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  1. Hey, Clue's in the title of the topic. Barely at 400 battles. Learning at a rapid pace. After 2 years of seeing this game pop up on Youtube, finally decided to try my luck on the high seas myself and I'm looking for a friendly and active group to team up with. Playing random MM together with other people who communicate does make the grind bearable. Highest ships are at T6, Dunkerque and an Independence. If for some weird reason you want to check my stats/profile I've saved you the trouble: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/500278997-SirLiqium/!/pvp/overview/ Got TS3, or Discord. Doesn't really matter to me which one as long as you can understand my dutch accent. I'm a mature guy, 20yo. Looking for a EU clan, UK or Dutch would be preferred.
  2. Well, title says it all, doesn't it? First off, I'm SirLiqium/Jesper (whatever you prefer). I've played WoT since 2011, pretty much quit that and now I ended up here. I'm 18 and counting, currently living in the Netherlands. As for my ships it's currently not much, just a few Tier IV's and V's (I've just recently picked WoWS up again after some dissapointment in the Beta when my old PC couldn't run the bloody game.) Planning on grinding out a whole lot, but still trying to find a bit of time besides college. Looking for a casual clan who can teach me a thing or two about the game. I'm usually online in the evenings, around 6pm to midnight. So yeah, that's about it. Pass me a message on here or IG, and I'll try to respond asap.