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  1. anyone know if there are going to be any weekend specials with 35free xp per gold going on before the Missouri leaves us?
  2. I've only had one super container so far this year, I've given up with the 'try your luck' ones as the bonus chance they give you seems to be negligable, i'll just stick with the credit or consumable containers.
  3. What should be future steps of WG?

    I fear even if everyone stopped giving money to WG their response wouldn't be to try and improve the game, it would be to try other means of wringing money out of people via things like 'limited time Imperator Nikolai bundles only 99.99euro' the game is unfortunately run by the finance department, not the development team
  4. Who forgot to feed the hamsters

    yeah, got a massive lag spike in game followed by being booted from the server and it won't let me back on, a good successful new patch this
  5. WoWs confession by jghawks

    part of the problem is that WG have set this game up to coddle less experience/skilled players with RNG mechanics, after all, who needs to learn to angle if you just play a german BB, who needs to learn when to use AP/HE when HE will always do good, consistent damage on all targets. Randomly detonating a full hp target will give them the odd really good result game to make them feel like they're a good player and of course there's always the BB's camping at the back sniping the whole game that come top on XP on the losing team simply because they lived the longest and were therefore able to farm damage for longer. let's not forget DD's that just sit in smoke that then get hit by 4 torpedos and still survive because of 'damage saturation' The game doesn't really encourage you to learn all of the mechanics and let's face it, when you do learn all of the mechanics, situations like those above just annoy you more!
  6. it's another one of WG's "fun and engaging" mechanics like detonation because seemingly Wg don't like any part of this game being decided by skill.
  7. '''' all idiots in ranked

    Ranked is no different to randoms, I've come across plenty of people that AFK or bring stock ships into ranked then entirely ignore instructions from team mates. I've found playing the Farragut is the best ship for the impact on win chance, you can carry a bad team far better when you can take down most other DD's easily in gun fights and can give your team smoke (which can encourage them to actually push forward if you lay the smoke slightly ahead of them ) it also has the speed to go and take caps in the late game when there are only a few ships left.
  8. Weekend bonus: Spend time with your family

    To be honest, I'm fine with not having weekend 'specials' every weekend, as long as when we do get them they are actually special, not just an x2 on your first win, a discount on low-mid tier ships and some crappy mission.
  9. 20k players prime time

    Steam summer sales draw people away and WG haven't come up with anything to tempt anyone back, the weekend 'specials' are laughable, maybe numbers might pick up again after summer, maybe......
  10. I think 3 RPM would be be too much on the Thunderer, perhaps a 24-26 or so second reload would be better. Also, I think Vanguard should get a slightly faster reload than 2rpm, perhaps 26-28 second reload.
  11. Powerlevel spam

    50k xp for that much? wouldn't it be cheaper just to convert free xp (and they wouldn't steal your account then)?
  12. PTS 0.6.6

    Even with the 12km torps the Yugumo is still going to be an inferior torpboat (and definitely inferior gun boat) to the Fletcher, which has more torps, that reload faster, have better detection range, similar torp speed and only 1.5km less torp range. Unless they at the very least buff either torp reload or torp detection on the Yugumo, it's still going to be the underdog in every way
  13. I still think that scaling citadel damage would help, so DD's take no citadel damage (same as at the moment), cruisers could take 50% damage and BB's/CV's take full citadel damage (because let's face it, when a CV is spotted they're dead regardless if anyone is within gun range)
  14. IJN Kaga has been released...

    they will wait until after the hood bundles are done I think. They don't want to give anyone any excuse/options to not pay exorbitant amounts for the Hood.
  15. HMS Hood available on the 19th May

    I'd say the game is stagnating rather than dying as such, it's not really increasing in size like WoT was at this stage after it's release