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  1. CrniVrag

    Another day in MM hell

    MM monitor, or as I call it "The wet XVM", is only useful to send people into a state of rage over nothing and throw the game because "he mad". It's the same old discussion from WoT and it's getting boring...
  2. https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/10252/ Try this. Sometimes it's a problem on the route to the server, usually with certain providers.
  3. CrniVrag

    PSA: Kong and Godzilla camo

    I remember the days when WG used to be quite transparent about what they're doing and selling. Players knew in advance which tanks would be moved out of the game or become premiums, so even those that didn't have them could grind them out in 2 months time, refunds were offered if WG made a mistake and so on. This is just sad now...
  4. CrniVrag

    New Captain skills problem

    I sent a ticket, but quite honestly I'm not having high hopes...
  5. CrniVrag

    New Captain skills problem

    I could go on a rant right now, but nothing good will come out of it. This is so frustrating...
  6. Hi guys, I've been away for like 6-7 months now and wanted to check up how things are going. I encountered a pretty major problem now. I thought that after the captain skills changes all of our points would be reset so we could pick new ones, to my horror it seems they should have been manually redistributed for a short period of time after which you need to pay dubs or elite captain experience in order to do so. Now I'm stuck with 80% of my captains having at least 2 skills that are not desireable for said captains/ships. So just being curious, whoever was away for that period of time where free resets were possible, is now pretty much screwed? Because if so, I'd rather not even try to return...
  7. CrniVrag


  8. CrniVrag


    I never claimed doing that, I said I never had problems dealing with them. I usually let Henris who want to play the "I'll just sail at max range and juke" game, just go. They're not important for me, a one trick pony who can't cap, has no radar, can't support dd's, gets torn apart once it gets closer. Just stop shooting, go undetected, change flank or get into cover from him so you can still shoot with no threat from him.
  9. CrniVrag


    Idk, I really, really, really like my Hindy. I prefer it in randoms over any other cruiser I currently own. Just that versatility and the ability to adapt to sudden changes in battle is what I need. I honestly never had a problem dealing with a Venezia or a Henri in mine.
  10. CrniVrag

    New commander skill tree incomming!

    Wait, that guy wasn't fired yet?
  11. CrniVrag

    Why don't we have historical flags?

    We got this discussion every once in a while. So to summarize the point for all of you... WG is an international business, they want to make sure they don't have any legal problems around the world, hence why they compromise with the flags. If you absolutely must have an almost invisible swastika/rising sun/kekistan/whatever flag on your Bismarck, or a quite visible one painted on the deck of it, download mods. This being so important to you that it makes the game virtualy unplayable is an easy fix, you get your flags and nobody else has to see them. You can blame leftist sjw's (which is such an absolutely laughable argument, since a lot of the countries that actually banned the flags had right wing conservative parties in power at the time of the ban - and you can go look it up) or human hypocrisy, or whatever and whome ever you want, business is business and this won't change. Suck it up, download a mod and play with your swastikas, simple fix...
  12. It makes no difference since the container rewards are set the moment you receive the container...
  13. CrniVrag

    Poll about class balance

    Yes, but how do you propose to blanace a class with such a high skill ceiling? If you nerf them more, they become UP in the hands of over 90% of the playerbase. How would you balance CV's when taking them out of the game entirely isn't an option?
  14. CrniVrag

    Poll about class balance

    I am talking about the time when a single CV could blap 4-5 battleships by crossdropping, which the reworked CV's cannot anymore. That's the difference. Yes he has almost the same WR, but I cannot see if it's all in solo randoms, wows-numbers is acting up and wows stats has no such option. AFAIK the question was if a single class can pull that off in solo randoms, the answer is not anymore, or if so then it's literally 1 in 100 000 players...
  15. CrniVrag

    Poll about class balance

    Oh I see, it's supposed to be a CV rant. You mean this one? https://wows-numbers.com/player/542960524,OceanKiss/?type=solo Looks like he has all his high percentage numbers pre CV rework and stopped playing. Yes CV's were that dominant before the rework in a unicums hands. Or is it this one? https://wows-numbers.com/player/500390286,MaciejoVietnam/?type=solo Also all high winrate battles are in pre CV reworks... That's the first two Unicums that have 85% in "unbalanced" classes...which don't exist anymore... So your point? EDIT: oh and the trend of "top players on the server" which have all their high WR in CV's before the rework and then quit continues on... It just seems like everyone else who actually continued playing CV's post rework somehow trashed his WR in that perticular class...