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  1. 2200 games since 2015 but I must say that I play less and less these times as I'm really losing interest in the game. 131 days of premium, mostly used for WoT 8450 doubloons, with 7100 gained for free recently (Warpiste with sovereigns + halloween event + Steam Container from free gift code) a little less thn 40k coal and 2150 steel. 42 millions credits and more than 1 million free XP ...
  2. NoirLotus

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I got a survey about the test so I guess it means the round 2 is over.
  3. NoirLotus

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    My opinion after 4 games (2 CV, 2 non CV) : - the update is not stable, I had 1 crash and encounter several game freezes (short but still annoying) - the AA side-switch thing is better, now the time to switch side is reduced and depends on your class (DD : 5s, CA/CL : 10s, BB 13s), if it still feels that you control your AAA even less that hte actual Ctrl+click on enemy planes - I like the icon where enemy fighters are circling, much more useful like this - there is a problem with aiming with DB : on Shokaku stock DB dive directly, but upgraded DB first go up and you see where you aim at the last moment ... - is it me or you can't adjust the aiming of attack planes vertically ? - you still can't really control your CV while planes are in the air, but moreover you have almost ZERO FEEDBACK on what is happening to him ... The only warnings I got are the collision signal and torpedo alarm, you are not warned whenyou ar spotted, enemy planes are approaching or when you are in fire or taking damage !! - planes controls are still meh, they clearly lack precision, a slight hit on the left key makes you turning heavily, it's hard to adjust your trajectory before launching an attack - I also don't like the fact that mouse and keyboard are use to control planes at the same time - Planes are way too fragile, a Gearing bot launched his Def AA as soon as I spotted him and I lost 75% of my squadron (stock attack planes of Shokaku) in less than 1 second !! Same goes for enemy fighters, they kill half your squadron before you even have the time to react ... - I noticed that all games were with 3 ships of each class in both teams, having several CV seems to have less impact but I didn't try to play DDs. With 3 Cv and enemy fighters patrolling, that's a lot of planes in the air, not sure DD are having a fun time ...
  4. I have a hard time thinking of NC or Iowa as underperforming ...
  5. NoirLotus

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Did you try login to the game center with the user/password for the CV test server ??
  6. NoirLotus

    Dear WG: Is there a future for FreeXP ships in WoWs?

    When WG put Missouri in game for 750k free xp, so almost the xp needed to get a T10, people said it was really expensive but they bought it anyway because OPness ... So WH gave lots of signals, camos to gain more free xp, and added options for daily containers to get more coal and free xp to ease the grind of these new currencies. They also added options in clan base to gain more free xp and coal (and steel). Now WG is saying that future free xp premiums will cost more because it's too easy to gain free xp and coal ... WG if your ingame economy is broken, just fix it !! I'm so eager to see WG put in game a premium at the price of 2 T10 in free xp. There will always be pigeons to think it's a fair price ... I, personnally, am more and more losing interest in the game : gimmicky ships are more and more common and the promised "free" premiums are becoming overpriced ... I guess my million of free xp will just serve to unlock some regular ships after all.
  7. NoirLotus

    Procedurally generated maps?

    Maps generated randomly are often not balanced between the 2 teams, unless you somehow force the map to be symetrical. Moreover, it also means that you have to download the map at the start of the game, and after 3 years of existence, we still see people only connected 2 or 3 minutes after the game has started for maps that are on their PC.
  8. No. WG is removing CV from operations because at this time the IA can't do manual attacks with planes, and the CV rework only allows manual attacks. Land base aircrafts don't solve rhis problem. Operations that are heavily based on planes are going to be removed (at least temporary) I think.
  9. NoirLotus

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I think it's because the reworked CV feels disconnected from the team ... AAA is just a random mini-game, and you don't interact with your team or the enemy CV : you rarely provide air cover or spot as you must always rush on enemy ships to make your attack runs.
  10. NoirLotus

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    My feedbacks on the rework : As a BB : - at T6, CV don't seem to be a threat : torpedoes launched by planes in double set can be avoided most often, rockets do little damage and bombs neither (enven if AP bombs can citadelle you, the damage is not so big) - the icons of squadrons are way too big ; in my first game, the icon of a squadron was big so I thought it was going to attack me but then I realized it was 25 km away - you can see the damage dealt by AA guns to planes and I really don't see the point of that. - I don't like how you control AAA : 25 seconds to swith from 1 side to the other on a Fuso is way too slow, you can't react to a squadron going from left to right then left again in several successive attacks As a CV : - it's beautiful, plane models, AA explosions, that's really nice !! - not being able to control the CV while you are flying the planes is absurd !! It's a huge incitation to snipe enemy CVs (if you don't kill them, they will anyway be forced to cancel their attacks to defend themselves or use DCP) - everything is upside down : now TB are the easiest to play, and DB are quite hard to be effective ... - the effects of long range AAA are beautiful, but I would appreciate more effects on short range AAA, to be able to judge when I'm getting to close - AAA of a lone ship is quite a threat for a T6 CV, but you can't do anything when the enemy is blobbing - I would gladely appreciate a way to cancel an attack, instead of waiting the timer of the attack run to expire. Severaal times I realized I started my attack from too far or too close but I was forced to keep going (exposing my planes to short ranged AAA for nothing) - for a class supposedly focused on DoT, I was heavily disappointed at T6 : fires and floodings are rare. - the controls of the planes are not so good, they feel very slow to response sometimes - flying through AAA feels really random : sometimes you can fly in a straight line without having to dodge any black cloud, another time, you dodge an explosion just to see a new one appearing on your way, meaning there was no way to avid losing a plane. I'm not sure this won't soon become frustrating ... - you really don't feel the teamplay with this rework : you launch planes, make your attacks, and relaucnh a new squadron ; you don't provide cover four your team, you seldomly spot. I must say that even if it can be quite amusing to play CV like this, I'm not sure this won't become quickly boring as with this rework, CV gameplay is a bit of depth ...
  11. I did almost all the missions in Coop, it was way more time efficient. I just played in random to finish the missions about base XP and credits the mondays and tuesdays before the new missions arrive.
  12. NoirLotus

    Raptor rescue new feature

    Yeah it's like a target in a shooting range. You must hit it with a torpedo to get a secret medal (called Insert Coin). It appears when the devs reworked this scenario.
  13. NoirLotus

    What premium BB to buy with doubloons

    Scharnhorst and Alabama are excellent choices.
  14. NoirLotus

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Grems can be devastating with its guns, so it shouldn't be underestimated. On cruisers, Omaha and Furutaka can do great, but Murmansk is better Omaha ...
  15. NoirLotus

    Op Dynamo - Highest plane kills

    My record is 45 with Sims (BFT + flag). edit : record is now 71 planes (still with Sims) But to be honest, I'm prouder of my 4 plane kills in Gallant !!