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  1. Majora753

    I am banned from chat

    Ho do i PM the WG staff? i got unrightfully banned again for 14 days, i didnt care last time because was doing a break anyway but this time i wanted to go ranked but without chan its going to be harder so i opened various tickets but they refused to answer me and clossing them in less than 5 min, they just close tickets and copy paste the same giberish that if i am not happy i can appeal.... i am 100% sure i didn't harrass/insulted/spammed anything or anyone but they even refuse to just give me the justification of the ban, also when a notification in game ends with isn't it an automatic message? i created a post on the forum but some satff told me to PM a CM without even explaining how to do it.... so if someone can explain how i can do it Also is there anyway to log the chan, just to get some proofs of my good faith or for some cases the proffs of the insults i get from prople who just live to insults others?
  2. Majora753

    Help about chan functionnalities

    i am sorry but i have to refute , i did NOT broke any rules, i did use the chat and got report banned since i again DID NOT break the rules and why do i not have any log so i can prove it, there is no mod to even had this?
  3. Majora753

    Help about chan functionnalities

    Hello, So i recently got a "funny experience" with wargamming, basiccally after getting chat banned unrightfully for 14 days 3 times in a row , i think its automatic so i just stopped to use the chat function wich is kind of sad because its a multiplayer game afterall but since automatic reports seems to be enougth to get banned for 14 days, i have some questions and i hope i posted this in the corrected subforum and people have the answers, my first question is: - what does the " (R) " at the end of the ban message means? it is automated ban? wich proves that you can totally get autoban for 14 days just by getting reported by enough players (rightfully or not) second question is: - since i will keep being chat banned automatically even when i dont use the tchat is there a way to do more than just deactivate the tchat in the options? because while it does deactivate the players messages, it still give me a huge blank bloc that take place for nothing and dont prevent people to spam F shortcuts at each other I emphase on the fact that i DON'T harrass/insult/spam anybody in the tchat but since WG refuse to let us log the tchats i have nothing to defend myself even when i know i am right I contacted multiple times but is not a surprise they refuse to even answer my appeal by clossing my ticket and copy/pasting why tchat ban exists... wich is again insulting considering i DON'T break the rules in any form And i will add that playing rankeds without chat is hard i am sarting to get used to it Thanks in advance
  4. Majora753

    Retours généraux sur la 0.9.10 (PT)

    Il est 15h30 et je ne parvient pas a me connecter, d'aprés le post on peux se connecter avec son compte principale mais rien ne fonctionne
  5. Hi captains, so with the return of the dynamo operation i remarked that i need to be in a division to play it , and then after checkin all operations they all need to be done with a division wich is bs since noby is going to wait 10+ min just so everyone gets into the same division, so why WG is forcing this?
  6. Majora753

    Acasta thoughts??

    Honestly i still don't understand how i am supposed to even kill something, i found the guns less powerfull than the T5 US DD, torp a just too badly angled to actually do something even on a island corner and i just don't get the purpose of her smoke, even running away, if i go full speed i am spotted, if i go 1/4 i don't go far enought to ninja my way out when the things calm down and speeds between those do the same effect as full speed. Her agility his cool but if you can't damage anything what's the purpose of it? best game was at 15k damage.
  7. Majora753

    HMS Belfast (tier 7)

    Bonjour, je profite de high jack the topic pour poser une question sérieuse, j'ai voulu ressortir mon Belfast mais j'ai tout simplement oublié comme le joué, hors tout les tutoriels semblent êtres complément périmés, la méthode du camouflage semble ne simplement plus fonctionner je suis systématiquement repérer je suis tellement inutile par match je ne dépassé jamais les 15k de dégâts alors que dans mes souvenirs je montait a 60 k sans trop forcer. Que c'est il passer, WG à nerfé le Belfast? je peut trouver un guide à jour? j'ai regarder le tuto de certains youtubeurs mais elles datent toutes de début 2017. Merci capitaines