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  1. Eisenengel

    Will Just leave this here German CV

    Deck park... yeah, I guess that is a reasonable explanation. In a way, that should probably mean dive bombers would cause loss of planes, but meh. :)
  2. Eisenengel

    Will Just leave this here German CV

    I'm not sure the Graf Zeppelin should qualify as the same tier as, say, the Enterprise or Shokaku. It is a large and reputedly well made ship, but it is also the first and only carrier Kriegsmarine made (It was made, just not commissioned), and it has a few 'beginner's flaws' as well. Now, those flaws would be greater in the pacific - I suspect that in the Atlantic, the carrier would be more likely to come under ship attack, so the armor and secondaries isn't that bad of a judgement call, but still, it had a farily lackluster flight complement. It had a proposed complement of 42 planes. Shokaku had 72, Enterprise 96. Now, I'm not sure if the planes on the GZ is counted as reserve+starting squadrons, in which case it has way too many planes (76) or if the starting squadrons are taken from the reserve. I am okay with the 42->49 change, that's within a reasonable margin and a bit of modification of the ship, but not 42->76. I think that half the complement of other tier 8 carriers is not nearly enough to call her tier 8. Also, her planes are not tier 8 material. Sure, the Bf 109 were a very good fighter - I'd say that qualifies - but the Stuka was very slow and considered outdated, despite being very good at dive bombing and carrying ordnance... well, see below. A note on the torpedoes - At the start, the Germans relied on italian air torpedoes. They eventually made their own, and the most common German air launched torpedoes were the F5b and the later L2 version (Basically the same torpedo with gyro stabilized ailerons allowing faster, higher drops). It had a 2km range at 40 knots, or 6 km at 24 knots. They were not satisfied with their performance and did receive the IJN's plans for the type 91 air torpedo (rev2), and had plans for the Lt 850 as a german modified copy of the type 91, but it remained a paper weapon. In a way I'd say that the Graf Zeppelin should be a 'regular' carrier rather than a premium one, because it had rather interesting - and significant - upgrades and modifications planned, especially in plane and plane armament. On the other hand, it wouldn't exactly be part of a carrier 'tree'. Plane selection is a bit complicated. The Germans had an early, middle and a late plane selection planned. Early: 20 Fiesler 167 torpedo bomber, 12 navalized Ju 87 Stuka dive bombers (model C) and 10 Bf 109's. Middle: 30 Ju 87C dive bombers and 12 Bf109's. Late: 30 Ju 87 D4 torpedo/dive bombers, and 12 Bf 109's. The Fiesler 167 was an all-metal biplane. It was not a bad plane at all, and performed well over spcifications, but was ultimately replaced, for obvious reasons. (Biplane? Yep.). The Ju 87C is the carrier modified version of the Ju 87B originally planned for the GZ. The Ju 87D was a very significant upgrade of the Ju 87B, with more armor, more powerful engine, redesigned cockpit, more fuel, and almost quadrupled bomb load. As commissioning of the GZ became delayed, they altered the version planned for the GZ to the Ju 87D4, which was a D3 model(also quite upgraded) modified with carrier landing gear, life boat, 20mm cannons, etc. The Ju 87D5 is the 'ultimate edition' of the Stuka, the D4 lacked some of the D5's features, like larger wings, but that's not a good feature on a carrier anyway. The Ju 87C would not be able to carry even the lightest of the German aerial torpedoes, while the Ju 87D4 could carry even the larger ones with ease - or a normal bomb load of up to 1200 kilos. (The plane could take 1800 kilos of bombs, but probably not from a carrier.). On the discussion of torpedo or dive bombers. The attack on PQ 15, in may 1942, marked the first aerial torpedo attack by Luftwaffe. By PQ 16 and 17, the majority of planes were torpedo bombers, and the attacks had been rather costly, prompting a pause in the convoys. They were resumed in september, now with carrier escort, and while the convoy lost 13 ships, the german torpedo bomber squadrons in the area had been decimated. It seems to me that, when there was a choice, the Germans preferred to use torpedoes; the only planes carrying bombs couldn't carry torpedoes.
  3. Eisenengel

    Thoughts about the Royal Navy

    It's kind of funny, that. Muzzle velocity is important at close range, but as range increases, shell velocity tapers off, and shell weight (and design) becomes more important for its penetration characteristics. The British 16" guns for the Nelson were the result of a study suggesting that high muzzle velocity and low shell weight would have superior penetration characteristics, but the study was flawed; Source: http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNBR_16-45_mk1.htm The 14" guns for the KGV was after that flaw was corrected, and it was actually fairly high-weight low-velocity guns (Roughly same weight as the Nelson's shells). They were also less than ideally reliable - after half an hour of firing, half the guns on the KGV were not functional. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNBR_14-45_mk7.htm
  4. Eisenengel

