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  1. I don't know if this planning is true or false, but I would be really disapppointed if the italian cruisers were to come after the soviet paper ships and were delayed by almost a full year ...
  2. Operation Cherry Blossom - what went wrong?

    I agree with OP : this operation can be really easy. I too won most of my games and it was im general a 4 or 5 stars win. Should it be reworked ? Maybe, but contrary to Narai, the number of ships that can play it is really limited so it has less negative effects.
  3. Amount of new content vs. time/cost to acquire

    Grinding in WoWs is already much faster than in a game like WoT : flags and camos really boost the xp gained. As an example, I only need 50 games in a T9 ship to unlock the T10, when I need more than 200 for tanks. And I agree with other people : you don't need to research every ship. Thi is a game, play what you enjoy and have fun !!
  4. Get around 12-15 km from your targets, bow tank like crazy. The biggest threat is HE-spamming cruisers, so focus them in priority. If you pushed too much, try to retreat with speed boost.
  5. GG WG for ruining another fun ship ... Let's turn Akizuki in a ship with the agility of a battleship, that seeems so appealing ...
  6. Do we know what is the armor of this new version of the stalingrad ?
  7. Born in the USA Baltimore camo

    Yeah they are ugly.
  8. You forgot to emphasize that none of the missions require to win a game. This event is going to be another great demonstration of quality potatoplay !!
  9. Next t9 xp premium?

    Sub_Octavian said that they are searching for a premium DD to sell for free XP. We have no indication of its tier (it could be a T7 like Nelson). USS Alaska has already been leaked as a futur premium. As it is an equivalent of Kronshtadt, we can assume it could be the next T9 premium (or a possible future reward ship for RB or CB).
  10. A little bit more than 25000 coal and zero steel. I would like that WG gave some tiny bit of steel for achieving some intermediate ranks in RB but it seems that the initial suggested function of Arsenal ( to give everyone the opportunity to get the reward ships, but just slower if you dpn't reah rank 1 or top league) has changed ... Arsenal is now just a way to distribute reward ships in a more steeamlined way.
  11. Monaghan flag

    You get it after playing 1 game with the ship I think, it appears in your personal missions.
  12. 5.5 km spotting distance on a gunboat line ? And you give it hydro moreover ?? Seriously WG, if you really hate stealthy IJN DDs, you'd better simply remove them from the game ...
  13. Jean Bart screams : WG didn't sell enough Gascogne so let's sell a premium Richelieu to everyone ... BTW, Enjoy a new no-fly zone CV players !! I love how WG keeps telling us that they are trying to rework and rebalance CV but each new BB coming in game has a better AAA than the previous. Seriously the T6 premium german BB has 134 on the far aura (Clevelnd only had 91 !) and Jean Bart is just a monster ...
  14. Basically he is just saying : we didn't change anything, it's just the current meta that is shifting the game toward balance. Which just means that after american arc, the same class balance problem will be back and BB will rule again. And as he also says that DD suffer in high tier games even before introducing a ship with radar range greater than its spotting distance , it is clear that WG doesn't give a [edited]about class imbalance ... They will never do anything against World of Battleships !
  15. Monaghan flag

    Nope you must win 3 millions credits, 30k base XP and get 30 kills with the ship, in any game mode.