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  1. Cash refund for premium carriers after rework?

    I am only CV player... loved the RTS, loved that that was hard. me and my son have 3 accounts, in WOT, WOWs and WOWp. and I will never pay for me or them for premium time or any thing else.
  2. How Karma helped me get better!

    Since I play only CV, my team or enemy team report me every game. Seems that no one like CV.
  3. Aircraft Carrier Manual torpedo line up

    Yes... The year of the CV... Oops sorry that was a year ago, even more then that. I think players can be happy that I stopped play this game with my CV...so I stopped at all.
  4. Help screw the nut with friendly CV captains

    As a CV player, big +1 to that.
  5. 0RCA >> recruiting for the pod!

    0RCA looking for more active members. New com system >> https://discord.gg/bYKsGkd
  6. FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    Getting this after 2-3 games, more if I alt Tab the game.
  7. When playing my T8 CV only 1 in 4 games I am top T. and since I play only CV, I do "feel" the MM. Also, in T9 only 1 of 6-7 I am top T. SO WG as showing us wrong info again.