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  1. aleksi111

    A Nevsky Cammo

    Expected outcome, but still a mess People who didn't qualify for the camo had it removed -Fair, don't have a leg to stand on to complain. But there's chatter about people who were supposed to get the camo not getting it or the doubloons + even just as badly, those who were supposed to get it have them now pulled after day of teasing until things are settled. Plenty of sour taste thus in peoples mouths, extra ill will generated and easy way to generate good will and thus potential money paying customers ruined. If it was upto me in WG, once the mistake happened I would have decided that everyone Gets type 20 camo for A. Newsky. Then promised an date, say by December 20th, on which WG would have actually sorted out who were actually eglible for the A. Newsky camo and would have seen them get T10 Epoch Perma camo that they could have slapped on ship of their choosing. This would have generated good feelings widely and ensured those who were supposed to be compensated actually did in a manner that would not leave them bitter about others getting same competition for free. With Camos being virtual goods would not have directly cost WG anything, and might have helped open peoples wallets.
  2. aleksi111

    A Nevsky Cammo

    From NA Forum
  3. aleksi111

    A Nevsky Cammo

    Such a nice present to get. What baffles me is that I never got Permanent Camouflage on Moskva when it was in Tech Tree, I just got the ship like an month or two before it was removed. So technically I wasn't supposed to be one of those meant to be compensated. however, Ferengi rules of acquisition #1 apply
  4. aleksi111

    Future of FXP Ships

    @YabbaCoe, @TheWarJaC, @Crysantos etc. Could you confirm weather this news is correct or not? And if true, What's the ETA for existing FXP ships going the way of the Dodo?
  5. aleksi111

    Co-op bot AI mess...

    There indeed was significant drop, IMO something like -25% drop in Co-Op earnings that the mini patch seems to have [Mostly] fixed. Also seemed to have fixed over-zelous ramming attempts by those bots that actually moved. But beyond that the Bots suffer from several issues still: 1. Bot gun accuracy is down the toilet -I think it's there's also something wrong with their targeting in General as you can see bot BB's expecially shaking their turrets left and right when in CQC like they are top tier tanks in WOT trying to bait shots to cheeks. 2. Some Bots seemingly moving at 1/4 or 1/2 speed since match begins while others push at max speed. 3. Serious island ramming issues 4. Chain-crashes to other bots, my Record is 4 bots ramming each other in one huge cluster behind island when they all had room and no torpedoes fired at them. 5. Bots now have tendency, randomly so not every bot, to never repair fires. -Not the innitial 1st, but neither when you stack extra 2 for total of 3. @MrConway @YabbaCoe @TheWarJaC Anything you know of this?
  6. aleksi111

    Is Agir Still Worth It? T9 Gneisenau?

    Giving "worth" of ships in game is always subjective opinion. When it comes to my opinion on Ägir (Ægir) I don't think it's worth the cost for following reasons: 1. WG removing the 60mm bow extension plate that's clearly shown on design 2. WG changed (Read: Nerfed) the angle of the Armoured deck's slopes 3. WG gimped the ships secondary firing arcs over Siegfried 4. I have Alaska that's superior in utility and tankiness I suggest you take a look of LWM's review of the ship. -Just reminder that secondary ranges differ in review to current due to global secondary changes. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/221061-premium-ship-review-150-siegfried-agir/
  7. Here: AA consists of 6x2 10,5cm + 12x1 3,7cm Flak guns
  8. It seems Komrad Brutus has fallen to deceitful wEstErN fake news! Komrad should be well aware that Petrohampton is Armed with 130mm quad turrets, just like it's dedicated escort ship MLK 16-130
  9. aleksi111

    Issues with todays Ships

    Have had 4 disconnects in the past 30-40mins, on every occasion there's been a huge ping spike immediately before that + guns unresponsive immediately before that @YabbaCoe Just thought to let you, and by extension WG, know. And before I hear anything unhelpful about ''connection on your end'' take 2-guesses how I'm in net at this moment writing this (1st guess doesn't count)
  10. aleksi111

    How many currencies can a game create?

    WG already has existing base format for near endless cloning of temporary, time windowed grind-fest currencies. Tokens! <Insert term> tokens Example: <Clan> tokens <Corporation> tokens <German> tokens <Recruiting> tokens <Community> tokens The sooner one realizes this the sooner they can ignore the hype train of yet another grindfest for next "koool" stuff and play more normally... the tokens being an after thought Like, when Dutch cruisers, submarines and Pan-Asian BB's, Swedish & Spanish Cruisers come WG will again regurgitate up another currency
  11. Behold! Paid WG emoloyed Community managers at their work when having to deal with anything but hyping of events or most basic question of "i new, how play did?" I don't think that I have received an answer from Yabba or Warjack about the Auction winner limits that I asked before it closed. We do know the answer and how it was "Issues with translation" like it has been since WG had to back down in 2016 Project R event as there was clear enough written promise to nail them to place.
  12. aleksi111

    14 ships that launch attack squads.....

    Now let us Imagine a clan like... IDk BanCV forming as many 3-player Ise platoons as they can and synch dropping WG's stream for coordinated fun
  13. aleksi111


    So they are literally using terms in Copy-paste manner, that real meaning might be unkown to them
  14. aleksi111

    14 ships that launch attack squads.....

    From Drachinifel's Discord's #World of Warships channel That there is Tripple Ise platoon at work
  15. aleksi111


    Are you implying that they write Copy-paste phrases?