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  1. Cleveland - Tier 8

    14.6 km is the upgraded range of T6 Cleveland (13.3 km stock range). But I can't remember if they buffed the range of the T8 ship. Nevertheless, it seems that all the CL branch will have a rather short range, between UK and IJN cruisers.
  2. According to Flamu, the stats of all US CA and T8 Cleveland are final, the new US CL may get some changes so I guess they could only arrive in 0.7.6
  3. which DD line to choose? DD questions

    IJN & USN DD lines are interesting. IJN have very strong torps and excellent stealth but the long reload is long and guns are a bit weak. USN is more flexible, able to use both guns and torps. You shouldn't ignore KM DD. Higher tier gameplay is totally different from T2-4. They are also versatile DD with a slighter focus on torps (compared to US DD). They have torps with low damage and ok range, but very fast reload, guns require to be able to switch ammo to get the most of it, but the sonar really helps in DD vs DD fight. The T5 is bad, T6 is a bit weak but rest of the line is rather fun !!
  4. ST - T10 Ship Specific Upgrades

    Worcester + radar upgrade in slot 2 + special upgrade.
  5. Lol !! They bufffed Shima stealth a few updates ago to help it and now they gonna give Gearing an upgrade that gives it the same stealth or better. Come on seriously WG !!
  6. [Contest] No good deed goes unrewarded

    Got it too. Perth only comes with a 3-pt comander in this case ?
  7. [Contest] No good deed goes unrewarded

    Cool, that was one of the few T6 premiums I don't have, and I got a spotter plane upgrade in the Varyag SC ... Somehow I knew that RNGesus was trying to tell me something ...
  8. [Contest] No good deed goes unrewarded

    @LilJumpa OP, please nerf WGEU !! Congrats to all, and thank you very much @Egoleter for this contest !!
  9. Purshage Premium unavailable.

    Did you buy a premium recently via the online shop ? If yes, check that the transaction didn't have any problem.
  10. Historical Flags

    As said @LilJumpa, it's a subject tht was discussed lengthly but WG has to take into account the legislation of several countries about banning some insignia and emblems. However, some change may come in the future. The Pan Asia DD line caused a lot of arguments on the SEA server as it mixed the ships of several nations that are in conflict with each other . They were first supposed to bear their national flag but continental chinese players caused havoc because they refuse to see the RoC flag (Taiwan is not recognized by PRC as a state but as a sedditious part of themselves). So WG decided to give a fictional flag o all ships of the line at their release. But then, it's the players of the other SEA nations (Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan) who complained that they don''t care about chinese players' sensibility and they wanted their national flags on the ships owned by their nation. They also complaiend as they found offensive to hear their captains speak in Chinese with the national voices setting. So to sum things, SEA is a political mess and WG is caught in the middle. The devs have chosen to enable a feature in an upcoming update (no ETA given at this moment) : you will have the possibility to enable the historical national flag of a ship you OWN for the pan asia and commonwealth nations. In a recent stream Q&A this week by @MrConway, @Lumberjack & @Philigula, it was annouced : Take note that the legislation problem will still exist so even if it comes into play, there may be some restrictions because of it.
  11. Ok so now BB have a good excuze to stay in line B. I guess I will mostly play my Lo Yang then ...
  12. Carrier Rework and the artificial fog around it

    It was implied that you will fly your squadrons in FPS view after the rework. Farazelleth made a video recently playing his CV only using this view.
  13. Clan off topic section

    You should post this in the Suggestion thread or directly ask to our admins @MrConway and @Lordofdroid
  14. Am i retarded?

    Did you first research all the elements of the previous ships (usually hulls) that lead to the ship you want to unlock ?
  15. Free commander retraining?

    The best way to retrain a captain for free is to retrain him for free on your new ship and then to put him on a premium ship and play enough games to gain the necessary amount of commander XP. On a premium ship, retraining captains are considered fully trained so all their skills work normally.