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  1. Viperthought

    Daily Shipments

    I don't quite understand how we get Daily shipments. Is it something we are only able to get up to a certain level? As I don't see them
  2. Viperthought

    Halloween - Previous Events

    That's all well and good that the 3rd and 4th directive missions use T3. But that doesn't help me with the fact that the 1st and 2nd Directive missions for 7 Stars need T5.
  3. Viperthought

    Halloween - Previous Events

    Why is the standard scenario T3? Why not T5? What is the point in having RN missions which need scenarios at T5 or higher, then give us one which is T3? In the words of Dustin Hoffman.. "Bad Form Wargaming, Very Bad Form!"
  4. Viperthought

    Update 0.7.10 - General Feedback

    Well considering that the Daring apparently only had a 30kt speed I'm quite happy with 35. Otherwise yes, I agree that if the hull is changed, then the speed for the Jutland should be changed too. This. Not so much for the containers. The tech tree is available now...so you have a choice of a very small random chance of unlocking a DD mission, or just playing and earning XP to get the same DD. I know which one I would take. But I agree that I don't know why the Scenario is T3. All other scenarios are T6 upwards so why not this one? And requiring a Cossack to complete some of the RN missions? really?
  5. Viperthought

    Royal Navy Event - Absolutely frustrating/unfair

    I have to admit I'm becoming pretty frustrated with the crates myself. I have the Acasta, and the only reason I got that was due to the apology RN crate that they sent out to those of us who had experienced some issues due to random disconnections. I have been playing since the first week, and although I didn't get all the crates or get into the hall of fame in my first two, that's still roughly 30 crates that I have opened so far with absolutely no ship missions, which means that I can't complete some of the T7-T8 DD missions unless I fork out what could end up to be a significant amount of cash. So far the only thing I have gotten out of this is a Monarch due to me levelling my KGV by doing these missions.
  6. Viperthought

    British Heavy cruisers please...

    I've read several articles regarding this topic, and have thought about it plenty. The way I see it, the most sensible way to go about bringing in British CA's would be this. Like the americans, split either at t4 or t5. Then bring in the heavy cruisers that the UK actually built, and use those as a stepping point to some of the British battle cruisers. That would, for me, be the sensible way that wargaming to go about doing it. The ships existed, so there is photographs to go by, plus the approved and used blueprints. It brings in two types of ships for the RN that people have been asking for, so it ticks some boxes and makes some people happy - more cruisers and bbs for the RN! It also negates the problem of having to do a massive amount of research and theorycrafting of blueprints for ships that never existed in the first place (yes I know that the T8 - T10 RN battleships didn't either) before releasing a line, which in turn gives them more time to look for and make these blueprint ships for in the future. Anyway that's my two pence put forward. I'd be interested to know what you all think.