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  1. for the free containers, I got : 2500 coal, 20k free XP and 50 commander XP flags
  2. NoirLotus

    Gorizia - The 'Moderate' Grind

    Yep, I saw the grind for Puerto Rico and laughed because I knew it would be impossible to do and didn't want the ship anyway. Then I saw the grind for Gorizia, a ship I don't need, and laughed too !! Now I know I will spent the next 30 days away from WoWS !!
  3. NoirLotus

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    So, now if submarines can't surface, are they forbidden to cap or will they f**k up destroyers by outspotting them easily in any circumstances (and while being very hard to be spotted, even by planes) ???
  4. NoirLotus

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    Of course I want to participate.
  5. NoirLotus

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I don't think the game population allows it to split into so much game modes ...
  6. I'm at 14 (12 standard plus Yoshino and Smolensk), maybe I will burn some free xp to get another one before Xmas, I currently have more than 2 millions ...
  7. NoirLotus

    CV Rework Discussion

    The last tests involving CVs that we heard of are about adressing the excessively efficient spotting in competitive games (CB, RB, KotS). Nothing about individual balancing og each CV, nothing about balance between CV and DD in randoms, nothing about 3 CV games against T3 without AA ...
  8. NoirLotus

    3-5-7 from wot is coming to wows

    That's a very bad news for the game. For those who didn't play in WoT 3/5/7 MM, here what it implies : - first you are never top tier (unless you play T10 of course) !! Instead of being top tier 1/3rd of your games, you will be top tier only 20% of the time. - but the numbers of players are not equal at each tier, so WG will have to force some same tier games to purge the queue. In a way, that's not bad but these games will count in your top tier games, which means that on your 20% top tier games only a very small part will see you fight against T-2 ships. - with a very small number of top tier ships, their skill level becomes way more important. Your chance of winning will depend greatly on the quality of your top tier ships. On WoT, the number of games where one team simply got eradicated in a few minutes increased significantly !! - bascally, your T8 premium ships lose a lot of their value as you are paying to be low tier.
  9. NoirLotus

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Depth charges can vary in damage per charge and number of charges per salvo. UK DD have the highest damage (3600) and average salvo (8). Plus their sonar is really useful to spot torpedoes. Then come US DD with best damage but small salvo (6). Japanese are almost as good with same salvo but a little less damage (3200). RU and KM DD are the worst at fighting submarines with small damage (1600 to 1800) but good salvo (8 to 10).
  10. Ok, so between Huang-He, Mutsu and WV, I got Huang-He, which maybe the least worse. I will try it in scenarios ...
  11. I ended up having a lot of T6 premiums (either bought or won), so my only possibilities are Huang-He, Mutsu and WV ... To be honest, I can't tell you which one I want from these 3 ships ...
  12. NoirLotus

    Yahagi in the shop

    Is it also available in the armory ?
  13. NoirLotus

    Any sub test invites?

    I got my invite thursday and played a few games. Not really convinced ny this new class to be honest ...
  14. NoirLotus

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    14 SC : - 2 x 1000 golds - 7 days of premium - 3 x 15k coal - 25 basilisk flags - 50 anniversary camo - 2 x 50 valentine camo - 50 gamescom camos - 100 zulu flags - 100 flags for AAA
  15. I think I have enough doubloons for Exeter, but I will just take it for collection, don't really intend to play it much.