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  1. Poll: Old or new T9 USN CA?

    Stock, it's Buffalo definitely. Fully upgraded, I feel like the Balti was better. Buffalo has barely better DPM and is less maneuverable, worse concealment and much worse if only front guns are available. I feel like you go from T8 Balti to T9 Buffalo with the theoretical upgrade of going from 3 to 4 turrets (an otherwise common way to go up a tier in this game) but the reload drops to the point where you gain very little from it. Idk. Maybe I just need to l2p a bit in her. I am a bit disappointed though.
  2. Poll: Old or new T9 USN CA?

    Simple question: Which of the two ships, Baltimore and Buffalo do you prefer as the tier 9 USN CA? Why? (I know Baltimore had its stats changed several times, but I mean the ship in its final T9 iteration before demotion to T8)
  3. HSF Camo is amazing. I can play T10 on my free account with no worries about money (I think on balance I even make a slight profit) and that's a first for me. As an added benefit, it looks good too. :) Objectively though, the Type 20 camo is better. +100% XP > +50% XP + 50% Com.XP... but it also gives +20% credits. But ofc. it costs a fortune in dubloons.
  4. 0.7.5 and new EULA

    Double post
  5. 0.7.5 and new EULA

    This is probably the worst one: For thos who doesn't know what this is, the "Federal Arbitration Act" was passed in Congress to limit the amount of litigation taking place. It was intended to be an option between two professional parties of equal standing. However, companies in the US have discovered its power in protecting corporate rights from consumers. It's not without reason that it has become widespread. The jist of it is that an "arbitrator" is selected in lieu of a judge in court. Since you get to pick your arbitrator, the company will have experience with who they want and you won't. Being an arbitrator is a profession, so the arbitrator will be hugely incetivized to not be seen as "company-unfriendly" (and be stricken from the list of arbitrators the company wants to work with)... and even if the consumer somehow wins through in this biased situation, the result will be confidential. The next consumer of the 1000 that had the same problem goes into it with no knowledge, whereas the company knows the result of the last case. Oh and no appeals. Naturally. Arbitration basically means that if WG NA does something truly egregious - either through policy or just an unfaithful employee - you have no real way of fighting them and no rights. But, hey, judging from the reactions on Reddit, the American players are totally happy with this. So all power to WG, I guess.
  6. The Carrier Problem

    I agree with you. Normal weapons do not usually degrade (turret destruction is possible but rare); and even, perversely, improve when your ship is shot to bits (thanks to the idiotic AR skill). AA power on the same ship routinely swings by an order of magnitude depending on circumstances. A further gripe I have towards the CV class is that I have noticed sometimes that even with very good CV players facing off against very bad ones, they don't always get the damage numbers, but they always settle matches. If the side with a bad CV has a few AA ships, they can stay relatively safe inside the small bubble(s) provided, but this hampers maneuvers so much that the side with the freedom to move around at leasure (thanks to total air control) will catch their enemies in crossfires and invariably win. So, yes, that Minotaur or DM or (upcoming) Wuss will be able to provide "teamwork", but only in the sense that you work together to make your own motti.
  7. French battleships talk

    Well... I think the man makes a couple of good points. 1) They surely do not need 27 or 29 kts from a gameplay perspective. The design speed would seem to be perfectly reasonable when compared to the likes of NM, Colo, Fuso, Naga, etc. They do occasionally stretch it a couple of knots (eg. Monty got 2 kts for free, as did Bayern), but that's it (And Colorado still trods along at 21 kts). 2) Once they did want to include some fantasy upgrades to make T6 and T7 not be at odds with the... *sigh* "flavor" of the French BBs (being the speed demons of the BB world I guess)... ...they did some extensive remodelling as detailed in that post on the NA. This shows that, yes, Lesta actually does care about these things. The lazy way would be to just smack the drawings as they were into the game, tack on some 40mm quads and then just type the numbers for speed into the code that they wanted. But no, they went through all the trouble of imagining the upgrade taking place in rl with the French navy extending the ships and swapping out the machinery. So there is a basis there for discussion.
  8. Battleship Plague 1 - the Inevitability

