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  1. Which is 10 and 25 from the other event.
  2. If NA site is any indication it's indeed correct: You get 10 camos AND 10 flags for each 1000 battles you played.
  3. on both the achievements and on the collection items. Thank you. That is all.
  4. You should make it next year so you get stuff for each % over 50% win rate. Imagine the tears of these idiots.
  5. The problem with CVs isn't the drop pattern of the DBs, but that they are completely detached of the main game. They could be controlled by bots and no one would be the wiser (except the few 75%+ WR CV guys that would keep on telling that CVs are fine, weak even). The interaction between CVs and ships (AA) is bad, doesn't have any skill component and boils down to all or nothing scenarios - you are either immune to CVs and they won't even come close to you ever or you are free farm for them. There's no middle ground and definitely no skill element. In order to include skill elements WG would have to introduce plane turning radii, longer bombing runs, severly nerf AA, take away triple squadrons and buff air dropped torpedo damage so positioning and counter positioning would actually matter. This also would mean a severe nerf for the morons both in CVs and ships so it's not going to happen ever. CVs are most likely to remain unpopular, their broken mechanics piled under tons of micro, so they would at least look like they are balanced.
  6. Unless you made at least 10 complaining posts about BB accuracy buffed tenfold in this game compared to historical reality, please kindly take your history argument somewhere else.
  7. It's okay, you have 20% win rate in Orion then jumped until KGV with free xp, like it would help you (doing 51k damage in one battle and 4k in the other). We can cope with that.
  8. But then WG in their infinite wisdom decided that they don't deserve real torps at all, just DW ones. Which, btw, don't have any more damage now, they just don't hit other DDs. So now we have a line which is carbon copy of the USN DDs, just with worse torps. Riiiight. I seriously cannot comprehend the person responsible for ingame balance. We can have RN BBs, that are basically large cruisers just with built in IFHE, more damage AND 4x as much effective HP, but the new DD line must be even less usable than the pretty mediocre line from which is copied from. Seriously, why don't you just remove DDs altogether? They obviously are just a burden for you to deal with.
  9. That's why I said you shouldn't dabble in balancing questions. CV matches are mirrored very little differences in CVs can result in huge WR discrepancy. If you don't understand what the statistics you try to draw conclusions from means you really shouldn't bother with it.
  10. The best CV I ever met on the weekend was a guy that thought the best place to park is the opposite side of an island where I parked my full AA specced neptune. His squadrons couldn't even lift off.
  11. If that surprises you you probably shouldn't dabble in balancing.
  12. Only had 10 matches, won the usual weekend 80% of it. The trick is you should pick a cap capable ship on the weekends, because weekend BBs are even bigger pussies than the weekday ones and will never EVER contest a cap. You just cap something, they get scared and run away.
  13. Problem is who would buy it? You either make it broken OP or people will not really play it since they are just too damn fragile compared to the other two classes. DDs can at least stealth and BBs, well, they have huge HP pool, armor and lately no citadels.
  14. Wow, turning bow on an enemy shooting at you is now skill? Lol. Skill is you don't go into situations that will result in you having to decide between being bow on or broadside an RN BB. I'm not arguing that RN BBs might be too strong, just don't make it sound like that turning bow on an enemy is skill, and the only thing you actually can do.
  15. Sorry, but I'm the expert at naming people experts and I do not deem you an expert so your opinion is not an expert opinion.