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  1. CVs still overperform. If you have 65% WR in normal ships and 77% in CVs that's abnormal. And AA ships? There are usually one per side, you just avoid it and kill everything else. AA will be meaningless until it's totally binary and is a balancing factor like it is now.
  2. CVs overperform from day 1. Actually they overperformed way more in the past, but WG is slowly nerfing them. About the rest - yeah, CVs require so much different skills that everyone that is not an *Edited gets 10-15% higher WR with them than any other ship. I guess it's just a coincidence, they all have that 'very special skill', lol.
  3. If you need (just pulling numbers out of my arse) to be 10% more skilled than the enemy DD/BB/CA to win a match, but only 3% in CVs that's a problem. And currently this is the problem. The other problem is what I mentioned and you described it as 'ridiculously OP' is that currently there's zero counterplay against a CV. You either have enough AA to be completely untouchable by the CV (rare case) or not. And if not, there's nothing you can do. No amount of skill will compensate for it and it's a horrible game design.
  4. With 20 skill points there would be less trade offs. Current 19 is fine, it's important to have decisions that have impact.
  5. The problem with CVs is that a good player will absolutely mop the floor with bad players than win the match alone. What CVs need is being more accessible and closing the skill gap meanwhile introducing counters for them for regular ships not that huge RNG fest current AA is.
  6. Considering for BB players the non plus ultra of tactics is to run away from caps screaming like a girl, I just can see how well this would work out.
  7. Why would it be? Atlanta is just fine without smoke and Belfast is a better Atlanta.
  8. Just get a yamato and farm the sweet BBaby tears The more forgiving BBs are the less the average BB player can do against you.
  9. I want a schnellboat for realz. Not in tier 1 though, since there wouldn't be any BBs to troll, but tier 5-6 would be fine.
  10. They made you choose between smoke and reload booster. Let's not get teary-eyed over it and get an emotional breakdown. That's not nerfing it to the ground.
  11. Whines about khaba being oppressive. Whines about WG nerfing shira that is just as oppressive in its bracket.
  12. No, no, he is right. Kotuzov is crap. (WG please buff it, a longer smoke and maybe a radar would be nice, ty)
  13. Can't wait until WG nerfes the crap out of everything not a noobtub then all the noobtubers will start whining about yamas citadeling them bow on making everything not a yama useless. Then, when they all grinded out their yamas in about 2000 matches (estimation based on their average skill) I will just build a gearing as torp boat and farm them.
  14. We don't have to agree, there are many ways to skin a cat. I honestly would put him on Belfast even for JoAT alone, no small part because I will run minotaur with radar when I get there:D AR is a matter of taste - on Belfast I didn't find that useful at all, on regular RN CLs a bit more (you get random citadels while sitting in smoke, so I guess it's okay then). Now if only belfast could mount the radar upgrade... Holy crap it indeed does. With signal it gets 27s offtime on it which is pretty damn good.
  15. Well, no other ship benefits more from JoAT than the Belfast. Just for that I would put him on it, the rest is just an added bonus. After a few hits AR bonus is negligible. A constant 10% bonus on smoke AND radar AND hydro is huge. It's 'no DD can come near or torp my team from far' huge. Yeah, well, if a Fiji could go into ranked, Belfast could as well and I think the choice is obvious in this scenario. For t6, it's very hard to fill cleveland's boots for any other cruiser. But I guess all we can do is try it then compare notes on how it worked out.