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  1. Being a "beta tester" or "weekend tester", hell even "alpha tester" is utterly meaningless and doesn't mean you are guaranteed to know anything. People like that haven't tested anything since the end of closed beta.
  2. 11/16 I've been fortunate to not have too many duplicates. Though that time I opened a crate and got twice the same item was frustrating.
  3. That DOES mean that they want to change smoke for the worse though. No matter what we do and say, even if it's not this change, it's going to be another one.
  4. And according to someone who knows more about Italian ships than most of us, a quick turret rotation, with 6°/s For the people who suck at doing maths in their head like me, it's a 180° turn in 30 seconds. So yeah, plenty of fun things to give the Italians, which look more and more like they're going to the the Min/Max branch, with some values being the worst, some values being by far the best. Sounds hard to balance, not always fulfilling to play, but oh boy when it works....
  5. A year ago they said that they'd look into BB overpopulation. A year later, they're still buffing BBs. I'd say that talking about the problem constantly to avoid it being forgotten as just another bug that made it past the net is important. To add to the topic, playing the Dunkek earlier last week to get the 10/10 baguette intensifies camo, I noticed that the AP damage was wildly inconsistent. For reference, one regular penetration for that ship is 3233 In one match, I managed to deal 3000-ish damage to a full HP target in one hit, and the next hit dealt 3400-ish There's some inner server bamboozling going on.
  6. Accentuated by the fact that Cyclone has a bit more range as well. I'm pretty sure the Cyclone has such bad reload just to give the Anthony something to do: shoot at torpedo boats.
  7. I don't get why people say that the Cyclone is useless. Apart from the smoke, it has better AA than the Anthony when its DFAA is on cooldown. Which is by far the majority of the time. Having one or two at the head of the convoy providing smoke and constant 2.6km AA cover is pretty damn good.
  8. I'm not saying you blamed anyone, but there have been topics where people have actually blamed the French for getting shot at. I don't mind people saying it's justified. I do mind people saying that it's the fault of the French for getting shot at. And yes, you're quoting me out of context. I loathe people holding their country up on a pedestal and going so far as to blame the people they shoot in a neutral port. You'll notice I also said I dislike German and Russian apologists. I'll even throw in American apologists. You can justify Japanese internment camps all you want, it was still an awful move but I at least respect the USA for taking responsibility for their action, rather than actually blaming Japanese American citizens. You on the other hand, are just trolling. You go on every French topic and spurt on the tired on "surrender monkey" meme.
  9. Ah yes, quote me out of context. 10/10 flamebaiting and derailing.
  10. Ah yes, one person being obtuse completely justifies killing over 1000 people. Imagine if it were to happen today. Just imagine the uproar. Vichy France didn't have any anti-ally sentiment until after MeK. In fact, that's one of the events used to fuel the hatred and have French soldiers fight with Germans. Justified or not, and I will admit a confrontation was justified (just not an armed one), trying to weasel your way out of the responsibility of murdering over a thousand people (because shooting at a neutral country is murder, nothing short of it) is being a piss poor excuse for a humain being. The fact is that MeK was pointless, and I absolutely LOATHE the British and fans of the RN on this forum going around as if it was not only completely justified, but the fault of the people getting shot at. I loathe it as much as people going justifying German or Russian actions. And I loathe people going around playing the "herp derp" surrender part, and from an Italian fanboy, of all things. EDIT: and that's the last I'll mention that. You can thank your friendly neightborhood Ragweek for once again derailing a thread by having an Italian, of all people, mock France's contribution to WWII with a tired old meme that's downright insulting, considering that I've met people who fought on both sides.
  11. That's because the VAST majority of the French fleet was scuttled in (a French mainland) port without any British help. Mers-El-Kébir was just the Brits turning up, demanding the French hand over their ships, then shooting at them. The best part? The French ended up scuttling the damaged ship in the mainland port anyways. So the British intervention did absolutely jack crap except for fueling Anti-British sentiment in the French, and killing over a thousand men including non-combatants. If anything, it was one of the most counterproductive move in the war. Is it any surprise it's a reviled move that stuck very negatively?
  12. Of all nationalities present during WWII, I think the Italians are the best placed to understand modesty and the phrase "flying under the radar"
  13. A dead man. I heard the mafia was still looking for him to this day. OT: We already know speed boost is going on French BBs, so at least that leaves Italian ships with a number of at least useful consumables.
  14. This user profile is private.
  15. So I find it ridiculously hypocritical to call out someone on abusing certain ships to boost e-peen WR when he blatantly does it himself.