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  1. W0Z

    What do former WoT players think of WoWs?

    Played WoT from open beta (+50k games). WoWp when that came out. Started WoWs in 2015. I would play one game each day but gave up on WoWp and just played WoT and WoWs for a while. In Wot I just got fed up with the gold spam. It got to a point I just wasn't enjoying WoT and I was looking forward to playing WoWs.
  2. W0Z

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    You have to click participate on the news page.
  3. W0Z

    Moving commander to premium ships - now you must pay ?

    Worked as normal for me. I'm not using any mods.
  4. W0Z

    internet went down now i am penalised

    Happens to me all the time. I travel a lot and use hotel wifi.
  5. W0Z

    New Year Bonuscode

    Worked for me just now.
  6. W0Z

    How is everyone getting on with Puerto Rico grind?

    I bought the Gorizia half way through the 2nd Directive (got some money I wasn't expecting). Then bought a premium booster with the 8k doubloons I got for completing D3. When I completed D4 I bought another 2k doubloons (£6) to buy another premium booster and that put me on 36/36 (also won a Huanghe with the mega container that came with the booster).
  7. W0Z

    server interruptions, 19h

    Great I have two nights to play before I go away and have to play using hotel Wi-Fi (with 100 ping and 5 sec lag spikes if it's good)
  8. I'm getting the same "Error Connection Server" message
  9. W0Z

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    4 free containers 15k free exp 5k coal 50 Zulu Hotel flags Not bad just for logging in.
  10. W0Z

    Port Slots

    The Halloween event is over but I still have the nine ships taking up port slots (and I can't sell them.) Would be helpful if I could have the port slots back. I had to sell off six elite ships to free up space so I can carry on with the grind. Never mind just seen this post-
  11. W0Z

    Weekly Combat Missions: Black Friday

    Looking forward to my 20 x Type59 camos.
  12. W0Z

    Raid for the Filth

    I wasn't complaining about having to clear port slots. I was replying to RedAnark who said that WG took gold out of his account without any warning, when it says quite clearly says 300 gold before you click yes.
  13. W0Z

    Raid for the Filth

    It does tell you before you buy the ship. I didn't buy untill I figured out why it wanted 300 gold so I had to sell some ship before I could get the TX's
  14. W0Z

    Halloween: Raid for the Filth!

    Hes got 40 out of 63 freebies and there's still plenty of time to do the rest.