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  1. iTchyfoot

    sneak Asashio nerf (rant)..

    if this is true i am retarded. but i'd swear that the detection range was 0.8 km. i don't know what to say. perhaps i should stop drinking. or start drinking more..
  2. iTchyfoot

    sneak Asashio nerf (rant)..

    it's not just the new Torpedo Lookout System upgrade, it's the sneaky 0.1 km detection nerf as well. that was never mentioned in the patch notes, btw. i mean, torpedoes are the main and most of the time the only means to do any damage and they can only hit BBs and CVs. with all these nerfs how am i supposed to play a ship i considered most fun of them all? what has Asashio going on for it now?
  3. dear WeeGee, first of all i want to say that if this is intended and not a bug i will 100% ask for my money back. now, why in the hell did you nerf Asashio's torps? and where was it in the patch notes? for those of you that don't know what the hell i'm talking about - the torpedo detection is now 0.9 km. used to be 0.8 km. before anyone asks, i do use the new Torpedo Tubes Modification 1 upgrade (third slot) that increases the speed of torpedoes by 5%. so why was it so important to nerf the torps on Asashio? btw, Yueyang's torpedoes are the same as before, 0.8 km detection range with the same TTM1 upgrade, so the upgrade itself doesn't affect spotting distance (just comparing deepwater torpedoes). and then there's the new Torpedo Lookout System upgrade that makes all torps visible at 1.8 km. now i get that CCs and YouTubers say that the Concealment module is still better to take on a BB, but players that are annoyed by sneaky fishes are going to use it. i know a couple of them. they care less about slightly lower visibility than torpedoes. so you put that in the game and let's be frank, you take away the main (and sometimes only) means for Asashio to do any significant damage and then you nerf it's torpedoes as well? without telling us about it? great job, WeeGee, great job..
  4. iTchyfoot

    Changes to IFHE and plating

    does anyone know how will this change affect secondary guns on Massachusetts? the picture shows only 128mm guns, but Massachusetts has 127mm secondaries. will these stay the same with the new IFHE? or will they change? right now the penetration values are 20mm without IFHE and 27 with IFHE..
  5. iTchyfoot

    Is fire prevention skill worth it ?

    as i've mentioned, with IFHE you can penetrate bow/stern/(some) midsection of cruisers as well as DDs. you do more damage by actually penetrating armour than setting fires because fires can be healed back 100%. so taking Demolition Expert is pointless and reduces you damage output. i take the SI because i like more heals on my Massachusetts. BFT reduces the reload from 4 seconds to 3.6 seconds. that is not that much. but an extra heal means you can stay in game longer, thus deal more damage. but that is a matter of preference. the point is, if you don't take IFHE your damage output is going to be significantly lower. Expert Marksman on a secondary build is pointless (IMHO) as well, you don't spec your ship for the main battery. AR increases the reload of ALL armaments, main and secondary, that kind of mitigates the lack of BFT.. any future changes that are being tested/talked about may change the viability of IFHE, but for now you DO want IFHE on a secondary build..
  6. iTchyfoot

    Is fire prevention skill worth it ?

    without IFHE on secondary build ships you don't penetrate anything but DDs with your secondaries. with IFHE you can penetrate bow/stern/(some) midsection of cruisers as well. so your damage goes up dramatically. without IFHE you just start fires that can be healed back 100%.. if you mean the (possible) future change nothing has been announced yet, so noone really knows what's going to happen..
  7. iTchyfoot

    Is fire prevention skill worth it ?

    you can't. or you aren't going for "full secondary build". you can't just put secondary modules on and expect the ship to be any good just with those. for the full build you need captain skills as well - (my Massachussets secondary build, possibly everyone uses this, someone maybe swaps BFT for SI, i like to go up close so i appreciate the extra heal) Preventative Maintenance (1 point) Adrenaline Rush (2 points) Superintendent (3 points) Advanced Firing Training (4 points) Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament (4 points) Inertia Fuse for HE Shells (4 points) Expert Loader or Priority Target (1 point) that's the full secondary build. if you don't take AFT, IFHE and MFCfSA you're seriously gimping yourself. so there's no room for Fire Prevention and/or Basics of Survivability..
  8. iTchyfoot

    Give Karma an actual purpose

    someone has already mentioned this, but this "karma system of rewards" idea sucks because - you play a CV you get reported by all enemy DD players (at least) you play a DD you get reported by enemy players that ate your torps and your teammates because "f*****g DD, go there and cap/spot, noob!!" even though it will mean that you get radared and killed on sight you dev. strike someone you get reported you don't go/do where/what some of your teammates want you to go/do you get reported and many other situations since i bought my Asashio B and started to play CVs my karma went down rapidly. not that i care, but it shows that no matter what you do if someone dislikes you or your playstyle you can forget about "karma rewards"..
  9. iTchyfoot

