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    Suggestion Swedish ships - example minor nation

    Yay!! I don't know if the flavor will be good nor not, but I'm stoked that I will see them in the game :)
  2. Namolis

    I'm shocked

    Why would you need a confirmation question? That is just UI 101. High impact buttons should ALWAYS have confirmation. Why? Mistakes happen. Some people are half-asleep. Some people are sloppy with their mouse. Some people are dyslectic and don't read the text right. Sometimes a button is defaulted to by a key; eg. space or enter (obviously don't know if that's possible here) and you could accidentally hit that while typing. Some people may even press it expecting a confirmation, simply because they believe it will give further details. UI's should be designed to be the users' friend, not a "gotcha".
  3. I had a look at your replay. By and large it's not all bad (you do end up middle of the pack in the end), but I can see why you can feel frustrated. I do think you got a little trolled by RNGsus that game. You also need to keep in mind that the games you see on YT of people playing that ship are heavily selected to be the ones where things (RNG included) generally worked in the player's favor. If you expect a overpen/pen/cit ratio like that you will end up being disappointed. That being said, there were some things to consider: 0) Consumables: you should definitely use prem damage con. It's 22500, but I would say that on average you will make that back by not dying and being able to farm damage for longer. Premium heal for the same reason, although the DCP is probably more important. I would also advice that you use a camo. Even if you don't find yourself playing on subtlety much, the 3% nerf to enemies shooting you is more important than it sounds. Prem spotter plane is probably less important. The India Delta flag will do a great deal to a battleship, and by mounting it you are also making it more likely that you can convert a death into a Dreadnought Award, which prints a bunch of new ones. OK, so onto the game. I may seem like I'm very critical here since I decided to make a complete list, not all of which are big things. Really, the most important points to take from this are #3, 9, 10 and 12. 1) I notice you like to scroll zoom. It doesn't matter too much in calm situations (like most of this particular game), but I think it's probably better to get used to the shift key, since it saves you a bit of time that can be spent keeping on situational awareness in more stressful situations. 2) Early on, you make the choice to move half speed forward. I can sort of understand why... Kongo is fast, and speed, while a good thing, can sometimes get you into trouble if you don't watch yourself. Still, you should have moved up a bit early on. The other BB on your flank is probably a good yardstick; for no other reason than that you would have been equally aggressive and equally likely to be targeted. 3) At around 2:36, you get the first hint of what will turn out to be an important bit of information: The enemy NY is, for whatever reason, going to go south. This means that you are 2:1 in BBs on your flank, which would allow you to be a lot more aggressive, since the remaining BB can't angle against both of you, while you can both angle vs him (and you have twice the guns and HP). At about that same time, you engage the enemy DDs, which is definitely the right call (even if he slows down so you miss your shot). 4) Next salvo, you plan to shoot at the BB, but then a CA show up that is both closer, broadside and in your sights. You should have switched target. 5) Thankfully, the enemy CA ends up overextending and also dies (in spite you getting some bad RNG on him). This means that the enemy is down two ships on that flank, and the rest of the enemy ships pull back. At that point, you should really have started going full speed to a more aggressive position. Notice, though, how this is already compounded by being a little too careful at the start, so the next thing that happens is that you end up feeling way too late to the party. 6) Coming up on 7:30 to 8:00, you pay the price for being late. You don't find an angle BB an appealing target (understandable), but you don't also engage the broadside BBs since they are so far away. You could have launched your plane and shot them. The above angle is a bit awkward, but you will get used to it. It's all about keeping your guns warm. Kongo (and IJN battleships in general) have a dispersion profile that make them well suited to shoot at extreme range. In any case; keep shooting! Neither target is perfect, but better than not shooting at all. Going after the Dunq. might have been the best choice, since killing a low hp ship is always a goot thing. 7) I notice something else here too: you could get better at planning your moves with regards to turret rotation. If you know that you will move a certain way, start rotating your turrets early to make sure that you don't need to wait too long for them to catch up with you (see point 12). 8) The shots at the Dunq. are probably decently ok (maaaaybe ever so slightly too high), but you get a little unlucky. Keep in mind that all you can ever do is aim and shoot. RNG is not up to you. However.... 9)...starting at about 8:30, you make the crucial mistake that definitely consigned this game to the "meh" category: you keep sailing west into the enemy spawn where there is very little going on. You get another chance around 9:30, which you also pass on. You should have turned into B to keep engaging the battleships at C. You may even have had some nice broadsides, since they were preoccupied with two friendly BBs at C, and also coming under air attack. But, alas, you keep sailing empty - at a time where your team isn't doing too hot, and could have definitely used your help. I'm actually surprised they managed to do so well in spite of your absence. I know how annoying it is to turn as a battleship in a way that prevents you from using all your turrets, but sometimes you must make that "investment" to get payoff later. 10) This one might seem harsh, since you actually end up doing well... but I still thought it was a bit dodgy to go so aggressively after the DD, even if he is low hp. Since the BB AP nerf, AP can only ever get overpens vs DDs, so you should probably have switched to HE (since you knew you had a little bit of time until you would fight him). Kongo's guns are not very good compared to other BBs at close range, and (as indeed happened) turret traverse isn't always fast enough to effectively engage him. In any case, you will often find that charging down a DD like that can end up with you eating a faceful of torps. Thankfully, you didn't; and you finally get a piece of good RNG when the secondaries score multiple hits and kill the DD before he can launch (don't ever trust secondaries to do anything!). 11) DCP on a single fire isn't a good idea unless you know that you will have it back before you get another dot. 12) At about 13:00, you make another decision that I would consider a mistake, and that will also conspire to contribute to a low damage total: you decide to ignore the fight in B and charge after the CL, even if he is faster than you and even if the DD and BB in the middle may very well have needed your guns to win the game. As it turns out, the Izmail and T61 manage to fight off the NY and the enemy BBs make mistakes of their own: not aggressively going after B. The enemy CL, however, does; and since he has no support, it ends badly for him. As you will see on point 14) it sort of ends up working out for you, but I still think you got a bit lucky the two did so well in the middle. 13) Around this same time, your side gets really lucky: the enemy CV decides to continue to pester you. Tbh; this probably saves the game for your team. Had the enemy CV had the wherewithal to kill the low HP Izmail and then gone after the enemy DD, their BBs would have had no trouble turning into B and stopping you as you came out from behind the island. Fortunately, you get attacked by air - which messes up your style and also harms your total damage, but which was ultimately very fortunate for your side. 14) At about 15:30 you get payoff from your position - yes, the one I didn't like - since the enemy BBs are now afraid to show you broadside and decide to faff about rather than go aggressively in and kill your Ismail. I'm pointing this out since it shows how the threat of handing out a paddlin' is an important part of your toolkit as a battleship. Yes, they require good aim (I think your aim is quite decent), and yes they require rng, but when they happen they can ruin your entire game. DDs have the same with torps... the actual damage numbers may not be as high as you'd think, but the threat of a devestating strike keeps players honest. 15) In the closing parts of the game you do a great job of soaking damage (why didn't the CV go after Ismail?!?), and you get some more bad RNG on the Okt. Revolutsiya. The shot on the Iron Duke were led too much, so you just get a pen on a module. By and large, I think you are a decent shot (with some bad RNG), but you didn't position yourself as well as you could have. Also, I think you could have done well to be a little more aggressive at times. The more you get a chance to shoot, the higher the chance that you will score some big citadels. And you don't need a lot of those before damage numbers start climbing considerably higher.
  4. Namolis

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Got a supercontainer and.... 250 flooding flags. More excited to see Santa ride my regular container one the one after (didn't seem like the santa containers included anything special though).