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  1. Top tier DDs 8-10, do people enjoy them?

    I'm doing the IJN and PA line, both on t8, but I simply cannot do anything with that crap. It has more hp than a t10 DD and higher DPM, it's ridiculous.
  2. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    Didn't they also nerf the dispersion and sigma (down to 1.8 which is FDG level)? That's why I have reservations, that ship is just a gun platform - missouri has the same mobility but armor, better guns and it prints credits.
  3. Top tier DDs 8-10, do people enjoy them?

    Can't wait for the full DD line, hopefully they will nerf it back to t8 levels. It's basically t9.2 on t8.
  4. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    Did they make it any better (or rather more interesting?). It seemed like it has extremely troll guns (the FDG kind of trolling) and basically plays like an underarmored Missouri.
  5. If I saw you damage conned, I will go for a HE salvo. A fire is 18% damage - way more than a citadel.
  6. It would be so much easier to double xp/credit gains from objective play and spot and halve it from damage.
  7. Would an HE-only cruiser be effective?

    Not really. You would lose all effectiveness against enemy cruisers (unless it has some idiotic HE like Conq which citadel pens cruisers). You also could only do grey damage to enemies - and in high tiers basically everyone has heal. It would be an ideal ship so people could make 'I'm doing 200k average damage on my ship, yet the stupid team always loses' threads and never realize how incredibly useless they were.
  8. Yes, I'm fairly sure that WG spent millions to hire the best minds just to fleece 10 EUR from you. We are so lucky though that you are way more clever then them and see through your lies. Today you topple WG's matchmaker, tommorrow the medicine lobby, the day after all those stupid people that think the Earth is a globe. I envy you.
  9. My guess is that you push with Missouri (most likely due to the added security by the radar) like a BB should - so you deny more area to the enemy (higher WR), hit more shells (higher damage and hit ratio) and survive much less (lower survive, kdr). Meanwhile you hang back with Iowa sniping. like a BB shouldn't. Play more agressive, BBs are not there to survive the match but to push people out of objectives.
  10. It doesn't really matter what you do. In CVs you have to be better than 1 person while in other ships you have to be better than 12. This is the main reason CV play is considered toxic (finally even by WG), and this is why it gets changed. This also is the reason why you have 20% higher WR in CVs.
  11. The community is real thick around here. 'CVs are crap because they can handle anything.' 'OMG YOU NOOBTARD LEARN TO TEAMPLAY CVS ARE SUPPOSED TO KILL EVERYONE THAT'S ALONE!' 'Yeah, the new ship gibs BBs fine, but it's worthless against anything else.' 'OMG BBS SHOULDN'T FACE THIS ABOMINATION THEY CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT ALONE.' Anyway, if that thing gets released as is I will be the first to buy and division up with 2 Missouris for the lolz.
  12. Khabarovsk, max range on a Mino that thought it's a good idea to gunfight me. He ate 8 or 9 don't remember but was dead very quick.
  13. Recommended Tier 6 and 8 Premiums?

    None, don't waste money on t6 DDs, they are victims of CV spam. Kamikaze R/Fujin at least rarely encounter manual drop torps and they have way better torps/camo than t6s. All in all until either WG fixes mid-tier CV spam or gives working AA to t6 DDs they are not really good and are a waste of money.
  14. MAJOR BUG FOUND!!!!!

    It's not about matchmaking it's about WG brainlessly rewarding every move no matter how self-defeating it is. If people would get 10 xp and 20 credits per match for suiciding on the enemy team they would get stuck in t5-t6 until they learn basic gameplay.
  15. Recommended Tier 6 and 8 Premiums?

    Both are actually pretty bad. Leningrad or Loyang are the two best DDs. T6 DDs suffer from constant noobtub spam and they don't even have AA so every monkey can drop them.