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  1. NoirLotus

    Which flags do you have?

    Damned !! My previous post here was in August 2017 and my number of flags has doubled since that !! I now have 71.
  2. NoirLotus

    Last Prinz directive

    I finished the 24 million credits grind saturday evening, thank to some 5 star games in Raptor with Dunkerque and Duca. My economic flags and camos have paid a huge tribute ...
  3. According to a post made by Sub_Octavian on reddit, the bloom thing may be the correction of a bug ...
  4. It has been posted on reddit : You can see that if you break line of sight for 3 seconds, your detection range returns equal to your gun range when line of sight is restored.
  5. Yuudachi was destroyed during the 1st battle of Guadalcanal where she is credited for the destruction of USS Portland. Problem is that this night battle was a mess and it is impossible to be sure that she really gave the killing blow to the US cruiser. To reflect that, in the KC anime, Yuudachi has the habit of ending each phrase with poi, which means maybe in japanese.
  6. NoirLotus

    PSA: Concealment nerf coming up in 0.8.0, hitting mainly cruisers

    The answer is easy : IA can't handle the new system of squadrons with only manual drop. On the test server, you never see bots playing CV in coop.
  7. It is going to be a mess, because there is a ton of bugs and I dont think we will manage to clear them all before the schedule date ...
  8. NoirLotus

    0.8.0 PTS - Bugs

    It just happened with Hakuryu DB : last airplane of the squadron goes into flat spin ...
  9. NoirLotus

    0.8.0 PTS - Bugs

    New bug : When you only have 1 TB left (it happened with Shokaku B7A2 TB) in your squadron, it seems that the plane becomes hyper reactive to any change in direction, a slight hit on the left or right keys and the plane goes full 360°. It also happened in an attack run, the plane moved like in a flat tailspin ...
  10. NoirLotus

    0.8.0 PTS - Bugs

    Some minor graphical bugs : - Ryujo A hull is highly detailed, clearly it has been remodeled recently, but B and C hulls are the old ones - when A6M planes take off, there is a visual glitch with the right flap (it briefly passes through the wing) - sometimes, when you fly a squadron, all the icons ofr engine boost, fighters and RTB are mixed up together Why is it impossible to mount an India X-Ray flag on IJN CVs ? It should work on rockets, reading its description ... Sorry, no screenshot but there seems to be a problem with Print Screen, it doesn't do anything now ... edit : forget it, I was not looking in the right repertory, I addded the SC of the 2 bugs.
  11. NoirLotus

    PSA: Concealment nerf coming up in 0.8.0, hitting mainly cruisers

    I don't understand the OP ... The change for cruisers in stealth is about 200 or 300 m, so that's barely noticeable ... More over, BB stealth will be reduced by at least 500 m, so it will slightly reduc the case of BB having better or same stealth than cruisers.
  12. NoirLotus

    0.7.12 PTS - Bug reports

    Every [edited]single time WG is changing something to the controls, players with AZERTY keyboards can't play. AND YOU DID IT AGAIN !! Seriously WG !! Another time, impossible to use Z or Q to control my ship or planes. And rebinding does nothing ... And that's not the only bug : - planes are doing funky moves if you launch them close to the map border - slowing down planes is using boost (the bar goes down on left side of the screen) !? - the DB aim indicator is not moving at constant speed : sometimes it just stops advancing, or slows down and you can put it on target ...
  13. I collected my 2250 steel as scheduled plus 24.3k coal, so nearly half whaat I'm supposed to get. The good news is that it allowed me to finish the 1st directive easily (I will be with my family until next thursday), but no luck with the santa containers, I even got a SC with the daily ones but only got 100 speed flags. And the worst thing is that I redid my math and wih the changes to the snowflakes steel rewaards, I can't get Flint now, after collecting all the steel you can get for free from directives and missions, I will miss nearly 300 steel ...
  14. For me : 2250 steel and 47450 coal ...