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  1. Gadjah Mara is clearly overpowered for T7 : the gun DPM is so insane that you can fight any T8 DD with problem.
  2. Year preview 2018

    Were annouced : French BB at the beginnig of the year US cruisers split in spring RN DD during summer Italian cruisers in fall Maybe RU BB at the end of the year
  3. Well it's possibly a testbed for reworking the map.
  4. Viva La France

    Click on the item you miss in the collection and then click ok to confirm the exchange.
  5. Can't Connect to EU in China

    In case tje above solution doesn't work, try using Pingplotter to see wjich part of the network is blocking you.
  6. Royal Navy DD

    English BB are already in game ... The 2018 planning we were given for new year eve has english DD scheduled for this summer.
  7. Technically, Alabama is a South Dakota class, an evolution of the NC but a different ship. And in the same way, Arizona is not a sistership of the New Mexico (it's a Tennessee class). Flint is a modified Atlanta (Juneau subclass) Fushun & Anshan are all Gnevny sisterships, just like Gremy. You forgot : Ashitaka (Amagi class), Arkansas (Wyoming), Belfast (Edinburg), Gneisenau (Scharnhorst), Tirpitz (Bismarck), Prinz Eugen (Hipper)
  8. Rendering of ships

    If you are talking about the rendering of a ship you spot, there is a 3 seconds delay between the moment the detected icon appears and the rendering of the ship. WG necer really explained from where this delay comes. We are not sure if it's a limitation of the engine or a hard set rule decided by the devs.
  9. By the way, the mission for the remainning free containers was not supposed to arrive today ?
  10. Really need some help here

    Yes there are sealclubbers in game, and as global WR is often seen as one of the major indicator of your efficiency, some players happily use good ships at lower tier (Umikaze, Konig Albert, Nassau, Saint-Louis, Bogatyr, Clemson) to farm their WR. WG tries to fight this but there is only a protection for players under 10 games.
  11. Really need some help here

    MM doesn't punish you for using flags. You mist keep in mind that T3&4 are populated witj lots of beginners who don't really understand fully the different subtilities of the game. On the other hand, you are playing battleship !! It's the most tanky class of ships and it has the biggest alpha. You are not a supporting ship, you should lead the attack (I don't mean that you must do this in frontline though).
  12. Is Missouri got nerfed?

    Nothing indicates that Missouri was nerfed. On the question to take it or not, you must keep in mind that 750k free XP is really EXPENSIVE !! It's more than the cost to unlock Montana if I remember correctly. Even if Missouri is a very strong ship and makes a lot of credits, you must ask yourslef if you really need it. Do you play US BB so much ? Do you already have T8 premiums that can already give a good amount of credits ? And keep in mind that contrary to T8 premiums, Missouri can't be used in other modes like RB.
  13. How many premium ships do you have?

    I counted them yesterday and I have 34 at all tiers. 5 of them are T2 or 3. I made the count and on 34, I got 11 of them for free (Arkansas B, Kamikaze R, Albany, Emden, Campbeltown, Oct. Revolution, Tachibana, DoY, Vampire, AGS, Shinonome) plus 6 in XMas lootboxes (Texas, Arizona, Anshan, Blyskawica, Gallant, Indianapolis) and 3 from the pre order pack. The premiums I bought : Atago, Tirpitz, Scharnhorst, Alabama, Atlanta, Dunkerque, Duca d'Aosta, Kaga, Warspite, Leningrad, Lo Yang, de Grasse, Murmansk and Koenig Albert. Most of them were bought in promo
  14. Next season of team and ranked battles?

    There is no more Team Battles, they wererre replaced by Clan Battles. The 2nd season of TB has started this weekend and will last 3 weeks. We have no fixed date for the next RB, but they should arrive at the end of march.
  15. Scripts problem

    Do you use mods ? If yes, remove them and try again. Did you try lowering your graphic settings ?