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  1. KhorneFlake


    This! She's also an viable option in Tier X ranked, but then again, when do we get to see Tier X ranked battles again?
  2. KhorneFlake

    Tier 9/10 broken, supership bs

    There is no difference. It's just some whining and trolling from ppl who don't like superships, thats all.
  3. KhorneFlake

    Kaufempfehlung Dublonen Kapitäne

    Der beste Kapitän ist die Katze. Hab leider nur die britische Version aus ner Box bekommen. Los WG, packt die Katze in den Shop, dafür würd ich sogar mal wieder Geld ausgeben
  4. KhorneFlake

    Warum brauchen wir Tarnungen?

    Warum nicht? Warum dumme Fragen stellen? Kann doch jeder sein Geld ausgeben, wie er mag? Die Leute gehen ja auch saufen oder rauchen. Das ist weder schlau noch gesund, gemacht wird's trotzdem.
  5. No more or less than other "competative" games
  6. KhorneFlake

    Which is the worst/best supership?

    Nope. One or two decent games in a GK or Pommern (or whatever T 8-10 prem) and there's enough Credits to play Hannover all day long. Sorry for your high hopes
  7. KhorneFlake

    Tier 9/10 broken, supership bs

    I only hear "boooo hooooo, the other children have bigger toys, I wanna go Home, mommy..." Whats your age? You're embarassing yourself
  8. KhorneFlake


  9. Dont have a clue about lower tier us BBs nor do I care, but Ohio, Montana and Vermont seem very fine to me
  10. KhorneFlake

    Bonus package for supership

    So? Tier 10 ships have higher power Level than tier 8. Its the same whining as from Tier 8 players being uptiered, so no, No reason not to play them
  11. KhorneFlake

    Bonus package for supership

    Why not play them? No coal, no steel, no dubs, no dumb Tokens, no OP, time limited crap you cant get anymore... just credits.
  12. KhorneFlake

    Patrie - Is it good for secondary build?

    Yeah sure, hitting BBs and Cruisers and setting them aflame is really hard while sitting behind an Island with no risk of being hit at all... Yeah, HE spammers have a very hard time playing this game...
  13. KhorneFlake

    Patrie - Is it good for secondary build?

    Which is absolute nonsense since you have to get in secondary range first without suiciding. Literally zero skill is required for island HE spam or 20+ km BB camping. As for OP, go with Hannover for secondaries, waste on Patrie
  14. KhorneFlake

    Twich streams or how WG offends its clients.

    If you're watching wows twitch streams it is your own fault, one could say you're doing it wrong. No pity here