    Thoughts about the Royal Navy

    Speaking from experience, 15" is enough to pen/crit the Yamato. I don't think you need much more than that, do you? With that said, the 14" guns on the KGV also had somewhat moderate muzzle velocity. Still, the British did have the N3 battleship design (Which after the treaties were cut down to the Nelson class) which was planned to have 18" guns, and WG isn't adverse to having paper designs. Funny detail: British warships had K-shells, which contained dye to mark from which ships what shells were from.
  5. Eisenengel

    Cruisers are the best destroyers

    The OP has a certain point: Destroyers cannot get in to guaranteed torpedo hit range the same way an (IJN) cruiser can. Last game with an Aoba I sunk two battleships by getting to point blank range and torpedo them; doing the same with a destroyer and the secondaries (or main batteries) will kill you. I don't think it's all the truth - US DD's are better at the 'YOLO attack', and a cruiser doing that is asking to get wrecked by main guns. But then: Does it really matter? If the cruisers were supposed to be terribad at torpedoes, they wouldn't have them - instead they have very, very good torpedoes. Destroyers' unique thing isn't torpedoes, but stealth.
  6. Eisenengel

    Minekaze post 0.4.1 - Buffed or Nerfed?

    The combination of increased detectability range and reduced torp range is a bit of an unpleasant double whammy. Other than that, not really got a problem with the change.
  7. Eisenengel

    Why is there no torpedo defence

    I guess one form of torpedo defence would be something similar to the anti-air cruiser ability, but for a battleship's secondary guns. A sort of 'destroyer-b-gone!' ability. Not sure if it's a good idea, but there's at least a basis for it in-game.
  8. Eisenengel

    Welcome to World of Tirpitz

    I suspect that she'll be gone from the shop soon, so get her while you can. Only played two battles in mine but it's a really nice ship. Still, I'll use the chance while we're drowning in battleships to play DD/CV.
  9. Eisenengel

    Can I get reported by players for falling back?

    Ran into a weird guy today. He rammed into me and a friend (Yes, both of us) and afterwards almost an island. Called us idiots, and, of course he followed by 'reported'. Now, the weird thing was I answered. He kept up a harangue, at which point someone else in the team told him to shut up or he'd shoot him. Dunno who that was. Then the rammer started shooting at me. He was pretty bad at it, but he kept it up the rest of the game, for 10-20k damage. The amount of fail in some people in this game is unbelievable. I wish I had replays activated. Now, as for what you can report people for.... in the post match view, right click someone. Observe: You can report them even if you never noticed them. The other guy hasn't got more limits, etiher. So, yeah, you can be reported for breathing.
  10. Eisenengel

    Some more EU stats

    Numbers look reasonable from what you'd expect from in-game experience. And yes, not too many surprises here. (Furutaka terribad? Who'd 'ave thunk?). Only real surprise were the Gearing players, but ... that little note about it being just 3 players makes sense. Good job, Dtxpwns.
  11. Eisenengel

    Tirpitz Cry Wall

    Oh god. Yeah they'll have a field day. ANYTHING at tier VIII without massive AA is a big improvement.
  12. A ship sails parallell to you. Assume it travels at 20 knots (that's the 'default' speed). Press ALT to get the time to impact. The number of seconds to impact is the number of notches on the horizontal line you must lead with. Multiply by the ship's speed relative to 20. (If it's going at 30 knots, multiply by 30/20 = 1.5, so if it's 10 seconds, use 15 notches.). Adjust by guesstimate, this isn't 100% accurate (Depends a little on zoom, I think). It gets a bit harder if it's not travelling exactly parallell. Then you must use judgement.
  13. Eisenengel

    say no to racism

    That's kind of the thing. You can't trust kids to be that wise. That's why they are legally minors. Sure, some kids are mature enough for that, but also, some clearly are not. That's why you're on really, really thin ice here.
  14. Eisenengel

    Tirpitz Cry Wall

    Eh, a word or two might help. But, I guess you're saying 'No, the Montana, Iowa and NC has even worse dispersion'. Which is fair enough; my thinking on the Yamato as worst accuracy is from not having looked much at the high tier US BB's in detail. That the NC - also at tier 8 - has worse accuracy is rather important, though, while the Amagi is - relatively speaking - pinpoint accurate.
  15. Eisenengel

    say no to racism

    It definitely took a left turn into mushroom-land somewhere.