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  1. NoirLotus

    Clan brawls was brilliant

    I second the OP : it was really fun, we had 15 games in my clan where usually few people are interested in competitive games ...
  2. In fact, If Colbert and Smolensk don't see changes in their HE, they are not only nerfed, they simply can't do damage anymore with the IFHE rework (130 mm HE will only have 26 mm of penetration with IFHE, 127 mm HE will only have 25 mm). So I can't see these ships staying untouched, just like a few other (Khabarovsk, Atlanta & Flint) ...
  3. If you look only at high tier ships, it looks interesting : - it's a nerf for Harugumo who really needs to be toned down - IFHE is less mandatory for 6-inch guns and a little buff for BB as without it, 6-inch HE can't pen and with it, fire chance is halved The problem is that to do this, WG is just throwing T6-7 ships under the bus.
  4. It's now official : WG has lost his mind !! Everybody enjoy the great joy of playing the game during the rework of CV/IFHE/MM and don't forget to cancel your progress on full branches to replay the game another time 'or I guess, buy time and do it with free XP) ...
  5. NoirLotus

    Some interesting info around the world

    Hotfix on AA has arrived on NA server apparently : source on reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/c7qrlw/na_server_currently_patching_to_851_changes/
  6. NoirLotus

    CV Rework Discussion

    Well the alternative CV lines (the former CV at odd tier) are supposed to come for USN and IJN, but I seriously doubt that WG manage to give a support role on CV as they are already struggling to balance them right now ... With only 4 ships per line, it must be possible to make a CV branch for France and Italy, I guess, and WG will certainly find sekret documentation for a soviet CV line ...
  7. No !! I participated in the event for russian BB, I will certainly do the french DDs, I need to tke a pause, and the grind is clearly not worth my time at this time of the year ...
  8. NoirLotus

    Atago's (lack of) windows

    Atago is an in-between model. Contrary to very old models, the windows are properly made (compare with Yubari) but they have no glass unlike latest ships. Funny thing is that I was told that ARP Takao uses the same model but has glass on its windows. I think the modeller tried to give more details on the ship (that was common thing at the release of the game to have premiums with more details than standard ships) but he wasn't able to model the glass ...
  9. NoirLotus

    Theories on new lines?

    We are still waiting for the italian ships, at leadt 3 branches, a panEU line is quite probable, maybe also a panAmerican or Commonwealth. But don't forget the alternative CV lines for US and Japan, and with only 4 ships needed, you can count on WG to create CV lines for France, Italy and USSR. Some split branches are possible for US DD I think, or if WG goes for Battlecruisers lines.
  10. NoirLotus

    What will you spend your "Provision Tokens" on?

    Only captain and Murmansk (for the dubloons as I already have the ship) seem interesting ... I will try to get the captain but I won't be pissed if I can't ...
  11. NoirLotus

    Votre avis sur le rework CV

    Cela n'est possible que sur les BB qui ont du temps pendant un reload de batterie principale pour faire autre chose. Mais comment veux-tu pouvoir faire cela sur un DD gunboat ou un CL où tu passes ton temps à tirer et à surveiller sa position par rapport aux autres navires ?
  12. NoirLotus

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I just met @dasCKD in RB, where I discovered that Kremlin doesn't care if your cruiser is perfectly angled and will one-shot you ...
  13. NoirLotus

    CV: Spotting changes super test

    There is better than that !! Imagine a T4 CV in a game. At the end, it's 1v1, and the surviving enemy is an Arkansas, which has zero AA. Arkansas is now invisible, and the CV has to spot with its ship to attack him with planes !! Best game feature ever !!
  14. NoirLotus

    Ships lost in testing

    I think WG put it in reserve until they decide if they go for a pan european nation or not.