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  1. Zao - captain skills in clan battle

    http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0010000000100010000001100000001119 Here is what i use for Zao, but take in consideration what is your role in a team, are you are on pushing or defending flank.
  2. Are secondary builds still viable?

    It works atleast on germans but you need to remember you cant YOLO in to fire those 2ndaries,it requires some planning and patience. But fact is you cant use them every game and revealing all of then might cause you to take massive dmg.
  3. fletcher bote; did i do it right?

    Yah torp reload would give it bit more flexibility and AR will take care of that gun reload.
  4. Grinding - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    Big issue on those missions are stars for different tier and ship requirements. I fully understand that aigle gives more stars per mission but why does WG require T8 BB for big silver ship stars. Lower the tier by 1 for 4th mission per task, BB missions make them dmg done instead ribbons or cut ribbon requirement by 50 or 25%, so its not about 2ndaries for easy farming or HE spamm, They are BBs after all. The last task is ok for all.
  5. Well if its weakness gone bit too harsh i hope they fix it. Im sick tired if ships being almost immune to citadels just for the sake of bad players sailing broadside.
  6. Points lost vs superior clan is minor and you learn 10x faster vs good clans than vs your own rating.
  7. Team Communication

    I never support ppl going to bad caps no matter ship, unless i have nothing else to shoot. Maeby after hundreds of deaths they learn to play with 99% of other players.
  8. Clan wars MM

    This isnt ranked where you can throw enough **** on the wall and you reach top league.
  9. Ranked stars system

    Ranked needs to get rid of bad players who got carried in the first place, or dont let them progres out of kinder garden league. But how is that achievable i dont know.
  10. Großer Kurfürst secondary build question

    2ndary works ocasionally, problem is campy meta that wont allow effective use of secondaries. So logical way to go is tank build, its still very tanky and 12 guns that can work or RNG says NO.
  11. Its different, it has good guns but they have some issues, they feel very eradic at times and situations where you should get 1-4 citadels by following the shells you get overpens and bounces. If it would have miore conventional layout you could kite but no.
  12. Tell me the Ibuki is not EDIT.

    Ibuki is rather boring ship and un-eventful. Its same 15s reload stay at range that everything from t5 onwards is ( 155 mogami isnt), you get bored more than frustrated. I went through ibuki with reload mod to break the long range HE spamm and support mh DDs.
  13. Hydro versus Def AA?

    Since you are playing french i would take DFAA, you are too squishy for short range engagements. Wich means you are kiting way or other majority of times, wich makes you more vunerable to planes than torps. Hydro vs DFAA is quite easily sorted. 1. Whats your ships role: Support or agressive, close or further back or backline HE spammer. 2. What is your ships base AA values, can you fend off planes without it.
  14. This would still reduce players past R10 who dont belong there. Worth of refining since im done with ranked untill its rewamped.