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  1. @TheWarJaC, on behalf of the ST group - thanks for your patience, time and care - and your skillful art, of course (hopefully you'll keep doing it, you're really good at it!). We wish you success in whatever you do next, wherever you go. Btw: you made us the coolest owl ever :D
  2. Ecotech

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    You don't have a WG account, but you still have a WG profile, in your case it is in the spoiler below: However, for ST a WG account will still be required, though you can create that if / when it becomes necessary. Apply and we'll see later.
  3. Ecotech

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    Indeed it is not our task, though it is a common misconception that we do. The ST does a lot of different things, but balancing is NOT one of them.
  4. Ecotech

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    You apply through the application form.
  5. Ecotech

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    As stated in the Questions section. ST are allowed to apply for CC, in fact several did - but they retire from ST when they begin their CC role.
  6. Ecotech

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    It is. Please do. Through the forum private messaging.
  7. Ecotech

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    Sunleader, it varies. There are busy times, there are slow times, just like in real life.
  8. Ecotech

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    Apply and find out, I say this with the best of intentions. What I can tell you from my very personal experience, that individual time perception versus how a company perceives time, reacts to issues and the pace of changes / features, are two very different things.
  9. Ecotech

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    Though I can't answer that directly, whomever applies should have around 200GB of available storage space.
  10. Ecotech

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    As extensive as a situation requires - no way to answer this without simplifying to the point of irrelevancy. No, you can't stream, blog, record, show your friends, etc. Besides - tests ships as such are only the very end of the activity, 90% of ST happens before that point.
  11. Shhht, we don't get hung up on such details, only the personal convenience should be satisfied :)
  12. Real life analogy: a freshly designed car that isn't publicly available should be never driven in real traffic, on real roads, just in its laboratory test enviroment. I'm sure it will perfectly fine, nothing bad can happen :P And you shouldn't test drive it either, just pick it up from the showroom floor. What is this crazy notion of testing stuff in field conditions? Madness!
  13. That can be annoying, I'll give you that, though the Slava in her current form is a pale shadow of her former glory (btw Slava / слава = Glory). To some degree, this can be true of any well driven ship played as a group to their strengths, annoying to face if they know what they're doing. I'm just asking you to reconsider and not be a negative asset to your team, but at the end of the day it is your decision.
  14. We're in the same matchmaking pool, so it is on by default. What you could do is see in the devblog the ships being tested and pick your tier accordingly. Also, we don't bite and we're quite friendly
  15. Scary, scary test ships. Should hide the women and children and run to the hills! Seriously though, there were some ship lines that scarred generations of supertesters (hope my colleagues won't mind for spilling a bit of ST lore). Just think of RNCL with standard AP and the infamous PADD