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  1. mks812

    Uncover the truth mission

    looks like these characters shows up faster at NA version of site ^ this one start working for me like some mins ago, rippo
  2. mks812

    Uncover the truth mission

    At NA and our wows site started to show up characters from that board hue Sadly I have no idea how to contact with these people from NA so I upload it here :>
  3. mks812

    Halloween Easter Egg?

    Yeah, thanks for info ;)
  4. mks812

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hellow and Happy Christmas I would want to join \o/ 1. Prinz Eugen 2. Dunkerque 3. Doubloons ofc :D GL to everyone, but you need to know that i ll win (time to hax this your code :D )
  5. Yoo, i need some decoys at battle >:D There are still some place for fat cpt like me? :3