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  1. chazwozza


    Seen it also
  2. chazwozza

    General Submarines related discussions

    Pretty much made the game unplayable and pointless
  3. chazwozza

    some skills dont belong in this game

    I'll take Inc fire alert over priority target all day long
  4. chazwozza

    Ranked battles now broken/ruined

    whole4 game is broke CVs SUBs various other shiz you cant see MM is a joke op fantasy op super ships the list goes on on lol
  5. lol fanbois with nothing to say to the guy no surprise really Keep arguing with me tho if it helps
  6. sure it is feel free to offer up some advice to the guy then
  7. What's your advice then to the op .....none ah just a fanboi then toxic because i have different views ROFLMAO
  8. No whine here jog on
  9. on minus 2 battles m8 just run straight to the nearest circle have a fight die and play another ship best to just get it over with quick
  10. chazwozza

    Discord Drops in Update 0.11.11

    Cant authenticate as my email is already registered
  11. chazwozza

    Concurrent games, each one only lasted 8 mins

    O do tell what ive made up o great one
  12. chazwozza

    Concurrent games, each one only lasted 8 mins

    I brought nothing up i was asked to explain why some players hit ratio was crap and offered an explantion and the fact you seem to think dice rolling isnt random lol
  13. chazwozza

    WG incompetence

    Aye been seeing alot of this in various ships