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  1. QiSky

    New CVs

    After "best" update ever seen, I never play cv in wows. That is all my coment here. Other players describe better than me how worse its that update for cv..... after many co-op battles in ranger with ZERO (realy, ZERO damm in ranger ???) , finaly I have 2x torps hits. Wow, what a succes, 2x torps hahaha. So, ill never play cv. I dont play a game to suffer or be frustrated bcz a game its bad or worse or unfriendly with players .
  2. Invest time = lose of time. Real life time. MY REAL LIFE. Do have what ? Few ppl tell that but a game must be FUN and easy to play. To have friendly interface game-player and can be easy to learn by every1. I learn to play cv in 1 day. After 5x or 6x youtube i understand dinamyc and strategy. After that i can hit ships every atack. Now im trying hard to control planes (not ship) and im thinking why i not play battle of warplane.... its the same. All other players in co-op have the same problems, no1 understand why its worse and worse that game. Why its so unfriendly ? Sad, but i dont want cv anymore. I play my shima, my kamikaze, maybe musashi and thats all. Realy i dont want to lose my life to understand a game (with cv) bcz its an bad concept from start. Sure ull understand me after 10 or 20 co-op battles. Speak with team cv and ull see real oppinion, >75% want to quite cv and never use it again. And i understand all, no1 wants pain when play a game who must be fun not complicate or bad.
  3. I want to learn but cant. Realy cant. Now cv its not ships battle with air.... its air simulator with super hard controls. Before update i have >10 or more torps hits always (in Ranger cv, co-op battles), now i have 2x torps max / battle no mater how i can manage it. Before update i was on top 3 in all co-op battles, now i am last always, normal bcz in many battles i have ZERO damage. In ranger, can u imagine that ? Its worse update i ever seen and i play wows since beta. Never imagine admins destroy cv but now i see they can do that. After update to play dd vs cv its super easy, they cant hit u, hit only 5, max 10%..... before update to play in dd vs cv was a real pain, huge damm and easy hits dd. Succes on co-op. Ull see i tell u truth.
  4. Hope some1 read this topic. Some1 in wows team not a players. U destroy cv in my opinion. Its impossible to do this, before update i have >10 ore more torps hits / battle in co-op (i hate normal battle) with 1, 2 or 3x kills in my Ranger and now i have 2x torps / battle maxim with zero kills. No1 tell u we play WOWS bcz i dont want to play world of aircraft ? If i want to play air i play air simulator not ships simulator. Realy, with every battle im frustrated, i want to sell all my cv.... its impossible to play with them. In co-op its impossible, not mention real battle vs skills players. I think there ill have ZERO hits. Of course, no1 care whats our oppinion. Because I criticized this update im waiting ill be ban o forum. Like other time when i told how u destroy game in co-op with all team comp who suicide..... that is, u dont like real oppinion, u need only "like" here and in the game. Super sad whats happend, never think update can be worse than initial game. To the end, i bet 90% cv players cant play their cv (in all battles co-op no1 other players done better than me with cv, every1 crying from lost cvs). So its best of the best in a game. To do something unfriendly players its a great job, what can i tell ?
  5. QiSky

    Oficial thx to wows admins

    Thx a lot wows admins. U are the "best". The "best" of. U create an "excelent and great" co-op battles and i must thx for that. I play ALONE with all comp enemy and friends and i lose, your programs lose my battles. I have a sugestion: offer a bonus, 10k euro for guys who create and programing co-op battles. Its a joke. In my oppinion they must be fire to find another job, they create a battle not fun at all. And like i know, all game its for fun, no ? Its basics, ppl mush have a nice experience to come back on your game. Or u have too many players ? A stupid q on finish: u need my REAL euros ? For THAT kind of game and experience ? Realy ? Do u think im stupid ? I wait your appologies for my bad experience and bcz i lose value time of my life to play that battle. Qi
  6. QiSky

