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  1. Op Dynamo - Highest plane kills

    My record is 45 with Sims (BFT + flag). edit : record is now 71 planes (still with Sims) But to be honest, I'm prouder of my 4 plane kills in Gallant !!
  2. After 8 boxes (all won from missions), I got the Acasta and the Icarus.
  3. Yūbari, yay or nay?

    Yubari is a very fragile ship, with bad angles or guns and torpedoes. Ir's not even the AAA ship it used to be (and may change when the CV rework will change DCA). It's basically a Kuma with bad firepower but better DCA. It can be a fun ship but it's really hard to get great results with it. I wouldn't advice to spend coal on it.
  4. CV Rework Discussion

    The type 91 torpedo (used by IJN TB during WW2) only had a range of 1.5 or 2 km. So yeah, they were launched at short range. During the attack of Pearl Harbor, the TB dropped their payload at less than 1000 m of their targets, IIRC.
  5. Je viens de croiseur @malimoo qui testait le Terrible. Il a vraiment tout fait pour éviter mon Akizuki, je fus déception ...
  6. The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    7 SC for me : - 100 flags to heal more - 100 flags to burn more - 100 flags +50% XP - 25 Red Wyvern - 25 yellow dragon - 25 of one of the new dragon flags - 1 premium ship But the premium ship was the Marblehead ...
  7. Oh, to buff le Terrible, they just reduced the reload by 1 s (so DPM is still crap), improved the gun range and rotation but they removed the smoke !! FFS WG, when you remove smoke from russian DD, they had a heal to compensate.
  8. So RN DD are gunboats with high DPM, very good stealth, okay-ish torps, an enlarged smoke with a short cooldown, a long duration sonar to be immune to torps and nowthey get improved ricocheet angles and a heal ?? And their only drawback is that they are rather slow and don't have the engine boost ... I think we can only advice WG to call the academy so that they change the definition of balanced ...
  9. Skill rework incoming?

    The skills that impact AAA should also change according to what Sub_Octavian said during the CV rework stream, so BFT, AFT and MCAA have a high chance to be modified at least. But we now have zero information indicating that they have planned to change other skills.
  10. Am I the only one who thinks this new game mode as really uninspiring ??
  11. Making Arnold Schwarzenegger as a captain.

    "What's the best in life, captain ? - to dev strike your enemies - to see them sunk in front of you - and to hear the lamentations of their waifus ..."
  12. Price of the T-61?

    It was datamined during the 0.7.7 server test.
  13. Price of the T-61?

    T-61 price in golds has been upped at the last update. It is now 5400 doubloons (was 4900 before that). So you should be able to get its price in eurod by comparing with other T6 premiums.
  14. What about a T9 Ranked below rank 10?

    T9 ranked battles are highly unlikely as according to WG, players dom't keep their T9 ships. And as other have said, the T9 premium are all too good ...
  15. Clan Leader gone AWOL

    In WoT, you can do it by submitting a ticket to the support.