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  1. Grandexeno

    CV nerfing went too far !

    Friendly reminder. THIS IS NOT ABOUT TIER X CVs, so STOP posting about them.
  2. Grandexeno

    Where is the 20 second concealment "error" hotfix?

    Oh, now THAT is a nice update. Thanks.
  3. "airplanes are spotting everything almost from the start almost all the time (with quick airplane rotation and constant attacks this is the new way of life now)" Planes spot AT FIRST, right. Then you're on your own as usual. Plus, it's ONE SQUADRON vs 4+ going around. And the speed is roughly the same as before (a bit more, with "sprint"). So, all in all, if you play a CV, you'll see the difficulty and time spent going around if you want to spot the map consistently, and you should already experienced a big part of the map, far from the CV area of action, being "not lighted up", unless the same only squadron goes there. CE is still important.
  4. Grandexeno

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Uh, no. I citadeled FUSOs at max range with my PEF, plus putting to sleep BAYERNS and DANKs, soo...I guess it won't. Besides, in all the low tier matches I played where there was a GC, I didn't see it so overwhelming.
  5. The only proper rework is abandoning the flak-minigame. It's idiotic and rng dependent, so it messes up AA and tweaking it (from player to WG programmers perspective). You can leave the black smoke clouds: they're cute and they can even hinder a bit the aiming of the squad.
  6. Grandexeno

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Couldn't it all of this be solved with the aforementioned "restricted MM"? So the GC itself isn't touched, and it is just "forced" to perform vs same tier or upper ones. THEN, you check for data, see if they compare to the "op data" from before, and only THEN, prolly, it's time to think to touch it. I don't have a GC, but I agree with all posters who said that changing premium ships arbitrarily is detrimental to all parts (players AND WG). This if the issue is really about balancing the ship: if it's about making space for other ships same tier to be bought, well, that's another story.
  7. Grandexeno

    WG, pls sack the CV re-work Manager!

    I'd like to press F and submerge my DD while overextended or counterspotted XD
  8. Grandexeno

    This whole new concept of "CV" is a disaster.

    NONONONNONONO, don't EVER buy USN, at least up to tier VI. Ranger is really UGH. Go for IJN line, then you'll thank me.
  9. You deploy Fighter planes with your planes (it's a consumable, press T) and leave them to battle enemy planes. That's how you shoot down planes (if not with your CVs AA)
  10. Grandexeno

    A simple fix for Aircrafr carriers-Everyone happy

    It's because CVs, unless totally still or going "against enemy blob/DDs", survive till the end of the match. All of the latest match I've been playing at least 1 Cv remains alive till the end (that's also why damn games have such a long duration). Survive more, usually gives you more opportunity to do more damage, especially considering a)less blob b)ships with damaged AA modules. c)don't have to wait to redeploy squadrons (so again, more damage/time)
  11. Grandexeno

    IJN 25mm AAA nerfed

    It's like they tested tier VI CVs only (somewhat managaeable that could indicate some sort of "balance", aka not-OP Cvs), and only that. Cause tier IV is a joke (ANY ship will possibly do better), tier X seems to be "infini-planes" and tier VIII apparently 50-50 (between high scores and plane OPness, depending on being top tier or not)
  12. Grandexeno

    ok lets have it! do you simply want a new playerbase?

