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  1. Normandie

    If you feel that it works for you, all the best. But for me, the guns are rather poor. In fact, the entire ship for me is an aberration that should not have been buffed so much, and should have been left in the tier it belongs: T5 Right now for me, it's a very weak platform that's been made to work by shoehorning in T8 fast battleship speeds, yet keeps dreadnought turning radius. It's not that I find it bad, it's that I find that it's min-maxing with armor, speed and firepower in odd, and frankly nonsensical ways. To me, the Normandie is like seeing a 20 knot DD with battleship armor and DD concealment Sure it can be fun to just sail up and blast people without them really able to do much, but it's really weird to have ingame and just makes you ask "Why?"
  2. Normandie

    lol They're more comparable to the T5 Gulio Cesare's 320mm and T5 Konig's 305mm in terms of ballistics and penetration than they are to the worst 356mm AP shells on T6
  3. Honorable mention goes to the Charles Martel, which is a T9 ship with nerfed AA and no repair crammed into T8. Meh hydro and/or inability to fit both hydro and dfaa consumable are the only things keeping that ship from being ridiculously overpowered.
  4. I checked on wows fitting tools, and it does have the improved ricochet angles. That would be a very viable balance point. I hope they consider it, because otherwise the glasscannon Pensacola on T7 becomes a T6 armor, but T7 firepower ship. Odd.
  5. That was to be expected. But even without it, 10x203mm USN AP at T6 is no joke. We're still looking at T5-9 IJN 203mm AP levels of penetration, but with the improved ricochet angles. That's bad news for T5 and T6 ships who are going to see the Pepsi Cola routinely. I'm interested in seeing how this plays out...
  6. About the Conqueror

    If you're talking about HE, then I will point at the super heal. If you're talking about 32mm and AP, I will point you at the fact that only 1 gun in the game can overmatch it, and therefore have 32mm of armor be of any relevance. Also, in the mind of a "Conqueror is fine, move along" type of person: 421 base DPS at 3.5km base, complemented wih 68 dps at 5.2km is now having no AA. Nevermind the fact that it has 25% more mid range AA than the Montana, clearly the Conqueror has weak figuratively no AA. Nevermind the other fact that the weak TDS compared to, say, the Montana again is only 9%, meaning that instead of taking a 15k hit, you're taking a 16.5k hit, which you can repair more of thanks to a superior heal that lets you repair more heavy damage caused by say, a torpedo hitting the TDS. So in essence, the weak TDS is yet another weakness COMPLETELY negated with a superior heal.
  7. If you cannot grasp the reasons (applicable in real life and ingame) why a 406mm gun firing 1220kg shells reloads much more slowly than a 102mm gun firing 25kg shells, then I have some very bad news. So can you please just stop bloody pussyfooting around the question that I asked you? It's not a very hard question, yet it's the cornerstone of anyone's argument when they're trying to radically change (read: cripple) a major point in a game. Your reason, tell it to everyone here. I can guarantee you that we're all sitting like this: knowing full well what you're actively avoiding saying. As for the South Carolina, you will notice that it has 76mm guns, not 127mm You will also notice that they have limited range. I find it concerning that you can't be bothered to check the range of guns on ships you own, let alone what guns you have on it, yet here you are trying to argue the crippling of one of the two major weapon systems in the game. Not exactly dilligent work...
  8. About the Conqueror

    I just find someone saying : "Go gather facts that the Conqueror is too good!" in a decidedly dismissive and mocking tone, when his own experiences reveal exactly that to be as funny as it is eyeroll-inducing.
  9. Cuirassés Français

    Messieurs, je dois encore intervenir pour (en toute humblitude et modestage) résoudre tout vos problèmes de nom pour ce navire. Le symbolisme n'a guère besoin d'être expliqué.
  10. About the Conqueror

    "I free xp'd the entire branch to get the Conqueror" starter pack answer. Considering your only other T8+ BB experiences consists in some rather poor results on average, I would be really careful about pulling on that particular thread, if I were you.
  11. Because you can't have battleships with guns twice or thrice as big as the ones on the next biggest class reloading as quickly as the latter. Also, BBs that only go 20 knots turn better than cruisers of similar tier. Only fast battleships at T7+ start having very wide turn radii. Case in point : Wyoming turn radius: 590m Phoenix turn radius: 630m Beyond that, it's not even just balance, but it's basic common sense: the ships with four times more armor, two to four times the HP due to being two to four times heavier, and guns two to three times bigger than the second biggest class are going to be slower and reload more slowly. Extract that basic common sense to any other type of game to have your answer. Why don't rocket launcher in FPS games fire as quickly as submachine guns? Because it's it's self evident to any reasonable person why it isn't the case. Why don't racing games have one type of car that's faster in straight lines and has better handling as well? Because you can't reasonably expect anyone to play anything else than that blatantly superior hypothetical type of car. So now I want you to answer the question, because everyone here knows damn well what your real answer is, and you're pussyfooting around it. Why do you want DDs to suffer from a catastrophic flaw which would render pointless all but the dedicated gunboats, and thus then by extension render the gunboat pointless.
  12. Why? I want you to explain why DDs need to have limited ammunition. And not just limited, but apparently only one or two reload.
  13. Richelieu, your opinon on guns dispersion?

    The guns are odd to classify... On one hand, the shells work fine. They're big enough to punch through everything you can realistically expect to punch through, but not too big as to overpen literally everything. On the other, the accuracy makes the guns unreliable. Couple that with the Richelieu's lack of volume of fire, and it falls short. However, on the Alsace, 12 of these guns with essentially a free 26 second reload speed thanks to the T9-10 equipment slot, and quick turrets that can be further sped with captain skills mean that the guns work beautifully. So it's not so much the guns that are the issue, it's mostly just the Richelieu's anemic volume of fire coupled with a regular rate of fire which just makes the entire ship be just meh.
  14. The health pool system

    So basically the exact same system as right now ?