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  1. I agree, Alaska should be at-least tested with it's 'correct' citadel height, if the test goes horribly WG can always return to earlier version. If the raised citadel turns out acceptable, but would require some other minor changes to keep Alaska competitive vs Kron, I would support that. Any idea how much more vulnerable to both BB AP, and Cruiser AP Alaska would become with this change? There's several tweaks that could be made, If necessary just some rough examples:
  2. aleksi111

    Alaska Vs Kronshtadt

    Don't know for sure, but can make some guesses. with patch 7.10 (if before halloween) 30.10 -Halloween -My personal bet (perhaps with ''unique, one time camo offer .... that WG will sell again next Halloween, at half the original prize) 22.11 -Thanksgiving 24.12 -Christmas 31.12 -New year 03.01 -Day when Alaska gained statehood (1959) 30.03 -USA purchased Alaska from Russia (1867) Now, while the last two dates are extremely important dates for Alaska, I don't think that WG will have neither the patience or dare to hold the ship from players that long if the ship is finalized. Patience as in witholding a money/XP sink Dare as in not willing to take the forum rage from impatient players.
  3. aleksi111

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Trying to login onto PTS, after typing the password and pressing 'Enter' got a message 'wrong password or account' Tried to retype the password but the whole login froze after which I pressed ctrl+alt+del to get task manager: 'WoWS test not responding' and the following:
  4. aleksi111

    SUBS on PTS tomorrow !!!

    I think I know what submarine Gerfalcon is based on: from wiki: The Type XXVI was a high-seas U-boat propelled by the Walter system. They would have had a crew of three officers and 30 men, with ten torpedo tubes, four at the bow and six in a so-called Schnee organ, and no deck guns; 100 contracts were initially awarded to the Blohm & Voss yard in Hamburg (U-4501 through U-4600) and sections were under construction for U-4501 through U-4504 when the war ended. The other contracts had been cancelled. ^matches the description quite well, boats using Walther propulsion were faster than conventional diesel-electric boats. Edit: 10 in 4+3+3 layout, tubes, 1 -center line propeller and dive planes below the screw. check, check and triple check ^note, IRL, there's no room at all for reloads for Type XXVI (Gerfalcon), while the Type XXI (Seelöwe) with 6 -bow tubes had 17 reloads for 23 torps total torpedoes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- List of Uncompleted U-Boat projects There's also this: The Type XXIV was a 1943 design for an ocean-going U-boat using the Walter system. It was to have 14 torpedo tubes, six at the bow, and four each side aft. ^Bigger boat with 2 more (+50%) forward torpedo tubes and 2 more (+33%) rear tubes
  5. aleksi111

    Halloween 2018

    @MrConway @YabbaCoe As the halloween submarines are ''fantasy'' the year of design needs to go, None of the 2016 or 2017 Halloween surface-ships have any year of design's --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As I already summoned you, could the Submarines perhaps be given some of the Halloween consumable to help differentiate them. Example, using the 2017 Halloween consumables as idea: Zipper Sub: 2 or 3 charge of TRB with 120/80s cooldown and/or 1 to 3 Anti-Guidance system, 15s action time, 120/80s cooldown (akin to Uralshima) Barracuda: 2 to 4 Energy shield 20s action time 75/50s cooldown and/or 2 to 4 heal +secondary reload booster, (akin to Magnu-S BB) 20s action time 75/50s cooldown Seelöwe: 2 or 3 Speed-boost: +20% max speed for 25s, 120/80s cooldown (Uralshima) or 1 or 2 ''Advanced Targeting Sonar'': -30% hostile engine power and rudder shift inside 4km of you for 25s, 150/100s cooldown Gerfalcon: 1 or 2 Anti-Guidance system 10s action time, 150/100s cooldown or ''Pulse Jet boost'' +30% speed for 15s, but +50% rudder shift time, 180/120s cooldown Of course, if some kind of Halloween consumables would be introduced the opposition would also need to be revamped, like 1-2 ''dump'' DD's per side outside the lagoon.
  6. aleksi111

    Bonuscode 45k limit(?)

