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  1. change in battleship

    Try cit+2 overpens for ~27k damage, also on a Hindenburg. I thought for a second I had finally found a <cit+cit>, but upon further reflection I think it might have been <cit+pen> + <overpen+pen> + <overpen+pen>. Cit+cit is the only one I haven't seen yet. Oh, and I don't really disagree - althgouh I managed a pretty decent record in ranked by sticking to the only class I know how to play reasonably well. There is strong social pressure on these forums to have an antipathy towards battleships and their players, and I get really weary of arguments coming from a place of hate. I don't see you coming from a place of hate, but others certainly do. So that is a balance issue to you. Balance. Given your history with that word. Not variety, not complexity, but... balance. I... ...nevermind.
  2. change in battleship

    Oh... how I love your attempts at deflecting the argument by pulling out the same pseudointellectual claptrap about how it's "asymmetric bla bla bla means we shouldn't try to to balance" - again and again. Which somehow makes it so that it's reasonable to you for the BB vs DD power to be moved further in the direciton of the most influential class. Which, again, has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of threads one way or the other. Hey, feel free to prove me wrong. Just count the number of threads. I can't really be bothered, I'm not the one making the claim that BBs complain more than others, I'm just questioning the forumite groupthink conventional wisdom. That's not my experience. BB and DD do interact, because although the DD wants to stay hidden and the BB wants to avoid the DD, most (all?) DDs will be spotted during a match. When they are spotted, they tend to be primed by everyone who can shoot at them (all good players anyway). BBs operate more effectively when the enemy DDs are gone, so doing damage on those shots is important to them - even if they don't outright kill the DD, they remove enough HP that the DD can be more easily killed by the radar cruiser or gunboat DD next encounter, or at the very least the DD will need to be more cautious. A buff to DD survival will be a direct buff to them as a class. A nerf to how much damage a BB can do when they do get the opportunity is a direct nerf to them as a class. That is not to say that this is good or bad, it's just stating a fact. If a person believes that BBs have too much influence over the outcome of a match and DDs too little, it's perfectly reasonable to want to strengthen DDs vs BBs in the DDs favor. However, last time El2azer and I spoke, he made comments to the contrary. That's why I'm calling him out on it. If he believes DDs have more influence than BBs, it makes no sense to give further buffs to the already stronger class at the expense of the weaker. Oh, and in case you were wondering: personally, I believe that BB AP is largely fine, but with one important exception: the "double hit" bug. Very often, single hits are counted more than once. I have seen all combos except citadel+citadel, but they happen more often on DDs (obviously cit+<whatever> only happens on other ships). On DDs, the pen+overpen combo seems especially prevalent. This means that you can sometimes get two hits on a DD for over 10k dmg. Fix that bug by all means, but further tweaks are not needed.
  3. change in battleship

    Your opinion. Also not my point. If the perception is that there are more BB complaints than others, then I'm not convinced that is correct. You yourself has stated that DDs have more influence over the match than a BB. Yet, when DD want more power vs BB, that is not "whining", but when a BB makes a complaint it is whining "almost always". The level of doublethink you are capable of continues to amaze me...
  4. This one. I used to love dodging around in my Roon.
  5. That the "game design expert" talking again....?
  6. change in battleship

    Do you have any numbers on that? I'm pretty certain that you will see more threads complaining about the game from a DD or CA perspective. This one among them.
  7. New Japan tier 10 cruiser

    Almost exactly two years ago, they shaved 4k HP off Zao. I think they should consider giving those back. That would probably be enough of a buff.
  8. You probably quit a match early when you died and the restarted a new one. Your previous team lost, so the star loss reflects that match, not the one where you were top of your team. Otherwise: screenshot please.
  9. Why ranked stinks

    Ranked is just horrible. I progressed to -32 stars (8.0), and then I just stopped dead. I think this season will be one of pain and suffering and questioning why I play this game. I truly wish there was some other way of getting my hands on that loot.
  10. Is it me or Nagato is just bad?

    You are using the +11% accuracy upgrade, right?
  11. Is it me or Nagato is just bad?

    I didn't. I tried to explain why Nagato is a harder ship to play than Fuso. Also, I'm a firm believer in the possibility of improving oneself. Look at my Colorado stats. That's where I was back when I ground through my first line...
  12. Is it me or Nagato is just bad?

    Nagato is an OK ship. It's not very bad, it's not very good, it's OK. The problem is that you graduate to Nagato from Fuso. Your complaint in particular, that you struggle to feel relevant, is one that I understand very well. It certainly is less forgiving than Fuso. Let's look at the pair: Speed is 25-ish knots. Medium speed for a battleship - not fast, but there are worse. Same as Fuso (although maps are slightly larger). HP is better than Fuso. Fuso didn't have a lot of superstructure to get targeted by HE, but honestly the Nagato is as least as tanky as Fuso if you angle. If you don't, you take citadels. As did fuso (and Kongo). AA is meh, but Fuso is the same. Range is slightly less on Nagato than Fuso, but that isn't the end of the world. So all in all, the differences here are not that important. The real difference is in the guns. Nagato only has 8 guns, while Fuso had 12. In rl; Nagato was known as a ship with a fast reload, so, obviously, she should have less than standard reload at 1.9 shots per minute in game (right?), while Fuso has better than standard (2.1). This translates to a drop in DPM from 257040 to 191520 with AP. That, however, is not the full story. As far as we know, the dispersion ellipses of the two are funcionally the same at all ranges where both can shoot (maxDispersion is different because the range is different). However, Fuso has 1.5 sigma (worst among battleships), but Nagato has 2.0 (among battleships, only Yamato has better at 2.1). In case you don't know what sigma is, let me just tell you that it is a parameter that determines how close shells fall to the middle of the dispersion ellipse. A higher number means more concentration towards the center. This means that Nagato has an approsimately equally high shell density right in the middle of the dispersion (in addition to each shell doing more damage), but this is compensated by a lower shell density towards the edges of the ellipse - even before the fact that you have fewer shells in total comes into play and makes it even worse. In practice, this means that if your shot is perfectly on target every time, you have a nice time in Nagato, and will enjoy the overmatching 410mm with better damage. Hopefully, you see the problem. Once your aim gets even a little off, your damage will soon suffer. This also influences target selection - there are shots that you miss no matter how good you are in Nagato, because the target dodges after your shells left the barrels - while in a Fuso, you'd still have decent shell coverage in the area he dodged to. It quickly becomes a game of trying to guess not only speed and heading of a target, but what he is likely to do after you've fired. On my part; even after almost 9000 games of trying to improve my gunnery, I still miss shots almost every match. However, if your hit ratio now is ~20%, you can probably improve that to ~30% with enough pracitce. Hit ratio is only a guideline ofc - if you feel like you are holding off on a difficult shot simply to pad your HR stats, you're doing it wrong. So: you need to get a little closer in Nagato than in Fuso to give enemies less time to dodge and you need to aim for battleships at long range (where Fuso shells wouldn't have felt very strong). You also have less in return for highly speculative shots (DD at 15.6km for instance). Forget about secondaries. Don't run ahead just because you read some of the (*sigh*) "BBaby" threads that exists on this forum - those people are ranting and probably don't know what they are talking about. Don't sit too far back either. Stick with your fleet, and move as far ahead as you can feel safe against torps (by having DDs in front of you to spot).