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  1. Suggestions thread

    It would be nice if all or nothing systems were changed. Mainly: 1. Torpedo damage to saturated area. Instead of 0 damage it should be something like 5-10%. Call it shock damage to still intact parts of hull or what ever, but some damage should go through so ships can't take 5+ torpedoes with no damage. 2. Repair of fire and flood (and is light damage 100% also?) damage should not be 100%, but something like 90-95% so some of damage would stuck even when repaired. Those would take worst out of extreme results rewarding hitting and making some damage, but not making torps and fire too powerful.
  2. "Retarded"

    I just don't understand this mentality of "It's internet, just take it". Internet doesn't mean everyone should just spawn any bile they want. Everyone doesn't need to be offence avoidant (as there will always be someone who gets offended no matter what you say), but there still should be some kind of manners and politeness. Sure free speech gives people right to have bad manners and be unpolite, but then they should carry their responsibilities and do not hide behind "it's internet, it's your problem" excuses. If someone acts in bad manners it is ok to call him out for that. Then it's up for that person to either apologize and change their behavior or just accept that people see them as rude and insensitive. If people want to be rude and offend someone, sure they have right to do that, but they should not pretend that it is ok and normal because this is internet. How people behave when there is no, or only slight, consequences for them on their behavior tells much about their personality. And certainly they should not get themselves offended if someone then judges them on their (bad) manners. Even if someone needs to be rude and offensive (for what ever reason) it should be done in skilled manner and not just throwing out what ever comes in mind offending people that were not meant to be offended or using words he is not actually meaning (like most of "cancer" and "retard" comments are used). This is same as with swear words where many use them without knowing what the words actually mean and not thinking what they are saying. If there is need to be intentionally offensive (or swear) then at least it should be done in proper manner and take responsibility on what is said.
  3. Campaign "The Gold of France"

    Easiness depends lot on ships you have. With Richelieu or T9/10 BB it will go fast or with Aigle. If you need to do 1 and 2 star missions repeatedly it will be much harder and slower. Not all have shinies before they grind them.
  4. For new players this will be problem. For more experienced players this can be avoided with free commander exp. Not an optimal solution, and will kick newer players hard, but not an catastrophe either once you got 19 point captain and free captain exp starts to flow.
  5. Overpens.....effing overpens

    One thing they could do is make "overpens" in citadel do more damage than 10%. Overpen system is ok when thinking about shells going through crew accommodation areas etc. but having shells go through the most important vital components like high pressure steam turbines or ammo storage should do more. Either WG should model heavy machinery inside hull or make it so that "overpen" on citadel area would give regular pen damage. That would fix most stupid things, where you want to offer full broadside because then enemy will just make minimal damage instead of wrecking your ship.
  6. Narai

    Did you miss "You can't keep blaming bots and you team when the mission is as simple as "sail forward, kill red stuff""? You can blame bots and your team, if they do horrible things. That mission is easy if you have team working together aggressively. It is also one of easiest missions to fail because losing a single transporter means five stars is gone. Single player can't keep them all alive if rest of the team decides to wander of or snipe from behind.
  7. Narai

    Blue part: You did have coordination. Not necessary spoken coordination, but group of players playing together. Second you had a plan, push forward and kill everything. That is more than what I have seen in most randoms. Purple part: The moment bots sink first transporter you can't you lose fifth star. If team's "tactic" is not push forward and kill everything then things get much harder. No matter how good you are, but one ship can't keep all the transporters alive if rest of the team hangs back behind transporters. Example from today: "Protect the transporters" and several "wilco" comments to it at the start of the battle. I sail 1-2km in front of first transporter and six other ships are all humped up around last transporter. Get down from your high horse. Look at post #8 and tell it is simply l2p and not fault of "the team". If team stays together and pushes together, then by all means, it can be easy. When team hangs back or go sail to edges of map then single ship just can't carry it. In some of the earlier missions it was enough if some ships just sailed around and shot stuff. In this bot's spawn so close to transporters and and transporters have no brains so mission, or at least five stars, will be easy to fail when "sail forward, kill red stuff" is too difficult for half the team.
  8. Suggestions thread

    What more they would bring than a regular DD? No torps. Less guns. Smaller so less hp. Only advantage would be camo, but even DD's would slaughter them. As far as I know corvettes were slow ships (around 20knots) with minimal surface fighting capability aimed at cheap antisubmarine warfare. Frigates and US DE's were slightly faster and slightly better armed, but still inferior to fleet DD's or fleet "torpedo boats". Corvettes, motor torpedo boats or gunboats would only be greatly gimped DD's. They would not bring much to game unless used as squads or having several respawns. As nice as it would be to have more ships and classes I just don't see economic box for much weaker ships than DD's.
  9. Taking a Bullet for Your Team

