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  1. Why I cant play them? I got invite to the test...
  2. ASharpPencil

    dont take the control of our ship from us

    All I can do I make noise and hope that in open testing It will be proven mistake.
  3. WG, just dont. for real this what bugs you? the fact that I can control my ship and my units? So they 5% or less this is the end of the world??? the RTS is what we love and learn. if I wonted 1st person shooter air-unit, I would have play WoWp... https://replayswows.com/replay/33215#stats
  4. ASharpPencil

    Reworked Torpedo Warning: Once Again WG overshoots target

    Once the finish kill the CV, they will go after DDs... No reason for skill in the future at all.
  5. ASharpPencil

    I lost my game, and not to players...

    Voice of reason. thx dear sir.
  6. ASharpPencil

    I lost my game, and not to players...

    It is mach easier to point the finger on CV players, ignore the fact WG didn't do any effort to explain then, Therefore many player weak in CV, then lets take them out from CW and then lets take them out of the game...
  7. ASharpPencil

    I lost my game, and not to players...

    If I will steam for example. If tomorrow morning the will close the company, the will still give you a way to log in to your games. Not sure what any how this will be with online games, but the way I see it I didn't rent my ship from WG. If this is the case, I don't see any reason why to give them my money. They could take my money went the started the game (alfa member) and now, when the have a lot of customers, change the game and basically use my money when they need, but now they don't care?
  8. ASharpPencil

    I lost my game, and not to players...

    +1 to that m8 Seem players prefer to charge at other players, and ignore the issue. WG destroyed our game for us totally. Aka its isn't what we paid for with time, premium CV and knowledge.
  9. ASharpPencil

    I lost my game, and not to players...

    Are we looking at the same video??? If I wonted to "play arcade 1st person fighter" I would play WoWp... This is WoWs, last time opend the game and seen the title!
  10. ASharpPencil

    I lost my game, and not to players...

    The funny thing is that after playing 5 years in WOT tanks, and maybe 50 games in Arty... I wanted something different, so I went CV main. Thinking of the good job I can do as FC in CW... then they took CW from me, after i trained for 2 years to be a power player. One that can be positive impact for is CLAN... I must say, we had 3 account me and my kids. You can have a good guess that I stoped pay premium for all 3 accounts. We all left WG franchise.
  11. ASharpPencil

    I lost my game, and not to players...

    Its seem players are going back to the old argument if CV is dangerous or not, if players using that class or on top or down the hill... My argument is totally different. Who can this company can take a paid product from my hand, and change that so mach. Its not even near I paid for. It can't be legal! But agian, I am only a pesent in WG eyes...
  12. ASharpPencil

    I lost my game, and not to players...

    Broken or not, true the game can use a fix. But this plan isn't a fix, it's sending the customer under the bus. I had premium ship, premium time, real life spent on this play style. And its changes for something that is 180 degrees different. I hope it will cost them lawsuit... It's just sad that they can do that to there customers, take my paid "web merchandise" from me and dined me the option to use what I paid for.
  13. ASharpPencil

    I lost my game, and not to players...

    Since I heard of the new CV change, I stopped playing, I said to myself... why There is no point, the change is so great, it's not my game any more... But last day I logged again and play 3 games, won them all, but felt so bad from the experience, what was the point, the game is going to change... So I stopped again, looking at the PC and feeling so sad, over me, over the time I spent in the game, over the money I spent, over the players that are my friends, but I won't play with them anymore... I loved the RTS play style, it was playing chess with the opposite side. Can't bring my self to play arcade 3D shooter... I lost the game to WG. Working as intended...
  14. ASharpPencil

    Cash refund for premium carriers after rework?

    I am only CV player... loved the RTS, loved that that was hard. me and my son have 3 accounts, in WOT, WOWs and WOWp. and I will never pay for me or them for premium time or any thing else.
  15. ASharpPencil

    How Karma helped me get better!

    Since I play only CV, my team or enemy team report me every game. Seems that no one like CV.