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  1. Exocet6951

    Wishlist WoWs 2020

    Bourgogne for coal or free xp. In fact, I'd axe steel exclusives, and make ships available for different resources, with a comprehensive exchange rate. You could buy a ship for 20k steel, or dump 300k coal to buy it.
  2. Exocet6951

    Best or most annoying triple same ship divs in the game?

    Triple Conqueror. -40k HE salvoes and triple/quad fires every 30 seconds. And you have to kill an entire 6 ships worth of HP to get rid of it. Filthy.
  3. Exocet6951

    Possible Soviet CV line

    Magical paper naval version of the IL-2M, with both rocket and cannon attack. Instead of having a single attack per squadron, it's a click and hold mechanic where the longer you click, the more dakka is sent out. Clearly super balanced.
  4. Some of the bull**** underwater citadels were raised a bit, so now BBs can't go full broadside are receive "mAssIvE RegUlar pENs", dealing a 1/5th of their total HP pool, 50% of which is repairable.
  5. Exocet6951

    ST - Soviet Cruisers

    Confused.... Is the T10 just a Moskva with a model change and different shell fuze? And the T9 just a worse version of the T10, which is a different Moskva? Are we already out of ships, that you need to make 3 times the same ship?
  6. Exocet6951

    What do you find anti fun?

    Not to defend actual serial seal clubbing for the sake of stats padding, but I'll be damned if I'm banned from playing ships I enjoy because a newer player on the opposing team in PvP loses. PS: If you get seal clubbed by a Kuma, perhaps the issue is with you, not the other guy.
  7. Exocet6951

    Any Chance Of A Tier 8 + 9 OPS?

    Marketing talk for : "We'll do it from time to time when we can tie it in with a special, monetarily advantageous event" Executive talk for : "If it doesn't bring in more money, I don't give a **** " Product talk for : "Never going to happen unless marketing whines to execs to force us to do it" Developer talk for : "lol no"
  8. Exocet6951

    Tier X French Battleship Proposal

    Add to that the fact that warring over territory back then was still viewed as a form of polite greeting, rather than a big geopolitical no-no. Now if you were to name something after Charles IX, who's only legacy is being manipulated by his mother, being a huge ***, committing religious cleansing on protestants, and overall being the inspiration for king Joffrey from Game of Thrones, then it might be viewed in poor taste. But Napoleon? No better or worse than calling something "Queen Elizabeth"
  9. Exocet6951

    Tier X French Battleship Proposal

    That's a nice T12 BB there. Too bad the game stops at T10
  10. Exocet6951

    Rotten Potatoes

    The last time an lobby based, team based PvP game was tried (Armored Warfare), it was a disaster. People thought it would be awesome and balanced, but skill based MM doesn't just pick people from your own skill level, it picks a wide array of people equally in both teams. That resulted in matches where you got absolute potatoes 100% of the time. Every match was just massive carrying for anyone remotely close to being above average. It was exhausting, sad, and frustrating. Apply it to WoWS In every match half of your DDs and BBs are going to be downright incompetent. One quarter is going to be average, thus thus not reliable. In the end, it's going to be 3 to 6 (extremely optimistic) people actually playing the game. EVERY SINGLE MATCH Yeah no, hard pass from me. There's your argument. A few bad teams with 5 minute loses is not worth changing over to 100% match frustration.
  11. Exocet6951

    Swedish Legendary captain!

    Knugen is ready for submarines. Are you?
  12. Exocet6951

    If Kremlin is so OP

    Almost as if that perfectly demonstrates the point of using more than a single person and his memory + feelings to determine statistical anomalies ... If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and 2 million people confirm that it's indeed a duck, perhaps you thinking that it's actually a chicken based on the fact that you heard a chicken that you though sounded like a duck once might not be totally valid. For all your valid quarrels that statistics aren't a perfect science, statistics with 2 million data points > personal feelings By an infinitely long shot.
  13. Exocet6951

    If Kremlin is so OP

    Oh, so if I play a Midway for 100 battles without ever using planes, managing a meager 40% WR, but then I use a Hermes in T10 battles exclusively to spot DDs and manage a mindblowing 45% WR, I would have proven that the Hermes is a better ship than the Midway? Because that's exactly what you're saying. I may be taking it to a humorous extreme, but what your method would absolutely allow this, if the Hermes were capable of seeing T10. Analyzing data by limiting yourself to a single data point, while belligerently arguing against 4 entire servers worth of data, ie over 2 million data points, might quite possibly be the dumbest thing I've read all week. And mind you, I've seen some of Trump's tweets.
  14. Exocet6951

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    I tell you what, jump in a cruiser and any time you want to make a turn, force yourself to half speed during the turn, and only go back to full after your rudder is back to neutral. That'll be a good way to see how it plays...when it has speed boost ON! There's nerfing, then there's making a ship totally frustrating to play by heavily punishing most basic of actions.