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  1. Admiral_Noif

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the lottery and happy holiday! IG name is same as here in forum
  2. Admiral_Noif

    0.9.11 - Single Game Client

    Best decision ever move to a single game client.
  3. Admiral_Noif

    Twitch Drops, anyone else not getting them?

    I watched the tournament on both Flamu's and the official wows stream, from the start to the end, and easily over 75min. 2 full days watched and 0 drops. I feel disappointed.
  4. Admiral_Noif

    Twitch drop ships.

    None, probably because I own them already.
  5. Admiral_Noif

    *WG* My ARP Yamato does not work properly

    What have you played if you have 8,8k battles in your pocket? This shouldn't be surprise for a veteran player.
  6. Admiral_Noif

    Should I, or should I not, buy the Massachusetts?

    Massa is a good ship and worth getting if you like NC feat german secondaries.
  7. Admiral_Noif

    0.9.10 - Key Battle

    I wanted to see and play old Halloween scenarios than this meh key battles.
  8. Admiral_Noif

    How to get ARP Yamato ^^

    Poor those souls who have tossed their money for rare ARP Yammy. This also makes me worry about new players who have a big wallet, buy that ARP Yamato and play in T10 mm without a clue how to play on her.
  9. I use Massa, GK, Georgia, and Tirpitz. Sometimes those earlier mentioned french BBs.
  10. Admiral_Noif

    0.9.9 - Clan Battles: "Northern Waters" with Mercenaries

    This these Petros/Stalins only + RDR teams.... NoFun at all. :/
  11. Admiral_Noif

    0.9.9 - Content Additions and Changes

    Russian cruisers + FDR = "balance" - wg
  12. Admiral_Noif

    What asymmetric battles taught me

    I got exactly the same MM (2 CV+3BBs) when I played on Graf Zeppelin. The end of the match was very ugly and I laughed how T8 CV were bad to make damage on T5-6 ships.
  13. Admiral_Noif

    0.9.8 - Asymmetric Battles

    *Deep sigh* from now on, I will go for T5-6 only.