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  1. But when you listen to the BBabies, if they camp, it's because the naughty DD might hurt them ... So it's perfectly make sense ... (in the warped mind of the devs)
  2. Hey, WG devs said that they want to fight BB overpopulation. They must think that a good way to do that is to make DDs life a nightmare ...
  3. News for pan asia DDs : source Cheng An 127mm/40 Type89's reload time decreased from 7.5 seconds to 5.5 seconds, 180° rotation time decreased from 22.5 seconds to 15 seconds. And those guns are less likely to be destroyed. Long Jiang 500mm G/6 AV** deepwater torpedo's damage drcreased from 10600 to 9233; torpedo range decreased from 6 km to 5 km; 10.6% reduction to chance of flooding. Phra Ruang 533mm Mark II deepwater torpedo's torpedo speed decreased from 53 knots to 52 knots; torpedo range decreased from 6 km to 5 km. Jian Wei Torpedo reload time decreased from 80 seconds to 73 seconds. 533mm Mk7 deepwater torpedo's damage increased from 15733 to 16700; torpedo speed increased from 59 knots to 62 knots; torpedo range increased from 6 km to 6.4 km; 7.3% increase to chance of flooding; detectability increased by 100 meters. Hsien Yang, Chung Mu, and Hsiang Yang Gain surveillance radar consumable on slot 3 (engine boost). This new variant has fixed detection range at 7.5 km, and last 10 seconds, 12 seconds, and 15 seconds for Tier 8, Tier 9, and Tier 10, respectively. (For comparison, Black's surveillance radar has a detection range of 7.5 km and last 20 seconds.)
  4. 3 T10 so 3 SC, only got fanions : - 100 Wyverns - 100 Zulu - 25 Ouroboros
  5. DD don't have torpedo protection but if they take the hit in the bow or stern area, they will only receive 1/3 or 1/2 of the initial damage of the torp, as these areas have few hit points. That's why good players always try to get hit by torps in these areas if they can't torpedobeat, they know that they will survive anyhow.
  6. The spotting range in smoke is directly linked to the gun caliber IIRC
  7. The mahan couldn't stealth torp us, as we were in 3 different smokes and anyway both fijis had sonar so tjat wouldn't caise any damage. He killed our mahan with torps at short range. I killed him before je could lainch another volley of torps and then suffered damage from enemy fiji and NC.
  8. I tried it with Fiji and I like it !! We were 3 hiding in smoke (a Mahan, another Fiji and myself, in 3 differents clouds of smoke but very close to each other), a bold Mahan came at 5 km and spotted all of us, I killed him but punishment came back immediately and we lost at least 2 ships. It's a well deserved nerf to smoke camping in general and to RN cruisers in particular.
  9. In my opinion, I think WG should put BBs in their own games where there will not be fires, HE spammers or torps to ruin their camping party, so the game will really be World of Battmeships as advertised. And then they make a World of other warships for DD, cruisers and CV to have fun.
  10. Being French, I can only answer this to you, OP :
  11. Maybe not OP but it's just another T8 BB with very strong AAA, whie it's supposed to be the IJN BB weakness. I'm sure that CV players are rejoycing at the idea that in the end, there will be almost no BB that they will be able to attack without suffering heavy losses (in the better case, as it is just suicidal to attack some BBs). So much for the CV rework ...
  12. News from 0.6.11 : - Pan Asia DD now only have deep water torpedoes, regular torpedoes are removed - DW torpedoes see their damage reduced at the same level of former regular torpedoes at each tier. source
  13. News from 0.6.11 : - Pan Asia DD now only have deep water torpedoes, regular torpedoes are removed - DW torpedoes see their damage reduced at the same level of former regular torpedoes at each tier. source
  14. Zero !! The only permanent camos I have on my silver ships come from the Santa's Convoy or Bismarck campaign.
  15. Just rename it MegaZao ... Potatoes will only use it as a long range HE spammer.