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  1. ASharpPencil

    Where are CVs?

    Can't bring myself to play this anymore.
  2. ASharpPencil

    It is important to continue voicing discontent with CV rework

    I was a good CV player. From closed beta it's the only thing I did. I had bad feeling over the CV rework, and its was true. I can't bring myself to spam torpedoes from the sky, or to take advantage of broken game play. 1 less sky cancer some players will say, well I don't see that like that. Previous RTS was a game mode that made you think. The new 1 is not... Sold my Enterprise, did not even try Kaga or Saipen, the last 2 are not what I pay and wanted. They took 50% of my fleet and sent my XP to T1 ship to be used with real money... Don't see myself play with the current game style. Sharp.
  3. How many players that do good with new CV played them before release? Or CC that had time to practice? The data is broken at the moment. Myself I find the new game play bad, I miss the dogfight more then anything.
  4. ASharpPencil

    Sell all CV, Do I keep ship XP?

    SO I sold my T10 CV, got them again from my T8 ship XP. from 1,583,003 I moved to 2,547,003 Free XP. The only 1 good thing fro CV rework so far. EDIT: can only be done once per ship, I tried :)
  5. ASharpPencil

    Sell all CV, Do I keep ship XP?

    Nice, SO I will sell HAKURYU that got 625442 XP on her, and Sell MIDWAY with 1,241,155 and roll back to SHOKAKU current XP 1,711,623 and to LEXINGTON that have 344,452 XP.
  6. ASharpPencil

    Sell all CV, Do I keep ship XP?

    Yes, I got my answer. If I refund only the t10 the ship XP go to T8, then if I buy it again I need to "open again" all upgrades with grind since all XP is on T8 now.
  7. ASharpPencil

    Sell all CV, Do I keep ship XP?

    Ok so with that logic I need to keep the T4 of both lines. And all XP from the ships move to the T4, I can open T6 but all XP stay at T4? AM I correct? free XP is fine for all, that I get.
  8. ASharpPencil

    Sell all CV, Do I keep ship XP?

    Hi all, overall not "rainbow and cloud" with CV rework, but again it only my 2nd day. IF I sell all my CVs do I keep there ship XP? so I can re-buy them again? think of using free XP to try something else...
  9. ASharpPencil

    Enterprise >> Graf zeppelin ???

    A. I got all T8 US CV, no need for all of them, to sell 1? if so which? B. Is Graf is going to be on sell again, and if so for what price? *** what the hell I am to do with all my "free exp" ?????
  10. Why I cant play them? I got invite to the test...
  11. ASharpPencil

    dont take the control of our ship from us

    All I can do I make noise and hope that in open testing It will be proven mistake.
  12. WG, just dont. for real this what bugs you? the fact that I can control my ship and my units? So they 5% or less this is the end of the world??? the RTS is what we love and learn. if I wonted 1st person shooter air-unit, I would have play WoWp... https://replayswows.com/replay/33215#stats
  13. ASharpPencil

    Reworked Torpedo Warning: Once Again WG overshoots target

    Once the finish kill the CV, they will go after DDs... No reason for skill in the future at all.
  14. ASharpPencil

    I lost my game, and not to players...

    Voice of reason. thx dear sir.
  15. ASharpPencil

    I lost my game, and not to players...

    It is mach easier to point the finger on CV players, ignore the fact WG didn't do any effort to explain then, Therefore many player weak in CV, then lets take them out from CW and then lets take them out of the game...