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  1. can we get rid of the tier 4+1?

    Good idea
  2. Radar working through land

  3. do you think games are fixed ??

  4. Lol escaped circus tent
  5. Space Battles

    More pointless crap
  6. stolen and stolen battles

    Tbh I've seen bots with better stats
  7. No fun, no money

  8. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    Crutches for sh1t players in a dice rolling game lol
  9. Flamu's Discussion - WoWS: The Focus On Damage

    Sits at the back farming damage as usual then moans about it f******* priceless
  10. Vigilance and sonar do they actually stack?

    Thanks man thought it was that but I never use it as a cruiser I use the hydro/vigilance combo to screen for BBs
  11. Vigilance and sonar do they actually stack?

    currently on my phone at work what the hell is tam1 lol I take it that its the upgrade you can use which I never do
  12. Vigilance and sonar do they actually stack?

    b4 the last patch I tested my Belfast in port doing the captain trick I've not checked after the patch taking it for granted nothing has changed but it worked definitely then.Ill recheck later now that it has been brought up but in game whilst in smoke all my Brit cruisers still spot torps miles out
  13. Vigilance and sonar do they actually stack?

    the way it is now displayed in game may not show the new range as of recently hovering over the icon no longer shows you the range.However in port look at the hydro torp spotting range then take the captain out so the skill no longer affects it and the range will be different
  14. Vigilance and sonar do they actually stack?

    they do stack but only for torp spotting ship acquisition is not affected.Been using that combo for ages on all my cruisers that have hydro