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  1. Ill save up for the Mighty Mo.
  2. 1st container 100x Ourborous flags ( +777% free XP ), 2nd container 50x Hydra flags ( +50% XP earned for the battle. +150% Commander XP earned for the battle. +250% Free XP earned for the battle ).
  3. Size should matter in terms of stealth, if the thing is bigger than cruiser it should be less stealthy. If BB size object can sneak up to 11km, why shouldnt cruisers be able to sneak up to 7-8km?
  4. I agree WG should really look into this achievment, take normal float planes out of the calculation as example. But you dont need to make this mission just skip it and make it later.
  5. Theres only 1 issue with cruisers up to tier 8, it is survivability. BBs being all mighty? My Zao disagrees, they cant really 1 shot me unless im dumb and they are in correct range to citadel me. Lower tier like 7-8 shoulf get 1 heal ( and premium consumable shouldnt give more charges ). Players are too trigger happy and cant position them selves correct, wich is main issue. I have sailed 3-5min without firing a single shell becouse it would have killed me, after i got into position and some range between me and the enemy end results were ~140k dmg and victory.
  6. T8-10 its quite easy to deal 100k dmg. Did it in Zao while completing new yamamoto missions, after that could have completed it sevral times in Amagi or FdG games after. I consider game bad from my end if im 50-60k dmg in T7+ ship .
  7. Costs are issue in 2 cases. 1. You play too many lines at once. 2. You are avrage or below. Both are fixable by players end, also completing weekly missions for 1mill price. I can lose money if i play below my level but often im 20k proffit even T9-10 with premium consumables ( heal and repair ), on high tier i usually run cost reduction -10%.
  8. Check ship icons and dont just trust on description.
  9. Barbette armor seemed very exposed and rather weak, wich kinda obvious weakspot no matter the range.
  10. Its more of an risk management than playing overly defensive. Also wich nation you play has huge impact what you should do. I have played now more Benson ( since ranked is over ) and i try to be agressive in caps if team supports me and quite passive if they dont. As contrast kagero i played passive and focused on spotting + torping and opened fire only if i could sink or make enemy retreat.
  11. Train and train more, your avrage stats pretty much tell why you lose credits. With game ammount you have, its easy to get better and learn more. Check guides and try to aim certain improvements over certain ammount of games. Avrage DMG / XP / survival % etc, start with modest goals and play other lines to get more overall experience.
  12. I ranked out finally with 194 games. It has been very no brains lets charge while in lead, so we get biggest throw winner end of the season. 55.6% win rate 95 games in Fuso 52.6% win, 65k avrage dmg. 75 games in Shinonome 60% win rate, 29k avrage dmg. 24 games in Cleveland 54.7 % win rate 46k avrage dmg. In future if you cannot spend 20mins in ranked, dont que up, if you think you can win in 5 mins then your team is most likely the one losing. Last game was so close to throw that i wasnt amused at all.
  13. RPF isnt mandatory, it helps alot in some cases. But for experienced player he can go without and still locate the opponent with skill called experience.
  14. I cant wrap my head around potato tactics. Why on earth ppl go on offensive while leading on points, only point i can understand it, is when enemy has 1-2 ships left and your ships.are in good condition. But ammount of thrown games by idiots who dont wanna play safe is staggering, if you have lead play safe, dont go hey YOLO fubuki trying to go 300m torp run on full hp fuso whos expecting him dies and throws the game.
  15. R2 4Stars last game and it is seeming easy win, untill game UI decides F-U i cant unlock weapon locks or torpedo locks and we manage to lose damn 2 cap over 200 points lead becouse ppl go potato salad and i cannot shoot or torp anyone. Now im sittin R2 0 stars cuz im so damn tilted i wanna destroy something.