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  1. Was looking forward to the RN so much but I to stopped playing about 2 months ago not even tried the RN BBs
  2. Henry iv 12.7 Saint Louis 11.5 Charles Martel 10.5 Minotaur 8.9 Neptune 10.1 Edinburgh 9.0 Hindenburg 12.3 Sold Roon Admiral Hipper 10.9 Moskva 13.8 DM Donskoi 12.3 Chapayev 10.2 Des Moines 10.6 Baltimore 9.7 Sold New Orleans Zao 9.7 Sold Ibuki Mogami 9.3 Atago 9.1 Prinz Eugen 11.5
  3. I recently promoted Steve He's now in the Mahan
  4. Mouth off in team speak
  5. When will you add training rooms and replays
  6. So many topics about this *edited*
  7. A battleship whine how novel
  8. Unfortunately gimmicky ships seem to be the way WG are going
  9. Various mods allow you access to those functions
  10. Conqueror
  11. No
  12. Good ship
  13. Bashing others stats as to make it as though they are not qualified to speak about a subject is so LOL Someone pointed out that your stats are better than mine ergo i must be talking crap Here's a few stats for ya I've trained 7 captains in my Atlanta to varying lvl's 13-19 none of these captains were optimized for the Atlanta only their own ships so never got the best out of her When playing the Atlanta my style for training captains is push in with the DD's help cap provide air cover and damage against enemy DD's this of course limits my time in game as i end up dead rather quick.Now even though i end up dead quick with rather a low damage score i do however get a fair amount of XP for the commander in a relatively quick space so over the course of my limited game time i can get several commanders a lot of XP I can sit behind islands with the best of them spamming and farming damage but to me that got boring along time ago (and doing that for 15-20 mins wont beat playing 3-4 hard fought rush games for XP) Also i couldn't give a flying fig about Stats i play for something to do (some people quit on a losing streak i tend not to as i find the game fun and want to play regardless how it might hurt my precious stats) Back to IFHE As i said i find it a waste of time its a situational skill that will help against some targets not all DE as you said is RNG based but it has the possibility to help in all battles against all Targets to me that's the trade off right there Trying to defend a position using players stats against them when you know nothing about how they play and in what circumstances they play is just crap I've had enough of this elitist forum Cya
  14. Definite advantage
  15. you pretty much said what I cant really struggling with this crap work phone my damage and winrate suffer due to being to aggressive and having new training captains on a side note that is the same build I'm currently going for with my permanent Atlanta captain with the last 2 points being incoming fire Alert and the other 1 point skill preventative maintenance