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  1. Lord_WC

    Nerf or Remove Radar

    Problem with radars is that they disable cap contesting for the first 5 minutes of the match. If enemy has multiple radars you can't cap until your whole team is in position because you will get radared and die otherwise. Even if your team is in position the 'fight' will boil down who has the team with the better aim, not on your skill. Can't blame shimas that slap on the 20km torps and spam long range really.
  2. Lord_WC

    So what's next?

    I hope to god they will have time to squeeze in a fix for BB AP on DDs and radars using LoS.
  3. Lord_WC

    Server down transfering you.. Server down again for repair..

    Now I can't get the mental picture of waiters running around your computers out of my mind.
  4. Lord_WC

    Server down transfering you.. Server down again for repair..

    Still the same issue.
  5. Lord_WC

    Terrible good/bad in premium shop

    Enemy team had one yesterday, it mopped the floor with 3 of our DDs. Had problems killing it with Jarvis, seemed like a good bully DD.
  6. Lord_WC

    Looking for a good T7 CL/CA and DD

    Best CL on t7 is the Belfast. Best DD is the Leningrad - you will need a separate captain for it though (this new captain is prefect as you will need both SE and EM and he gets bonuses for both) as EM is a must (27s turret traverse vs 18 is a huge difference). Also, buy an engine boost upgrade in the arsenal for it.
  7. Lord_WC

    RPF at it's best

    Try to division with someone that also has RPF, it's straight up cheating. You can triangulate someone easily (or get even more information if it shows different ships for the two of you).
  8. Lord_WC

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    You can rank out in an afternoon, there are less ranks and less victories needed to rank up as well. I mean sure, I would love to pick up 1k steel for a bit of fun, but WG isn't stupid.
  9. Lord_WC

    CVs in T5 ranked

    And how many times did you die after something put blapped you for 95%? I mean sure, I won a solo warrior with a sub 10% hp zao, yet even implying this is the norm would be incredibly stupid.
  10. Lord_WC

    OP Tier V Cruisers?

    Murmansk has insane range and torpedoes. Probably the best AA on tier also, which might be really important with people spamming CVs.
  11. Lord_WC

    CVs in T5 ranked

    God forbid you use your brains or something.
  12. Lord_WC

    CVs in T5 ranked

    Kami HP on t5 - 11 100, Bogue air dropped torpedo damage 9867 - 89% Shima HP on t10 - 17 900, Midway air dropped torped odamage 9867 - 55% Learn to play a real ship, CVs are OP enough on t5 even with autodrop (especially since there is no AA whatsoever on that tier).
  13. Lord_WC

    IFHE on Gearing YY gunboat builds.

    Generally guns have caliber/6 HE penetration. In case of Gearing/YY means they have 127/6=21.16 - 21mm of pen. This means they pen all DD platings (19), but unable to pen cruiser (25-27mm) or BB (32mm) plating. IFHE multiplies this pen by 1.3, so it gives you 21*1.3=27.3 mm of pen. This means that you will be able to penetrate cruiser bow/stern armor, but still unable to pen BB platings. The decision is on you, if you want to deal direct HE damage to cruisers then IFHE will enable you to do so. My personal opinion is that you can spend 4 points much better (for example survivalibity expert or ESP hack), and if you want to do direct damage to cruisers switch to AP and put some holes in their superstructures. All said, if you ever see a DD with 147 mm guns, IFHE will enable you to deal direct damage to BBs as well, so it would worth it.
  14. Lord_WC

    I lost my game, and not to players...

    You are under the misconception that they will have the output to 'farm' damage. The current rework makes CVs more one sided and I'm pretty sure that was WG's aim. Now they very well can tweak them as much as they want (plane travel time, hp, damage, squadron size, reload time, etc. etc.). You take all these variables for granted when all we saw was basically a tech demo against bots. Besides yes, my biggest gripe with CVs was the absolutely cancerous amount of info they could provide their team constantly while sacrificing nothing.
  15. Probably just the new round of UK DD missions.