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  1. Guillotine

    Too expensive

    Avrage dmg in random battles 16 670,70 think we know whats the real issue here. Also games count in randoms wasnt high so co-op for ~9000 battles?
  2. Guillotine

    Stabbed in the back!

    You can buy campaing to gain steel as reward so technically. @__Helmut_Kohl__ I have owned Stalingrad since release and i dont mind / care minor burn time increase, its not that big of an issue to player who thinks, but it might be issue for all of those special snowflakes who press W and try to sink in record time.
  3. Guillotine

    Stabbed in the back!

    Just becouse they have no official class marking on minimap or in tech tree, doesnt make this more than class rebalance / adjustment. If it effected very spesific ship or ships but not all in class it would be reason to raise voice about it.
  4. Guillotine

    Stabbed in the back!

    Well if you bought steel and free xp, same argument could be used to free XP your way to T10 and it gets adjusted ( money was spent). Its class balance and its not an issue since Stalin rarely strugles against Zao / Hindi / Henry, know your fights and punish plebs.
  5. Guillotine

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    If you play 400+ games in T10 carrier and all the grind getting there should show steady increase in WR after few games in new carrier, but seeing 400+ games in most influensal class of the game and managin 35-38%WR, its on you and it should ring back of your head after 50 games in fully researched CV that you are doing something WRONG. Improve and learn from mistakes, if you keep losing there is something wrong in you and not just overall performance of the team. I learned that lesson at T5 or 6 when sub T6 could manual drop.
  6. Guillotine


    Depends how you prefer, i use range so i can farm BBs while kiting away and exploiting islands is tad easyer with range.
  7. Guillotine

    How do we help players like these?

    Shame the reporting system doesnt work as adverticed and the co-op penalty seems not to exist. I know low and mid tiers having 1-2 guys who "play for fun" and doesnt seem to enjoy winning at all, high tier it is even worse. If biggest achievment for 35%WR after 1000 games in 1 ship, is not to drool over the keyboard, what is hes right to ruin it for 23 other players in influensal ship like CV. Those are the players that needs to be sent to co-op for few dozen games and see if they even try, if not prolong it untill they do. Ateast this way they are only fing up them selves.
  8. This could be implemented also area you click for manual 2ndaries. How its implemented now is only reason IFHE is viable for 2ndary GK, how they aim makes bow tankers cry with IFHE.
  9. Guillotine

    Earn your greatness - Bonus missions

    I was after the gold along with perma camos, its way to fund T10 perma camos and if not lucky with containers use that gold to buy premium time from discount.
  10. Guillotine

    Earn your greatness - Bonus missions

    Well do i bought that 100e pack last year, i got 44-45k gold from dublicates, 155-220 of each halloween camo and all of the halloween perma camos. Its all about whats worth it for each, these containers get adjusted/nerfed each year.
  11. Guillotine

    Directive - Earn 7 stars

    Cuz divisions are so complicated.
  12. You cant just remove normal CV mode from game and let selected few test very early product at live servers.
  13. Guillotine

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    To those who insist's level playing field, that argument goes to trashcan from get go, it has never been level field cuz when these tournaments were T8 "SHOCKING" premium ships were a thing. Saying its OP cuz of Y is flawed when they havent played it, so we can argue gearing and grozo is OP as DD cuz they can kill planes with magic button. If you can make Stalin spamm work VS top players ingame, who actually use tactics and who will happily burn you or shoot 10k per BB salvo to your bow and the slightest broadside will be your last.
  14. Good change overall but ill hope you could deal full pen bow in DDs under 6km as BB but overall those lol pen 6-14k hp salvoes are just too easy/random.
  15. Guillotine

    Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    Only thing that has pushed hindi out of meta are Worchester and Republic, worchester burns it to crisp in no time and republic lol pens it no matter the angle. 1s reload nerf isnt big overall, it still has 1/4th pen rule that is build in IFHE wich made it strong and not so reliant on bow / superstructure hits. Agaisnt stalingrad its double edged sword since ST will make every side armor reveal fatal and Hindi can really hurt ST with HE. And to an other topic, you cant call ship OP untill the below and avrage potato goes and balances the stats.