    ST, Upgrades changes

    Torpedo protection system (slot #5): Replaces the "Target Acquisition System Modification 1" and will give the following bonuses: Allows for torpedoes to be detected at a fixed distance of 1.8 km, regardless of the torpedoes' detectability range ("Vigilance" skill will improve it); Add +5% to ship's torpedo protection. i only hope that this is not going to affect premium DDs like Asashio. or WG can get ready for a ton of refund requests. myself included. and i will not accept any Doubloons, i will ask for my money back. Asashio's torpedo detection was the sole reason i bought it. as was for many other players..
  10. iTchyfoot

    Smolensk Not OP

    i have seen tons of Smolensks playing with the range mod. seems to me that more Smolensks play with range than reload (or any other mod). and i didn't necessarily mean 1vs1 scenario, where both ships maneuver and turn to avoid the other ship's fire. more like you're engaged in a battle against enemy ships and Smolensk 19 km away farms you while your attention is focused elsewhere. and, again, it doesn't happen all the time. but it does happen. a lot. at least in games where i meet an enemy Smolensk.. getting 2-3 fires from 2-3 salvos is not exaggerated at all. it doesn't happen every time, but i wasn't saying that. all i said was that it wasn't "unheard of", meaning it has happened to me. several times.. and, like i've mentioned, you can kill Smolensks. easy. but that's the thing. YOU can. majority of players can't. myself included. i admit, i am just an average Joe trying to have fun playing ships. i to do my best and have some knowledge about tactics, mechanics and so on, but i find Smolensk OP. so does a lot of casual players. those that don't have unicum stats. all the uproar in the Forums is a proof that it's not a ship that is good for the game. it encourages toxicity and bad gameplay (oh so many times players in my team left right after the start of a game because "i'm not playing against Smolensk!"). i mean, why did WG remove Belfast and Kutuzov from the game? now they think Smolensk (which is Belfast and Kutuzov put together on Vodka) is OK? this by no means a form of bashing or raging. nothing against you guys. it's an expression of opinion, so please don't take it wrong..
  11. iTchyfoot

    Smolensk Not OP

    the thing i find OP on Smolensk is the ability to reliably hit targets 19km away. good luck trying to hit a maneuvering Smolensk with your BB at that range. it will burn you down without mercy and all you will be able to achieve are stupid overpens. Smolensk doesn't care about IFHE. Smolensk doesn't care about the tank build on your BB. Smolensk burns everything down in seconds.. from my personal experience, when fighting an enemy Smolensk in my BB (or anything, really) it's not unheard of getting 2-3 fires in 2 salvos, extinguishing them and then getting them all right back in a couple off seconds. and 3 permanent fires will mess up your resolve a lot. you will not want to push that flank any more. you will run. doesn't matter that you have your Kremlin built as a monster that can bow-tank enemy BBs for hours. you will be reduced to ash in a matter of minutes. so you turn tail and run. and leave the rest of your team to burn and die instead of you. this is how you lose games against Smolensk(s). and this is why it's OP. yes, farming damage doesn't always win games, but it sure as hell has detrimental effect on your team's BBs. and without coordinated BB push you will not (in general) win a lot of them games.. yes, there are ways to deal with Smolensk(s). but how many times you have a coordinated team in game? it's the same with Friesland. the ship's far from OP, but if the player playing it knows what they're doing and your team lacks coordination it will wreak havoc amongst your team. nobody wants to be the one focused by a Smolensk in smoke. i thought that WG have learned their lesson with Belfast and Kutuzov. fast firing, HE spamming ships and smoke is an idea for disaster. apparently they haven't..
  12. iTchyfoot

    Pan-Asian "unique" smoke?

    oh, thanks a lot, much appreciated..
  13. iTchyfoot

    Cursed ships: Which is yours?

    Sovetsky Sojuz. loved the Sinop, liked the Vladivostok, love my Lenin. can't play Sovetsky Sojuz at all. no idea why..
  14. first of all they don't care. they got exactly what they wanted. a ton of people used Doubloons to buy one or two of those boosters, then they checked the Directives and realised that no way in hell they'll be able to finish it so they are forced to spend more Doubloons. 'cause if they don't all their booster purchases will go to waste. they'll lose money if they don't spend more money. a ton of people have already bought the ship for 59.000 Doubloons. so WG got EXACTLY what they wanted. they have big enough monopoly in the (online war) gaming market that a wee bit of negative feedback from players will do them no harm (let's not kid ourselves, all this CC video storm and players complaining on the Forums is just a drop in the ocean for them). we will all still play WoWS or WoT. they don't care.. and even if they did "go back to PTS values", can you imagine the amount of refunds they would have to issue? nah, ain't happening.. as someone has said already, let it die. mostly because nothing you will do or suggest will be any good. THEY DON'T CARE. as long as people buy overpriced gambling boxes (and they do, oh yes they do, just go to YT and search for "big Santa box opening" videos) or Missouri or Belfast for $200 they are happy..
  15. iTchyfoot

    Best CV line for exterminating dd’s?

    that's what i call "to hold a grudge"