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    Breaking news ! Earlier reports show this disturbing news item: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/special/we-had-a-team-rock-but-they-sank/ The famous Clash of Elements event of 2017. Who do you think won? That's right! Fire confirmed OP.

    World of fire ship.

    HE shells can't melt steel beams
  4. Graf Spee - Heal?

    And forgets to mention that half the hits you do get will shatter for no discernable reason.
  5. Super Containers Premium ships distribution

    A friend of mine told me that a friend of his told him that a friend of his traded pikachus with his brother 15 times in a row while facing North in the starting pokemon center and got a secret pokemon !!! (oh childhood memories)

    He said, using majoritarily RN BBs
  7. Four torp hits - no damage?

    Nice effort, but nothing beats Chinese overcompressed potato quality lolibote bootie drift gif
  8. Four torp hits - no damage?

    @El2aZeR, bring forth the gif !
  9. The CV Captains Cabin

    Alright, I bit the bullet and started playing IJN CVs again. So, up to T6... How the hell do you manage to win against an AS Ryujo with air supremacy when you don't have that skill yet (because you're T6)? It's the USN AS idiocy all over again. My grand contribution was watching a team crumbling and getting lucky when the CV's fighters had to reload and I caught an out of place Kamikaze.
  10. Graf Spee - Heal?

    Be very careful about asking that in the region of Alsace or Lorraine
  11. Graf Spee - Heal?

    That awkward moment the best part of the "well armored mini battleship with a heal" is the torpedo array.
  12. British CL Cruiser ... we did it all wrong

    I wasn't really defending his position, as it's clear his grasp on the matter is lacking. Phenomenally so. I did vindicate one of the points he (accidentally) made
  13. Gameplay Suggestion : Fuel System

    lol'd I have an actual suggestion now. Forum awards. We can call them the Skybucks.
  14. British CL Cruiser ... we did it all wrong

    Well he's not wrong that some RN CL torpedo upgrades are questionable. Couple thousand xp on the Fiji to gain 400 extra damage and to go from 257% to 265% flood probability? Meh. Same deal on the Neptune, only you get 1.2k extra damage, which makes it not a complete waste of money.