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  1. CrniVrag

    victory mechanics?

  2. CrniVrag

    How about a commander thats somewhat aimed at CV's?

    The CV class doesn't burn, it doesn't detonate and has unlimited Fighter squadrons, I think these special perks are enough. Thanks, bye...
  3. Oh no you were there, you even checked me for any insignia that could be considered inappropriate after the Jingles incident No I guess you were just busy with things, I hung around with Krešo and Rich most of the time...
  4. CrniVrag

    Infogamer 2019

    I think this thread would be a better place to post your praises
  5. CrniVrag

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    It would be even better if WG would let the Italian cruisers actually mount the smoke generator upgrade. I mean why isn't this an option? I just spent the coal for an upgrade just to find out it's not an option
  6. Can't come this year, but I was at Infogamer in 2014. before WoWS left closed beta or was it alpha I can't really remember. Anyway, WG had a booth with WoT there and you could also try WoWS in a closed area where filming wasn't allowed, so I had the pleasure to play my first ever WoWS match versus the Challenger and Hunter1911 and got my arse handed to me in the Myoko... Ectar was also there but I think he was busy doing his Ectar things I'd recommend you to go if you're close and able, it was a really fun day
  7. CrniVrag

    On DDs and detonations...

    Well DD's are easier to detonate, but for some reason the second I remove the deto flag from my Vlad or Scharn, in the next 3 battles I get detonated. So go figure There is the "it's historical and yadda-yadda" argument around detonations, but this argument doesn't hold up with Smolensk, half of the USSR tech tree and some other ships and mechanics that are not historical or downright defying physics like radar, so maybe detonations could be tweaked to happen only after you receive damage to torpedos, citadels or guns and don't use your repair party. As an example, if your torpedos are damaged (red) and repairing another hit to them should have a certain percentage to detonate them. Now I used citadels or guns which would have to introduce a "yellow" or "red" state for citadels after a succesful penetration for a period of time equal to the repair time of torpedos or guns in which another consecutive hit/citdael should have a chance to detonate. Now I know some would argue that sometimes you hit a citadel 3 times at the same time and this would hurt cruisers or battleships, but that's why I said there should be a chance for a detonation on a consecutive hit on said damaged modules, which can be set fairly low and maybe they could even add a 2 second immunity after a citadel, gun, torpedo damage to prevent such thing. In this case the captain would have time to react with either angling the ship or using the damage control if available. So I am all for detonations to stay, but the chance and mechanics of one occuring have to be redesigned...
  8. CrniVrag

    "Back to port" button - why does it exist?

    The button can stay and people should be allowed to leave if they want. One or two players less in a random battle means nothing, most of the time the bottom 5 players haven't done anything remotely useful anyway. However I would punish divisions leaving battles and players who leave battles in ranked.
  9. CrniVrag

    In port "Community Chat" has been broken for months now...

    Outsourced or not, they could make their own or find some better 3rd party. They develop a freaking game, developing a chat system is way harder I guess...
  10. CrniVrag

    Online players

    Yes I knew about the cog wheels, but I thought there is something under the username tab that I just can not see... I guess that's settled then
  11. CrniVrag

    In port "Community Chat" has been broken for months now...

    It's a real shame that WG can't work on it's community tools and features a bit more. Look at WoT, the same chat system since beta and it's utter rubish used to send saucy messages after a battle or spam general chat and get bannsmacked by a mod if one is present.
  12. CrniVrag

    Online players

    I clicked on my username, there are 4 tabs and none of them shows the current number of players :|
  13. CrniVrag

    What WG spreadsheets, Smolensk, CVs and Pavlovs dogs have in common

    Yes, do whatever you enjoy, but your thread didn't bring anything new into the discussion on the Smolensk or the CV's. The whole thread boils down to just "the playerbase is emotional, the spread sheet is holy, long live Sergei and Viktor, distract yourself from your misery with something while playing and paying..."
  14. CrniVrag

    What WG spreadsheets, Smolensk, CVs and Pavlovs dogs have in common

    Um no... The second I had enough I'm gone and I won't even write an obligatory "after xy years of playing I had enough" thread. There are other things to do and throw money at, like strippers or whatever else the hell some of us like. Writing forum posts in defense or critique of WG is a pointless exercise...
  15. CrniVrag

    What WG spreadsheets, Smolensk, CVs and Pavlovs dogs have in common

    So you're saying it's all on us, WG can do whatever they want and we should take it like the good little pay pigs that we are?