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  1. Good point saw the bit about the Boggy and thought thats what OP was on about my bad
  2. As tier 3 can meet 1 above and 1 below. CV's start at tier 4 a tier 3 Cruiser can happily meet a CV without any fail divisions!
  3. The DD spam has to stop

    The biggest problem with there being an over population of Destroyers is that you average DDummy has not worked out that if you rush off at the start of the battle with no support from anything else on the team, then you die very quickly so basically the team ends up with no destroyers spotting, capping or keeping the opposing teams battleships one there toes! Oh and normally when they die within the first 2 mins they then spam chat with "noob team" etc and blame the team for not supporting them. In general the team that has a destroyer captain that has at least half a brain is the one that will win!
  4. Granted, you have a point maybe never is to strong a term
  5. As others have said dont really see it as that much of an issue, yes it is frustrating when it happens but it does not happen that often. I tend to look around at the start of a battle (especially) at lower tiers and see if any Destroyers or Cruisers fire a full set of torpedoes off as soon as they have loaded, if they do i try and avoid that player in the battle as they clearly have not idea that torpedoes have a limited range and that sending them off when the nearest enemy ship is 10KM away when they only have 5 or 7KM range torpedoes is a good idea then i dont want to be anywhere near that player. Regards the turning pink, have turned pink once i managed to accidently torpedo the Transylvania in the Halloween event last year I like the idea that you get a ribbon for not causing team damage for x number of battles, it is a positive thing that might make some people a little more careful about what they do in a battle. But then i also think that before you are allowed to take a ship out that has torpedoes you are forced to watch a training video that explains how to use them, the firing arch, how to aim them (the number of players that have obviously not worked out that the green indicator is there to aid sending torpedoes in the right direction is staggering), range and how to find it out, and then to say never fire torpedoes from the second line.
  6. At the start i need to say i agree that the report system is flawed and open to abuse from some, but i do find it amusing that you have been chat banned and you come on the forum blaming the people that reported you! if you had been banned for TK'ing someone with torpedoes (yes i know you were chat banned and not issued a game ban just bare with me) the overwhelming response from the forum would be "your torps your fault" or words to that effect. Whatever you said to some in chat be it criticism, derogatory or some other thing someone has taken offence to it and has reported you. Now i could be wrong here but if the person you upset was in a division and they got all there division mates to report you as well that's only 3 reports and it takes more than 3 reports to get you banned....unless you have been chat banned before! You said something someone took offence and reported you, you got banned, your fault end off! I have played since Beta and have never been banned, i use chat in most battles to communicate with the team sometimes its good communication other times it's to criticise. But still manage to do it in a way that has never resulted in a chat ban!
  7. Had the same in WOT with the T-25 premium, sold it by mistake Sent support an email basically saying what an idiot i had been etc, they reinstated the tank for me . So as people have said support are probably your best option as i cannot see WG bringing anything that gives you the option to buy a premium for silver!
  8. island visibility & cyclones

    would look nice, but not so sure about the effect it would have on game play! Can you imagine trying to hit anything (Islands, the Ocean) if your boat is going up and down waves!
  9. A dear wargaming letter

    I agree and disagree with what you are saying here. Personally don't think smoke encourages team play, most of the time the ship using smoke be it a Destroyer or a Cruiser is using it to save there own skin not to give there team cover (don't get me wrong i am not criticising them for doing this). So smoke screen are generally placed to only benefit one person and that it is just pure chance that you are in the right place to take advantage of a smoke screen if you were not the person to lay it. Do agree that Bow tanking does (or at least should) encourage Battleships to push in closer and not sit at the extreme of there range praying that RNG will be good to them. There are lots of things that have contributed to the current situation in the game, Battleships that have great secondary and AA cover, Destroyers being able to sit outside detection range raining fire on Battleships, Cruisers that can be deleted in one salvo from a Battleship that is not even in range of your main guns (thats just few that came quickly to mind there are so many more). Not one of them caused the current games issues it is a combination of all of them. Things have been done or proposed to try and address these issues but they have either made the situation worse or not actually had any effect on it. Resolving the issue is not going to be just as simple as changing the smoke dynamic or the way that Battleships behave. The problems are deeper than that and personally think stem from a lack of understanding of Naval warfare and warships (Yes i know this not a simulator and is really just an arcade game) from the dev team, changes they have made that they think look good on paper have unforeseen and dramatic side effect's
  10. balance domination and dd numbers

