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  1. CV Rework Discussion

    Same, just so I can see if I can start a "Buff my waifu Atlanta" thread
  2. Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    It literally just happened to me just now in a sleek IJN DD, which lost 66% of its total HP in 3 hits from a Yammy, and just prior to that I did it to some poor bastard in a Grozo who got caught mid maneuver and lost 10k hp. Hardly common? I see it basically every single match, either done on me, or me witnessing it. Something you would see if you had played more than 100 games of T7, and 31 games at T8, which already constitutes a good third of your DD experience, everything else being lower tier, and less susceptible to more accurate, higher tier BB fire.
  3. Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    Ineffective? You're still removing 7 to 10% of a DD's hp per overpen. On most DDs, it's none repairable. That's similar numbers to every single hit on a CA being a regular pen, for reference. That's hardly ineffective, especially when doing that on a ship that counters you.
  4. Thinking that I should not get hit? See this is why discussing things with the likes of you and other other die hard defending regular pens on DDs is impossible. You take the sentence "not receiving regular pens" and turn it into "SO YOU WANT TO BE INVULNERABLE?!" No. Stupid. Come back when you read other people's posts and stop trying to cram your own arguments into our mouths and effectively stop debating with yourself.
  5. Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    Oh no, a counter class won't be countered by the very thing it's supposed to counter as much anymore, how terrible! "Dear game dev, Rock OP, paper is fine. Signed, Scissors"
  6. I got blaped in a Z-52 because I had the audacity to be within 16km of a Yamato and 11.7km away from a Moskva hidden behind an island that had never been spotted. What you just said was essentially the "Overconfident" meme with extra words.
  7. Probably because of Nassau's 283mm guns. They don't want to have one BB (especially the starting BB of hte most played BB branches) being able to regular pen DDs. It sets false precedents. That's still 170 quite a lot. Imagine the Minotaur... As I said, I have no way of seeing the ramifications and consequences as of yet so it might be limited, but the potential of spamming someone's main belt to death with some of the small AP rounds in the game just because it has a torpedo bulge is something I don't particularly welcome. If nothing comes of it, alright why not. If it turns out that it's a game changer, then it's another move into the "who has the most DPM wins" race we seem to be in currently, which I'm not a big fan of.
  8. Oh jesus....Death by Harugumo spamming AP at a torpedo bulge.... I'm torn on this one. Waiting to see the fallout before I decide what I feel about it.
  9. 5 DDs again, and again, and again...

    "It's just a new branch of battleships/radar cruiser, it'll pass. Stop whining" Apparently that only selectively applies. PS: If you're getting rekt by Acasta and Icaruses and their torpedoes, I have bad news for you....
  10. High tier French BB guns and their accuracy

    Well now, I'm sure using the posts' context would help. Surely you could see why adding 50% of extra firepower would make it go from not as good to very solid, rather than talking about individual rifles of the exact same model.
  11. High tier French BB guns and their accuracy

    Richelieu has 8 guns, Alsace 12. 4 more shells to play roulette with. It's the simple law of numbers, not a change in ballistics. While Richelieu can have trouble hitting, 4 extra shells is the difference between 1.2k (ish) damage on a single overpen, and two overpens plus a regular pen.
  12. High tier French BB guns and their accuracy

    Sustained damaged meaning fast reload, so you can get in two salvoes in a juicy target where another might only fire once. Along with easy to use ballistics, and if you're in a good position, you can really start racking up damage consistently. Don't get me wrong, I'm more of an Alsace fan myself, I believe that the Répu is a bit odd an not as reliable when you need instant burst. Advantages over the Montana though? Faster, more reliable, longer range AA, 30mm overmatch (T10 cruiser decks) and good shell velocity. Oh, and thicker armor. You lose plating, but you gain a HUGE resistance to citpens. And I really mean huge. It's also surprisingly nimble. Stats tend to paint a very poor portrait. It's not a ship for everyone, but as far as ballistics are concerned, Répu and Alsace are very solid. Richelieu a bit worse, but it makes up with tankiness.
  13. Battleships

  14. High tier French BB guns and their accuracy

    Nope. Not even remotely. République gets its damage from sustained damage, not from highly accurate bursts of damage via citpens. That being said, when RNGesus is with you, you deal pretty huge damage. Accuracy is a problem, but the French 380mm are the second best in the game, and even that's debatable since the Italian 381mm is only a 15-20mm of penetration above the French 380s past 15km, and loses out in terms of dispersion. The Richelieu is very meh in terms of firepower, but it manages to perform thanks to huge survivability against AP against other BBs, so you can have those 380mm guns singing for a while. Alsace does the same, but with more guns and less reliance on the bow itself, but rather more with the thickness of the armor and nimbleness of the rudder to get in and out of autobounce in order to use that rear turret. You won't be sniping much, nor citpenning Yamatos at 26km, but French 380s and 431s are accurate enough to get the job done, and the 380s hit much harder than what you expect them to do. Keep in mind that the only other common ships with 380s are the lower velocity British 381s and the artificially nerfed German 380s with their poorer penetration.
  15. Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    I don't want to sound rude, can you re read my comment? "made to have weak he" It had (past tense) the weakest 203mm he round in the game. Getting 1/4th pen was a band-aid fix to get it to spam HE more effectively, one I have highly disagreed with since it was announced. Its HE is still very weak, but now it has free IFHE deluxe edition that allows it to spam German BBs to death.