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  1. elmir108

    Update 0.8.7: French Destroyers – Part 2

    That +1 -1 matchmaking is only for noobs like you, literally always bad players are suggesting this
  2. elmir108

    Submarines are Coming

    Finally it is coming, but I guess it will take 2 more years MINIMUM so that they can be introduced in the live server, then why do people complain so much like they will release it tomorrow??? I think the best choice with the submarines is that you, wg, should just fix other problems in the game, like the CV....... and then do with the submarines, since I think that the idea of doing even tiers for subs just like CV is bad it will end up with the same story as with the carriers just stop that, we want all tiers ( from 6, to 7 to 8 to 9 to 10 please!) It makes no sense to skip tiers, what a dumb idea. By this way people progress MUCH FASTER THAN THEY LEARN ON THEIR WAY UP TO THE TOP.
  3. elmir108

    Update 0.8.6: French Destroyers

    So many ships get a nerf. Henri gets 0,7 seconds longer reload, Jutland gets 0,5 longer reload and conqueror a major change. BUT the Wargaming bias nerf their "precious" alien ship grozovoi by 0,2 seconds! Are you kidding me!? This destroyer is by far the best DD in the game, much to it's large choice of consumables and ship characteristics and WG bastards just change the reload time by 0,2. Come on, you do that just because it is your "nation"....
  4. Can I see the results of the first weekend? I have received like 150k damage ( without dying) and i still did not get any rewards
  5. great update! only I would like that flooding is more deadly than fire because you eat more shells than torpedoes, so getting hit by torps is rarer. I would make it last 50-60 sec and higher damage than fire by 1,5x
  6. Fighters are totally useless, seen cases where torpedo/bomber planes passed right through the fighters patrolling and the fighters just sleep
  7. elmir108

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Just it was easier to nerf the damage potential of old cv's. You WG wasted way too much time in the rework to make it good for us but you totally rushed with the update which was totally unnecessary. You should wait longer to have full opinion from the community... Seeing that the rework is OVERALL NOT GOOD, You should start doing something about the rework, i prefer to put back old ones.. but... now you WANT TO ADD BRITISH CVS VERY EARLY AFTER THE MAJOR UPDATE? it makes nosense......... adding new content on a new fresh gameplay which neeeds adjustments... think about it wargaming.... Plenty of proofs that carriers do massively low damage that they aren't even useful for their team... plus for the emblems in profile.. where you need to do like 100k+ dmg in 100 battles seems now impossible... Rework is a unfortunatly a failure .. it could have gone on an easier way wargaming ..... without changin the WHOLE gameplay.
  8. elmir108

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    You literally killed the whole tactical gameplay. Now you are just forced to do 1 think. Attack ship brainlessly on and on and you won't lose any planes as a penalty. - No more spotting - No more counter-cv - No more cover for your allied ships - No more flanking I have to admit the rework looks nice, especially the visuals but .... it went too far, it is now just 1 boring thing with no tactics. Plus you have to balance EVERY ship in the game because of AA rework which is ....kinda... fine but the carrier rework needs another rework too.. atleast bring us CONTROLLABLE fighters, everyone will appreciate it.