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  1. waxx25

    Petrodreamlovsk nerf when?

    Agreed. Petro is only a problem when you are broadside. In my Des Moines they are fun to engage. Everybody plays them like the Moskva, park nose in and sit there or reverse slowly. 1v1 petro has 0 chance vs a DM, even if I have 1/2 of their HP. When in a BB they are frustrating as the can bounce most if not all of your volley.
  2. The lowering of the monty citadel makes sense, after looking at the armor layout I was hitting the big belt not the 250mm at waterline. As for the yammy, I hit him under the turrets, the weakspot in the middle and even had a go at his rear which I remember DM being able to citadel. Oh well maybe it was just RNG. Thx all!
  3. waxx25

    WG throws another fit?

    I used to get upset at people doing stupid in their premiums. I check their profile at the end of battle and see that they have 100 battles or so and I relax. They buy the premiums I wont and keep the game afloat. (Heck, at 1k battles I was a 49% win rate super star lol) My view is that if someone is willing to spend $50-100 for a premium ship in a game they barely know then why not? They clearly enjoy the game and I will not stand in their way. The only thing that makes me truly upset are those players with 45-49% win rates, like 7k battles, and have godly aim from 23km. In my mind its......potato does bad, thinks everyone is cheating, finds said cheating program, installs and goes from 44% to 49% thinking that 20+km sniping is best strategy........super infuriating.
  4. Hey mate, it was good game for me, your team was winning very strong at start.....having killed 4 of my teammates to your 0 losses but then my shima started devastating things. Once your radar was gone I was free to use my wall of skill to control the battlefield. Also got an rpf-torpedo kill ob your z52. RPF torps best torps. Also.....nice name, just realised what it is 😆.
  5. waxx25

    Moskva --> Nevsky

    Nevsky is worth it. Having both Moskva and Nevsky I feel Nevsky is significantly better overall. Just my opinion, couldn't care less about the paper stats.
  6. Hey guys, I am currently on 5/5 mission to get the legendary module on the Des Moines. Since this means I have played ~50 battles I have had the chance to dakadaka some BB's up close (within 5km) It was vs a Georgia, Yamato, and a Montana. I remember that Des Memes could citadel the yammy and monty at these ranges yet I have failed to get any. Against cruisers I have no problem at all, except for the new petro. Were there changes made to the des moines when it comes to penetrating BB's citadel at close range or was it some other, indirect, nerf? P.s. I still love the Des Moines, she still makes it rain every match and has great armor although wtf WG, her AA is, well, IDK missing?
  7. waxx25

    New suggestion for matcmaker

    A system that can be abused easily. I have no problem taking out my minotaur and spend several matches shooting islands to lower hit rate.
  8. waxx25

    Advice please, Ibuki but cruisers in general

    Ibuki gameplay is like the rest of the ijn cruisers. The best way to say it is "a courageous coward" you can't go toe to toe with anything else really because of your low hp pool and weak armor BUT you have excellent concealment (train your CPT and equip ship accordingly) and a devastating HE alpha. Use your range to harass cruisers and BB's and once they focus you stop firing and "go away". It may be hard to sit there for 20 sec while everybody is shooting you but its ok, you can focus on dodging shots.
  9. Not sure what your point is. As far as unicums division go, of course they are unbalanced. There is no way to fix that IMO, good players will always be better than bad players, no fixing that.
  10. waxx25

    matchmaking afte years of WG updates

    When there is CV in match then radar doesn't matter. Especially if the CV player is decent enough to focus you.
  11. Agreed, it was super fun facing twin slavas hitting me for 10k each through my Montana's bow, then I get one overpens back on them.....superrrrrr fun. And today was even more fun doing a perfect, waterline, broadside at 17km (you know, the right distance for Montana to citadel things) getting 10hits for 10k dmg vs your Slavas.......gtfo man, its stupid. Again, the people playing the ships are fine, I have nothing against it but the live server needs to be left for released content. Make a test server like other games, I am sure there are plenty of fanboys who would love to participate. Or actually hire somebody to do the research. This whole gifting of ships to random people that were "tested" and letting them take non-live content into live server is complete bs. Edit: my silly American autocorrect changed Slava to slave......quite funny considering the meaning of slava. (And the fact that WG came from the last European country with a dictator)
  12. To you its not to me it is. It will get annoying because even solo I push 65% win rates.
  13. Its not about the players. You guys applied and were accepted, i have no such choice. As to the rarity of test ships.....I ran into a pair of Slavas twice in a row yesterday, 3 times today and several times in the last week. Tired of it. If it was one game for every 100 I played then sure but it seems like your pool of CC's, testers, YouTubers, whatever, is getting quite large. (IDK if I would qualify, im pretty bad for someone with 10k+ games and have no clue how game mechaincs work.) As to my decision to leave, its all I have. Wish there was a better way to protest. P.S. I can take a hit here and there from a loss, only have 69% win rate. Edit: did you just tell me to pick a different tier so I dont get matched up with testers? Wow...
  14. good for you. I have nothing against that. Hence my post of having the option to "opt out" from this. There are plenty of people who like or have no problem with this, I am not one of them.
  15. In my view I don't care. Yes! read first comment later.