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  1. I was careful to use navies whose country didn't change completely. You're basing the fact that the British Royal Navy has been around longer....because of the way the English invented the English term of "navy" used by the English? Huh? "The RN is the world's oldest and most famous navy!" *cough* I concede that your point *might* be true although far fetched, I just dislike nationalist knob polishing, especially when it's wrong, and no matter the nation. I find it crass in a European forum.
  2. That's a funny way of calling the Portuguese navy. I mean, as it stands, the British Royal Navy isn't even in the top 5 oldest in Europe. Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark all have older navies.
  3. CVs are here, deal with it! Oh wait.... BBs with radar are here, deal with it! Oh wait, community outrage made WG delete radars on RN BBs. It's not a case of giving up, it's a case of realizing that you're screwing over 2 classes of ships for literally no other reason than "I want a ship that can wreck cruisers and BBs, but I want cruiser accuracy and a cruiser slot. And a radar lul" As for your last argument... Scharnhorst says hi. In some ways, Dunkerque (a bona fide battlecruiser) says hi. Inb4 "muh overmatch"
  4. Stalingrad says high. Besides, your argument isn't exactly worth much because theory and practice are two different things. Just because one thing works in practice doesn't mean it's a good idea to try in practice. That's the reason we don't have nuclear powered vacuum cars (actual 50's concept) nor jetpacks. WG is proving time and time again that it can't handle large "cruisers", so it's time to stop asking. PS:If you want to convince people, you might want to stop telling them that they're annoying simply because they have an opinion different to yours.
  5. It's not. That's what happens when people ask for large cruisers/battlecruisers as high tier cruisers. WG obliges.
  6. Then proceed to keep turning cruisers into BBs or massive boxes of (expensive) gimmicks.
  7. Or, and bear with me here... 20 twin 130mm turrets. Imagine the dakka. The pure, unadulterated dakka. The kind that would make an ork say "This might be a bit too much"
  8. "Is this thing a battleship or an aircraft carrier?" Yes.
  9. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    34m ? That's a T H I C C DD right there... For reference, the Iowa has a beam of 33m The Fletcher? 12m
  10. What is the charge for "Service"?

    That would be a horrible system. You can't give someone negative income based on them actually doing things, even if subpar.
  11. What is the charge for "Service"?

    Actually it's not. It makes people who AFK or yolo rush forward doing nothing lose money, instead of gaining a tiny trickle of credits.
  12. What to do with all this coal?

    Morbid curiosity, like seeing a 20 car pile up. Only even that looks prettier than the okt Rev.
  13. What to do with all this coal?

    I wish you had been there to say that when the arsenal first came out and I was like :"yes, using my coal and coupon to get the okt Rev is a good idea"
  14. BB AP full penetrations on DDs

    Because they take inherently more risks and essentially have no chance to bounce anything, with each overpen being a significant amount of HP permanently lost? In fact, some DDs have less torpedo an main gun range than some secondaries. Most can't even reliably hit BBs, what they're supposed to counter, when the former and retreating. The torpedoes simply don't have enough range nor speed to catch up without the DD actually being spotted. So why should DDs be more protected? Because short of a radar cruiser or a Minotaur, BBs are a lot more of a risk to DDs than cruisers. Yup, the ships that counter DDs (when coordinating) are less of a risk to DDs than the ships DDs are supposed to counter.
  15. What to do with all this coal?

    Nah, Jean Bart feels like a T9 free XP. Now the T10 Super Alsace? That's a T10 coal ship.