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  1. Fighto

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    World of tanks crashed last night as well
  2. Fighto

    0.8.0 CV question. What just happened?

    Who the hell thought that was a good idea??? WG really are special ...
  3. Fighto

    Ranked Season 10

    Looking at your average xp I'd say you're the expert in getting molested. Do you spend all day sitting on the forums looking for post to troll ?? because I fail to see a intelligent input from you anywhere here . Not that it matters as you have never played tier 10 so your opinion is worth ZIP.
  4. To be honest I don't think British CA's are the best for this and maybe that's the problem. Well I'm not great in British CA'S is possibly a more accurate statement but I do feel that CA's with HE are better or as you said BB's
  5. Fighto

    Ranked Season 10

    No please do explain A hole?? , please explain how I'm in the top 2-3 players in my team in every single game but yet fail to win . Please explain how I do 100K damage in a AP cruiser and lose. Please how I destroy 4 ships and lose??? Please explain how a bot like you is trying to be funny on the forums when every single stat you have is a fraction of mine and I'm very average so that makes you............ I HOPE YOU SEE THE IRONY OF YOUR POST
  6. I can't get past level 17. I just can't win. I finished top xp on my team 4 times in a row and lost. I have played about 20 odd ranked battles and won maybe 3 of them.
  7. Fighto

    Anyone else get burnt out on this game?

    Game is fine, its the teams full of 43% win rate players are the problem.
  8. Fighto

    Ranked Season 10

    Started at rank 17, still at rank 17. Every single team I get is full of 43-46% win rate players . Every single is are full of bots , you just cannot win with teams like this. In 1 game 4 players died in the first 3 mins. I had nearly 60% winrate in rank now it's in the 47% bracket. If this continues I'm done with this game.
  9. Fighto

    well WG either you do something with MM or face the future od WOWP again

    You mean there is a time a player isn't on the receiving end ???? because before today I had a 58% win rate in ranked it's now 49%. 1 win out 12-15 or so games . The amount of players with 43% win rates with in my team is comical. This game is screwed and it's going into the gutter 3 times the speed world of tanks did. Ranked was a pleasure to play last year, now it's a nightmare.
  10. Fighto

    Ranked Season 10

    Radar??? it's the 43% winrate clowns on my team that are the problem . Unplayable with them and I just i'll skip it , life is 2 short for this.
  11. Fighto

    Portal Logout Issues - Feedback wanted!

    Funny a lot of this stuff started when u messed with the launchers eh?
  12. Would you like some intelligence or reason for your post ?? or would that be wasted?
  13. I really wonder about WG seriously, I was in a game and this CA reverse and my rear turrets on my hood hit him as he was beside me and now I'm pink for 2 games. Seriously really have enough of this. In 2k games I've been pink 3 times ever. It's like really life, 100+ convictions and nothing said, J walk you're tasered, pepper sprayed, shot and jailed.
  14. They wont help,I sent screen shots of logs , games files and everything and they Just copy and pasted [edited]. Make a complaint under GDPR thats the only way, they have to release the data.
  15. Well another point is I have 2 accounts . I have a re roll on World of Tanks and I play that account all the time on WOWS as well. Why hasn't that account got a warning???? Same game files .I also play several games that require a PC scan before playing on certain servers and that never flags anything ever. I also believe what WG are doing is in breach of GDPR. I'm an IT professional with PC's full of various software. Look below does that mean anything not in that list is unsafe??? WTF. Some of the useful applications that are safe for use are listed below: Visuals: Nvidia GeForce Experience, AMD Crimson. Communication: Skype, TeamSpeak, Discord. Streaming and recording software: Open Broadcaster Software, Windows 10 Game DVR. Play fair!