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  1. White knighting? Lol. The way lootboxes work are hooking you into buying a lot of things you will never use for way more money than you would pay for the thing you want. Getting 200-400 camo for the regular price and a few goodies to boot is not loot boxing. If you are buying the boxes for the DD missions the problem is with you, not the boxes.
  2. I think you should make a distinction between lootboxes and these. Lootboxes are things that have useless crap in them with a low chance of something very good. You can open 50 of them and get nothing (Neverwinter comes to my mind with 0.000001% of getting something worth millions or getting potions and other useless stuff) beside a nagging feeling that you wasted a lot on them, but you have to keep going as the next one SURELY will have that superawesome thing. These boxes are all around good and the guaranteed things inside them (sovereigns that are exchangeable to dubloons and union camos/special flags) are valuable. You can basically buy these boxes instead of camos and dubloons and get your money's worth - and you get a chance for DDs to boot.
  3. The containers are pretty good value for money - especially if you have the warspite. Best case scenario: 40 containers are 26 355 dubloons. You get 600 sovereigns which is 17 727 dubloons. You get 200 camos which is 800 sovereigns - 23 636 dubloons. You get further 200 camos or 200 special flags. So if you are ok with the camos (I think they are of the better kind) you can get 200 of them for about 9k dubloons with 200 more or 200 special flags.
  4. You almost had a good event WG, almost...

    You can open a lot of containers though - you can buy 5 for 60 sovereigns and you get back 25.
  5. I generally don't think IJN DDs (as premiums) are a good idea. The torps are meh at best and torpedo boating is not a fun playstyle unless you are doing kami r/fujin.
  6. I think torpedo warning should be taken out of the game altogether. Learn to pay attention.
  7. The only thing ashashio needs is WG letting it in fail divisions with t10s so you can savor more BBaby tears.
  8. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    You might be right, but that requires multiple CVs - which means there are less guns aiming at you. So sure, 3 CVs can cover all caps, but that means there are 3 less radars (or 3 less BBs doing 10k damage on you with a pen). It obviously depends on lots of things - for example damage potential of CVs. But if WG starts balancing CVs as ships, then the damage will be severly cut back.
  9. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    I'm fine with that. I don't mind teamwork, I mean come on, that's like saying DD capping has to be nerfed, because if there are three of them, they all can go to one cap.
  10. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    Your solo DD win rate is 51.08%, mine is 61.45%. You had 1500 battles to be halfway decent and you fail at it. Yes, clearly someone better than you must resort to rerolling. Clearly I would want to account reset to impress important people - like you. Don't make me laugh, you are simply an average DD player who has no idea about the class.
  11. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    Match starts, there are 3 caps, both CV sends fighters to all of them. This won't happen anymore. Neither will keeping that DD spotted while you crossdrop a BB, wait out his repair then put 4 fires on him.
  12. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    There's a tradeoff now - you deal zero damage and spot a DD or you deal damage and don't. That tradeoff wasn't present until now - moreover you could spot numerous things all at once.
  13. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    I think WG changes skills needed reminiscent to regular ships a bit. Approaching and (due to the fact that you have 4 drops from every group) forward planning your pathing will be more similar to ship play. Same as aiming - DB dropping with the delay and point of aiming change will be something CV players have to learn. Another change is squadron selection, which wasn't this important for CVs until now. Anyway, we will see how it works out, if CVs would be able to participate without mirror matchmaking, that would be a great balance point.
  14. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    Yeah, I rerolled into my WoT account. I rerolled so much that I went back in time and was a weekend tester:) Seriously, you seem clueless about what's the point of DDs in the game after 5x my matches, I can't help you there...
  15. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    Well, you are complaining, so what's your point? You really think your pettiness annoys me? DD players have been living with these for years now. The only angry person here seems to be you - introducing skill to CV play really hits you this hard? Best shima players are spotting shima players. Sorry, but your 52% DD play isn't the pinnacle of this game.