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  1. Ah, so limited torpedoes as well? In that case I'm sure you would agree to have 2% hit rates, quasi invisible torpedoes which do catastrophic damage, and having fires be vastly more threatening, where they obviously can't just be extinguished with a single key. Speaking of, repairs took hours IRL, so should take hours in-game too. And that's the problem right there, you have to draw the line where realism meets good game play, without cherry picking what's best for your favorite type of ship.
  2. Triple the hp for cruisers and DDs, increase their range and/or improve their ballistics for the worst of them, then we can talk about remove islands. Otherwise no thank you, I'd rather eat my own shoe rather than play Atlanta on Ocean.
  3. Exocet6951

    Sub_O is moving on

    Ah I will remember him fondly as the guy who could lie to your face so egregiously that it makes even the Daily Mail look like honest journalists. "We don't like having premium/non premium sister ship pairs at different tiers" when talking about the Dunkerque and the why the Strasbourg isn't on the tech tree, all while promoting the hell out of the Musashi. Peak S_O
  4. So long as subs can invisibly and thus in practice invincibly use a spotter to get in close and shotgun a spread of torpedoes into a helpless target, and so long as they are fast and steathly enough to basically be avoid to avoid DDs all damn game, subs cannot be balanced, and cannot be in any way enjoying to play against. And don't get me started on homing torpedoes and having them coupled to DCP.
  5. Exocet6951

    A few kind words for Wargaming

    My first impression of her was literally the opposite of yours. I was excited because "faster with accurate guns" sounds good. I struggled and averaged 1.5k damage per hit over the course of a 16 minute battle, firing at broadside ships and cruisers with 25mm plating. Granted it was T8, but still, nothing less satisfying than using accurate guns on a broadside Kansas at 10km, hitting twice for a ricochet and an over pen, several salvoes in a row. Conversely, I tanked T8s like a champ. ... I think my Repulse got mixed up in the mail, and I got a Bayern with a Repulse skin instead.
  6. Exocet6951

    CVs are Overdue an Overhaul…

    Let's put it that way, I spent my previous and only two T8 games getting dunked on by CV the entire game. Special fondness for that T10 Russian plane factory, which I saw dump strike after strike of skip bombs in a group of 3 AA heavy ships, lose maybe 2 planes, and return 40 seconds later with more skip bombs. Between that and a decently played subs, I have in several occasions seriously considered just quitting a game early, since I was just being toyed with. There is nothing I hate more in a game than not being able to provide anything for my team, as I just get pummeled by an opponent who is taking no risk at all, and with no counterplay possible on my end. And that goes also on the rare times I play CV. My god, playing the T4 CV is ridiculous. It's as unfun and unsatisfying as it is to be on the receiving end. If WG had any integrity, or care for making a quality product, they would go ahead and remove CVs from PvP and offer free xp+doubloon refund, and rework everything so it's not complete dogshit.
  7. I feel that he has always been overly harsh with the z-52. It's a very enjoyable ship that has very little trade-off compared to its advantages. Beyond WG's hamfisted approach to boost dpm by increasing HE pen, which is always a stupid band-aid fix, it holds up pretty well despite the years. Jack of all trades might not be the best for top level players who want to extract as much performance from the ship in specific situations, but an average or even above average player can feel extremely confident in a ship which will meet their expectations for any given situation. It trades skill ceiling for more reliability, and I think that's worth a lot more in Randoms for the average player, as you might not be able to get to play your way with a potentially more powerful, but more situational ship like the Kleber.
  8. Exocet6951


    The torpedo range seems maybe a bit high, but other than that, German BBs you can actually citpen is fantastic. A good change from a low skill floor/ceiling branch.
  9. Exocet6951

    New stage of submarine testing

    Cork is a nicer analogy than what I have in mind... Something about a porcelain bowl and not flushing down no matter how many times they try....
  10. In the game, Constellation is classified as a battleship, receiving 8 accurate 406-mm guns in 4 turrets and an unusual consumable for the class - a "Surveillance Radar" with a range of 10 km. at the same time, the ship has weak armor. Additionally, the ship is kitted out with 2 three-tube torpedo tubes, equipped with powerful torpedoes with a maximum range of 9.2 km.
  11. Exocet6951

    Cruiser Rework??

    Considering WG's track record with rework quality in concept and execution...no thanks
  12. For those price, you could actually get an entire Imperial titan mini with the paint. Wargaming is actually beating Games Workshop at overpricing goods, and they don't even have to worry about physical distribution and fabrication. Impressive! In the grim future of 2021, there is only """micro""" transaction.
  13. No, it's just that WG gives most German ships both low skill ceiling and VERY low skill floor, with a few notable exceptions (*cough* MVR) They're not even more popular simply because there are better choices for most roles and playstyles which even the most average of Joes can identify. These DDs are WG departing from the "low skill ceiling and low skill floor" formula as they did with German CVs, and trying something different. Unfortunately, when WG does something different, 9 times out of 10, it's ungodly awfulness that should have been scrapped as soon as the idea was floated, because it's either dumb or crazy strong. In this case, it's one of those 9/10 times, and the end result is just....why? No reason to play these over the more flexible Swedish DDs, or vastly faster French DDs with more burst dakka.
  14. Exocet6951

    ST 0.10.1, changes to test ships. (DB 117)

    Lmao 37 second reload for 12 inaccurate 15" guns at tier 9. SAP or not, that's a hard pass.
  15. Exocet6951

    Zao, what are you?

    Christ, how does WG expect casual players to know these things, when a more experienced player that hasn't played in some 6 months can't even keep up with the changes ?