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  1. Artech52

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Yeah if this happens I'm gone. I have a lot of premiums and a huge part of the appeal of them is that they stay "as is" with the only exceptions being changes made to the entire game, which have so far been completely fine with me. Can't possibly trust WG again if they start doing this crap and I'll uninstall on the spot if it goes live. Dubloon compensation isn't just inadequate, it's a straight-up insult. What am I gonna do, spend it on other premiums that they'll nerf later too? Ha, no. Don't punish your customers for your own sloppy QA. I'm just glad my premium time runs out in a day or two, so at least they timed this well.
  2. Artech52

    This is why CV rework is so important...

    Yeah, and in this case all one thousand of them have been translated into Japanese, then Dutch, then Swahili, and back again. It's... kinda unclear. From what I can see the enemy Hakuryu quite soundly spanked OP's team's Midway in terms of planes shot down but didn't kill anything - got the top spot regardless though so must've done a hell of a lot of damage. But the Midway did still come in 5th so he probably wasn't a complete scrub there that was rendered helpless, he must've got some good hits in or he'd be a good bit lower down. I'm all for the CV rework but I'm not sure what point OP is trying to make here. Neither CV actually killed anything, both came in on the top scorers of their respective teams, and both teams killed enough of each other that it obviously wasn't a complete steamroll. Looks to me like sure the Midway got outplayed but it wasn't completely one-sided. Not to mention both teams had surviving ships at the end so must've been a damn close fight. Care to add some context or at least any kind of elaboration, P2win? Also does this fall under the name and shame rules?
  3. I wish the Supertesters luck with Vanguard (and with convincing the devs that their first draft is awful) because those stats as they are now look like absolute trash. 8x15' guns at tier 8 - ok, not good but could make that work, but with that 30s reload and 72s(!) traverse? Are you actually kidding? I've learned entire new languages worth of swear-words hearing people talk about Monarch and this initial version of Vanguard is even worse than that. ... They could give Dreadnought water-balloons for shells though and I'd still buy that. Damnit all.
  4. Artech52

    (speculation) what will ruski battleships be like?

    Nah Mars-class has launch bays, that looks like a full battery of lances so most likely it'll be the Russian tier 6. Back on topic though: an attempt at a serious reply. Tiers 3-5 (or 2-5 with a pre-dreadnought) I'm pretty sure they could fill out with real ships, but 6+ is going to be paper unless they resort to including loan/reparation ships in the main tech tree in which case we might see Arkhangelsk (British Revenge-class) at tier 6. Much more likely that'd be a premium, though but it's worth a mention. I'm willing to bet they'll end up horrendously OP though, given WGs track record with Russian paper ships I'm not optimistic. The Khabarovsk was bad enough but the Okhotnik is just plain silly - I have doubts that thing is even seaworthy let alone as effective a ship as it is.
  5. Artech52

    British tier VIII premium ship HMS Vanguard

    Other than being a significantly worse version of the KGV.
  6. Artech52

    British tier VIII premium ship HMS Vanguard

    Not exactly sure how a grossly inferior knockoff version of the KGV is in any way a "very very good ship" but ok. Unless this was to deliberately troll the newbie.
  7. Artech52

    Ships that need a buff

    It's not about overmatch, I never even mentioned that. It's about letting it actually use the advantages it has, rather than having them essentially wasted (thanks to dispersion so horrible it's practically a meme) leaving it with only the worst parts of the IJN BB line and none of the best. Leaving out the Myogi-Ishi switch-round idea, it should be buffed into a state where the tradeoffs it makes in armour and turret quantity actually matter. Edit: I just noticed it has a 33s reload as well. What the actual hell. That needs to go too if it's going to stay a tier 4 tech tree ship.
  8. Artech52

    Ships that need a buff

    Sorry should have clarified: by quirks I was more referring to the strange turret arrangement and fewer but higher calibre guns than her peers, combined with an armour scheme that punishes you for bringing most of those guns to bear (or makes you fire while retreating). A ship that has some solid advantages like that but requires more skill/experience to use them compared to the tech tree is what a premium should be, while the tech tree version should be an introduction to the rest of the line for newbies.
  9. Artech52

    Ships that need a buff

    Haha let's not open that can of worms :P I know the inaccuracy of those guns is for a reason but I think they went way too far with it. IMO they got the Myogi and Ishizuchi the wrong way round. A (somewhat nerfed) version of the Ishi should've been in the tech tree, with a buffed version of Myogi as a premium. That way the tech tree tier 4 would be an intuitive and reasonable transition to the Kongo, while experienced players who can handle the quirks could pick up the Myogi* as a more niche ship with a higher skill floor.
  10. Artech52

    Ships that need a buff

    A very valid point. Why not both? Nerfing two ships to the level of one that's absolute garbage is a bad idea. Buffing Myogi up to their level is an equally bad idea (though dear god they'd have to add guided missiles to make that happen). But a small buff to Myogi's gunnery handling in conjunction with an unspecified (and out of the scope of my proposal anyway) nerf to those would go a long way to making it viable and more importantly; fun.
  11. Artech52

    Ships that need a buff

    I'm gonna say Myogi. Yeah, totally a rare opinion right? I expect there's at least one mention per page of this thread. I know there are lots of other candidates but putting this out because it was bad BEFORE power creep set in. The ship is a complete mess, arguably the worst tier 4 BB, and WOWS-Numbers seems to support this as on there it's the only ship of its tier/type with a sub-50% win rate. The other reason I'm saying this ship is because they don't really need to do a lot to fix it: tighten up the dispersion to compensate for the low number of guns and awkward placement and you've got a great mid-range damage dealer, rather than the floating dieceroll we have now. The proto-Kongo it should be rather than the mess of contradictory features it is (good range but can't hit for crap outside of point-blank? Evidently made to get in close but horrible armour for when it gets there?). With the likes of the Orion and Kaiser out there, boosting the accuracy on a ship that's already very awkward to use isn't exactly going to flip the table as far as balance is concerned. I'm not even going to start on how there's a tier 4 premium IJN BB which is so much better it's like night and day. They should've made a version of that the tech tree ship rather than this mess.
  12. Artech52

    U.S New cruisers need Nerf immediately

    Because playing tactically is overpowered, apparently. I recommend learning the strengths and weaknesses of what you're whining about before making threads like this. Then you might know why certain ships play like they do and how to deal with it.
  13. Artech52

    Battleship gun noise

    Ok, bit of a stupid question to those better versed in history and naval combat than me but I've been wondering; How the HELL didn't the crews of battleships, in particular the gunnery ones, not go deaf? They'd be standing in constant close proximity to guns all the way up to 16inch etc. which must be insanely loud. Was ear protection really sophisticated enough back then that it mitigated it?
  14. Artech52

    Would you like co-op battles to be made 8v12?

    As a shameless co-op main, I love this idea.