    I personally believe that a player has potentially more influence over the outcome of the match in a DD than in a BB. Do you disagree with that?
  9. Soviet battlesh... cruiser Kronshtadt

    How can they say that this ship is somehow less of a cruiser than Moskva?!? Doesn't tiering mean anything anymore?
  10. The Mighty Mo

    Good stuff man! You won't regret getting her! Segals voice is gone afaik. I don't know if that is due to the contract running out or just that his commands are a bit dated compared to the new ones available.
  11. The Mighty Mo

    I remember when I first got her, I had a loooong winning streak in her... at the end of the day I started dying because I lost all respect for any opposition and charged into hopeless situations. It even worked out a couple of times. Missouri is not afraid of anything. Cruiser, destroyer, battleship or even aircraft - she has tools to deal with it all. @theta0123 If you are still 250k away from her, you are in a hurry, I'm afraid. WG has said she will be gone in the not too distant future. You should make sure you have a plan to blaze through those free XP and keep up with the dates so you don't miss her. Personally, I run free account and I started saving up free XP almost as soon as she was released (having regrettably blown about 150k free XP just prior to her release). I started saving in December 2016 and estimated I would be done in 3/4 of a year - a prediction that turned out to be almost dead on. I think I got her i late August or early September. Longest term project I've had in a game! :)
  12. Roma - pay to win at MAX

    Yes, 3 is certainly possible. Roma does 12000 dmg, so 4 would have been 48k damage. 3 cits + 3 regular pens (accounting for some saturation) sounds like what this salvo could have been. It means he knew where to aim and then also had some good RNG with his dispersion. From reviews I've seen, Roma has inconsistent dispersion - but good RNG will still happen occasionally. Keep in mind that Romas guns have very high penetration for their size. This page lists the Roma as having 499 mm of penetration even at 15km. They were probably the most powerful 381mm guns fitted to a battleship (downsides in rl were high barrel wear, potentially long reloads and fairly high "natural spread"). This means that your only real defense at anything except extreme range - even as a Yamato - is to angle and angle properly. The peculiarities of this game means that Roma can't overmatch 27mm or 32mm bows. So it will still autobounce there, no matter the penetration. Now; if you look at Yamato through the armor viewer in game, you can see the weird, octagonal shape of the citadel (unique to Yamato). This makes it more of a challenge: sometimes you think that you have angled well, and then in reality the octagon has a flat side showing and your bow is not angled enough to auto bounce. You need 30 degress or less to auto bounce all shots. 45 or more and you will not auto bounce any shots. The Yamato is pretty wide, so the tapering part of the bow (flattening it a bit more than just looking at the headings of the ships would suggest) must also be taken into account here. So... Without knowing anything about the situation where it happened, it sounds very plausable that you could eat a shot like that. Unlucky, yes, and well played to the opponent, but still very much the rules Working as Intended™.
  13. Roma - pay to win at MAX

    Yamato has this weakspot underneath the #1 turret. The height and shape of the citadel coupled with the fact that the side part is only 350mm means that it's very easy to score big hits on a Yamato who isn't careful. Most battleship guns in the game can penetrate well over 350mm of armor if you get close enough. Tier has nothing to do with that. The rest is up to RNGsus to give the player a nice dispersion.
  14. My thinking was that USN already have the longest DCP time, so they would get the largest amount of seconds as a bonus. KM has 15 seconds, so they are not too shabby either. I have generally gone with surivivability to secondaries on the ships that use them - they are located in the area that most people target after all - but if you don't find yourself losing secondaries often (or don't use a secondary build) maybe this one is equally good or better.
  15. As a serious question here: Have anyone understood the thinking behind the boiler/beercan/septic tank/whatever on the top? I like the rest of the camo, but that part just seems odd. Is it a reference to something?