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  1. It's a bit more challenging the the Atari and Spectrum games I grew up with and I wasted years playing them. Also if like me you play late at night / early mornings you can get games when you are the only player on your team and the rest are bots. One of the biggest problems I have is there are too many different ships in the game and I have a hard time remembering which has torp's, which has radar where are the weakspots etc etc. When I first started WoWs there where only three nations and it was easy to remember the pros and cons of each ship I went up against.
  2. Is that with premium account? Like I said I'm in no rush to TX. I don't spend much on WG games (about £300 in 11 years) so I only have premium time when I win it or WG gives it to me.
  3. I do all my grinding in co-op as I find it far less stressful /frustrating then random. When I started I did grind Yamato and Shimakaze (and part way up a few other trees) in random but somedays I was pulling my hair out trying to get my first win on each ship. Now I don't bother grinding modules or adding upgrades, just stock ships with unskilled commanders to make it a bit more challenging. I didn't use camos or busters unless they came with the ship. I'm in no rush to get to TX (as I have plenty) and can easily grind ten ships each day and play a few premium ships for missions or credits. I think the Lion was my longest grind with 314 battles (days) whereas the Iowa was 203 so I guess Iowa is the better ship.
  4. It's in the armory for 296k coal
  5. W0Z

    Damage Glitch

    Maybe the mod only works on ships that are visible.
  6. W0Z

    Narai and the State of Operations

    Loving the Rooke in this op.
  7. W0Z

    Wait WHAAT?? 12v12 BB only brawl??

    Whats your thoughts of a ISE in a BB game. Having a pretend CV on you team will give you a spotting advantage.
  8. W0Z

    What is your 'rarest' ship in WoWS?

    You got the Southern Dragon from missions and the and the Eastern was for sale.
  9. W0Z

    New Codes

  10. W0Z

    From Reddit: 250 Community Tokens Code...

    Well that's new - I copied it off your post then pasted it on the Redeem page (making sure there's no extra spaces) and got - "Invalid Wargaming code format." Pasted it to notepad and copy and pasted from there and it worked. Thanks
  11. W0Z

    Xmas 21 whaling website

    I use the steelwhaling site to see which ships I should rebuy then sell.
  12. Play high tier co-op in the early hours of the morning. Usually there are only one or two other players on your team and the rest are bots.
  13. W0Z

    Instagram bonus code

  14. Some subs seem to catch fire / flood easier then others.
  15. W0Z

    The End of the snow flakes is upon us :(

    Is this going to be replacing the Christmas snowflake event or the birthday candle event?