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  1. chazwozza

    Good bye, it's been fun.

  2. chazwozza

    Who let the bots out?

    Defending a bot. Lol
  3. Never used it on RN cruisers to many good 3 point skills to be had
  4. chazwozza

    LWM's IFHE Change Table

    Nah I’ll carry on playing my ships how I want
  5. chazwozza

    LWM's IFHE Change Table

    Going from 22 to 28 is significant if you ask me
  6. chazwozza

    LWM's IFHE Change Table

    Not sure i agree about DD 113s not needing it
  7. chazwozza

    Chat ban system needs fixing. Fast.

    Agreed being insulted aint criminal gluck with that shat in a real court
  8. chazwozza

    Worldwide Global Server?

    Why would i wamt to inflict this p133 poor game on to my friends
  9. Carry on playing it’s only a game
  10. chazwozza

    New day, new disbalance

    The whole game is fantasy just pointing out one of the many reasons they keep messing with it
  11. chazwozza

    New day, new disbalance

    The game changes constantly so that they can sell the new premium fantasy crap that’s not effected by the changes
  12. chazwozza

    De mounting mods

    just had a look at changing to torp mod and it wanted 25 dubs to dismount
  13. chazwozza

    De mounting mods

    De mounting mods now costs dubs thought we had a while yet for free transfers?