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  1. We divide up the plunder monthly!
  2. Exercising in between battles increases your combat capability.
  3. Looking for a good, strong sailor - must be 100% loyal.
  4. One spot out of 50 is free!
  5. Don't let antisemitism reduce your income. Ascend the gangplank and present your papers. We'll take it from there.
  6. +3% Research Points upgrade coming this month!
  7. Currently full, but always considering applications from proper gentlemen.
  8. Need help finding your way? Let KOKOS guide you by the hand to the promised land.
  9. "I highly recommend this clan" - Vladimir Putin
  10. Take the jab, goy! You want to fly and go to restaurants again, don't you? https://www.bitchute.com/video/3J0iXeayK1Ig/ Or just join KOKOS and chill at sea.
  11. yAMaMoToiSoROKu_admiral213124 really wanted to get Thunderer before she was removed from the armory, but did not bother to join KOKOS. yAMaMoToiSoROKu_admiral213124 ended up 5000 coal short of his dream ship on the last day she was available. Had yAMaMoToiSoROKu_admiral213124 possessed the foresight to join KOKOS a few months earlier, he would have easily accumulated the missing coal on time using the 10% clan bonus from mission rewards, daily containers and the dockyard event. Now yAMaMoToiSoROKu_admiral213124 will desperately keep buying overpriced Christmas containers every year like a crack addict, hoping for a chance for Thunderer to drop. She won't. Sad! Many such cases.
  12. Kriegskameraden, here is your recommended watching: