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  1. Lord_WC

    Time to balans!

    There's also a third side of consumer rights. GC might not annoy enough people, but if they nerf more and more premiums, it's more and more likely the consumer protection agencies will do something WG will dislike very much (like telling them they have to cash compensate premiums that were bought by cash). It's also generally bad press and a self-defeating strategy. Who will buy premiums if they can be changed any time in the future?
  2. Instead of Bismarck's Launch Day?
  3. Lord_WC

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    No, this is a nerf to DDs as radar uptimes have been increased by 5s (6 with upgrade, same amount as the spotting delay). This means that people that were too dumb to preaim on DD will have more time to fire as they see the DD on the minimap and have a bonus 6 seconds to turn their guns to the place. Not mentioning that the buff means a kronshtadt can fire a third salvo on a DD which is nasty business.
  4. Lord_WC

    Manipulation on world of warships gameplay

    Why would the 'game' decide something like that. Just to [edited]with you?
  5. Lord_WC


    I said to myself just this morning that it shows that the holidays are over because there is a marked decrease in the number of total morons in game.
  6. Lord_WC


    Wow, very nice, congrats! Keep on winning!
  7. Lord_WC

    Tier 9 Ranked: ARMSRACE???

    Unlike in normal ranked, where you just shrug off losing your DD... oh wait. I think, nah, that's too strong, I hope that in arms race I can have more influence on the map. There are more objectives this means that proper positioning with radar cruisers or DDs is much more important. It also effects how much buffs you, personally get, which makes it easier to be the top scorer if you play the objectives. Sniping BBs (the most annoying, stupid, inane and self-defeating strategy ever) will not save a star and quickly fall off to trash brackets.
  8. Lord_WC

    Tox me baby one more time

    Going to cap B, don't know which map, but it was a tunnel cap, I see a long [edited]smoke. Enemy has a gearing (in division with a DM). I turn off immediately, ping the team, say in chat 'Gearing and DM there'. Our moskva sails into the tunnel full broadside, eats all the torps 10 secs later, didn't even press radar at all. This game would be so much better if you could bitchslap people through TCP/IP.
  9. Lord_WC

    Tox me baby one more time

    I find bold letters toxic and offending.
  10. Lord_WC

    Tox me baby one more time

    Didn't read that huge wall of text, but let me guess, OP said: I'm bad, but my mom always told me I'm handsome and clever, so doing stupid crap is completely okay. I cannot be bothered to try to learn from my mistakes, and the other 11 people whose time I'm wasting should not blame me for it, because they are not important. Only me is important. My mom said so.
  11. Lord_WC

    [concluded] V-25 Jousting Tourney!

    Oh no, I missed this, damn:(
  12. Lord_WC

    Copper + Molybdenum farm

    Rank 1 has anything to do now with being good? You can be rank 1 with 43% win rate, that's around 99.9% of the playerbase.
  13. Lord_WC

    Matchmaking - more than t8 vs t10

    I want fail platoons back, Fujin was hilarious against clueless t10 BBs.
  14. Lord_WC

    Matchmaking - more than t8 vs t10

    Nah, actually outliners on one side would be matched with outlines on the other spectrum (so someone who won a lot lately would get someone that lost a lot). It's simple statistics - no matter how good you are an algorithm could break your WR to 50% given long enough time. And that's the problem. Weekends are enough already, a skill based MM would mean constant weekend only on their team for good players. Imagine a game where you ALWAYS get the borderhugging morons, the yamato that charges a 3 shima smokescreen, the DD that caps behind hard cover or goes flank torping, the radar cruisers that don't use it, etc. etc. Skill based MM is a surefire way to alienate your consumers (see AW for example, how they all knew better despite everyone telling them that's a moronic idea).
  15. Lord_WC

    Still a thing?! 5 minute wait time teams!

    Okay, for you challanged with understanding written text: OP did nothing wrong, just as 10 other people. The only one at fault is the CV sitting in queue for 5 mins. Solutions: 1) kick CVs out after 4:59 waiting time. This has the added bonus of less afk at the start of the match ('oh sorry, you were all killed and scouted in the first 5 minutes because I was waiting in queue so long that I went to read a book'). 2) match CV against CV in these cases. 1v1 me brah'. I mean games are litearlly that anyway, let the other 22 people have a break.