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  1. powerverde

    What's the point of damage control party?

    I´ll give you the hint no one wants to give you: - Don´t use DCP as you catch just one fire - use it when you get two or more at the same time. You can repair a lot of fire damage later.
  2. powerverde

    trying new ships before buying them

    That's 99% the reason i use the Test Server for. You can use it to trial ships, change configuration, set different captain skills and see what goes best with you.
  3. powerverde

    Update 0.11.10 - Battle Pass

    Why does WarGambling hate the playerbase this much? Dont we pay WG employees salaries? You guys want to lose your jobs? Why do u keep bringing stuff that no one wanted?
  4. powerverde

    Update 0.11.9 - Ranked & Brawls

    From: Someone with a few battles in WoWs To: Whoever came up with Ranked in tier 5 Dear Sir or Madam: You are a [edited]. Sincerely, PowerVerde
  5. powerverde

    New Ships — Closed Testing 0.11.10 (DB 373)

    So more planes? We can always count on you to [edited]the game even more, ty in advance!
  6. powerverde

    World of Warships Anniversary Marathon on YouTube

    "Thanks for your answer! Now you can navigate to the next element on the Treasure Map to open it!" Where is that map?
  7. powerverde

    Update 0.11.8 - WoWs Anniversary!

    "The number of gifts you receive after a battle depends on the number of ships you have in your Port and the amount of Base XP earned in that battle" how much xp for each extra gift?
  8. powerverde

    0.11.8 Update Contest - Lucky 7 Years!

    I know this wont win anything but im just posting because the only 7 present in the BR is ... in the hour of the battle because it 5 pm aka 17h...
  9. powerverde

    Waterline: Development Plan Updates – Fall 2022

    Why? U.S. Hybrid Battleships A branch of U.S. hybrid battleships awaits players in the winter. Three new ships—Nebraska, Delaware, and Louisiana—are in development. We can safely say that they will be armed with 406 mm guns. The hulls for these ships are designed based on the battleship branch headed by Montana, and the primary unique feature of the new ships will be the ability to launch squadrons similar to aircraft carriers and other hybrid ships.
  10. powerverde

    Public Test 0.11.7 - General Feedback

    It would be nice if our ships have at least 1/3 of the accuracy bots have in Operations. Cherry Blossom is too huge of a map and that final barrage of ships in the end is almost impossible to pass if players have slow ships and with no hp regeneration...
  11. powerverde

    Public Test 0.11.7 - Puerto Rico Dockyard

    That's when i stopped the dockyard missions, i wont play subs nor cvs so i can only do 4 of the 6 missons needed to unlock phase 3. If this goes to live server, well, its another year without buyting doobloons or any other premium stuff.
  12. powerverde

    Update 0.11.6 - British Battlecruisers

    One honest question: These ships have guided torps like subs?
  13. edited because cant delete
  14. powerverde

    Public Test 0.11.6 - Bug reports

    I really like how this "bug" persists after 0.11.6 updates When will this be fixed? (the eternal loading of Armoury, News, Clan base, etc etc)
  15. powerverde

    DDs modules being broken all the time

    If you have the purest intentions, than my apologies and my regards for the attempt to help.