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  1. Ecotech

    Romanian National Day

    @HMS_Edinburgh_C16, well, the bull patch of Moldova is a bit of an oopsie, but I say we take it in the spirit of celebration (yeeey, mid week vacation) :)
  2. Ecotech

    Supertest – FAQ

    The next STA will start in the first quarter of 2023. Will be posted on the official WOWS forum. Hello Yukikaze, you're on the list of signups for ST interviews, the message will come eventually. Soon™.
  3. @TheWarJaC, on behalf of the ST group - thanks for your patience, time and care - and your skillful art, of course (hopefully you'll keep doing it, you're really good at it!). We wish you success in whatever you do next, wherever you go. Btw: you made us the coolest owl ever :D
  4. Shhht, we don't get hung up on such details, only the personal convenience should be satisfied :)
  5. Real life analogy: a freshly designed car that isn't publicly available should be never driven in real traffic, on real roads, just in its laboratory test enviroment. I'm sure it will perfectly fine, nothing bad can happen :P And you shouldn't test drive it either, just pick it up from the showroom floor. What is this crazy notion of testing stuff in field conditions? Madness!
  6. That can be annoying, I'll give you that, though the Slava in her current form is a pale shadow of her former glory (btw Slava / слава = Glory). To some degree, this can be true of any well driven ship played as a group to their strengths, annoying to face if they know what they're doing. I'm just asking you to reconsider and not be a negative asset to your team, but at the end of the day it is your decision.
  7. We're in the same matchmaking pool, so it is on by default. What you could do is see in the devblog the ships being tested and pick your tier accordingly. Also, we don't bite and we're quite friendly
  8. Scary, scary test ships. Should hide the women and children and run to the hills! Seriously though, there were some ship lines that scarred generations of supertesters (hope my colleagues won't mind for spilling a bit of ST lore). Just think of RNCL with standard AP and the infamous PADD
  9. Hello captains, About your decision: well, please don't do this. I would rather be focused down than handicap your team or mine with quitting for this reason. It would be unfair to both. Most of the times the test ships you see aren't a secret - by the time you meet us in battle, they would have been already posted on the devblog, so whatever talents or roles they might have, you can know about them. Anyways, our impact isn't as big as you'd expect. Test ship syndrome is a thing, pretty much everyone will be curious to see how a test ship holds up to fire, what it can or can't do. And for this, even though uncomfortable, we're actually pretty grateful, since you're providing us with a challenging test enviroment, in which the positives and negatives of the ships in question can be established with much more accuracy. Now I'm not saying that you should drop everything else and shoot the supertester, but we don't especially mind as long as you're on the red team :D Another thing to consider is that not only supertesters receive ships. Modders, community contributors, and and and - they also get them. Thank the Gods, old and new for that - some ships you really really don't want to exist in some of their testing iterations - and this can go both ways, from total potato in a wet paper bag, to a floating deathstar. What we do is necessary and it is only the very end of our whole activity. Would you care to apply to the program? Maybe we can change your opinion, if you qualify :)
  10. Ecotech

    Supertest FAQ

    Oh, the 'Bama with squidpr0n camo scheme? She is a rare sight, even among the ST. Very few have one. Think of it like the Iwaki Alpha of Supertest.
  11. Ecotech

    Supertest FAQ

    #Feelsbadman, whatever RngJesus allows. On a more serious note, it takes awhile to give a ship a decent run. And that is one ship, one version. Overall, it eats up a nice portion of my time. We neither confirm nor deny to be inebriated during a testing session. However, I will tell you that nobody would have been able to go through RNCL testing without something to steady the nerves and fortify our clicking finger.
  12. Ecotech

    Supertest FAQ

    I'm not Tuccy either, but I can give you an example. Lets say, that we have to test ship X. If we do it right (various tier battles, various module builds, captain builds, different tactics and whatever RngJesus decides) we'll need anything between 10 - 30 battles to generate enough personal experience with the ship to be able to provide adequate feedback and adequate numbers statistics-wise. Multiply that with the average lenght of a battle and you have your answer - for one ship :)
  13. Ecotech

    Supertest FAQ

    You're judging without having the benefit of actually being part of the process - still, I strongly object to my work being compared to whatever you flush down the toilet. We submit our feedback, WG might agree or might not agree. There isn't a magical fix-all button we might push so that a ship / mechanic / a gameplay process can be suddenly equally pleasing and usable by everyone. So we propose one thing, they might propose another and all of that needs testing and testing and testing. Takes time and resources. And it works eventually.
  14. Ecotech

    Supertest FAQ

    We should also include PADD burnout in the list of damages awaiting counseling.
  15. Ecotech

    Supertest FAQ

    We do have the speshul chamber where experiments are carried out. It is shown to all new recruits into the Supertest. Worked so far