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  1. chazwozza

    way to op

    Russian carriers ridiculously OP sort it out ffs
  2. chazwozza

    TRB vs smoke Kagero/Yugumo

    Ultimately smoke is a good get out of jail card
  3. chazwozza

    Chat bans

    Damage dealt doesnt make you a good player in most cases it makes you a back row damage farmer Spotting for example is rewarded very poorly lost count how many games ive spotted for folk just sat in clouds or behind islands Just so the team can be better off.Not saying youre wrong but in my eyes average damage and stats in this dice rolling mismatch trolling piece of crap of a game can be taken with a pinch of salt
  4. chazwozza

    Does it get better with Hakuryu?

    For other players in normal ships no itz not better
  5. chazwozza

    What about French Cruisers?

    All cruisers without smoke either kite or camp behind islands to do anything else is a death sentence
  6. Does anyone really give a toss if you're half decent you can make good cash in any 8+ prem
  7. chazwozza

    Why players hate ranked?

    Pointless bollox if you me
  8. chazwozza

    So WG ask for respect then we get this

    Respect is earned something WG has yet to achieve
  9. chazwozza

    WarGambling and The "game room" on HMS Belfast

    35 quid last time i went on board
  10. chazwozza

    Casual Player: I'm out.

  11. chazwozza

    Things you should do to help the Ex-CCs

    Think I’ll pass