    It makes very little difference how many DDummies are on the team in any battle mode as normally within the first two minutes they rush forward with no support of other ships, die then spend the rest of the battle spamming chat with how bad the rest of the team were for not supporting them or crying about OP battleships! The team that does have an advantage is the one that has DD players that don't rush off and die does not matter if they had more or less DD's at the start of the battle just so long as you still have a DD or two 5 or 10 minutes in
  11. I agree and disagree with a lot that has already been written in this thread, i sail both Battleships and Cruisers about the same amount and since the introduction of the German Battleships there has been a steady power creep with the battleships. They now have AA that is better than a lot of cruisers at the same tier, secondary's that will eat destroyers that get to close and with signal flags and captain skills that secondary range can be something like 8 or 9 Km, then as you move up the tiers you get Hydro on some, torpedoes etc. Add to this some of the recent changes with game mechanics and battleships are now at the overpowered end, i no longer fear the standard DDummy and there walls of skill because once they are spotted focus the secondary fire on them and forget them, i can get a a close quarters expert without getting within 7km of them and i have mastered the dark art of changing speed and direction and dodge most torpedoes that come my way. This overpowered has then caused the current overpopulation as more people basically think "well if i cannot beat them, might as well join them" looking at the numbers playing the game each night they have gone up but not massively so a lot of people sailing around in there battleships have changed from another class of ship! The way battleships are now has meant that cruisers are currently almost redundant, why bother taking a Cleveland at tier 6 for AA cover when it can get hit and sunk by the tier 8 battleship from ranges that you cannot counter! so take the Bayern instead! (in the Bayern the highest number of planes i have shot down in one battle is 21!) so why would you take anything else out? How do you solve the problem of battleship overpopulation? would capping the number per battle solve the problem? it would stop there being battles with 7 or 8 battleships per team but Cruisers would still be redundant and DDummies would still cry that battleships are OP (they would still have a point). if you buff Cruisers so that they are not redundant then the DDummies will cry that they are redundant, and that they have no counter to battleships or cruisers. Personally i think the answer is to do a bit of both, reduce things like the AA and secondary power of battleships (this makes cruisers less redundant) remove hydro from the ones that have it (again helps to make the cruisers less redundant) then cap the number per team to 4 and think that will go some way to helping solve the issue. what we cannot have is a knee jerk reaction to the problem that makes battleships underpowered, not because i like driving overpowered battleships but as we are currently seeing if one class of ship becomes to powerful so very popular it causes problems all over the game.
  12. make this game better

    Just no! you are wrong, smoke is a part of the game and if you bother to take some time to learn how it works and how to deal with ships sat in it, then it is not really a problem. So rather than playing for just over an month and then coming on the forum and complaining about smoke learn how to deal with it. 1) if in a Cruiser that has Hydro us it and turn in to the smoke to flush the nasty little ship out of it 2) look for the shells coming from the smoke and try to predict where the ship is and fire at it (have sunk loads of DDummies that way) 3) If you have torpedoes fire a spread in to the smoke (see above) 4) when you get close enough (think its under 4Km but could be wrong there) anything hiding in the smoke becomes visible 5) Also where you cannot see the ship inside the smoke cannot actually see out if they can still see you it is because someone else is spotting you, so use there smoke to hide yourself if you dont want to attack try and keep it between you and any bad guys Also what you have now done is to wake up the DDummies who will be all over your post saying the you " are a BBaby" and that this is just another "BBaby whine" whoops sorry not allowed to call them DDummies because they are all uber fantastic players tha dont complain about anything
  13. Battleships rebalance.

    Are you from across the pond? from Trump vile or something as the irony and sarcasm appear to have gone totally over your head?
  14. So RL/RPF/RDF has not broken the game!

    No not everyone that doesn't drive Cruisers and Battleships is a DDummy just that whenever there is a post that even mentions Battleships we get hoards of replies "oh BBaby crying that they need a buff" or " oh another BBaby whine" but of course its ok to do that as clearly most of the people that contribute to the forum are DDummies (i could have been far more derogatory ). It has got to the point that it is useless to say anything other than Destroyers need more stealth, or more walls of skill or better gun etc, so thought i would re address the balance a bit. And just like not all destroyer players is a DDummy not all battleship players are BBabies, we dont all sit back on the border trying to snipe (not saying that it never happens and not saying that there are not a lot of battleship players that do), but again there are just as many destroyer players that rush forwards on there own and die instantly and then spend the rest of the battle slagging the team off for not supporting them, there are just as many destroyer players at all tiers that clearly have not worked out what range there torpedoes have or how to actually aim them at a target. Not all battleship players think that battleships are underpowered and need a buff or rebalancing, i actually think in some aspects a lot of the current battleships are in fact overpowered, as i have said in another thread, i regularly shot down more planes with my Bayern than i do with any of the Cruisers i drive. if you make a class of ship too good at one aspect that you have another class of ship designed to carry out that task you make that class obsolete (ie AA defensive cruisers) . We did not need RL added to the game i have little problem dealing with destroyers in battleships or Cruisers with or without RL and if you use WASD hack and adjust speed every now and then dodging torpedoes is not that difficult. If you use Situational Awareness (we all have it on our ships), and look at the mini map it is possible to work out where a destroyer is going to be coming at you, if smoke appears off to one side it's a good bet there is a destroyer hiding in it (ok could also be an RN or other Cruiser) so torpedoes are likely to be coming my way, if i carry on sailing in a straight line at the same speed it's my own fault if i get a face full of torpedoes. And yes i did indeed start a thread just to piss off every destroyer player on the forum
  15. Battleships rebalance.

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. dont actually agree with you as currently in game most Battleships are fine if not a little overpowered in some areas ( i shot down more planes in the Bayern on a regular basis than i do in any cruiser even when the have defensive AA). But you have mentioned that you think the Battleships need to be changed in some way now all the DDummies will be jumping up and down and crying that you have said that they need changing