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  1. waxx25

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    I cant wait! Going to be super awesome....
  2. waxx25

    Ranked Season 17

    Agreed, unfortunately my Benson couldn't compete at rank 5-1.
  3. waxx25

    Blocking toxic messages possible?

    I get these every once in a while. My standard reply is "I love your mom". This has yet to fail to insite a ragestorm and I love it.
  4. Stalingrad for sure.
  5. waxx25

    A toxic community

    Idk, you get your feelings hurt A LOT. Plus youre pretty much the worst DD player EU.
  6. Feel free to send me a division invite sometime and we can play together, I think I can show you how some of your assumptions are wrong. I play no different when in division or solo btw. (Except when doing meme divisions, triple yamatos are just troll and usually lead to wins lol)
  7. waxx25

    Ranked Season 17

    Agreed. if I had Cossack I would have done rank 1 in 120 battles instead of 138 but yea I am at a loss as to how this guy does it. Luck+skill+correct ship i guess.
  8. Agreed, I at least realise that my initial 100k dmg (done at 20km+) does nothing more than use up one HP repair consumable from each player lol. Yamato is better at this since its AP dmg and you cant heal as much of it.......also the every once in a while blap at long range is super satisfying. Thunderer AP seems to do better agaonst the broadsides of the VERY balanced Kremlins and Slavas. With Yamato its unlikely to citadel the side of these but with Thunderer I have already had several 40k+ hits on them.
  9. waxx25

    Ranked Season 17

    Nah, let people have fun. I have no problem at all with a newbie buying a high tier premium. They support the game first off and the experience will give them something to aim towards.
  10. @HMS_Kilinowski I suggest you try a different type of experiment. "In the mind of a unicum" You may get better result and have fun doing it. Having been on both sides of the ratings I must say the way you approach each match is quite different. You may be surprised too. When I was trying to become better i would focus on players stats, others doing the right things, and it worked. Then I reached a point where I realised none of that matters. You cant control others and thats all there is to it. Once you learn the weakness and strengths of the ships you face you where to hit and who to hit and when to do it you start having a massive effect on the outcome of the battle (you also realise that CV's are broken af) Then you start finding people with similar abilities and you division with them and your WR climbs through the roof.
  11. waxx25

    Ranked Season 17

    Trust me, you don't want divisions in ranked, you havent seen roflstopms yet lol. Also, if a new player wants to get a t8/9 premium why be mad at them? They are supporting the game and having fun. At 1k games I was very much a 48% win rate scrub and did the same. When I see someone doing stupid things at high tier I check their stats and if they have ~300 battles total I stop being angry.
  12. waxx25

    It's all the range.....

    There was a post about this years ago pointing out the differences between game and real life. The main thing I remember is.....at 26km, visually, you are seeing about 6km away and it messed with armor layouts of ships. Iowa vs Yamato being the two ships to look at. Iowa's armor was designed to be Yamato-proof at approximately 18-20km but in game this is not possible. At 30 meters above sea level (generalizing here for the average height of range finders on all ships) you can only see 19.6 kilometers to your horizon. Anything beyond that and you need a spotter and are firing blind, which is a well practiced art in the artillery world. http://www.ringbell.co.uk/info/hdist.htm for checking out distance to horizon based on elevation. (Unless you think the earth is flat in which case you can go f yourself)
  13. waxx25

    Ranked Season 17

    Lol Captain Jack Sparrow, one of the worst you have ever heard if BUT you have heard of him. (Sorry for lame joke)
  14. Yea but thats the same with a division of any BB that does that. Except for my GK I follow a similar pattern. Tbh, if you face against me in Yamato the first time you will see me spotted is 24-26km broadside slinging some 460's at you........then 2minutes later you will see 22-24km away lol. Not until the battle progresses will I move closer in (but I WILL move in closer) I hate people who ONLY use their BB's at long range.
  15. waxx25

    New USA Battleships announced!

    On my or eneny team is irrelevant. Having a test ship in the match changes hiw people play.