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  1. Why not take some extra coal and steel for your trouble?
  2. First and only available spot in over three months is up for grabs NOW!
  3. We got an opening! Come collect an easy 110 steel every time we stomp some CV-less imperialist stooges in a random clan battle. And an equal 2500 base XP for all. Based.
  4. Our party solemnly declares: The current generation of KOKOS will live under communism! That's a good thing, by the way.
  5. Welcome! One slot remaining. Let's make it extra special and extra profitable to both sides! Make a new game account and use my recruitment link: https://warships.net/koksownik This also works for existing accounts if you haven't played a battle in 90 days or more or have played less than 15 battles total. What you get - for your first battle: - II Diana Lima, a Port slot, and a Commander with 9 skill points - 7 days of Warships Premium Account For your first battle played with a Tier VI ship: - VI Warspite, a Port slot, and a Commander with 10 skill points - 7 days of Warships Premium Account - 5,000,000 credits - 25 signal flags of each type - 5 "More Resources" containers Bonus task for those who return to the game after being absent for at least 90 days! Win 25 battles on Tier IV–X ships to receive: - 14 days of Warships Premium Account - 2 supercontainers But wait, there's more! For every 525 battles you play I will gift you a Veteran Recruiting Station container with one of the following rewards: - A Premium ship: VI Duca d'Aosta, VII Ashitaka, VIII Kidd, VIII Prinz Eugen, or III Vampire; each with a Port slot and Commander with 10 skill points. - 20 special signal flags of any type. - 5 "Mosaic" or "Asian Lantern" camouflage patterns. - 30 days of Warships Premium Account. - 1,000 doubloons. - 10,000 Coal. - 30,000 Free XP. - 1,500,000 credits. Every battle is a victory with KOKOS!
  6. That's 550 extra steel just for wearing the tag next ranked season in May.
  7. Doors open, taking five new recruits! First come, first served.
  8. Our new clubhouse opens tomorrow! This means we have room for five new members. Sign here and profit. Also, our Paschal lamb is risen. Just another reason to sing Hallelujah!
  9. For those of you who wanna know what we're all about, it's like this: 10% coal 10% steel 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure 60% pain and 100% reason to remember the name: KOKOS!
  10. We just lost a member due to excessive contact with unclean prostitutes while docked. Please send replacement.
  11. Though it's quite possible one will overdo the grog and fall overboard if I see a strong applicant. Don't be shy!