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  1. CrniVrag

    Battle Royal mode

    Instead of a Battlenite or Fortships game mode, I'd rather see something along the lines of Frontlines in WoT tbh...
  2. CrniVrag

    Time to scrap saving star in ranked

    The thing is, ranked is won by making less mistakes than the enemy. If you see your team mates being passive, don't push, die and rant later on, play it safe and yes there is a chance you'll lose on points, but usually the enemy makes a mistake and 1 or 2 ships less out of 7 is a huge factor. Team play is key, that doesn't mean your way is always right. Adjust to your team, even if they are passive, it gives you far more chances to win than not.
  3. CrniVrag

    Time to scrap saving star in ranked

    Then don't make a sacrafice where it's so insignificant that the enemy still can win. Your arguments aren't even close to being water tight. 3/10
  4. CrniVrag

    Time to scrap saving star in ranked

    No, it most certainly wont make a team of randoms work as a team. Saving star has to stay...
  5. CrniVrag

    DD problem

    They can't spot when they are in smoke, but everyone else that is not in smoke can, even if you can't spot them....
  6. CrniVrag

    Go navy tokens

    I done some digging and apparently I missed this. You get tokens for loyalty only and not daily, the loyalty progression is the only thing that matters, so basically you need to get at least 1 point of contribution to get 3 points per day and since I'm not at 20 loyalty points I don't get crap before I reach 25...
  7. CrniVrag

    Go navy tokens

    I have a rather stupid and easily answerable question that buggs the bow dirt out of me. What's the condition for receiving the tokens? Do we have to get all 1250 points each day and our team has to win or is it only based on a team victory? Because Sharks have won 4 times, but I only received the tokens once...
  8. Dodge harder, git gud and all of that. Move along people...
  9. CrniVrag

    how it feels to play the ROYAL NAVY LINE

    Yes the RN Cruiser line sucks! But no, not rly...
  10. CrniVrag


  11. CrniVrag

    WG likes me to pay for this game?

    Here is the flaw with your logic. A battle is 100 times more complex than a simple coin flipping. It's 24 players with different skill sets in 4 different ship classes and 3 different kinds of tier. There are no 3 outcomes to a battle like in coin flipping, there are many and within said battle there are many little skirmishes taking place on a map. How the hell can you compare this? You think you are better than your stats reflect? Dunning-Krueger much? EDIT: Also, you have very good stats on tier 5, but as you go up your stats begin to sink into a sea of redness and pain. Would it be possible that you've rushed the tiers and now you're getting your arse handed to you because you lack skill for those tiers?
  12. CrniVrag

    What Are They Smoking?

    All they need to do now is introduce Thunderchild!!!
  13. CrniVrag

    Every battle is decided by RNGesus

    Yup! No point arguing with him.... He'll get another forced vacation I hope...
  14. CrniVrag

    New User Interface

    Well I can see the indicators for detection, max firing range and torpedo range, but no clue about the AA range that is included in the patch notes.... Does it have to be turned on somewhere'??
  15. CrniVrag

    All maps should have storms

    Why only 2 possible answers? Storms should be improved and balanced. The storm gives advantage to some ship classes, so why not introduce other debuffs that come with the storm, like lower accuracy, wider torp spreads or lower torp range/torp speed, slower flying planes or lower durability of planes, longer rudder shift times or wider turning radius of ships, ship launched aircraft consumables should give a bit more spotting range (1 km or so) but the duration of the consumable would be decreased. All classes of ships should get some disadvantage with the storm and some consumables should be tweaked to give some advantages in storms, or become totally useless while we have bad weather. After improvement and balancing the storms can be introduced to all maps...