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  1. I'm more interested in which extra consumable they are going to give it for gimmick's sake.
  2. So i just browsed through this topic.
  3. Not much else you can do when facts and logic bounce off from you people like cannonballs from CSS Virginia.
  4. Sadly i don't know who since i haven't been active here for very long. I was referring to this: Just wanted to make sure i'm not trapped in groundhog day or something.
  5. Is it just me or does anyone else get some deja vu vibes?
  6. The Mighty Jingles featured a game i had yesterday. Now my life is complete.
  7. Ocean Soul of course.
  8. Guess which Yamamoto campaign task i'm trying to get done? I'll give you a hint: It involves citadels.
  9. How about USS Brooklyn or Wichita?
  10. I thought about commenting on that but mentioning tier 10 BBs and citadels in the same sentence nowadays is a joke anyway.
  11. And to be fair that fragility comes mostly from the fact that you can citadel an angled Yamato pretty easily thanks to the armor scheme.
  12. Guess it's too late at this point but.
  13. I wasn't talking about the Conqueror or Flamu specifically. I just gave an example against balancing the game by looking at "raw numbers" like Delta-Leader suggested.