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  1. Les caractéristiques leakés des 431s sont très, très bonnes, et il y a toujours la possibilité d'avoir le même traitement que les 457s du Conqueror, avec des angles de ricochet améliorés. Tu combine ça avec une précision de T10 BB, et tu as quelquechose de potentiellement beaucoup plus puissant que même deux fois plus de 380s. Ensuite, si tu veux HE spam, les 16 cannons sont mieux, c'est sur....
  2. important

    I ****ing swear every week I pull this quote out: I short, ships burnt, and good navies invested a lot of ressources into fire prevention, since a raging fire on a ship would turn it into a burnt out husk. If you're still unconvinced, visit your local shipwright and tell them that all their anti-fire measures are pointless since their ships are made out of steel. I hope you enjoy being made fun of. For more proof, click the spoiler tag:
  3. Because "best" is rather meaningless when you don't substantiate the claim. Have I little doubt that the ebonite mousse protection would be superior at taking multiple hits, but WG tends not to look into mechanical faults, so the Pugliese's instrisinc inability to take multiple hits without severely reducing its effectiveness is not really modeled. So in my opinion, it's not even balance, just WG's game design philosophy. The same that gave the Roma's 90mm such decent DPS Any discontent (from my PoV) on the TDS front is either the person not understanding WG's position, or just national bias. I for one welcome the Roma, I'm pleasantly surprised to see historically...debated ... equipment seen the "what if it all worked as planned" angle. Here's to hoping it dispels some of the "it's WWII era Italian so it's crap" atmosphere that still run rampant.
  4. That is an interesting document, I'll take a look, thanks !
  5. You're welcome. What you have to take into consideration is that the forum is heavily populated by long term players, players who like playing the game in its entirety, as in all classes and nations. WG have been very obviously catering to players who are attracted by battleships, and have been making that class just so damn comfortable to play that all other classes suffer from it. So when someone comes along and even insinuates that BBs have it hard, it's 2 years' worth of frustration that comes down on the poor guy. If I'm being frank, the only reason I'm not being more hostile as well is because the cup of coffee I just had was fantastic, and the whisky waiting for me patiently in the next room looks delicious, so I'm in a pretty good mood right now. It really is a shame the forums are not as friendly as they used to, but as you can see, seeing a game you love slowly turn into a "enter credit card info, for easy peasy ship while critical game problems are blatantly being ignored" takes a toll on the friendliness.
  6. Well there's also a time period to consider. WWI, or rather pre WWI designs pressed into service will differ in terms of protection compared to a mid WWII design. I will grant you that I wouldn't feel safe from shrapnel in a WWI tincan
  7. I notice that you didn't really address my post, the very first, that had a non-accusatory tone. Let's not nitpick numbers anymore for a second, yes what you highlighted makes some games dreary, but it's a problem born from a series of previous problems. Players adapting to more and more hostile environments. What's interesting is that it also translates into the forum, which is more touchy than ever when it comes down to potentially making said environment even worse.
  8. What you're seeing is the obvious thing everyone (except WG obviously) predicted from the start: Buffing BBs over and over again for 2 years in a row forced the "I hide and pew pew HE while DDs play their own game on cap, with sporadic death from afar BBs fire" You can walk around saying "this sucks" all you want, it's just a natural reaction to having one class being so dominant that the only other that can thrive is the one that suffers the least from it. If changes are to be made, you have to look at and fix the root problem first.
  9. I think you're heavily overestimating the ability of shrapnel to punch through: 10-19mm armored structural plating, then a mild steel interior, then the armored magazine, and finally armored boxes for the powder charges, because good luck making a shell's bursting charge explode with a single piece of shrapnel. Unless your piece of shrapnel is shaped exactly like, let's say an armor piercing shell at the very least the size of a 40mm bofors AP shot (and even then it's a coin toss), it's not going though. DDs were supposed to resist small arms fire and light autocannons. They'd have fared very poorly had the slightly explosion punctured the armor and broke important internal bits.
  10. If it makes you feel any better, I completely understand your points, and I don't think it will affect cruisers as much as OP said it would. I am however a bit more worried about them than you, notably because of things like area denial salvoes and things like that.
  11. Wow, actually defending a buggy server to berate "kids". I've seen it all now. In before his coffee machine starts heating his coffee to the boiling point of titanium, and you just say that he just needs the patience to wait for the cup to cool down rather than complaining about the blatant defect. OT: DW torps on the GZ is a nonsense gimmick. The entire premise of DW torps is concealment. Planes aren't exactly inconspicuous. They did that to avoid uber triple TB crossdrops on DDs, when "all" they have to do is avoid having that sort of thing in the first place.
  12. I bought the Atlanta last time it was on sale, since then it's become my go-to free xp farm machine. Hilarious. Use IFHE, find Colorado/Nagato, profit. If some losers charge you, politely remind them that Atlantas do indeed carry torpedoes, and possibly even be called a hacker. True story RIP in pepperoni two BBs who came in besides me each on one side.
  13. I think you vastly undervalue the importance of stealth, especially on CAs you have which benefit a lot from it: the Atago/Myoko/Mogami and New Orleans. You also undervalue the potency of 203mm AP when used properly, notably when combined with said stealth. A New Orleans sneaking up to a broadside BB can easily pull off 8k damage salvoes. Hell, I've seen 12k salvoes when aiming just right. The argument can be made that CAs utility compared to IFHE CLs and the utility of smoke on CLs, but to swear off CAs in general as useless is a tad reductionist, especially at mid tier where 203mm AP can absolutely devastates the softer T7 and down (super)dreadnought-type BBs you still meet.
  14. Such a shame that flags like that are only released with 100€ bundles...
  15. Such a shame that flags like that are only released with 100€ bundles...