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  1. Artech52

    Stuck on "logging in"

    Good idea, tried adding it to Firewall exceptions and loading the game with that off entirely and it still does it. Ugh.
  2. Artech52

    Stuck on "logging in"

    Just tried that, didn't know the client had that function but unfortunately doesn't seem to have fixed it. Thanks for the reply though!
  3. Artech52

    Stuck on "logging in"

    So when I try to load the game it goes as far as "Logging in" with the spinning WOWS logo and then just hangs there. Issue has persisted through a reinstall of the game and deleting the wargaming.net folder out of appdata. First noticed it on Friday but not played in about a week so could've been longer. Any ideas? EDIT: It doesn't do this with World of Tanks, if that helps.