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  1. NOT touching ranked ever again.

    Reached R1 in 205 games and WR of appauling 52%,but i focused on Yamato and had bit over 40% wr but over 75% saved stars. Ppl just failed all arround me no matter how i played, i did up to R5 as CA but meta shifted and playing CA started to get me no where but 150k+ dmg. I think game needs ship type limits so the game can have meta that doesnt favor overmatching so hard, something like 2 BB limit or even 2 DD max.
  2. Rendering problems: game unplayable

    Tech support cant do much, they have no acces to your computer and ammount of possible specs availible is insane. Since you have older intel chip i suggest you check your CPU usage while playing, my I5 4670K OC to 3.8GHz has slowed down considerably after firmware updates.
  3. NOT touching ranked ever again.

    Early season ppl who climb fast make the games fights and its down to a single mistake. Late season you can save 20 stars out of 19 losses in a row but it doesnt get you closer to R1.
  4. NOT touching ranked ever again.

    If you cant drop ranks it will be even worse, every glue eater will be able to get R5 bracket in no time. Also ppl who spend 500-1300 games to rank out with sub 50% wr and PR so low he has nothing offer to team apart for being more HP enemy has to shoot. Best would be remove irrevocables entirely, apart from R20 if you are bad you will not get high. Also if someone in winning team had below X ammount of XP no star for him, also WG could toy with idea that top player in winning team if he/she has over set ammount of xp its +2 stars.
  5. NOT touching ranked ever again.

    Worse players get easier it is to save a star, rest is just who sniffed more glue and does stupid ****. 9 games 3 wins 6 throws 0 stars lost last night.
  6. NOT touching ranked ever again.

    9 games 3 wins 0 stars lost, not a single loss was below 130k dmg. Every loss was due DDs being greedy and getting torpeod cuz its good idea to smoke up mino / dm and sit in that smoke broadside on to enemy. Or its ppl getting greedy and rushing to death after we gained massive lead. Ppl cant understand that you cant win in 8 mins but sure as hell you can lose in that time, ppl try too hard to get x ammount of sub 10min games to get r1. Its almost always 15min+ and i get sick of it every time. Now R2 and i wish i didnt take that 1.5 weeks off from ranked after i hit R5. ~80 games to R5 with 58% wr, now 181 games R2 and wr of 52 . The glue eating contest is real
  7. Lootboxes!

    Basicly if you want premium ships buy them directly from shop or use doubloons to buy them from tech tree. Christmas is 2 months away that will bring the lootboxes back wich contains ships with VERY LOW drop chance, rewason why ppl invest in these christmas boxes is chance yo get ships that are no longer for sale like Kutuzov, Belfast and Nikolai. Remember lootboxes are gambling and you might not get ship even if you throw 200€ at them.
  8. WoWs Loot crates and EU gambling?

    You dont get ships from those bought crates, they are for the collectables andas bonus small ammount of flags. Far as i know christmas containers are onlyone that had chance to roll premium ship. Halloween boxes ppl use halloween perma camos and get gold from dublicates. Flags are set price in prem store or you can use coal nowdays.
  9. WoWs Loot crates and EU gambling?

    Laws like EU is now setting is good so greedy so called trile A companies cant get greedy and milk every last penny off from players, just like EA tryed with battlefront 2 and what i have read every other sports game is nowdays, buy loot boxes to get new players to your team etc. In F2P games tolerance can be different since like it doesnt have upfront cost, also in WoWs model you get your moneys worth and sometimes score big with premium ship. It doesnt advertice them to "BUY NOW and you might get Belfast / kutuzov" as example, halloween and christmas boxes are nice way to earn gold if you wanna gamble but overall i dont view them as bad thing in WoWs. There are ppl who cant help them selves and there are stupid parents who dont know what it causes to add credit card info to your childs game can do, they go into same category for parents who buy GTA V to theyr 10yo and call out companies for making such violent games and not warning them with flashing lights and sirens.
  10. I got through 14 stars yesterday and i can say save star is must have system, i played to win and ended up with 63% win rate. Those games i lost and kept a star i didnt farm from backline or played too safe, i just contribute to win much as i can even when it seems a loss i keep on fighting cuz throwing is a real thing. Seen also idots who just suicide cuz ppl dont move according theyr 800PR plan that is bad, carried them to victory and they get a star..... Usually i just see ppl give up after 10mins with ship or 2 lost and they have atleast 2 chances to turn the game, but they are just bad and they go ignore mode. You can save stars by playing to win with ease, some times it needs alot of farming when team folds but most times just play to win is enough.
  11. Time to scrap saving star in ranked

    If Ranked is open for everyone there needs to be system that doesnt punish ppl who perform alot better than rest 6. If you blab few cruisers broadsiding you will 9/10 cases out xp that useless monqueror sitting closer to a next map than cap zone and good players know this.
  12. Mirrored MM for Harugumo and Worcester

    Cuz only idiot goes 1v1, you seek angles, if you let him farm freely team lacks push on other flanks.
  13. Mirrored MM for Harugumo and Worcester

    If your team cant kill or dmg set ships its your teams fault not the ships. Worchester is easily punished by 203 and up from broadside and haeugumo is so sluggish that torps are real counter to it.
  14. Stalingrad is a Minotaur NERF!

    Minotaur is CL and Stalingrad is battle cruiser or ingame designation CA wich is direct counter to CL. Also Stalingrad stats cant be taken in count before more avrage joes get the ship, same as monqueror on launch all the unicums and above avrage players vad so high stats it wasnt even funny. Now with every day arm chair admiral has tha ship and stats are no where near what it was. If you have moskva play it with legendary module and say its OP when team fails on other flank.
  15. Unfairly Banned: Contractual Battles

    Only time i have issue with sync drop / lucky que is when they help save stars for an other. I have far bigger issue with conplete idiots in ranked.