    Can't wait for submarines tbh, cause I've been playing Cvs since "first era" (aka, different CV loadouts) and this is pure undiluted arcade crap :)
  13. Well, considering that we will NOT see any rollback from 8.2 (let's be realistic here), let's try to put out ideas of how CV gameplay could be better and better the overall gameplay of other ships. I personally noticed, for example, that tier IV CVs have minuscule impact on a match, on average: take a look at the damage they can deal and you'll see that, in the face of tier IV-VI AA, they are absolutely reduntant: on the contrary, apparently the main problem of "OP CVs" is tier X (mostly if not entirely?) CVs, with lots of torps and lots of HP per squadron and lots of squadrons to deploy (hence "infinite planes", something that you don't see until tier VIII I guess -cause I main a tier VI USN and it's nowhere near like that). So with that said: -ATTACK PLANES, DD SPOTTING & "CV COUNTER": let's be honest, we don't need them. Actually, what it would be needed is to remove the ability to shoot to ships and instead re-integrate the ability to shoot other planes. Wanna make this CV an "Ace of the Skies" thingie? Let's do it then. So the idea is to give Attack Planes a "torpedo targeting crosshair", so an arc: in the middle part, higher damage, dealt (more focus) lateral part, less damage dealt (less focus) and of course there is a need to establish the range of engagement (and possibly higher damage vs a nearby enemy and lower damage vs an enemy at the border of range of engagement. Give the Attack Plane no changes of altitude and voilà, counterplay CV vs CV. You could even give them the opportunity to strike other planes when they're not diving, so you can disrupt them forcing them into a fruitless dive, for example. Spotting wise we could even say that DDs could get less kmts of spotting range via air. Why's that? Well, because of "a lot of planes at disposal" and to make use of the radiolocation skill, that 4th tier skill, on actual planes. This way you use it to "search the direction the DD should be", and possibly spot it. -BOMBER PLANES: slow as hell and hellishly difficult to land a hit with, It would be probably nicer if one could choose between a AP or HE load (now as far as I know, JPN has AP and USN HE, at least at tier VI) - TORPEDO PLANES: overall I'd say that at least Tier IV NEEDS a buff on them. One torp per discharge, with USN torps going at a merry THIRTYFIVE KNOTS...for 2k damage...don't need to say more, right? OTHER TYPES OF PLANES: let's consider other ideas for uneven tier CV, as noted in a release note, for different gameplay with a CV, a support role: -SMOKE RELEASING PLANES: we could have them "release/deploy" smoke (like a DD maybe?): and a version of that THICKER, that can disrupt RADAR maybe? (you know, with particles of aluminium inside). That would give back some tactical aspect to CV play, for example. -INCENDIARY OIL RELEASING PLANES: same as before but they release burning oil (let's say it begins to burn at the end of the "drop", ofc) on a given area, with 90% Fire possibility for whoever stays in said area. Another tactical option to delay ships from reaching an area, for example. -DEEP WATER TORPEDO PLANES: same as normal torp planes, but I guess they should have some kind of malus given that they send hidden torps. These are just some ideas (I guess the first one of the list is very valid though), and of course there's need of tweaking parameters on tier IV CVs and endgame CVs (too nerfed and too op, at least apparently the latters). --------------------------- Feel free to add your constructive opinions belown: who knows, we could even help the game :)
  14. Grandexeno

    New CVs

    You know what? Let's take all of this from another perspective: given the fact that WG will NEVER roll back (and you know this already) to previous patch, let's imagine how to rework how CV play with different planes and objective, as even stated hypothetically in the official news for "uneven tier CVs": -planes that can cap -planes that can send "healing packages" -planes that can drop smoke over areas (maybe thicker that somehow is impenetrable to RADAR? woot) -planes that can drop incendiary oil over areas (fire wall!) And so on. Cause the various "unplayability for non CV" issues are pretty much coming from tier X (and some very good tier VIII) CV captains. Just look at the difference in stats from IV and VI tier: it's bizarre to say the least. So the only thing that comes to mind is a new approach to tweaking the CV gameplay giving them a support role (also?). And, while having been a happy CV player so far (with the RTS, strafing and such, minus the OP-statted CVs etc), I can only say that It's not fun anymore, even less engaging. Back and forth, back and forth, no real feeling of "driving a ship" but "driving planes", for which I did not sign in, actually. All in all, when and if submarines will come out, I'll prolly sell my CVs and hop onto them.
  15. Grandexeno

    New CVs

    And you didn't play the LANGLEY XD In comparison, the HOSHO is OP.