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  1. If you read the discussion above, you'll see that almost everyone agrees on a T6 Haruna ...
  2. We have Kongo and ARP Kongo, Myoko & ARP Myoko, Graf Spee & HSF Graf Spee, so what is the problem ?
  3. Lo Yang is the best ship to get IMO. It's a T8 premium for 5600 golds !! Good for competitve or random and will have a use as crew trainer very soon.
  4. Haruna fits better at T6. Moreover, her 1945 refit (6×2 127mm and 108 25 mm) would give her a better AA protection and thus removes the need for a Defensive fire consumable. It would be good to have such a ship, and it would be a nice change from all these premiums BB that never existed ...
  5. Why nerfing DD armor is a buff according to you ??
  6. Seriously WG ... You really think that giving Engine Speed Boost is a good idea for French BB ?? Why giving them this while their unique turret settings already make them so specific ?
  7. Until now : 2 days of premium, 2x5k free XP and 250 golds.
  8. I plaued my Charles Martel yesterday, red Amagi and Tirpitz thought they were safe hiding in a Benson smoke. I think now they are burning to learn about the smoke change ...
  9. How much HP does the repair party on russian DDs give back per second ?
  10. It's a desync problem. Just restart the game and it shall be fine.
  11. I chose this setup because I don't find spamming HE at max range to be really fun. My stealth setup allows me to use torps witjout being spotted if necessary, I try to cap in some situations, other DDs are stealthier than me but with the difference is minored and with my speed, I can spot quickly a DD that is spotting me. And moreover, I can follow a friendly DD and give him a close fire support on a cap. This is a much interesting gameplay il my opinion than just spending your time firing continuously on enemy ships and it helps winning the game. Morever, I can also use this captain on my Gremyashchy.
  12. My Kiev commander is fitted with : PT, LS, DE, CE and AFT. I also have the stealth upgrade. Like this I can give close support to other DDs on cap fighting enemy DDs and I can also burn BBs at long range after that. I find this gameplay more polyvalent and more oriented on winning the game.
  13. Well seeing the description of the mission where a big arrow lead from the bundles in shop to this mission, I think it is implied this mission is only if you buy the ship with money.
  14. Yeah it's awful and blurry, nothing is interesting besides the first minutes when they shot the pictures of the ships.
  15. According to the video, modelization is not finished yet so they will rather arrive at the beginning of 2018.