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  1. Lord_WC

    Thanks for this great gaming experience...again

    Why the hell would they? Unless you are playing on Ocean they will just use hard cover the way they do now. Nothing will change for them.
  2. I got 3 legos from 161 ranked matches. A whole tree regrind takes roughly the same amount of matches. I'm very doubtful that mods will be 3k per piece, if I had to take a wild guess it will be 30k per piece. So you will have to play 9x as much matches for it - not mentioning that during those matches you won't even play the ship they are for. This is again just a move to inflate playtime required to remain competitive. I think I will just [edited]off from this game, I don't want to be where I'm not wanted.
  3. Lord_WC

    Unique upgrades

    So, you not only take away the ability to get the lego mods BY ACTUALLY PLAYING THE SHIP THEY ARE FOR, but you also make the actual useful ones garbage by 'revamping' them? Yeah, good job, [edited]off.
  4. Lord_WC

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    Funnily actually buying the ship for dubloons is the cheaper option if you consider all the camos and flags you have to burn for the directives.
  5. All that this PR grind achieved was that I won't be bothered to log on to WoWS this december. There will be lots of bots and bad people grinding for PR, and I will get nothing anyway. If there was some middle tier fun ship for a tolerable grind, sure, but not the PR or that Italian cruisers seems worth the effort. I don't mind people that have tons of free time and willingness get a PR, I'm just saying that a goal that is not achievable for 99.9% of the playerbase will have a negative effect on activity. Why should that 99.9% actually bother to play the game?
  6. Lord_WC

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    Never have I ever devstruck something with HE (beside DDs obviously). Smolensks make conquerer fun to play.
  7. Lord_WC

    Is there an autumn break or something?

    My team just managed to play a 7v4 flank (they were in advantage obviously). It took them 8 minutes and 2 ships to get the cap, then they lost the rest of the ships. They didn't kill anything.
  8. Lord_WC

    Is there an autumn break or something?

    Yeah, I was griding mid tiers with the last two lines, maybe I've been away for too long. I leave the ships at rest then, this is very far from fun.
  9. Just teams are... special lately. And I mean most players generally missing any kind of common sense whatsoever and battles play out either by DDs being afraid of cap and BBs hiding, or DDs capping, and BBs pushing (when they have the cap advantage) and dying. Only in high tiers though, it's a bit strange.
  10. Lord_WC

    Le Terrible- Terrible as it seems?

    It's a fun premium to play that won't get nerfed unlike the fantasque.
  11. Lord_WC

    Ranked Sprint Season 7

    Did it in one sitting mostly with warspite with 80% WR. CVs pushed out DDs (don't know why people didn't use Monaghan to troll them), so you could carry very hard with BBs.
  12. Lord_WC

    Why is Mogador performing so bad ?

    High skill floor, high skill ceiling ships tend to be like that. Otherwise it looks very strong.
  13. It works the same for me, even in CV. Can't hit crap based on AA tracers though, they just appear randomly all over the place.
  14. Lord_WC

    Legendary module for new tech tree and premium ships

    Stalingrad really could use Moskva's legendary mod.
  15. Lord_WC

    italian SAP on DDs

    It's because with 950 m/s even someone as challenged as you will be able to hit DDs reliably. Another reason is that with smoke someone has to be able to counterplay you by going close and spotting you. No DD would do it if you'd just pull a zao salvo on them for 10k.