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  1. moth_hunter

    Punished for killing a pink player?!

    BigBadVuk, on 13 November 2015 - 09:23 PM, said: From EULA: Spoiler 4. Inappropriate conduct in-game/Fair play principles The following actions are prohibited in game: 4.01. Intentionally damaging allied ships (team damage). .... It doesnt say shoot freely at pink players. IT clearly says dont shoot intentionally at any ally. And since you guys (=WG) don't do your job this actually translates into "open season on everybody if you don't mind turning pink". The normal players defending themselves get punished, the TKers get an exclusive colour for their name to show off with. Siegwald, on 13 November 2015 - 09:27 PM, said: Don't ever shoot a friendly. Just don't. If someone else decides to be a team killer, so be it. If you shoot back, you are no better than him. That's just stupid. If someone attacks you, and you defend yourself, it does NOT put you on the same level as him. There is a reason self defence is legal in real life.
  2. moth_hunter

    What can we do about these gutless cowards on WoW

    Oh, don't worry, he isn't seal clubbing.Can't really do that when playing 99% of the games in PvE. Complaining about gutless cowards under these circumstances might, however, be considered somewhat ironic...
  3. moth_hunter

    Please do not insult German shipbuilding technology

    So... plot synopsis: - (probably) German player complains that German ships are an insult to German ship building technology, because they can not wipe the floor with the other ships as they presumably should. - xenophobic troll grabs the chance to troll xenophobically - Dutch "naval architect" jumps in to point out that the German ships can't be crappy enough to correctly display the infinite inferiority of German ship building technology as compared to... Dutch ship building technology... - random snips of history to support specific points of view - thread slides off into Monday morning troll watching entertainment Mostly cut from the script: anything of any relevance to actual game balance...
  4. moth_hunter

    So teamkilled because there is no sanctions

    It really says everything about you that you seriously believe that 'boob-named' players are really girls. That and your 43% win rate.
  5. moth_hunter

    So teamkilled because there is no sanctions

    Disagree. If a player repeatedly damages team mates or if he resets cap by team damage, he should immediately be fair game to anyone without penalties. Everything else just means that teamkillers get even more of a kick out of it, as they can do team damage happily in the knowledge that if anybody fights back, the defender will get punished same as them.
  6. moth_hunter

    Blue line surfing.

    Oh, I see madness there. The line appears to be yellow though.
  7. moth_hunter

    Where do dds store those 200 torps they can spam within 20 minutes ?

    I guess they get teleported in from the same magical factory that can produce a battleship or carrier at the same price as a DD...
  8. moth_hunter

    Need a report cheat or report hack option.

    The point is: in WG games everything important is calculated on their servers. The client only receives the information. Sure, semi-cheat mods like aim assist can display information you were never supposed to see in a way that provides you with an advantage you were never supposed to have. But they can't change what is actually happening. The only way a mod could 'break that code' would be by hacking the WG servers, which I think would imply quite a lot of effort, willingness to risk actual jail time for cyber crimes and a huge amount of knowledge and skill, that, if you actually are criminally inclined, you could use in a much more profitable way. Only to get his planes fly twice as fast in an online game. Do you really expect us to take this as the most plausible explanation for an unlikely claim with no evidence to back it up?
  9. moth_hunter

    TK reports now handled by bots!

    I guess they were the same as in the other TK-thread, which has slipped a few pages back.
  10. moth_hunter

    TK reports now handled by bots!

    Like... in a direction that could involve the conclusion that the automated system support hides behind leaves a lot to be desired?
  11. moth_hunter

    why no unified gold?

    Your second statement disproves your first. And the comparatively small number of players with a huge amount of gold from clan wars isn't the issue either. The simple answer remains: WG doesn't want to keep true to their promise to let us use WoT gold for WoWs, because then all those who quit on WoT would use up their already bought gold, rather than having to pay again to buy essential things like a few more port slots. WG won't allow that when they can instead cash in double (or tripple if you count those who bought extra gold in WoT especially for transferring it to WoWs, relying on WGs promise). Sure, it's scratching the line to scamming and false advertising to first promise gold unification and now postpone it to the indefinite future, but since when does WG care about that?
  12. moth_hunter

    Ultimatum for the developers

    Wish it were so, but.... As you can see he suffers the reflect damage, but still can sink the carrier. And according to the guy posting it he had 300 battles with zero kills and 33% win rate - so in other words he's most likely been doing that for 300 games... I'd feel tempted to create an alternative account and test this, were it not for the 'side effect' that I'd ruin hundreds of games for hundreds of people just to make a point. Not to mention that point, once made, would almost certainly be deleted from the forum immediately when I report it....
  13. moth_hunter

    Exploiters exploiting

    That's more a problem of map design. Usually the edges are where open water is, and BBs don't want to go close to islands, so edges it is.
  14. moth_hunter

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    Because torps are slow and have long reload times. If you sit in a BB or CA and are not sure how much to lead you shoot once and 10 seconds later you can shoot your remaining shots and have a very good chance of hitting. If you had to do that with torps you would never hit anything, because by the time you can tell how far you were of with your first salvo, your target will be either dead, gone or at least aware of your presence and changing course and speed a lot leaving you with no chance whatsoever...