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  1. New division box

    F***ing annoying at best We need the ability to at least pin it out of the way
  2. Is there any smoke haxes out there?

    more like frying pan
  3. Is there any smoke haxes out there?

    Im not stating 100% there are hacks but just like you i cant disprove it either writing a wall of text which you cannot substantiate proves nothing To assert something without evidence is just as easy to dismiss it with out evidence that works both ways Im just open minded to the possibility
  4. IFHE on Chapayev or not ?

    Used it on all my 152/155 ships no longer do
  5. Is there any smoke haxes out there?

    1st its not mine im just making people aware 2nd im not trying to prove it exists just that you cant disprove it
  6. Is there any smoke haxes out there?

    You got proof?
  7. Is there any smoke haxes out there?

    Found This make of it what you will Client-side Hacks Such as Wall Hacks and Damage Hacks:Client-side hacks such as wall hacks and damage hacks are very much possible. These values can be accessed through your client. These hacks hacks can and will be game-changing because the foundation of World of Warships is aiming and firing your weapons at other ships. Wall hacks make all enemy ships visible even with smoke and islands scattered across the map. Damage hacks could make a cruisers main caliber guns do a lot more damage meaning you could kill enemies with a lot less shots. Combining wall hacks and damage hacks with an aimbot and you have a deadly combo that probably keeps the developers up all night. Aimbots essentially auto track the enemies within the map and take control of your mouse. They are a computer so there accuracy rate when firing is around 99%. With all these client-side hacks mentioned, it's astounding to announce that WOWS has NO in-game reporting system! The only way to catch and report a possible cheater is to record your game and message a GM (game moderator).
  8. Just Because I'm curious.

    Some do some don't
  9. Team Saipan

    Op said nothing about Nerfing the saipan
  10. Can we expect a World of Tanks miracle again?

    To frustrating for that reason alone I've not recommended it to any I know
  11. 4 hours hardly a marathon
  12. New players and HIGH TIER PREMIUMS

    Wrong in randoms you get randoms you want team based battles goto clan matches.Yes it is a team based game in which players on the same team have a common goal but how that goal is achieved is ultimately down to the individual.
  13. New players and HIGH TIER PREMIUMS

    Its a game anyone should be able to play how they choose