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  1. chazwozza

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    Just because people put up with broken or bad mechanics doesn’t make them less broke or bad
  2. chazwozza

    WOWS Modstation since Thursday's update

    Dont worry your crutches will be back soon
  3. chazwozza

    Pr event appears to be a success for WG

    11k PRs lol yea im the pope
  4. chazwozza

    unify key bindings of consumables (2020 edition)

    Or give us the option to remap our own fking keys
  5. chazwozza

    Fire starting

    BFT 10% faster firing guns nuff said
  6. chazwozza

    Fire starting

    Wrong build m8 https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=1,9,12,18,19,23,33&ship=Battleship Shattered rounds have less chance of starting a fire so although IFHE reduces fire chance it in reality increases fire chance as less rounds now shatter. In the end though your ship your build Just over 800 games played in my Atlanta On a side note BFT and AFT are essential in this ship NOT for AA purposes but for increased fire rate and further fire distance Although the AA part of those skills is still welcomed
  7. chazwozza

    NA Forum is better then EUR forum

  8. chazwozza

    BB's That Shoot Only HE... Noobs or Clever Pyromancers

    Nme bow on nuff sed
  9. chazwozza

    manual secondary delay

    It’s the selection that is problematic some ships at any range can be selected easily whilst others take a massive amount of clicks before the target sticks
  10. chazwozza

    manual secondary delay

    Why is there a massive delay in selecting a new target for manual secondary's after the prime target either dies or goes out of range?
  11. It’s not really a grind to be fair just load co op race in do what you can b4 you die rinse repeat each battle is over in 5 or less mins and can be quite funny
  12. About 14 hours play will do all those
  13. chazwozza

    Yamato is the worst battleship?

    Every single BB game ive played its existed
  14. It doesn’t it’s just the most efficient way of xping
  15. Starting to feel left behind unable to compete etc so many idiot op fantasy ships on the water played by purple players.If not worried about stats yoloing is now a viable solid tactic for getting xp