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  1. Aircraft Carrier Manual torpedo line up

    Yes... The year of the CV... Oops sorry that was a year ago, even more then that. I think players can be happy that I stopped play this game with my CV...so I stopped at all.
  2. Help screw the nut with friendly CV captains

    As a CV player, big +1 to that.
  3. 0RCA >> recruiting for the pod!

    0RCA looking for more active members. New com system >> https://discord.gg/bYKsGkd
  4. FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    Getting this after 2-3 games, more if I alt Tab the game.
  5. When playing my T8 CV only 1 in 4 games I am top T. and since I play only CV, I do "feel" the MM. Also, in T9 only 1 of 6-7 I am top T. SO WG as showing us wrong info again.
  6. 0RCA >> recruiting for the pod!

    hi all we got 6 new members this week, and sit on 36 strong...
  7. 0RCA >> recruiting for the pod!

    We are with 0 (zero) not O. but it say for me you in a clan...