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  1. Gl0cK_17

    CVs are terrible to play against!

    well if everyone is so into realism shal we also incorperate something that reflects repair and build times? could be be fun as most CVs needed several years to be completed while dds only took a few months :)
  2. pretty much the only thing you need to know about the russian navy. its a good laugh
  3. Gl0cK_17

    CVs are terrible to play against!

    stil doesnt make it anymore fun now does it.
  4. Gl0cK_17

    Impossible play with DD after this CV rework

    on 1) with old cvs there where so litle playing them sometimes days would pass untill you got a cv game again. And what is the difference between dying/ beeing crippled in one old fashion drop or seeing a unending stream heading your way for about 2 mins? i prefer the quick way out tbh, curse a few times and start a new game :) 2) Removing them would solve enough tbh, we played for years with barely any CVs in the game and it worked pretty good. And yes i know how to play around them, its just no ffing fun.
  5. Gl0cK_17

    Z52 needs some love

    there are also hybrids, smartass. and thanks for proving my point. A role that fits the Zs pretty well, they are not specialists. But they can do everyting pretty good, at higher they wander more towards the torpspam side of the spectrum with that 1 min reload :)
  6. Gl0cK_17

    Z52 needs some love

    I dont know if the problem is with the ship or with the players on the Z tbh. I think its problem that people see DDs as either gunboat or torpboat, and for some funny reason most that ive encountered seem convinced that German DDs are supposed to be cap brawling gunboats :S
  7. Gl0cK_17

    How do you play the Kronshtadt? Give me Advice!

    Well you are a big heavy cruiser, stil not a BB ;) Hang back at the start, use that fairly accurate long range ( i went for the range mod) At the end of its reach you actually get some plunge cits out of them, even against BBs. Wait untill mid game, you get bit more room to push, then use your hitpoints to be aggresive and put the pressure on. Dont be to affraid to pick a fight with a BBs and get a feel of the angling you need to get the most out of your bow armor. You can deal alot of damage against BBs who just over angle their bow a litle to much. Stil its mainly a cruiser, you look for opportunities to get crossfires/flanking shots first. but if you catch someone alone, you can go bully mode.
  8. IJN Cruisers - all very strong kiters, usefull torps and enough camo to sneak around a litle when needed. And they all play the same, if you like the Furutaka you like the Zao aswell. Its a fairly simple line, they just love to kite annoying or big targets and happily nuking and burning them down. German DDs - They sit pretty much in the middle of the DD spectrum, you can work with a couple of specs, but at higher tier you can spec them for 1 min torp reloads, and you stil have hydro to bully other DDs. US cruisers - The lights are pretty fun at the moment, large ammount of tools to use, AA, hydro, radar, hydro, heals, spotter or cat fighters they have it all. Try the Dallas and you will know how the rest of line plays. The heavies are bit trickier to play correctly but stil have nice ammount of tools. they do get better the hihger the tier. Just dont judge them by Omaha or Phoenix, those 2 are basicly just oversized DDs. The Dallas and Pensacola is pretty much where the line really start taking off. German cruisers - overall very fun, but they do transit from beeing light cruisers upto the tier 7 -8 to beeing proper heavy cruisers in the tier 9 and 10. Konigsberg and the Nukeberg are very hard hitting light cruisers for the tiers. Personally i found the yorck a bit of a let down after those, but it get better with the hipper even though the hipper plays like a sluggish light cruiser. the Roon is where the heavy cruiser fun starts. French BBs - they start of a bit slow, but the fun really starts with the Lyon, nasty litle shotgun boat that it is. only gets better from there, nice allround BBs. French cruiser - alltough fun to play i cant find anything they can really do better than a German or IJN cruiser. German BBs - the guns can be a litle trolly if have a waterline fetish, the armor and manouvering make them great close up however. And ofc you have secondary fun from the Gneise and up. Now a few that imo arent really worth it UK BBs - Underwhelming is the kindest word i can find for that whole line, only grind it out if you want/need a Conq and have no FXP to skip from tier 5 to 10. RU Cruisers - The middle tiers dont really offer much more to the table then a bit of range over the USN ones. The Moskva is only something i would consider for competitive, not really for randoms. PA DDs - they where fun for a bit, but the novelty deep water torps only gimps them against other DDs
  9. Gl0cK_17

    CVs are terrible to play against!

    most ships are ok and you can make yourself not to interesting target by making the CV work hard to line up his drops. Or if you are blessed with a ship with good AA rating, you can even go full CV troll build if you so please. but in some ships, they can be royal pain in the stern. Had a recent example in my nelson, its slow, not a hell alot of armor, and she doesnt exactly turn on a dime either. And not to mention, no AA that is significant to anything but a tier 6 CV. Now in that game i was blessed with a middle spawn, so their tier 8 CV caught me trying to catch up with the other ships. Real fun, beeing bombed for about 3 mins and theres really nothing you can do. You can dodge the first drop, but not the 2nd and 3rd, not to mention the next set of bombers thats on top of you before you even reached top speed again. Next time that happens ill just stop the ship, head to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea and hope its done when im back.
  10. Gl0cK_17

    PSA: Despawning fighters

    This has allready been mentioned atleast on the forums, not necesarly as a bug or exploit. But it has been a complaint since the start of the rework of the overal weakness of dropped or catapult fighters that they ony lock on to a attack group and only do one attack and then despawn, as opposed to completing their generous 1 full minute uptime. The really funny thing is, now its suddenly a exploit? while before we didnt even get as much as a "you are right, its not working correctly and we are working on it ". . . . . . .
  11. Gl0cK_17

    Friedrich der Große worth it?

    works fine as a secondarie BB, also works fine with full on tank build. its just like with the bis and tirp. Crap at long range, hilarously fun close up against a single target :)
  12. Gl0cK_17

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    Funny how they neglect the 5th option. just give us our money back :)
  13. Gl0cK_17

    Is Roma worth the buy?

    All of that is true to some extent However she overpens alot due to her high shell velocity, so leading targets is quite easy on her. this makes it unreliable against cruisers, you either cit or overpen most of the time with very litle in between. Against BBs she is very effective however, the turret traverse is pretty fast, the armor layout is fairly good against HE. and aslong you dont pick a fight with a yama she can bowtank quite a bit. The armor feels German, it seems to work better close up. For a Tier 8 she turns pretty good. The AA is not to bad since the rework, nothing stellar but workable in combination with the fighter consumable. I dont think the dispersion is to bad for a BB, but its certainly no Guilio Cesare or Texas. It feels german most times. Its certainly no sniper, she feels more like a german BB without secondaries.
  14. Gl0cK_17

    CV vs DD: further nerfs needed

    Tracers work both ways ;) i would advice you not AA from smoke if theres a few TBs nearby tbh. And its not unheared of getting hits guestimating on tracers with other bombers either.
  15. Gl0cK_17

    Can anyone recommend a line for me to grind?

    Well the mogami only really suffers from the same drawback that other non prem 8s suffer from. no heal and no slot 6 Ibuki is a litle on the sluggish side of the others but stil pumps out a great deal of damage. Stealth is not the biggest issue in that tree. you only use that to get in a spot in the open where you have lots of big or annoying targets in your range. and then you kite, always turning and always setting fires :) And they have very useable torps aswell, so a bit of a DDs eye for torping is also not lost on them