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  1. Vogelhund

    U.S. Independence Day

    In shop Kansas the badest BB in the game very smart WG lolz.
  2. Weis jemand wann die Connecticut erscheint ?
  3. Vogelhund


    Its a Trap !!!
  4. Vogelhund

    When WG will fix Hizen?

    Just buy the right ship : Musashi
  5. Vogelhund

    Chat banned in Twitch for asking a question

  6. Vogelhund

    Chat banned in Twitch for asking a question

    Got banned by ask where is my Makarov.
  7. Nochmal für den bezahlten WG troll: Wir machen keine Probleme sondern auf diese aufmerksam.
  8. Best thing i can do grab all free stuff pay nothing.
  9. Vogelhund

    People close your wallets

    My wallet is closed since the Nerv regulations on new premiums.
  10. Vogelhund

    Send a message to PEGI

    Bro they are not anymore in Minsk you can find them on Cyprus (the reason is tax saving )
  11. Vogelhund

    De 7 Provinciën Review

    Doesnt matter Meinz is just a better ship..
  12. Vogelhund

    De 7 Provinciën Review

    Zeven Provincien ist not even close decent get Mainz is cheaper and much better.
  13. Vogelhund

    Casual Player: I'm out.

    Hopefully you find a game what you enjoy more so goodbye :)