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  1. chazwozza

    This game is missing a little somthing...

    After patch 8.0 the only thing this game will be missing is players
  2. chazwozza

    Last Prinz directive

  3. chazwozza

    what would a legendary comander jingles get?

    On ya tit
  4. chazwozza

    White "GG"s with a devastating win

    Chat report em lol
  5. chazwozza

    Upcoming AA rework (= removal)

    After radio location was introduced i seriously cut back on how much i play i think this new patch will kill me off once and for all which is a shame
  6. chazwozza

    CV's ... a radical proposal to resolve the mess

    I’ve got a better idea give the 20 or so people that bought prem carriers their money back then fcuk the whole line off
  7. chazwozza

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    Windowlickers must mean something else where you live
  8. chazwozza

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    You say having him lowers your chances of winning so having 11 of him drastically lowers your chances which is his point
  9. chazwozza

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    Sitting at the back farming damage whilst not actually helping the team is rewarded way to much compared to someone trying to cap etc. The problem is compounded when said farmer looks at the losing screen and justifies his poor playing with a good score(huh I did ok what was everyone else doing attitude)
  10. chazwozza

    RL for Destroyers.

    Use it on DDs that can't gun fight ie jap torpedo boats those that can I don't bother as being found by someone that has wasted points on it gives you the advantage in a gun fight as you have gun fighting skills they can't afford
  11. Black is op as f*** use that a child could play it
  12. chazwozza

    premium ships

    Buy and play whatever ship you want mate.I don’t own an Alabama but it seems a capable ship quite agile