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  1. Does the WoWs EU Community want a Discord Server?

    I think we are not on the same page here, my intention was to gauge if people are interested in a alternative, additional to the current setup. The strongpoint on Discord are the big chat functions, which allows for better Playerfinding. For example you could be on TS and find players via Discord. I understand why people want do keep the existing setup and that is okay, but I can also imagine that some players would like an alternative. Ahhh okay now I see where you are coming from. You are absolutely right with the ownership issues, I even talked to some developers 2 weeks ago about this exact topic. (They´re great folks btw. ^^) For the Kiddy-Admin issue there would be a pretty easy solution, a WG guy only needs to ask the Discord Team to set it up so that WG has all the Superadmin rights and can choose Moderators as they please.
  2. Patch 0.5.8

    Will this save my beloved ship?
  3. Does the WoWs EU Community want a Discord Server?

    For me it´s the complete opposite, I only use Discord now and don´t wish to use TS anymore. ^^ What do you mean exactly with more modular? (Are we talking about API,documentation or individualization of the client?)
  4. Hello there, it came to my attention that there is no WoWs EU Discord Server to Idle on. Therefore my question, are people interested in one? (Poll above) I know that there is actually an official TS Server but I think that Discord would be a better choice. For all the people who are thinking: "What the hell is that Discord?" Let me explain. Discord is a relative new Voip Service which aims to be a direct Teamspeak competitor. It is still in development but I use it for like a year now and its already pretty solid. What makes Discord unique in terms of usability is how users are handled. In Discord you get invited onto a Server which will remember you. This way you can use and see the server-wide chatrooms without being actually in one of the Voip rooms. Also you are able to be connected to multiple Server at once but can only use one Voip room at any given time. Now with Teamspeak you are able to be using more than one Voip room at the same time with one active and the others muted. In Discord you don´t need that. The reason for this is, like first stated, the Server remembers you, that means when you are connected to Discord Services you appear online on the right dashboard. If someone wants to talk to you he only needs to click on your name and open a direct chat or give you a @ shoutout at one of the chatrooms. If you want to try it or want to learn more go to https://discordapp.com/ /salesman talk off Tell me what you think.
  5. Is there a WoWs EU Discord?

    So it´s just as I thought. Thx Mario for sharing the TS IP.
  6. Is there a WoWs EU Discord?

    Hi there! Not so beginner Captain with a beginner question here. Is there actually an official Discord Server for WoWs? Forum search didn´t came up with anything, only that there is an official Teamspeak Server.
  7. So this just happened...

    Something similar happened to me a week ago. I think shameless is right with going pink when you actually teamkill someone, even when he is low HP.
  8. The hilarity of this game which is RNG

    Oh I also want to share a story: A couple days ago I was sailing with my Nagato on the Two Brothers map. > Both teams suffered substantial dmg and both sides only had a few ships left. > Me driving between the little Islands on the one side. With me a Myoko and one DD which got pretty much immediately deleted. > Got around 30% HP left, all repairs gone. > Wild low HP Tirpiz appears at 12km range behind an Island > Okay I got this.jpg > Closing in and see he has friends, a lot of friends... > "Okay only one chance, when he drives around the corner I give him everything I got and pray to RNGesus." > Tirpiz thinking the same > Showdown, we are now like 6 km apart from each other > We both shoot ... > and both miss all our shots. > WTF? It wasn´t my aim because the spread was spot on but huge dispersion. Same for the Tirpiz. > We both get shot from our support > "Okay next try" > Distance 4 km > Tirpiz shoots and missed again. > Yes! My chance. > I shoot and miss also. This continued for a couple of minutes and we both cant hit each other. We both died because our support ships killed us with hellfire HE spam. I see this trend a lot more after I started playing again after my half year hiatus. BTW: I get this "full volley misses where one magic bullet is somehow leaving the volley and lands a perfect Cita on one sad fellow", too. Seems very strange and feels wrong. This problem only appears for BBs all other classes are working fine. When I want to play Diceroll, I call my friends for D&D, there is no need for such heavy RNG in a Warships Game. >
  9. Stimmt mein Fehler, hatte mehr gekostet.
  10. weird bug - have you seen this before?

