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  1. Dobbel0

    0.10.0 - General Feedback

    So i get stucked in chatserver unavailable after 1 game in divition.. Is this a known bug already
  2. Altho I didn't like this Battleships at all, the idea is really cool have to give WG that and the prices are cool. Is this as mentioned most total dammage dealt over that timespan or one game max dammage ? And also is it 3 set of prices 1 for each tier?
  3. There is no need for any explanation , there is no competitive player that approve any of this. This is for WG to drain resources and make us spend dubloons more, and drain resources. Atleast for the most part. They made this ran it in ST program, ignored all feedback 0 changes and here we go again...
  4. Dobbel0

    Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

    Just care less and less, soon time to put the game on pause and see if WG ever wanna listen to a reasonable CC and spend on actually good changes for the game. Maybe new maps or some CV changes, engine, address bugs more then just the once that causes crashes. When even the biggest streamers stop playing this game because the experience is just not fun, it should make you think. Have to say removing Thunderer from the Armory is a good change, not sure you get the FDR away from there in time, full effect is coming with new cupon.. Cheap short term changes , remove thunder storm and epicenter. Free of charge feedback, no one likes it. Very few, no one i know likes cyclone but fine atleast it doest mess your already unreliable guns up more... Trend is more resources for less and more grind for less, its whatever for me i have what i need but.... Poor guys with Fletcher donskoi and a Izumo and RED STATS trying to get the coal out of Caln brawls this year. And What you do to CVs in next Clan battles can be can be decisive for competitive player base..
  5. Dobbel0

    General CV related discussions.

    You forgot, get hit by a Thunderer, HE bombs or Conqeror salvo so all skills are completely waisted on broken AA.. Other then that the tactics seems legit
  6. Dobbel0

    General CV related discussions.

    WG Don't care about the player base, CVs are a broken class that ruins the game!!! who ever says it exist counter play to CVs are not really smart. Even dead they keep spotting and drops. They ruin every supprice, positioning , flanking , just add to camp or lemming together... Its pure Corona for the game. And they bring it to Clanbattles too ...... Idk i am far from CV main and already broke 300k with FDR twice, seems like good balanced class to me
  7. Dobbel0

    Weekly Combat Missions: Thanksgiving Day

    Is 500hp kill Devstrike or 1 pen 1 overpen when i litterally can watch all shells land the same spot on the ship and it doesn't register also Driver related??
  8. Dobbel0

    0.9.10 - American Battleships: Part 2

    Noone mantion that the game actually crashes randomly all the time again....
  9. Dobbel0

    Developer Bulletin for Updates 0.9.11–0.9.12

    Don't feel hyped that for sure.... I do have Yahagi, so i guess i have to pay 4k dubloons for a tier 9. Oh well, not completely unfair. Just remove CVs from Clanbattles and cancel development of subs for randoms so we migth have future worth spending on this game....
  10. Dobbel0

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    Puerto Rico 2.0 for a Tier 9 camo Well done this time ... Could mention the last competitive arena in Clan battles turned in to RNG fiesta also, but who cares... Submarine early access 100k dubloons next
  11. Dobbel0

    0.9.9 - Content Additions and Changes

    Another CV season and Clan battles are dead. Greed and ignorance too any kind of feedback is unfortunately getting the better part of this game...
  12. Dobbel0

    U.S. Battleships: Early Access

    Ez choise on this event... Spend nothing, to much greed, just wow. And CV in CB again, don't help on motivation for support...
  13. Dobbel0

    More details on changes of Unique Upgrades

    Spreadsheet, how about playing the game... It's so inaccurate info too, and now if you put effort in to grinding this unique upgrade , isn't it suppose to be an upgrade??? Regrind a line, use 150mill credits a week of gaming for what exactly? a useless option for the ship ?
  14. Dobbel0

    0.9.3 - Clan Battles: Warrior's Path

    This season is just a crap show from CVs, early spotting sniping from stalin.. Out play your flank get wrecked by cv.... Noone enjoy this. better rng cv get 3cit drops in. not loosing plaines even.. no counter play, even 3 ships together. I really don't know how WG comes up with this, its like they wanna push us to quit the game or something.
  15. Dobbel0

    ST - German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    Anything CV related contribute to less players... Whatever WG... How is launching CV line a good idea in current state of CV gameplay....