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  1. Exocet6951

    New line to be announced this week

    Carpet bombing with Lancasters would be something else.... Someone was surprised the other day because the Audacious can dump 18 bombs per drop. Wait until it's a drop of 3 Lancasters each dumping 1 4000lbs bomb and 18 500lbs bombs. But knowing WG as per their balancing spreadsheet, 4000lbs bombs would only have 59mm HE pen. And what a coincidence, Kremlin has 60mm !
  2. Exocet6951

    General CV related discussions.

    I hadn't played T4 in a long time. Then I decided to play the EU DDs. Jesus Christ the twin CV games.... Start match, lose 1/3rd your HP At least with RTS CVs, you didn't have to deal with rockets and infinite planes. A year and a half in, and the rework is still by far, by ****ing magnitudes the worst, and most poorly thought out mechanic WG has even dumped on their games. Worse than gold ammo slinging Russian Bobjects in WoT after being stunned for 20 seconds by an arty that splashed you from the very tip of it's shell splash zone over 10m away.
  3. Exocet6951

    New line to be announced this week

    Must....resist....urge.....to point out that a WWII era submarine being used on warships in any other way than a) convoy ambush or b) desperation was powerfully useless.
  4. Exocet6951

    No DD battles and 4 DD per side ones

    This would have more impact if over 40% of your matches weren't in CVs, and your results with stealth torp-capable DDs weren't below average.
  5. Imagine arguing that 2 ships working together and getting ludicrously lucky with fire rolls taking over a minute to kill while overloading his ability to heal 100% of the fire damage and 50% of the actual HE (most of which is shattering) a single BB is unfair. 1/6th of the enemy team taking about 1/12th of an average match length to kill you. What more do you think you need?
  6. Exocet6951

    Trust in RNGesus?

    Now that's a genuinely fascinating conversation, because that sort of system can be used extremely bluntly as well as being used in incredibly subtle ways. Major game companies tend to hire behavioral psychologists specifically to study/predict/guide player behavior. That obviously goes way beyond just marketing, but marketing does benefit from it as well. Imagine the scenario, as a new player, you peruse the premium shop, hover your mouse over different ships, but apparently more battleships than anything. You haven't quite reached that state of mind where you want to buy something yet though. Behind the scene, WG wants you to cross that threshold. Much the same where one could receive a small coupon to push you over the edge, you could just as easily imagine a system where when you play battleships, a few overpens turn into regular pens, or that one hit to the citadel on you that objectively lowers the enjoyment you get in a match turns into merely a regular pen. Now suddenly you're more into the buying mood, because the game is not frustrating. Things are going your way, after all. That's not a far fetched system, that can all be done client side by attributing tags to a user, and using said tags in server-side calculations during gameplay via a decision tree. I can throw a single dart on a board with names of start-ups claiming to use AI and machine-learning for marketing purposes and probably hit two start-up names that do something similar. On a personal note, I work at a company that among other products, has software that analyses and categorizes consumer behaviors in supermarkets based on their loyalty card data. It's rather simplistic I crap you not when I say that the GDRP was a minefield for us, since actually profiling people's personal and sensitive data (like religion, ethnicity, biometric data) based on anonymized data, even unintentionally is illegal on an unbelievable scale, and can actually be done relatively accurately, even using data of what/when/how you buy things at your supermarket. Personal data is harvested in a scale that truly blows your mind, and profiling people can be done much more easily than one might think, because of the sheer amount of data. It's no joke when they say that data is the new oil, and to think that WG wouldn't use it ingame if they could is naive. I don't mean that in a derogatory way, but a factual way. If it's the case in the ways I previously described or not can be constructive and intelligent debate in ethics, legality and technical feasibility, which I would be happy to partake in, and would absolutely change my current opinion if given solid arguments from more knowledgeable people than me.
  7. Exocet6951

    Trust in RNGesus?

    I'm sorry, I'm not here to explain the exact way system that may or may not exist works. What I am saying is that dynamically changing gameplay according to user behavior is a thing that exists already, and dynamically changing marketing strategy according to user behavior exists as well. To dismiss the two being combined, which I maintain is not illegal and I'm not accusing WG of anything bad, is naive. IF it's the case in the game, IF, then it wouldn't negatively impact players, it would be purely a positive nudge for some players. So no, a good player that already spent money wouldn't suddenly have bad RNG, that's pointless and counterproductive. And for the more hostile, holier than thou, "anyone who doesn't convince me of a position I set for them according to my own projection is a lunatic" crowd, no I'm not claiming that this is definitely happening in game right now. No. That's not what I'm saying I'm merely pointing out that every tool is already developed for that to happen, and that I wouldn't be surprised is it turns out that WG uses it. I mean for God's sake, rigged slot machines have existed for longer than most of us have been alive, and you still have people debating that nice, friendly multinational corporations that moved to a tax haven for their own benefit totally would not adapt the behavior of their own product in order to drive sales. How naive and confrontational can those people be?
  8. Exocet6951

    Trust in RNGesus?

