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  1. Piruvato

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. Thank you!
  2. Hi forumites! Yeah, it was a slow but a nice game in ours T8 with a really good teamplay, but as you said, a bit low in the damage deparment. I guess that doing silly things like smoking up teammates, spotting, keeping hydros up and mantaining the z52 out of the caps isn´t rewarded enough. Well, it was a plesure to be in your (winning) team.
  3. Well, if you run a free account you may need tons of credits (like me). Thanks for the tips, will try the modules for the free tX ships.
  4. Gracias y enhorabuena al resto de participantes. Ahora a esperar a la recompensa. Saludos.
  5. Claro, yo también lo entendía así pero mejor preguntar, gracias 11ACR. El día que hunda al equipo entero... Saludos.
  6. Buenas. Una pregunta, ¿es necesario hundir exactamente tres barcos o valdría con hundir al menos tres barcos? Saludos.