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  1. cosmin

    Why was HMS Hood sent to engage Bismark?

    It also said that US code breakers broke the Japanese codes and were aware of the incoming attack at Pearl Harbor , but they let it happen anyway to influence the public opinion towards war against Japan and Germany . Funny thing is how their aircraft carriers were not there at the time of the attack
  2. cosmin

    Progress wipe

    The official statement came faster than I expected . So here it is , the answer to your question . Cheers , and good luck on the sea !
  3. cosmin

    Progress wipe

    I think so ? If I remember correctly this is exactly what happened in April 2011 when WoT went live , but I may be wrong . We shall wait for an official statement from WG
  4. cosmin

    Will more Nations be available, later?

    The British ships will be a lovely addition to the game , but as Woland_ said , it will probably be added after release. What a shame ...
  5. Hi guys . As I don't have a chance to play the game ( not yet ) , I want to satisfy my curiosity so I am asking you . How does ramming works in WoWs , what parameters are taken into account and what can the results be after a successful ram : BB vs CA , BB vs DD , CA vs DD , CV vs CV , etc.
  6. Do you guys know something about German aircraft carriers ? I read something about the Graf Zeppelin class , and it says that only one was commissioned . (What tier do you think it can fit in ? As a premium or special ship )
  7. cosmin

    Romanian Naval Forces

    I know it is only Closed Beta , and I don't know if this issue has been dealt with before this post , but I have a curiosity . Will Romanian ships be represented in-game ? As premiums or future rewards for accomplishing missions ( Like in WoT using personal missions or something else ). Although these ships will not be high-tiered (maybe tier 2-3 ?) , they will be a nice addition to the game ( a few months or more after release ) . I know they are not a priority , but do you plan adding other European ships into the game as special/premium warships ?