    It's not fraud though. There you go trying to ridicule any opinion that is not yours as preposterous conspiracy. Automated behavioral marketing is a thing that exists, and it's absolutely not preposterous to think or entertain the possibility of it being integrated into a game client. Your reluctance to even consider that it's even remotely possible is downright stupid. You have as little basis to claim that it's not the case as I do that it is indeed the case, however I'm able to consider the possibility that my theory on the possibility of the existence of said ayay is wrong, whereas you are utterly convinced without any proof that there is no such system. And you make ME out to be the irrational one. Right.... Because nothing says "rational" more then being shown several systems that can changes gameplay, and others that adapt marketing to user behavior, being told that your shouldn't jump to conclusions but the actual possibility is there, then closing your eyes and ears and going "la la la la, you have no proof that it's the case in wows so it's 100% not the case " Bonus points for trying to make me seem like someone arguing in favor of thought crime. Totally not gaslighting or anything. Very rational Very cool Not hostile at all I literally said in every message that I'm not saying that I'm convinced that I'm correct, but that I entertain the possibility of it. The only one backing an idea and presenting it as absolute truth is you. Moreover, you have just shown that you care little to even read others, you just project them as being of another opinion on the matter, thus wrong. This is pointless, arguing with someone as bad faith as you is pointless, as I'm sure you'll turn what I just said into me telling you that I think that everything is rigged, and 9/11 was an an inside job .
  9. Exocet6951

    Trust in RNGesus?

    No matter how hard you try to be downright hostile to any opinion other than you own, I'll keep saying that I'm not out to convince you that it's definitely manipulated because I'm not convinced either. What I am trying to do however, is tell you how it could be done, how similar methods have been used in gaming for the past decade, and how it wouldn't surprise me to hear that several less ethically outstanding gaming corporations use it to drive sales. In other words, I'm not trying to convince you that it's there, I'm trying to convince you that it's possible. If you want to turn this into a "bring proof and debate me!" like a politically active American, that's a you problem because that doesn't interest me in the slightest. But perhaps widen that narrow field of view just a tad to at least consider that your equally baseless "everything is perfectly random" might not be as accurate as you think?
  10. Exocet6951

    Trust in RNGesus?

    Unfortunately for you, you forgot the slight detail of there already existing systems that alter players' games according to what they do ingame. It's called AI directors, and they're very mainstream. There is nothing conspiracy-esque about there being the possibility of having AI helping out struggling players automatically based on their behavior. It's been around for literally decades now. I'm not sure why having a corporation use a system like that to nudge players to buy more content is being put on the same level as "jet fuel can't melt steel beams" , nor why you seem intent to put it there.
  11. Exocet6951

    Trust in RNGesus?

    I honestly don't know, and would readily eat crow if proven beyond reasonable doubt that I'm wrong... But considering that the game is rather niche and by this point I'm convinced survives thanks to idiotic lootboxes and the promise of borderline overpowered premium ships, I wouldn't be surprised if there was something in place to help out newcomers. It's absolutely not difficult to profile a player's willingness to buy content by perusing his ingame habits, and nudge him over that purchasing edge by making sure some RNG goes his way. It doesn't have to be much, just fudging numbers a bit, since no one can actually check. If my choices are being suspicious or trusting a Belarussian corporation that's banking on an enormous amount of ethically/legally dubious lootboxes while headquartered in a tax haven's word that everything is perfectly legit, I'll go with being suspicious.
  12. Exocet6951

    What purchases have you enjoyed the most?

    Atlanta The OG dakka boat. Most fun ship by far for me. And the Duca d'Aosta. She may not seem like much, but she's fast, stealthy, maneuverable, has torpedoes, reliable guns, and good looks. She may not be the best T6 cruiser, but she's always enjoyable to use no matter the MM, thanks to that speed and concealment.
  13. Exocet6951

    Asymmetric Battles?

    It's an intriguing concept, I have no opinion on the matter beyond that. It's a wait and see. That being said, T5-6 vs T6-7 isn't going to go well for the T6-7 outnumbered 2 to 1 The relative strengths of a T7 compared to a T5 and T6 is rather limited. You still have a lot of the same limitations like 26mm bow, and none of the critical bonuses like 27-32mm plating, concealment module, etc... ... Unless you play full Sinop, Z-39 and Belfast.
  14. Exocet6951

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I reinstalled the game to give subs a fair chance. Absolute trash. No redeeming factor, it's just pure frustration for literally everyone. At ****ing least with CVs, you have some chance of fighting back, even if it's not effective. Some semblance of actually fighting back. Here? Nope. I've had a sub literally park 200m in front of me at a depth I couldn't fire at, just plinking away with torpedoes. Fantastic. Literally invulnerable. Having oxygen would only alleviate the core issue of having ships that are literally invulnerable if they so choose. Seriously, if this trash goes in random server, it's permanent uninstall and some slightly un-EULA-friendly things might happen to my account.
  15. Exocet6951

    New Slava is trash

    Fair enough. Missouri was met with thunderous disapproval, but that wasn't as bad as when they tested radars on RN BBs. We've largely avoided radar BBs, one got through, but so far regular branches have been radar-free, despite WG trying to slide those in.