  7. aleksi111

    Halloween 2018

    The event has potential to be a massive success, but, currently GERFALCON is pretty much the be-all-end-all for the mission, this should be changed. played Gerfalcon, Seelöwe, Zipper Sub & Barracuda What I'd like to see; Exaggerate their strengths and weakness'es, make Zipper even more stealthy, give Seelöwe more dive time and make Barracuda a HP tank with better torpedo reload to boot. Gerfalcon: Outright the fastest at 31knota, 2nd stealthiest at 4.3km, it's only 300 m less stealthy than Zipper 2nd best maneuverability 2nd longest dive time (90s) heaviest torpedo load-out that is especially well for rushing and torping hostiles you passed. 2nd worst health Currently, Falcon simply has too many strengths and no real downsides, that huge speed means that that in actuality, falcon is the stealthiest ship as it can cover the most distance while underwater -Seriously, either buff other subs and/or slightly nerf Gerfalcon: like, 340m turn circle, 6,0s rudder & 4.6km surface / 2,4km periscope detection. -Or take an easy solution and give it worse torpedoes ^agility nerf because Gerfalcon is so fast, make it fast but somewhat sluggish, while Zipper is the other extreme, agile as heck but slow-ish Seelöwe: reloads torpedoes the fastest (40s) longest dive time (100s) has 6 tubes forward, giving it potential of killing two cruisers in one go, but it really feels like an inferior ship to Gerfalcon that just runs around without any care. What really hurts Seelöwe is it's low speed of 24knots and the fact that Gerfalcon simply does everything either better or just as well. -Maybe a speed buff by 1 to 25knots, improve torp firing angles by a bit so it has wider field of fire, and 20s longer dive time to 2mins, to make it superior in this aspect Barracuda: need serious help, Fat, cumbersome, meh torps and joke secondaries. improve detection to around 6km improve secondaries to justify them or ditch them completely More HP and enough armor to tank HE from catapults, make it a tank handling buff, lets say 500m turn circle 40s torpedoes -Really, either go full secondaries or go home with this boats identity, oh and improve speed by 1 knot to 28 knots to narrow the gap between Gerfalcon Zipper Sub: insanely agile and fun lowest dive time of 50s only 2 torps with 50s reload Stealthiest lowest HP -Might deserve a slight concealment buff to 3.5km and torpedo reload buff to 40s-30s to compensaste, improve the speed to 25-26knots, matching or slightly exeeding Seelöwe -------- Haven't unlocked the 5th sub, Killer Whale?, so can't comment on it at all
  8. The biggest problem I have with Ibuki, and the reason I have not bought the thing, is that it's just Mogami 1.1 a tier higher without the 155 mm's. Some potential buffs. give Ibuki 30mm upper belt/casemate like Zao (bow/stern still 25mm) introduce 12 km torp option, same as Zao Maybe conciser dropping Ibuki's base reload by 1,5s to 13,5s Now, survivability wise, it's an direct upgrade from Mogami with the ability to bounce up to 420mm AP off it's side when angled and better torpedoes to boot.
  9. aleksi111

    SUBS on PTS tomorrow !!!

    Hard or Normal difficulty 5 Starring ''Sunray into Darkness'' & ''Saving Transylvania'' on normal difficulty gives Zibber Sub & GERFALCON (can't remember for sure which mission gave which sub) 5 Starring ''Horror of the Deep Blue Sea'' on normal difficulty gives type xxi u-boar Seelöwe 5 Starring ''Saving Transylvania'' & ''Horror of the Deep Blue Sea'' on hard difficulty gives 24h premium time, at-least for me it did. Haven't 5 Starred ''Sunray into Darkness'' on hard difficulty so don't know weather it drops the 5th sub or not.
  10. aleksi111

    SUBS on PTS tomorrow !!!