    Lol it looks like one of these MLG pro YT parodies, but only without hit-marker xD For the problem: You did all the things like check if new drivers are installed and restarted your pc? After that do you have the newest installment of flash? HUD elements are written in .swf files which are Flash based.
  11. 215MB Update Tonight

    I am wondering myself right now. Maybe a hotfix? But a 200+mb Hotfix?
  12. Skin über Tarnung legen

    Sinngemäß müsstest du die Datei der gekauften Tarnung mit der des Skins ersetzen. Wie das allerdings geht hab ich keine Ahnung ^^
  13. Die Angebote sind wie so häufig wieder meh Aber Probs an Eisenkarl1975 für das coole Vid xD
  14. Ich finde es sehr interessant, wie sich in diesen Thread einfach mal ein Glaubenskrieg losgetreten hat. :3 Die Leute welche nicht glauben wollen das es Ninja Buffs/Nervs gibt sind entweder noch nicht lange genug dabei oder haben dieses "Was ich nicht sehe, existiert nicht!" Syndrom. Als WoT Beta Spieler, kann ich ohne mit der Wimper zu zucken bestätigen, dass WG seitdem immer wieder Sachen verändert hat, ohne diese in den Patchnotes zu erwähnen. Das wir jetzt 99% von allen Buffs/Nerfs präsentiert bekommen, ist einen langen Weg gegangen. Einige schreien ja rum, dass man ja mal einen solchen Fall nennen soll, von daher hier ist einer aus WoT Zeiten: (Storytime) Einige die WoT gespielt haben erinnern sich doch noch an den SuperPershing oder? Jaaa die coole Karre, welche von vorne durch die schicke Armor einfach mal Tier X TDs wegtanked. Zusätzlich war das gute Stück auch noch Prem als nix mit Hochsterben oder ähnliches. Eines Tages (Nach einem Patch) haben einige festgestellt, dass der SP einfach mal von vorne penetriert werden konnte. (Natürlich war das vorher mit genug Erfahrung und Weakspot Knowledge auch möglich) Die Spieler, welche ich meine mich zu erinnern 37€ gelatzt haben gingen in die Foren um sich zu beraten. Auch dort wurden die Leute oft als Aluhutträger betitelt aber überall in allen Sprachen tauchten die Threads auf. Daraufhin Schaltete sich ein WG Mitarbeiter ein und sagte (Übersetzt natürlich): "Wir haben nichts an den Wert der Frontpanzerung verändert." Es zog ein kompletter Monat ins Land bis die Wahrheit ans Licht kam. Was passiert war: Die Werte der Frontpanzerung blieben gleich, also Stimmte so. Allerdings hat der SuperPershing mehrere Frontplatten besessen. (auch genannt Spaced Armor) WG hatte eine komplette Panzerplatte herausgenommen und die verbliebenen in einen steileren Winkel gebracht, so das die Armor nur noch zu ca. 60% operieren konnte. Als das ganze nun damals auf ForTheRecord von SilentStalker aufgetaucht war, gab es im Forum einen Riot. Der Shitstorm war so heftig das WG sich gezwungen sah allen Spielern, welche einen SP gekauft hatten, den vollen Kaufpreis zurück zu zahlen und dafür auf den SP zu verzichten. Das war so das krasseste an welches ich mich erinnern kann. Die meisten Ninjas sind eher kleinerer Natur, welche nur bei genauer Betrachtung mit der Lupe auffallen. Daher wäre ich vorsichtig mit dem betiteln von Leuten als Aluhutträger. (Davon abgesehen das man mit Alu ne ganze menge feines Zeug aufm Grill zubereiten kann. )
  15. Nagato

    Cool, schau ich später mal rein. thx