    Official thx to wows admins

    Im so mad bcz that, i quite game before printscreen. Sorry. Bot enemy hit me, N Caro in front of me, aprox 20, maxim 30 grade, not broadside. I run back not directly to him, 14 km aprox, not detonation. I was on full hp and i was back to islands from other enemy, only that N Caro hits me.... realy cant understand how in one hit that bot take me full hp.
  7. QiSky

    Official thx to wows admins

    I dont use auto aim, i use alt for better aim to aproach to that little fast bot kiev. My bot kiev leave personal frog and run fast in my torp. Its easy to say i play bad but its wows admins programming problem that. Im not IT specialist, but in my opinion its easy to delete TK status when bots suicide in players torps. I bet im not only players who take TK for nothing. Understand to take TK when hits 2,3 or 4x salvo torps in team buts not in co-op with bots. How its so hard to delete TK in co-op battles with bots ? Its a simple question, not a hard q like origin of universe.
  8. QiSky

    Official thx to wows admins

    Im good, im very good, a lot of skills but thats not a problem. Problem its how bots "works", always suicide. How i hit bot dd ? Easy, i torp enemy dd with air torp from left and right, like best cv strategy, enemy dd take 2x torps and our dd kill him with guns. After that bot run directly to my torp, not any1 play that. Ill put printscreen if u need one, our bot take 1 torp and i "find" how nice its to take TK status. Btw, complaining about bots its normal, how its possible only team bots died fast and enemy bots survive and hits me 3x citadels ? I died in 2 sec with full hp in my clevland. Its not fair its a black joke.
  9. QiSky

    Official thx to wows admins

    I want to thx official to all wows admins. I play co-op battle ALONE with comp suicidal team. Bcz u programs "excelent" computer players, all they suicide and i play alone vs 5x enemy. But its not all, miracle, i died in one hit bcz enemy co-op use aim mod (hahaha) and i lose all hp in one hit. 2nd, i want to thx all admins bcz i take "free' team-killer status in other battle, co-op too, after my cv torps hit comp dd who run directly to my torps. Wows, Im profound disappointed, really. If u dont want us to play wows anymore, just tell us. Qi. PS. I know its another usefull post, u dont care what players think and our oppinion, u want only our real euros. its my oppinion of course, and its true.
  10. QiSky

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Stability

    Worse update ever seen. Its impossible to play 2x battles. Realy, any1 test this crap before launch it ? Of course, no1 care, no1 tell us when they fix it. Great work wows. U are the best. U ruin this game with every update.
  11. QiSky

    I want my fubuki back.

    Thx wows admins for destroy all dd jap. 10 km range torps ? With lower speed and lower gun hit ? Are u realy stupid ? Do u have too many players ? New kagero tier 8 its worse than old fubuki tier 8..... lower speed, no more 15 km range torps...... Cant understand u. Im here since wows start but i see its time to quite this game like wot. Not any respect, Qi
  12. QiSky

    New Japanese Destroyers

    Thx wows admins for destroy all dd jap. 10 km range torps ? With lower speed and lower gun hit ? Are u realy stupid ? Do u have too many players ? New kagero tier 8 its worse than old fubuki tier 8..... lower speed, no more 15 km range torps...... Cant understand u. Im here since wows start but i see its time to quite this game like wot. Not any respect, Qi
  13. QiSky

    WG_gamescom stupid admin's joke ?

    I dont insult no1. Am what i told its truth They insult all player who play normal, players who PAY EUROS for premium, or PAY EUROS for premium ships. In ALL battles they use tier X ships...... and zero dammage. Oh, no zero damm, zero move, zero hit, do NOTHING. Its not normal to lose in team one in top tier. I want just fair game. Or some1 told us and we delete game..... maybe wows have too many players.
  14. Its 10x or more battles with bots WG_gamescom "player". ALL loses bcz Wg_gamescom moron are just afk bot..... Any1 can explayn this ? Any admins see that ? U want our REAL MONEY and u destroy game with bots ? I hope the person who did this to be fired. No respect, Qi.