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  1. I personnally think we should give it a try. First the smoke meta was just a nightmare in the 6th RB season, ans seeing random going the same way is starting to piss me. Moreover, I see here a lot of people complaining about the destruction of teamplay. Well I have a news for you : teamplay is not a situation where the DDs have to provide you smoke, spot for you, cap for you, torp enemy smoke for you etc ... Teamplay means that everybody must do his share of the work, like when BB are tanking with their HP, armor and heal, instead of just hiding in smoke to farm damage. Nevertheless, I wonder what WG will do with english cruisers, as it will be quite hard for them (even though Belfast and maybe some high tier RN CL certainly deserve it)
  2. Hello, I just played the Operation Dynamo scenario and I have a question. The game was a win wih 5 stars, I'm credited of 1161 base XP : screenshot But when I'm back in my port, the challenge To the Rescue has itss counter only at 254 / 2000 base XP (2nd screenshot). Can you explain me how it is possible ??
  3. Nope. But I must say that I have a special approach about T10 since I played WoT : I only grind a branch if I think I will like the gameplay and I only buy a T10 if I'm sure I will like it. I will soon unlock Gearing bu I won't buy it : it seems rather meh and I enjoy Fletcher so much !!
  4. Here is a translation of Tanatoy's response to the thread in french section : "Just to inform you : your returns have been taken into acccount, as you will be albe to see in the future"
  5. With the upgraded guns, you go from single to double guns, so even if it's only a +1 to the artillery stats, your DPM just increases by 100%.
  6. That's the problem ... If you say "screw you WG" but you did the mission anyway, WG EU will never understand the problem. The only way to make WG EU understand something is to NOT do this kind of shitty missions and say it hard on the forum.
  7. I posted a similar thread in the french section yesterday when I saw the requirements. Tanatoy's reply seems to imply that they are contacting WG about it.
  8. Regarde la mission pour le drapeau FNFL, tu vas voir comment WG EU nous souhaite un bon 14 juillet ...
  9. Seriously WG EU are f**king kidding us ??? To get the FNFL flag, we must do 35 000 base XP in 3 days playing only french ships ... in July, and the weekend of Bastille day ??? For Dunkirk flag, it was only 1 battle, for Midway flag it was 25000 XP but in one whole week and now we must do 35000 XP in 3 days ??? To tell you exactly whaat I think of this mission, I will now speak in French, as it is the best tongue for cursing : Nom de dieu de [edited] de [edited]e, mais foutez vous la au cul, votre mission de [edited]e, bande de connards incompétents !!
  10. The boat is fragile as any CL (well not Nurnberg fragile), bit it is a really fun ship to play : faster than T6 DD, guns with flat trajectory but rather short range, godd AP, ok HE, with CE you can even stealth torp ...
  11. I have a few questions about Stealth and the meta : In the current meta, at the exception of a handful of ships (like Khaba or secundaires focused german BB), all ships are using a stealth build : Concealment Expert perk and Concealment System Mod 1. This lead to having at higher tier BBs with a concealment close to 12 km, a range at which BB guns are deadly for cruisers, meaning a few seconds of distraction in cruiser (or worse if a smart BB attack from an unexpected position) will often mean a return to the port. Moreover, now that steath fire has been removed, as the bloom after firing is 20 seconds, we have this aberration that a shooting BB is spotted only 2/3 of the time, while a cruiser with its fast reload will always remain spotted. What is the devs' opinion on this stealth meta ? Do they consider normal that in a class-system game, the tanking class is more efficient with a stealth build ? Could they consider removing acceess to Concealment System Mod 1 for battleships ?
  12. Don't forget that everyone got a 10% coupon this week. Are you really surprised that WG is ajusting the price of a highly expected premium to keep thdir profits on par ??
  13. Yeah let's feast upon the time the british have backstabbed their best ally (I must say that they were well helped by the stupid behaviour of some high level officers of french navy). And in one month, we will celebrate the greatest "strategic repositionning" of WW2 with a movy that has decided to completely ignore the sacrifice of 35k french soldiers. Hey WG EU, when will you offer to french players a white flag, in order to keep on the cheese eating surrendering monkeus jokes ? Seriously, I'm french so I'm really eager to get one ...
  14. The last time I got accused of cheating with aimbot, I killed a low life Kutuzov at 18 km with my Arizona. I was using my spotter plane and I just aimed at all 4 different choices he had to go (left, right, full forward or just a bit forward his current position (in case he slowed down).