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  1. NoirLotus

    The Kitakami returns!

    Don't forget the AA and the gun power of a T4 too. CV and fast gunboats are going to farm kitakamis so easily ...
  2. five and a half millions.
  3. NoirLotus

    Tier 7 Gems For Narai?

    Maybe it's linked to the fact that Akizuki is T8 and thus not allowed in Narai.
  4. NoirLotus

    Tier 7 Gems For Narai?

    For BB : Sinop, Scharnhorst, Nelson are best picks. Nagato and Lyon can work too but have weaknesses (armor for the japanese, and turret angles for the french) For cruisers : Fiji, Helena (and its clones), Belfast are best choices. York, Atlanta/Flint, Myoko can work too.
  5. NoirLotus

    Tier 6 Gems For Ops?

    For BBs : Warspite, Fuso and Dunkerque. The english one is really accurate, the japanese has a good firepower and both are ok in mobility. The french BB has ok firepower (in operations where you fight low tier BB, guncaliber is less important) and very good mobility whigh is really useful as operations force you to move a lot. PFE or Arizona are possible picks too. For cruisers : Graf Spee, Leander, Perth and Molotov. Leander have great DPM and heal, Perth has a nice smoke and Molotov has excellent guns. AGS is an hybryd between BB and cruiser : ok mobility, big guns and heal, you just have to keep in mind that your armor is not enough to tank BB shells. Aoba and Duca can do the work too but have weaknesses (armor for Duca, DPM for Aoba) For destroyers : Aigle, T-61 or Shinonome. All have good firepower (either guns or torps). Anshan can be used too. For CV : Ryujo is the best pick but all can do the job.
  6. NoirLotus

    [Suggestion] Second IJN BB line + Hybrid carrier "Hyuga"

    I really don't want to kill the mood here but with the CV rework, you can totally forget about hybrid ships ...
  7. NoirLotus

    Smolensk or Jean Bart?

    Smolensk is fun but the plating rework will hit it hard, so it will be way more punished by enemies. So fun may last shorter then. JB is good at making credits, and can be fun. The IFJE rework will make it burn less, but with the plating changes cruisers will be able to bow tank you, so switching to HE will be even more necessary.
  8. Just this !!! I have now 2 millions free XP and I refuse to pay for those overpriced ships in free XP ...
  9. NoirLotus

    Smaland cost

    Cool, I have 2 million free xp. Now I know I will ... Certainly never spend them on this totally overpriced ship (and I guess Hayate will be the same price). Woohoo, I will remain a millionaire !!
  10. The problem is not the size of the squadron, the problem is the constant attacks that prevent you to focus on playing the game. Before the rework, once the CV attacked you, you knew that you had around 2 minutes free from planes because the squadrons had to return to the CV, rearm and then take off (which took time when they were numerous). And you could use that interval to play your ship, try to reposition, etc... Now, a squadron can attack you 1, 2 or 3 times in a row and when the CV recalls it, planes are back less than 30 seconds later and the circus restarts. And it never ends ... You can't play your ship, you have to constantly care about those planes. That is why people hate the CV rework. In the old version, a CV could murder you in 1 attack, but it was either a fast death or you didn't have to care for planes for 2 minutes, and you had the panick button to delay the inevitable. Now, you are constatly harassed by planes, to the point that you can't try to play your ship. This is just death by a thousand cuts and masochism isn't a widespread tendency ... This is why the rework is a fail, and the OP proposal is not a solution ...
  11. For now, only 1 million to yest the torpedo upgrade on 2 ships. I dismounted all my AA upgrades, sold a good part of them and will wait for a 50% discount to buy ew ones for all my ships.
  12. NoirLotus

    New upgrades, where are you using them?

    Torp mod will go on all my torpedo boats, for DD with good AA, I don't know if I will put the AA mod instead. I'm gonna try it too on Italian cruisers. Good idea for turret rotation on IJN cruisers. What would you put on Cv for slot 3 now ??
  13. NoirLotus

    Tier VIII Smolensk????? Ochakov

    T8 Smolensk already exists and is named Kutuzov !!
  14. NoirLotus

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    Hey !! Don't make fun of Sturmoviks TB, a land base TB version existed (Il-2T, if I remember correctly). So that will be the most realistic part of that coming line...