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  1. AP deals more dmg and has greater potential when hitting citadels or doing sevral penetrating hits. HE is usable only in british BBs and Some cases French if enemy is bow in or heavily angled. Lower tiers this might be hard since you dont have feel for the guns and accurasy is low, keep on playing is only way to learn and you cant really take fast way in to this.
  2. Free XP ships OP...?

    Only thing making this thing OP is the radar and credit multiplier, rest is standard IOWA nothing more. AP works vs stupid DDs who angle or go bow-in / run away. You have 2 salvoes worth of radar so if the DD cant out play that just what are you doing ?.
  3. Well WG lowered US BB citadels and all new lines have almost impossible to reach citas so it effects alot % dmg to target.
  4. I use zulu + gamescom camo and im hovering at 800-1.5mill per game (ofc prem account) . But its all about percentage dmg to that spesific ship as sayed above.
  5. Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    Irrevocable is terrible alredy and it should be removed entirely, if ppl insist then put struggle to stay in bracket but irrevocables make it so bad.
  6. Ripoff of the year

    Its sponsored content so you cant just put it back.
  7. Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    Star saving mechanic is compromise and without it no sane person would play this mode, long as every potato is allowed entry this mechanic is a must, long as irrevocables are a thing its a must. Elo type rating is 2nd choise and it would root out those bad to avrage players never achieving R1.
  8. Ripoff of the year

    It was adressed in KotS stream and answer was something like "it requires re-balansing for normal rotation with normal ships" What part of unique commanders ppl dont get? They aint ment to every player, they are availible limited time. Now you can get twin option from the shop.
  9. Time for tutorials Wargaming.

    Still strugling to wrap my head around ppl who play 6k battles and dont improve, enjoyment of 20k avrage dmg and 30% win rate what? In port there should be big banner ( SERVICE COST IS FIXED, You cant save money by sitting back.) Ingame tutorials yes and force it to ppl when they play the class first time and after tutorial link to CCs page to get more info. CV could use double tutorial T4 and T6 seen so bad T10cvs i could beat them with mouse only and using alt to manual drop / strafe only.
  10. If WG truly wantes to get rid of bots they could just check games played and WR + PR and bann thousands of accounts, but they dont wich is a shame. If theres 500-600 games a week with bad WR and PR itnis a bot, you can even make it 5 day ban as warning then 2 week and 3rd is permanent. If theres no proper punishment for afk / botting ppl will continue doing it, banned players would either quit or play properly.
  11. 1. Lemming COULD work in randoms if the side with 4v1 advantage would have balls to push, seeing 8 ships being slowly killed by BB and cruiser is just beyond bad. 2. If you move as 1 blob its so easy to angle against 5+ enemies, wich means player skill really matters here, better players will seek broadside shots while bad ones get target fixated and dont give 1 braincell to the problem that they are not doing dmg even with massive advantage. 3. Lemming train always target fixiates to one kiting them and enemy has cap lead, wich results lemming train never evem entering the cap. 4. General player skill is quite low and playing together with a plan is going at negative 50's. Its all about the angles of engagement, if you can force enemy to bow tank you, he is broadside to someone else.
  12. Aircraft Carrier Manual torpedo line up

    Thers also alternative controll tab in settings that must be on at t6 and higher CVs it to work.
  13. Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    XP is awarded % dmg to target, even if you shoot BBs only and score 200k dmg, you will be beaten guy who shoots DDs and Cruisers that does less dmg overall. I have kept star in games where i did 50-60k dmg but all to DDs and few cruiser hits. XP thing might not be borked in t10 for simple reason, mistakes cost far more than lower tiers and ships are far more capable. Cruisers can actually contribute to the battle due longer range from T9 and up.
  14. another ranked thread

    Remove irrevocable and add strugles. But it was alot easyer than t8 lo yang spamm season for me. R1 in 158 games.
  15. +2/-2 or +1/-1 mm

    Its not problem for surface ships most of cases, yes t8 will strugle against t10 due lack of heal in cruisers. But only class that suffer the most in +2 is CV, the power spike at t10 is massive in eyes of T8 CV. It also would prevent some carry potential from CV if its limited to +/-1.