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  1. Last part about the citadels: Going with this photo that Darth_Glorious posted on previous page, one can see the location of the inner belt (around the front barbette) and thus Petro's citadel: So here's the rough size comparison of Citadels seen from above by using yet another comparison picture. (and partly speculative as only the very front seen) Not only is Petro's citadel about 40-50% narrower, it's also much shorter so harder to hit. I think Henry IV seems reasonable comparison (excluding size difference between ships)
  2. Eeeh, wut? I didn't ask about possibility of lobbing thru belt, but dropping thru deck and if the T shape around the edges catches citadels reliably or not. For clarification's sake:
  3. Speaking of hand rubbings in CV bombs... @El2aZeR Does Moskva have enough deck armor and distance that AP bombs hitting on the outer sides reliably citadel it? Or do they penetrate into the TDS space before detonating? asking because not only does Petro have shorter citadel, it's also narrower going by one of the pics I've seen, about barbette wide.
  4. Going with Astolfo's armor model from above, this is roughly what Petropavlosk's external armor looks on the actual model: And it seems ShinGetsu is correct with the 50mm plate covering significantly less of the bow than Moskva's plate does. Just, somehow it looks to me that Petro seems to sit lower in the water than Moskva which might skewer the perception by making the bow's 25mm portion look larger than it actually is. original picture:
  5. aleksi111

    Possible Soviet CV line

    Soviet CV specialty: They are more team support orientated and poses good survivability: Clad in 60mm armor everywhere + underwater citadel with 40mm roof 130mm dual-purpose secondaries +37/45/57mm AA Planes: 1st plane type: Gunships (Il-2 / Il-10 derivative) armed with 37mm auto-cannons allowing them to strave planes and damage ships both directly and by setting fires with incendiary ammunition: 45mm penetration, 2% fire change 200hp damage per shot Squadron: 2x4 Each attack delivers 100 round per plane (80.000 theoretical citadel damage / 26,666 normal in full 4 plane wave vs ships if all shots hit & Penetrate) 2nd type -Rocket planes with special ability -they can damage consumables like radar & hydro and they do additional damage to AA modules 3rd type- Carpet bombers with special ability -they can drop medium sized smoke screens to hide allies Seems balans?
  6. Saw these armor schemes in ST, soviet cruiser development blog, courtesy of @Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu : Alexander Nevsky armor: Petropavlovsk armor:
  7. aleksi111

    Petition to Keep Narai

    Come tomorrow, this might be those Op's player's reaction who either don't read forum/news: Meanwhile I suspect this is happening in WG's headquarter's: (hey, I already used South park meme so better keep it up) I would love to be proven wrong and see the ops return within a month or two, in working condition. -Including Cherry, Ultimate Frontier and Hermes. ...But, the thing is that given the track record of broken promises, lies of omission, willful misleading of audience with always that empty ''Sowwy (not sorry) we have learn and will improve'' statement, and the aknowledgement that Ops are not the focus and host of other things means that I suspect that we will have to wait forever.
  8. aleksi111

    Petition to Keep Narai

    Narai get's pulled for rework with vague promise off:
  9. aleksi111

    [Fictional] Origins of new RU Cruisers line

    Same It's either: 1. WG's decision makers gone and willingly jumped on the patriotic train. 2. Goverment (for patriotic reasons) told them in no uncertain terms to play ball or be played. 3. WG seeking somekind of 'approval' or 'reward' -like tax cut by trying to show the masses how "great" ships their nation was able to design.
  10. aleksi111

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    First to correct your typo, Donskoi has 4x3 not 3x3 That minor thing aside. Alexander Nevsky's 180mm have 6s reload with 1000m/s velocity... and the guns are dual purpose... So you lose 33% of your barrels, but in exhange your reload drops by 52% (or in other words, you reload more than twice as fast) from 12.5s to 6s