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  1. Only issue is prime time, what 2 hours and thursday, saturday, sunday ? So WG doesnt consider friday good day to get ppl playing? Give 1 hour extra to each end and we have alot more ppl playing, time zones are a thing! In-active clans isnt problem as a whole, find better clan and problem solved, if you dont want to leave then its your issue. T10 needs usefull things to do, why bother catering everyone when end game has no content tbh.
  2. I think it comes down to perspective and skill accumulated when you hit Nagato, its very accurate and effective guns, but fuso has more guns so it feels less punishing when you fire half-arsed shots. Players who start the game dont nessesary know angling wich make the armor feel so horrendous, i strugled with nagatos guns cuz they are so different from anything previous.
  3. With upcoming nerfs i really hope they raise the citadel, they were saying they are softer at high tiers but i cant see from where.
  4. I cant remember losing that much credits in shokaku, even if i lost all planes and got sunk ( wich doesnt save credits ).
  5. Influence comes with good teamwork or " exploiting team if they are potatoes ". If you win a flank you need to capitalize it and get good angle vs rest of the enemy team, basicly read the battle as it unfolds. As NC you got the speed, compared to anything that comes before it to get in advantageus position, reading the game doesnt come instantly and requires alot of analyzing during a match.
  6. You can check latest flamus NC vid, it qives quite nice pointers. Here is my best NC game in recent memory, i pushed through 1 flank and then went middle to get better angle against enemies focused on island cluster where C normally is. I focused on removing ships so there is less guns firing back, i also retreated to an area where i can be engaged from bow on only.
  7. Havent eaten a single deep water torp yet, but i have been fired upon by pan asian DDs. They seem slowish torpedo compared to IJN ones, not much but still. Thank god Große Kürfurst has hydro. If you paddle in straight line and eat torpedoes just look into a mirror, air strikes can be made harder and by focusing your AA. Ask your CV for cover, yes i know most of CV population is quite "special".
  8. Nc is quite wierd ship, it is armor vice what almost every ship should be. If you go potato mode it should be punished, if you play it right you can tank Alot. Guns were big frustration for me too, shell travel time messed up the shots after Long break from US BBs. Play alot and start reading travel time and start to adjust your lead with that. Play bow on with slight angle and you are pretty much immume to AP shells ( apart from Yamato ). Yes you can get citadeled bow on but it is most likely shell hitting the Deck instead of bow plate.
  9. Moskva is bit too easily spotted and torched down. Top of the list: Hindenburg / Zao Maeby 1 Des Moines for radar and lobbing shells over islands. Moskva can be utilized, but it will be vunerable though. Zao and hindy have quite trollish armor so they can move more freely compared to Moskva.
  10. It has 59.3333333 pen without IFHE ( if it has the 1/6th pen rule like the germans. With IFHE its 77mm of HE Pen. Correct my math if its wrong.
  11. Thank you Mr Convays for trying to explain devs reasoning for these rules. While most of ppl here disagree this seasons rule set, we just have to suck it up and test this CW and give constructive feedback. It wont change for first season, maeby it effects for the future seasons and we have proper rule set somewhat similiar to tournaments. Next time could devs shed some light into decisions like these properly in announcements like this CW rule set, it will prevent uproars of this scale in future. Like a separate post attached to main news feed where testing is opened up a bit.
  12. Thing that makes me wonder how did they come up with decision to exclude CVs, there has been so many tournaments and leagues that have rule sets to make things balanced, why WG doesnt use that Data as well? Take lessons learned by so called 3rd party tournament organisers, you dont have to re-invent the wheel here. Or just say how unhappy they are about CV state and this is reason they are dropped, they could also experimented with loadout restrictions and tiers for CV alone. WoT CW didnt care did attacker defender have X ammount of arty or light tanks, they let clans decide what they used. I agree CV need hard cap max 1 but each clan should have final say do they wield one or focus on shutting them down with AA ships. I hope this CW pilot season dont mirror ranked, DDs are mostly US ones for best smoke and odd german for hydro, cruisers are mostly Radar ones and BB is either Mega Zao / Yamato / Montana for best accurasy and most guns or lol pen / world on fire.
  13. This shows how much WG caters towards avrage joe's that dont bother to learn mechanics or tactics. If you dont own TX, too bad, everyone gets them somepoint just outright rent thing is so bad decision. Why dont they let ppl rent ships for ranked so every one can enjoy ppl who have never played the line to fail and ruin the experience for rest of the playerbase. Cv excludet is bad decision making, they aint there to STRIKE! CV is eyes of the team and can be shot caller too with better view of battlefield. If your clan has no TX CV? Grind one or play without. So with all the ability to limit class X and nation to Y ammount they go with this? Yes unlimited all class would be bad but lets face it. T8 tournaments have limitations to ship type, nation and prem for a reason, it balances the tournaments and eliminates spamm of Strong ships like: kutuzov and benson, with nation limits as well.
  14. Predict alot and try to make dispersion play along, i made this ship work in the last strech of the grind. I played 2ndary build becouse i wanted to be close and have tools to deal dmg when main guns shoot the moon. Map awerenes, situational awerenes and escape route.
  15. You can citadel US ships at that range but GL doing it close range like you used to. I did citadel tirpitz with amagi 10km broadside and FdG about 14km out during weekend. If enemy shows broadside sub 10km in monty you should be able to citadel him with relative ease, same goes for UK BBs.