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  1. elmir108

    Update 0.8.7: French Destroyers – Part 2

    That +1 -1 matchmaking is only for noobs like you, literally always bad players are suggesting this
  2. elmir108

    Submarines are Coming

    Finally it is coming, but I guess it will take 2 more years MINIMUM so that they can be introduced in the live server, then why do people complain so much like they will release it tomorrow??? I think the best choice with the submarines is that you, wg, should just fix other problems in the game, like the CV....... and then do with the submarines, since I think that the idea of doing even tiers for subs just like CV is bad it will end up with the same story as with the carriers just stop that, we want all tiers ( from 6, to 7 to 8 to 9 to 10 please!) It makes no sense to skip tiers, what a dumb idea. By this way people progress MUCH FASTER THAN THEY LEARN ON THEIR WAY UP TO THE TOP.