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  1. iTchyfoot

    Asashio B flag change..

    i am not sure if i'm posting this in the right section, but what did you do with the Asashio B black commander flag, WG? for those who don't know - there was a bundle for sale during Black Friday with 12-point commander (Ikeda Mamoru), a patch and a flag, all tied to the Asashio B. i bought it. looks cool. well, at least it did, until this last update. i must point out that the main reason for me buying this pack was the patch and flag. the commander looks cool and all, but i spent 3.5k Doubloons (IIRC) for the patch and flag. yes, i know, i am a fool.. this is how it looked when i bought it (this is a promo picture from their website), the sun and those lines in the waves were yellow - https://i.imgur.com/0fpmLuC.jpg and this is how the flag looks now. the yellow colour is gone - now, maybe a silly question, but does everyone have this flag black/white, or do you still have it black/yellow? because if it's white for everyone (maybe my mods are interfering with something, even though i use the updated Mod Station mods and only a handful of them, 3-4 mods in total). if it's black/white i WILL ask for a refund.. P.S.: don't know why the first image doesn't show. i put it through the "insert link" thingy at the top. the second one works fine. weird..
  2. thanks a lot for your input, folks. it's something to think about. much appreciated. i haven't started the French DD line yet. so no time. like i've mentioned, i'd like to hear the opinions of my betters before i do so (throw my wallet on the screen). any and all advice is/will be much appreciated. i'm just trying to figure out what ships to play..
  3. well, that is one of the reasons why i think (thought?) French DDs will be best suited for the next ranked sprint. the maps will be smaller, so actually getting close to the CV will be easier/faster and IMO (although not 100% sure about this) you should survive long enough to be able to kill the CV. like i said, i don't play French DDs nor CVs and was just contemplating getting Le Terrible just for this occasion. before i do so i'd like to hear opinions of my betters. to the general public - what ships will you play? what are the best suited ships for this?
  4. no. disclaimer - what follows is from my experience in game - almost every time i saw a high Tier French DD trying to kill a CV without support it (the french DD) was succesfull. i don't play them (CVs nor French DDs), so i'm not 100% sure, hence this topic.
  5. howdy folks, are those two French DDs going to be the best ships for the next ranked sprint? my reasoning is as follows - they can stealth torp (BBs and cruisers will not have a chance of spotting them, if played correctly and are vulnerable to their torpedoes) 50+ knots with the speedboost (carriers will have a hard time to target them when using speedboost, you get spotted by rocket planes, you pop speedboost and you'll get to the carrier before it can kill you. torpedoes away and a couple of shells and CV is gone, you have nothing else to fear, noone is shooting at you) DDs from other nations will not catch up with them. again, if played correctly they can outrun/outgun any other DDs IMO Le Terrible/Le Fantasque have the best tools to deal with any other ship. IF played to their strengths. or am i just imagining things?
  6. iTchyfoot

    How do you actually play a Battleship?

    although i can see your point and agree, building a good commander is a great thing i can absolutely NOT recommend playing anything at Tiers 3-4-5. especially not battleships. no matter the nation. all have literally zero AA and will be farmed by statpadders in carriers. it's not unusual to see 2-3 carriers per game. in that case you can kiss your stern goodbye, as you won't even make it to the fight. you'll get sunk halfway there..
  7. iTchyfoot

    Whats the purpose of this? Credit farming?!

    it wasn't meant to look and/or sound insulting by any means. and i didn't mean to suggest that you have anything against disabled players. that was my mistake. what i was trying to say was that sometimes you can't tell if players are doing it on purpose or are just simply that bad. and even if they did it on purpose, you can't punish someone for playing as they like. unless they go against the ToS. botting? yes. intentional AFK? yes. sailing around aimlessly without actually doing anything? no.. i remember when i started to play WoT there were people that picked a tank, pressed "R" three times (to drive forward at full speed) and went back to garage. rinse and repeat. they got some "scouting" experience (for spotting enemy tanks), some credits (on low tiers) and didn't really care. they did it to grind through tanks they hated and they played (for real this time) tanks they liked/premium tanks to get credits. they weren't botting per se, so WG could do nothing about that. then they (WG) introduced a policy when if you went back to garage and your tank was still alive you got nothing for that. no EXP nor credits. don't know if they (WG) went any further, as i've stopped playing WoT when i started to play WoWS.. this all boils down to "play as you like", unfortunately. i know that it p!$$es people off, but there is nothing you can do about it.. once again my apologies for being rude. wasn't my intention at all, i am just the type of person that says the first thing that comes to my mind. sometimes it sounds not exactly as i'd like it to..
  8. iTchyfoot

    Whats the purpose of this? Credit farming?!

    i am sorry, but this is bull... what is "playing properly"? is it described in the ToS? unless they're actively preventing someone from playing the game by any means (not winning or having a good game, just playing in general) or team damaging/killing they're OK. i mean, this is only a game after all.. imagine a friend of mine with severe disability. he can use only one hand, has bad eyesight and is retired (67+ years old). what standards would you expect of him? or is he not permitted to play this game at all?
  9. iTchyfoot

    Imbalanced Ranked Radar

    yup, you have 100% vision inside the radar range, islands don't matter..
  10. iTchyfoot

    Pan-Asian "unique" smoke?

    howdy folks, i have heard and read about the Pan-Asian smoke being "unique", some might have called it "OP" (i read somewhere something like "you can spend the whole match inside the smoke"). now, i can't find any info as to why it is "unique" or "OP". according the WoWS Wiki it even has lower duration than US smokes. so can anyone tell me in what way are those smokes "unique"?
  11. iTchyfoot

    Looking for a premium British light cruiser to buy

    and Belfast. and Kutuzov. have both and although i love my Belfast to bits i am the first one to agree that the combination of smoke, fast firing guns and HE was (and STILL IS) a bad idea. one would even think that WG have learned their lesson(s) with those ships (Belfast, Kutuzov), but then they release Smolensk and one is left with questions regarding their intelligence. howgh..
  12. iTchyfoot

    Imbalanced Ranked Radar

    that is one of the reasons why i stopped playing my most beloved Minotaur in ranked and only take Worcester (with Surveillance Radar Mod. 1). almost every time we had no radar compared to 3-4 radars on the enemy team. hard to play against that. so now we (my team) have at least one radar, my Worcester..
  13. iTchyfoot

    How to Neptune/Minotaur?

    i generally hated Tier 9 light cruisers, never done well in them, not bad, but not good either. i researched the Minotaur a couple of days ago exactly for the Puerto Rico missions. and oh boy it's a wonderful ship. played about 10 games in ranked - 100+k average damage. 5-6 random games around 70k average damage. and i am an utter noob. one thing i have learned from Neptune - smoke is your friend. manly players play with radar and they kick buttocks, but when i switched from radar to smoke (during the Neptune grind) my damage/survivability went up dramatically. fast, agile, has smoke/hydro/torpedoes. love it. hug islands, when spotted pop smoke and you're good to go.. an awesome video to watch (don't know how to embed it) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Y3JXe1LiX0
  14. what i fear most is that i just recently gave in to the "Massachusetts hype", bought it and am currently working towards IFHE (16 points on her, i chose manual secondaries and AFT first). now, according to this calculation my secondaries will not be able to penetrate cruiser armour, the sole purpose IFHE on Massachusetts is being chosen for, basically the reason i bought it in the first place. if that will be the case i WILL ask for a refund. end of salt/rant..
  15. iTchyfoot

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    but... but... Friesland doesn't have torps..