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  1. waxx25

    wtf and why?

    You're not even worth trolling. Your post clearly spells "I am 13 and just discovered sex so everything looks like a [edited]"......pathetic.
  2. waxx25

    Gascogn French Beauty on the horizon

    I look forward to the frenchi BB's.
  3. waxx25

    tired of abysmal players and MM

    for those who want skill based matchmaking need to ask themselves a serious question....."AM I really that good of a player?" For me, no thx. I don't want to face people as good as me or better game after game after game. I enjoy smashing players like the OP.
  4. waxx25

    Fubuki is stressing me out.

    send me an invite in game sometime, I'll help you out.
  5. waxx25

    Looking for some advice from RN CL players

    When I play RN cruisers the best I can put it is "Be the bravest coward you can be" The Neptune on your team unfortunately only has the coward part figured out.
  6. waxx25

    Guilty pleasure of AA Lexi

    Yes I meant AS Lexi. It is not easy to outplay an AS Lexi that's not braindead El2azar, i dont need both fighters to keep other cv's at bay. As one other person mentioned, if your team potatoes then there is nothing you can do anyways.
  7. waxx25

    1st nerf of Conqueror and Lion published

    Raise its citadel would solve the problem.
  8. waxx25

    Guilty pleasure of AA Lexi

    I am running out of ships to grind, the Lion being my last regular ship grind. I have started to play CV's. Strike Lexington being a pure headache I went with the air supremacy fit. Man oh man, once I learned the ways of the strafe this thing is a pure Clear Sky farm. It's just amazing, I am able to get Clear Sky in 2 of every 3-4 games. (just played 6 games in it and got 4 medals) Granted the two dive Bombers arent great for doing dmg (although i manage at least 60-100k) The ships strength is in spotting the enemy, harrassing DD's (with a here-and-there dive bomber blap) and most importantly, in the world of Enterprises, Zepplins and good Shokaku players, the AA fit Lexi is a beast at just shutting them down in their tracks, preventing them from spotting or doing any dmg. To be honest I don't consider the AA Lexington to be inferior in any way to the other carriers. (In a team based game doing 200k+ dmg isnt the only way to win) keeping enemy DD's back, spotting torps and obliterating enemy planes does so much more. What do you guys think?
  9. waxx25

    Too busy to cry, too busy to claim CQ being SOO OP~

    no, just raise the citadel on it and that should be quite nice......you can only repair so much citadel dmg so heal can stay. Yes I agree on raising citadels on the Americans. The Montana's and Iowa's problem (vs Yamato of course) was the fact that Yamato could face-rape them at close range so instead of increasing their frontal armor WG lowered the citadel.......the easier fix from the coding point of view (at least my tin foil hat hypothesis)
  10. waxx25

    Too busy to cry, too busy to claim CQ being SOO OP~

    raise the CQ's citadel and you can leave the rest.
  11. waxx25

    A Solution for Random Pens on Lightly Armored Ships

    i like it. simple and effective. WG wont do it or screw it up doing it.
  12. waxx25

    Trolled by Super Container

    OP....wtf man? Why would you make a post with that title? you got a premium ship for free. My last yammamto containers gave me a dmg control module and a smoke module........and you consider a free ship trolling?
  13. sneaky suspicion that a lot of those players lied.
  14. waxx25

    dont gring anything...

    Best tier x is the moskva is as far as I read before I realised the OP knows nothing about this game.......lol moskva
  15. waxx25

    There are not many good CV players so exclude entire line out of CW

    I agree with WG on this. It doesnt need to be a "Reyte" vs a potato bob. An avg CV player will dominate over your regular potato bob cv player. CV is simply too strong for 7v7. Also at tier x.....guess what the cruisers will be and which BB it will be......CV will do nothing more than spot creating the crappy gameplay WG mentions where everything is spotted. Good luck striking a hindy or a des moines in a coordinated team. 7v7 CV just makes for boring gameplay at best and terrible defeats for potato teams at worst.