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  1. Duke of York changes.

    I wouldn't mind dropping money on an actually good cruiser. And the DoY really looked like some derpy fun like KV-2 was in WoT.
  2. Duke of York changes.

    And now I lost interest in it completely. The dork of york could have been the cruiser I always wanted. Thanks WG...
  3. I would say Z-52. I love my gearing to bits, but Z-52 is just better.
  4. Skill based teams now!

    No thank you. If WG separates playerbase with ladders, then queue times will be horrible. Anyone around D1 in LoL (magnitudes higher player base) can tell how fun it is to wait 20 mins for a match. If WG doesn't separate playerbase then the average team will have 50% WR. Which means the better you are the more mongoloids you will get. Total random is fine. If you don't like it, play single player.
  5. Sharnhorst

    If it was offered I would take a kitakami with type f3 torps and 5km camo as well, but what I want for myself is not neccesarily good for the game.
  6. The only result BBs should get when hitting a DD with AP is a 10% gun and torpedo reload boost for the DD due to better ventilation.
  7. Sharnhorst

    This is first and foremost a pvp game, where balance should overwrite everything. There are a few ships that don't need ANY kind of buffs. One of those ships is the Scharnhorst. It's already fast enough for the kind of threat and staying power it brings.
  8. Ashitaka in the Premium Shop

    I want the duke of york, first properly balanced cruiser of the game.
  9. The DD spam has to stop

    My khaba and leningrad cannot wait for the new pan asian DD spam.
  10. 50,000 flooding damage

    Just drop 2 salvos on a Yamato 30s apart in Gearing, and you are done.
  11. No, suggesting that absolutely wasn't my intention, it's just that the vulnerability to other DDs due to the lack of torpedoes is a disadvantage, and if the t10 one will have Gearing carbon copy stats it will lose caps to basically anything that's not a shima. Khabas turn like arse so it's very hard to dodge torpedoes with it, that's why they don't prey on DDs. I know that as soon as I see a PADD and I happen to be in a Khaba, I will kill it, because there's not much he can do with you. Guess we will see pretty soon. For the time being I'll stick with Z-52, it seems a much more interesting ship to play than the new DDs.
  12. You made a general statement on how good the ships will be. I also disagreed with you on general terms - generally in a knife fight the DD that doesn't have torpedoes is in a huge disadvantage - and I killed 70%+ guys with torps in a DD. It happens to all of us, not having a torpedo at all is a great disadvantage in a DD vs DD fight - especially in case they are chasing you. Khaba has speed boost also, it's the fastest ship - with the added bonus that the captain can easily fit in radio location. A khaba that wants to catch you will catch you no matter your ship, your only advantage is abusing his worse camo and stealth torping him before he gets into spotting range. You won't have this luxury with DW torps. I think if the t10 ship will be exactly like the gearing non-torpedo wise it will take a position just above the shima in the DD vs DD food chain. Win rate is a bit harder to judge but it will be an abysmal cap contester, it either has to sacrifice smoke or has to manually enter spotting range which is risky.
  13. You have to stay alive long enough to get into position to drop on that BB though. A Gearing or a Khaba will hunt you down and you won't even have torps to kill them.
  14. Kidd seems awesome

    I don't think there is a difference if AP or HE penned/citadeled you. HE is fully recoverable because it (usually) doesn't pen you, just like overpens. But it's pretty easy to check, just sit in a mino and get shot at by a conq.
  15. My games end up usually: 1) we stomp the enemy 2) enemy stomps us but we can turn it around 3) enemy stomps us we take toll on them but it's not enough. My losses are usually pretty damn close, so I think it's okay. You should always keep in mind what kind of people you play with, and the sooner you quit expecting they can hold a flank 5v2 (your potatoes being 5), the sooner you will start winning again.
  16. T10 downgrades

    Longer effective torpedo range and faster torpedoes lets you drop from further away taking less risks. They also mean that more people are in drop range for you in any given time which eases the handicap of longer reload a bit (you can more fluidly string up targets one after the other, and there's less downtime).
  17. T10 downgrades

    Am I the only one bothered by this? Both torps go with 66kn and have 1.4 km detection range, so their reaction time is exactly the same. The difference is with Gearing you have the luxury of +6 km range, so you can take torpedo acceleration (and having better reaction time than the Fletcher while still retaining the ability to torp out of radar range), or leave it as is for those lol CV hits. Fletcher is a good ship for people that don't know what to do with their captain and spec it as a regular jack of all trades captain. Gearing is a much better ship if you decide what you want to do with it and spec the captain accordingly. With proper captain builds it's a much better torpedo boat or gunboat than the Fletcher will ever be.
  18. Taking a Bullet for Your Team

    Wholeheartedly disagree. The better you are the more important your life is. 3 BBs camping line A doesn't worth a DD doing objectives, not even close. Like it or not almost every match is about 1 player or 1 division, the rest of the people are interference only. Removing them would not change the outcome of the match the least bit - therefore sacrificing your life if you are the important one for 3 ships that are worthless is not a good trade.
  19. Dealing with team damage

    *Edited Also, it's so very easy to not be pink.
  20. Dealing with team damage

  21. You cant escape KARMA

    Has sub 50% win rate in anything but noobtubs. 'Players can't see the big picture' LMFAO
  22. Izumo or FdG?

    With FDG I couldn't hit a broadsiding Zao on 11km due to dispersion. Twice. Very annoying ship to play.
  23. I won't touch the tier issue. He also has DAA going. Wow, planes are falling like rocks if someone has DAA going! NURF IT! The point of DAA is to kill planes, I'm flabberghasted that it actually does that. Can't wait when WG finally fixes CVs and they won't have their spotting either. The tears will be so sweet.
  24. Missouri or 2 tier 8 ships

    It's very easy to radar with Missouri at the right time. Whenever you think yourself 'oh god, it would suck to get torped now' you just press radar. Not getting anything on the radar is an advantage as well. And again, DDs don't know when you used your radar, so if they want to play it safe (and in the latter half of the match they do want to play it safe), they will launch from further away.
  25. I'm all for this - ranks reset between seasons so I could keep my low rank without destroying my stats to get better MM.