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  1. If you play for fun dont you wanna win? If you play for fun dont you wanna stomp the enemy? I dont see fun factor playing as example yamato and firing from spotter planes max range. If stats scream red and im getting outplayed avrage joes in far less capable ships, i am not having fun!
  2. For one i cant understand reasoning of playing for fun. 1.If you want to have fun doesnt that include getting better and winning? If you have over 2k battles and dont know what to do, what have you been doing for all those hours ingame? 2.If you play better you get rewardet, wich shortens the grind ALOT. 3. Ammount of stupity in ranked has been so bad that WG should overhaul the system so those potatoes have no place at R10-2. If you are there to make record of thrown games, get back to R20 snd stay there. Educating new playerbase would be best option, you cant apparently make ppl learn after 200hours of doing stupid ****.
  3. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    Spotting if CV needs to changed as stated before, so that what you spot is image on Map but no model to shoot at. AA needs overhaul too, we need AA firing angles in for calculating AA dps, so there is some cases eash strike to ship who has port side AA knocked out and you could exploit those dmged AA mounts ( also makes skill matter). Plane count and overall unification of lines is needed, keep prefered type of dmg the same but drop this 7vs5 fighter disparity. Same goes for TB and dive bombers, US drop patterns for TBs is OP compared go IJN.
  4. The CV Captains Cabin

    Havent seen poin on AS Taiho, essex has downtiered planes wich makes them vumerable to strafes. I run the strike and only issues i see are massive AA unbalance. Lexi seems fun, consistant and only thing that gives issues are TX games. Best so far as lexi 200k dmg and loss.
  5. New Japan tier 10 cruiser

    Zao is extremely hard to tweak, if you buff its reload the module would make it insane with cost of range. If you buff range a bit it could benefit from reload module, but would it over buff its range with module making it HIV/Moskva 2.0. It is very strong ship what it does, its bit meh that Moskva is almost on par with reload but i dont see an issue, stealth can make DDs very easy targets and opening on cruiser broadside with AP is devastating.
  6. If you have 2000+ games theres no excuse not to play for win and knowing what those white circles with LETTERS from A to D is. If ppl are always padded to the head and told that they tryed, none would learn a thing cuz that 2ndary tirpitz firing at 26km with spotter plane would never know hes an idiot. I have had meltdown during this ranked season cuz ppl do so much stupid ****, if you dont wanna win and you have urge to throw certain wins go play something else.
  7. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    If ppl think its all about skill i cant wrap my head around how can so many BELOW avrage potatoes get to R5? I had 8 loss 2 wins friday- saturday and no matter what i did it was one damn YOLO army. Im grinding at R7-9 whole weekend with more and more crap teams.
  8. Prinz Eugen/Hipper - How to make it work?

    Its different from rest of the t8 yes, it has worse dpm, it has worse AP angles yes but when the angle favors you its devastating. One mistake ppl usually do in hipper / eugen is that they stick with HE even long range broadside targets. You AP will deal great dmg even at range, sticking AP untill it bounces/shatters after that use HE. I liked hipper alot after i got hang of the AP i managed to get through 61.7% win rate 2300 PR.
  9. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    For me its been such uphill that its not even funny, ppl do so many stupid decisions just to throw games that i wonder how they manage to even start up the PC. I will start the grind on weekend again and try to find proper ship i can carry with. I have worst win rate in benson even thou i have almost highest avrage XP in it, even getting 5 kills and team has to just stop firing to win, they die and we lose.
  10. Prinz Eugen/Hipper - How to make it work?

    Hipper has bad RoF but its very effective vs broadside enemies BBs and Cruisers, 8-10k per salvo is quite common. You support your team and wait opportunity to unleash broadside cruisers.
  11. There will be games where you cannot carry your surface fleet even if you disable the enemy CV and deal 200k dmg. Also one sided AA ships will make your games hard, but that teaches you value of spotting and to strike those isolated targets.
  12. Ranger totally underpowered

    Yes but it has been alot easyer than hiryu ever was, i also skipped stock ship so theres reason why so few games.
  13. Ranger totally underpowered

    I went through the ranger and it was so easy to do well, your fighters will wipe out Saipans planes if caught. Its cat & mouse game vs 2 fighter squadrons but most of times you will win. 75% win rate 3088PR 72k avrage Dmg.
  14. Dont play with stock planes nor flight controll, hull upgrades can wait, check those skills again. After T7 CV snipes are very rare since its very costly to the attacker. Also get fighter ammo skill under support ( 1pt ) it helps alot in the air war, rest is as above: Pick your targets, spot for your team and deny enemy strikes. T9 might be bit harsh enviorment to learn the CV so i would suggest either play vs bots OR play lower tiers untill you notice where you went wrong last time.
  15. Tier 8 ships for ranked and random

    Funny thing is tirpitz can and will work in right hands. It can torp those potatoes with ease and carry games, but if you have skill in other accounts its about your predered class, Lo Yang > Alabama.