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  1. The thing is I can see how Karma is a good idea, but reports having the same weight as compliments just ruins it.
  2. So let's say that he means that it's 33 seconds after all the planes were in the air (which he can't know, so we're starting on flaky grounds from the start) The planes would have to go through a 7.5km long range aura dealing over 300dps all while flying slower than a tier3 fighter squad and having the same HP as IJN planes which tend to fall like flies, flying through mid range AA (which with his skill goes out to 5km) dealing easily 90dps, flying through yet more AA in the form of some 130 dps going out at 3km, then detonate him. The slow, weak planes having spent some 20 seconds in AA auras culminating at basically 500 dps, manage to detonate him while taking what is essentially 0 loses. Let's not even mention that by the time the first strikes comes, chances are he would still be within AA range of allies. Yeah, that's believable. In the same circumstances, I would lose 2-3 planes per Lex squadrons, but sure, super believable.
  3. 3 man division, 3 reports, -3 karma. In other fun stories, I also lost 2 karma for not yolo rushing a cap while under fire by 7 enemies (5 BBs) while in a bottom tier cruiser. I lost more karma in a BB for NOT sniping "BBs aren't supposed to cap, we needed ur guns on [insert irrelevant sniping position] " I lost karma while being bottom tier in a Farragut for not stealth torp'ing a group of 4 enemy BBs in their base, yet having destroyed their 2 DDs and occupied the enemy CV literally all game. I lost karma by torp'ing a a BB and making him flood to death. I get reported for the pettiest, most idiotic reasons, but I only get complimented if I either uber carry or crack enough jokes to make charitable souls laugh. Perfect example: I just finished a battle where as a bottom tier DD, I managed to kill two top tier DDs and cap all 3 points, smoking allies as well. Talked in chat to tell the team I was smoking, or capping, no compliment. Previous battle: fought off a Maass with an enemy Entreprise's planes overhead on a cap using a Farragut with the team killing him and our CV getting a strafe on the enemy planes, and having managed to lay a smoke screen before succombing to a Belfast never spotted which fired over an island, I got a "Report noob DD". With a system like that in place, I'm perfectly alright having a big fat 0 karma. It usually means I'm killing the enemy hard enough.
  4. Killed a Fletcher on 2k hp using a CV the other day, lost all the karma points I had earned playing tooth and nail for the team in the 20 previous battles. Meaningless number is meaningless.
  5. This is more of a self deprecation sort of thing... I played the Shira a bit the other day in hopes of one day getting the Aki, knowing full well my patience with pure torpedo boats is limited. Launch a few salvoes, RPF ruins my day, double fighter plane ruins more of my day....I get salty in team chat along with a sympathetic soul about how braindead you have to be to be hit by IJN torpedoes outside of F3s and the 12km type93s with TA. As soon as I type something about how the IJN DD average damage wouldn't be above 15k if it weren't be heroes sailing in a straight line, I get 3 hits on a Budy (sailing in a straight line) and one flooding hit on a Warspite which proceeds to sink. Easy 60k damage. I wasn't proven completely wrong, but that did shut my mouth about the usefulness of mid tier IJN DDs.
  6. Probably too advanced for the average player. You'll notice most of the ships in that list have a rather low skill floor.
  7. I guess I've spent too much time dealing with clients, and that ability has died off in me I think it died off at about the time when a client demanded a refund with threats of a lawsuit because "the product was broken", when in fact, a piece of chain had twisted on itself during shipping, and needed a half rotation clockwise to appear pristine again. It's been 4 years, and that story still rustles my jimmies.
  8. The wording might not be "Pls remove", but the implication sure as hell is. Making a list with things you find "not fun" are thinly veiled attempts at talking about balance and removing things that hurt his big bad BB.
  9. New player: check BB main: check Awful WR: check Rushing head first into higher tiers despite being woefully inadequate even for tier 3: check (seriously, how do you do 16k damage average in 76 battles with the Fuso?) Sounds like you need a large dose of "go back to tier2 and git gud"
  10. In all fairness, they did say that they were fun to use, and they implied that they were doing too much damage. We all know what they were doing too much damage against. So if one day the need arises, I'm sure they'll dust off missiles and try them out again, just like they said for years "No tierX mediums and TDs" in WoT then just made them anyways.
  11. I would never degrade myself by taking AS. I just used the good old 1-1-1, then did a few well placed strafes on the few planes he could send out on the very few allied ships that were alone. In the end, he had no more fighters and his team's DDs had been killed, so he had no warning where my fighter squad was. His bombers were stuck over his ever-retreating team with nothing to strike. He just left. I didn't even do that much damage all things considered. 70-80k damage, including cheesing some fire damage on a fleeing Bismarck. In fact, the entire battle was just a collection of average to good results on my part, nothing exceptional. The perfect demonstration that a CV is nothing more than a force multiplier, which helps a team win by flexing the correct amount of presence at the right place and time. Had my team played less as such, the enemy CV could have gotten more strikes, had my DD been less clever with his spotting, we would have been capped, had my cruisers been worse shots, the enemy DDs would have survived more than 2 minutes. Just the ideal battle you want to have. Not a faceroll, but a clear demonstration of good teamwork prevailing, and I was lucky enough to have a bird's eye view to it all.
  12. Even if he had the worst of luck and his tier8-esque AA didn't swat down a tier6 CV's planes at 7km as it it were nothing, there is no mathematically possible way for a CV to get his planes over to him in 33 seconds. Either he's exagerating the time, in which case he's probably exagerating everything else (Not an Indy but an Essex?), or he's just making this up to confirm his own agenda in his mind.
  13. Literally nothing in that statement can be true. The Indy can't have planes on the other side of the map in 33 seconds after the start The Indy can't sink you in one strike. The Indy can't get planes within a 7km radius of a full AA Gneisenau.
  14. Oh come on guys, everyone has clicked on the tech tree and oogled a big tierX ship and used it to make a decision on what to grind. The desire to get the Senjo made me grind the IJN CA branch.
  15. There's an Izumo at the end, and it can be a tough nut to crack, but luckily, since it's stock is complete garbage. What you need from this scenario is a team that doesn't hide behind islands in base and lets a lone DD on an early wave start the main attack early. As long as you can manage that, it's no big deal.