15 km+ I'd rather be bow on than angled. He most likely won't hit you at all and the chance of getting a citadel is way lower than the high chance of eating 1-2 pens (or still get citadelled, because RNG is a [edited]).
  17. Don't really know of any business that doesn't block access to virtual good if you issue a chargeback without consulting them first. Honestly, I really don't know of any judge that would decide in your favor either. You did nothing to actually find the issue and mitigate it but used the financial nuke at the first moment. WG was absolutely right to block you until this issue resolves. How the hell should they know someone didn't steal your data and made fraudulent charges? You never told them.
  18. Fun and Engaging?

    Why is this surprising to you? That's how statistics work. After getting 20 your chances are lower to get a new one than a duplicate. Now you have a 7.5% chance to get one of the missing pieces and 92.5% for a duplicate. The last one will be 2.5% for the missing piece and 97.5% for a duplicate.
  19. [Therory crafting] After Musashi...?

    A PT. With like 2km spotting range and 4 fixed torp launchers. It would be hilarious.
  20. Battle of North Cape

    Was off with a few % in my matches, but got two dreads and 2x the 150k damage instead. Wonder how long the next one will take though. It would be fundamental to finish it quick so I can pick the camo up for the dork of york.
  21. Battle of North Cape

    Yeah, forgot we have that as well, conqueror is basically guaranteed dreadnought.
  22. Battle of North Cape

    Yeah, was thinking about the Conqeror as well, but I'm doubtful I will get reliable turret disables.
  23. Battle of North Cape

    Noooo, that, like, needs effort. Was keeping up with the mission with 1-3 battles per day, it was so convenient.
  24. Battle of North Cape

    Ouch, that makes this task much harder to complete. It seems the last two will be a bit grindy.
  25. Penalty for defending myself ?

    If you don't fire back, they will turn pink and their damage will reflect. So in case of him throwing torpedoes your way the proper MO is taking one (with the nose) to get a flooding and not repairing it. After a few ticks he will get pink, you will not get any damage and their own hp will start decreasing. Wait until they are dead, repair the flooding, move on.