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  1. Wrong in randoms you get randoms you want team based battles goto clan matches.Yes it is a team based game in which players on the same team have a common goal but how that goal is achieved is ultimately down to the individual.
  2. Its a game anyone should be able to play how they choose
  3. Any reason my English Pirate speaking captains now break out in the odd Russian whilst fighting?
  4. If you can't handle only ever meeting a maximum of 3 tier 10s whilst you're in an 8 you might want to think about playing another game. As soon as the game has a back log of the higher tiers waiting for a match you simply get an all same tier game so no you don't get more mismatches at all that's utter bollocks
  5. Use world of tanks MM solution problem solved
  6. Simple solution emulate world of tanks current MM
  7. Was looking forward to the RN so much but I to stopped playing about 2 months ago not even tried the RN BBs
  8. Henry iv 12.7 Saint Louis 11.5 Charles Martel 10.5 Minotaur 8.9 Neptune 10.1 Edinburgh 9.0 Hindenburg 12.3 Sold Roon Admiral Hipper 10.9 Moskva 13.8 DM Donskoi 12.3 Chapayev 10.2 Des Moines 10.6 Baltimore 9.7 Sold New Orleans Zao 9.7 Sold Ibuki Mogami 9.3 Atago 9.1 Prinz Eugen 11.5
  9. I recently promoted Steve He's now in the Mahan
  10. Mouth off in team speak
  11. When will you add training rooms and replays
  12. So many topics about this *edited*
  13. A battleship whine how novel
  14. Unfortunately gimmicky ships seem to be the way WG are going
  15. Various mods allow you access to those functions