    When comparing ability to influence battle and winning it might be that a good player, especially unicums, can be worth 3-4 potatoes. In that sense "do not take the bullet for the team" might be good advice for top players. What I find bad and wrong is that advice can easily roll down the hill. When average and bad players stop playing for the team (as bad a job they do in it) because "good players say never take a bullet for a team" we will end up in very bad place. Battles won't be 12 vs 12 team battles, but just 24 players trying to farm as much as they can while willingly sacrificing team members. Personally I play (too) aggressively for the team with low survival rate, but disproportionally high WR. I rather have that than playing safe and sound and optimizing personal performance. It is just more fun and I would prefer that meta to 1 vs 23 meta. Step from "I better play for myself because it is better for the team" is too close to "just play for yourself and sacrifice team" for my liking. I'd rather have (even bad) co-operative play for the team than seeing game meta go towards personal performance and stat whoring.
  10. Sunray in the Darkness ?

    Did this happen in random battle with 6 strangers? Or perhaps with coordinated team where some players did know how battle works and what should be done? Trying to do it with randoms is totally different experience than doing it in organized team with actual battle plan and knowledge of how battle works. For some reason I just do not believe this "did it easily on first try" and "not even remotely challenging" to hold true to anything else than organised super division or veeeeeeeery exceptional battle where someone tries to lead battle and rest actually following instructions. Go try it with randoms ten times and provide ten consecutive replies how you can "easily" do it with 5 stars and even save all three towers.
  11. Halloween victory glitch

    Same here. I tried to send reply file to customer support, so they could try to check what is wrong, but then I noticed those Halloween replies can be 4-5 MB and support page does only allow reply files up to 3.9MB.
  12. HE-Meta and impact on Modules

    So what happened between salvoes 1 and 4? If decline (in percentages) is for example a) 90%, 70%, 30%, 0% with 100% bonus b) 50%, 0%, 0%, 0% with no bonus then there is meaningful difference. Also how was progression with Marblehead? Orion is "special" as it's HE is more powerful than Montana HE. It might be that Orion HE will slaughter everything on it's own tier and not give representative values for "normal" CL/CA and BB guns. I appreciate the work. I just try to figure out if decline is happening at same speed or not.
  13. HE-Meta and impact on Modules

    Thanks for checking these on training room. Did you note down how many AA/secondaries went down with each salvo? I mean there's only so many AA guns on certain area and if you shoot enough they will all get broken with or without 100% bonus. For example Marblehead vs Kongo there is 199 HE hits and 10 broken AA and 176 hits for 7 AA, so not big difference. If after 50 shells situation would be 1 broken AA versus 5 broken it would mean that +100% is important, but just can't hold against too many shells. Where shells land also has big importance. I have managed full HE salvo with Lion to upper belt of BB and dealt 10k damage with no AA lost. On other battle I managed to hit with just single shell from salvo and broke 13 AA guns but didn't do a single hp damage. As others have pointed out, most lost AA is short range 12.7/20/25/37/40mm guns. AA specced ships tend to have most of their important AA on larger turrets (long range and manual AA) where losing numerous 20mm guns means little for actual AA.
  14. Primetime

    It all depends on time zone and daily time table of individual player. Even now we have some players who can play at most one hour before going to bed because they need to wake up at 04 CET and be at work 05 CET. If prime time was changed to 21-00 CET it would totally exclude them from CW (23-02 local time). (ps. I think you got time zones mixed. When it's 19 CET it is 20 local time here in North (and in Eastern Europe), so for us current prime time is 20-23 local time.) Best would be lengthen prime time to something like 18-24 CET so early time zone "early birds" could also participate and late time zone "only after kids are in bed" people would also have some more extra time. As far as I have seen there has been no problem with MM currently, so little longer prime time should not break it.
  15. To many invissible ships

    This ^^^ Some BB's have only 11-12km spotting range and 30s reload while only 20s camo loss on shooting. They are constantly "dropping out of view" when fight is happening in 14-16km. It can be annoying sometimes. It would be better to have camo loss for 1.5 to 2.0 times ships reload. If player wishes to shoot constantly he would be in constant spot. If he wishes to drop out of sight he would need to fire for some time. Not current "here I am, not any more, here I am, not anymore...."