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  1. I reset the Harugumo, use free exp to the Kitakaze and grind that as it's the one I have most fun with.
  2. Some of the people in this game make me think of the kids you see on youtube having a breakdown because their parents bought them the wrong colour Ferrari for their birthday.
  3. Why would you dismiss a high point commander? I'm talking about the low point commanders I have sitting around Dismissing a 3 pt commander gets me 2000 elite exp for 20000 silver or 8000 for 72 gold. I think it's nice to have the option to have. It's not like you're forced to spend money as you can still dismiss for free if you don't want the elite exp.
  4. I have loads of unused 3-6 point captains that have been sitting around because I couldn't be bothered dismissing them. With this update I can now dismiss them as before or I can dismiss them and convert their exp into elite exp by spending silver of gold. Not sure how that's a bad thing.
  5. W0Z

    Secondary Nerf/Refund Premium Ship.

    Don't you know that WG reserve the right to change what they want. You need to check the small print before handing over your money.
  6. W0Z

    Beginners luck on the Santa Crates Draw

    Kill/Death ratio 9.10 Maybe a rich streamers re-roll acc.
  7. W0Z

    Cant access Premium store or Armoury in port?!

    For the past year I've had to do this fix after each patch to get the armoury to work- · Open World of Warships installation folder and access “bin/XXXXXXX/res” subfolder · Open “engine_config.xml” in editor · Search for “hardwareAcceleration” and set the value to “false” (should be auto by default) Do this with both folders in the bin folder. As I posted this I got a red message saying " Server issues 19/12 - Armory, Chat, Clan-Tab problem "
  8. Since 2018 I have collected load of ships and if WG ran the 2018 event now I could probably get a high tier coal ship and be well on my way to a steel ship just by knocking off snowflakes. As a f2p player 2018 I only had a few premium ships, limited port slots so I had to buy and sell ships to knock off snowflakes. 2019 I had more ships but still limited port slots. 2020 I have +100 ships in port (57 premium/special) and +40 port slots so I can buy more ships without having to sell any ships. For long term players that have hundreds of ships in port running the 2018 event now would mean WG giving away an insane amount of steel/coal.
  9. W0Z

    Are you Makarov-less? Fear not...

    Going to be upset if I don't have a Makarov at the end of all this. (Billy no mates sitting in the corner on my own).
  10. Are you sitting at the back sniping? Several players I've seen in JB B's seem to think it's their role to stay back and protect the CV. Also the Engine Boost works just as well when you're heading towards the enemy as it does when running away.
  11. If people will stop destroying the guns on my Jean Bart then I will stop ramming people.
  12. W0Z

    Incorrect container recieved

    Guess WG think everyone wants to forget 2020.
  13. This just popped up in the news- https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/verizon-warriors-championship/
  14. W0Z

    Twitch drop

    Is it not a mission?