    Now, having played Gerfalcon, Seelöwe, Zipper Sub and Barracuda, I have to say that I concider Gerfalcon hands-down the best sub of the bunch, with Seelöwe coming as a distant second. Note; havent played the 5th Sub so can't comment on it) Seriously, on normal difficulty, and with a little luck and skill a Gerfalcon skipper can just rush the lair, spot the castle, preventing Rasputin from regenerating before returning and nuking the ship. Thus Completing the main objective on it's own. Gerfalcon is outright the fastest, it's only 300 m less stealthy than Zipper, has the 2nd longest dive time and heaviest torpedo load-out. Furthermore, having 6 rear firing torps, Gerfalcon can freeze a target dive under/past it and nuke it from the other side as it rushes to spot the base, that 700m concealment advantage against Seelöwe is pretty huge thing inside the lagoon, allowing you to stay surfaced much longer and more than negating Seelöwe's slight dive-time advantage. -Gerfalcon might actually deserve some nerfs (or others need buffs) -Increase the detection to 4.6 km, reduce dive time by 10s to 80s and maybe 300-320m turning circle Seelöwe reloads faster and has the potential of wiping out 2 targets in one go, but it really feels like an inferior ship to Gerfalcon that just runs around without any care. What really hurts Seelöwe is it's low speed, and the fact that Gerfalcon simply does everything either better or just as well. -Maybe a knot of extra speed, improved torp firing angles and 10-15 s longer dive time, to further separate it from Gerfalcon Barracuda need serious help, Fat, cumbersome, meh torps and joke secondaries. It has the longest spotting range, worst rudder & turning and 2nd worst torpedo strike of the bunch -Seriously beef up the Hit points by 2-3k, give the guns much improved performance, slightly improve handling & drop concealment to around 5,5-5,7 km Played Zipper Sub only once, it's insanely agile, even a tad too agile as I constantly over-steered in the thing, lowest dive time of 50s and only 2 torps with 50s reload. -Might deserve a slight concealment buff to 3.6km and torpedo reload buff to 40s, same as Seelöwe.
  11. aleksi111

    SUBS on PTS tomorrow !!!

    Got Gerfalcon from 5 starring ''Saving Transylvania'' and tried again, thx @ZoidFile for the tip, bound depth control to page up and page down keys keys 1st try 2nd try What I noted: You need someone to spot the Black lair in time or Rasputin is pretty much unsinkable, you need a fast boat to rush the lair: On 1st try we had 4 boats constantly torping Rasputin and killing most of it's escorts but we simply could not kill it and got whittled down. On 2nd try I used Gerfalcon's 30.5 knots speed and 90s dive time to by-bass the hostiles and rush to the lair, you need to get within 2km or so, where upon a message is shown that Rasputin stopped healing, after that it's just big, fat HP pinata reward for 5 starring ''Horror of the Deep Blue Sea''
  12. aleksi111

    SUBS on PTS tomorrow !!!

    Nah, no need for diet, I'm quite thin. My left hand's nerves just happens to be injured, reduced fine-control and feeling in fingers, and constant effing-ache in the left arm
  13. aleksi111

    SUBS on PTS tomorrow !!!

    2nd try Hard difficulty as default, needing platoon to play normal. Only 1 type of usable submarine: The barracuda 8km torps, 6,3km surface detection and immediately at the beginning you get 3-5 AI targets spawning at 8km from you'r spawn, so if you move up your spotted as the AI spawns. And to make matters worse, in both my tries if had 2 or 3 out of a total of 6 'human' players doing all kind of random stuff, like: trying to kill a catapult with their secondaries and ignoring the ships/main objective Worst part is the Q and E keys, I normally use them to steer the ship, but in here instead you use them to control your depth, thus meaning that while you're playing against the clock with the submerged time you also have to deliberately waste precious seconds to pay attention in not to accidentally fat-finger Q or E, the former surfacing the boat in front of a group of hostiles and the latter ruining your attack as the boat dives, and again you waste time.
  14. aleksi111

    Alaska Vs Kronshtadt

    Used an set square and the picture of Alaska's firing angles from the site you mentioned @Toivia got a roughly a separation of 76o between the arc lines for Alaska's nr.2 turret (to be spesific) which would mean that Alaska's rear arc's are about 38o, give or take. Didn't happen to find my best set square and had to use the oldest, largest and most worn so I'd say there's about +/-1o margin of error. Double checked the rear angles with same set square and got 65o which would come to 32,5o For Alaska's forward firing angles that's about 7o improvement to forward turret firing angles, and 3-2,5o to rear turret angles Good night
  15. aleksi111

    Alaska Vs Kronshtadt

    About Alaska's firing angles: Happened to briefly look at one of Flamu's Streams, he happened to be AFK for a brief moment at the start of the battle with guns forward and the 3rd turret had time to fully rotate. Alaska's firing angles forward are now 32o from the earlier 35o Rear firing angles still unkown. Flamu didn't shoot anyone directly behind him, so I didn't clearly see what the new backwards firing arcs actually are, but from looking at the stream I'd say between 35-40o from the horrid 45o that it had earlier