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  1. Watch_Symphogear_GX

    [YURI] The purest form of love - Recruitment thread

    friendly bump
  2. Watch_Symphogear_GX

    Suggestions thread

    Me and some clanmates changed names and they all start the same way. Problem is, there's no way to know who is who without right clicking and checking the profile. Making the division window larger doesn't help. Any chance of getting a fix so we can see the full name at least when hovering over the player?
  3. So people don't complain that I only put Symphogear, Symphobump #20 with Tsubasa and Fate.
  4. Symphobump #18 with Kanade!
  5. Symphobump #16 with Bikki
  6. Tsubasa and Maria for Symphobump #15
  7. Watch_Symphogear_GX

    New CVs

    My thoughts on the CV rework now. Well, it's pretty obvious it's not working. There's two main issues as I see it: - Excessive spotting by CVs which makes surface ships (especially DDs that rely on concealment) not fun to play. - Excessive power of AA which makes CVs not fun to play. So my suggestions would be: - Aircraft can't spot for the team anymore. A plane spotted ship is only visible in the minimap for everyone but the owner of the plane. Applies to catapult launched planes as well (or not, I'd leave that to WG). A CV can still strike as easily, but the surface ship only needs to worry about the planes when being spotted, not the rest of the fleet as well. - Reverse some of the CV nerfs/AA changes of patch Haven't thought much about the specifics. I'm specifically mentioning the AA damage shift from flak to continuous, and the "F-spam" nerf. I was thinking either removing one of them, or half reversing both. Instant plane return, with the more powerful AA and slower plane return to carriers should be fine. Same if only the AA damage change is reversed. Regardless, I'd say WG can figure out the specifics, if they were to go with this. This way you're solving the two biggest problems, with an important CV nerf and a considerable buff to compensate. Oh, and I'd also hardcap CVs to one per team.
  8. Symphobump #12 w/ Tsubasa and Kanade
  9. And Symphobump #11
  10. Symphobump #8 featuring Best Girl.
  11. Symphobump #7 with an awesome poster for the first season!